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allys_been_used's Blog

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allys_been_used's Blog
education makes me sweat
06/02/09 at 09:47 AM by allys_been_used
hello to everyone once again. i still haven't had quite enough time to post my lyrics up yet.. but i assure you that i am working on it. I've just been MAJORLY stressed out lately. I have exams this week and I have tons of studying to do.
summer vacation is in a day and a half which excites me, but doesn't shy away from the fact that.. of course... I'm still here!!! so lately I've been doing nothing but enduring the teachings that make my brain sweat.

This summer I'm hoping to make it to some concerts (Summerfest, Lifest, Warped) but in order to do that I need money.... which comes from a job... which I do not have.
I've been thinking a lot lately on what is going to become of my life after high school is over. I have a few ideas but I know for sure that it has to be something that involves music. .. a musician possibly.

So that's pretty much it in a nut shell.... hope ya'll are enjoying your last weeks of school.
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itch i cant scratch
05/22/09 at 11:08 AM by allys_been_used
hey everyone. right now I'm just chillen in 6th hour with only a few minutes left. I'd thought I'd catch you all up.

nothing much has really been going on lately which has been giving me the perfect opportunities to continue writing more music. my screaming voice has chilled a little from what it used to be SO I plan on working that out over the summer. next week I'll be posting some of my work onto the site so make sure you check it out. nothing else is really going on, besides my home-boy coming over on Sunday to picnic with me. other than that, things have been pretty rad lately and I wouldn't chose to change anything at the time.

but the real question is, how are all of you doing?
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Craig Owens Acoustic Show in Pontiac Michigan (April 10 2009)
05/19/09 at 01:45 PM by allys_been_used
expecting nothing but the best me and my friend stood outside of the Crofoot Ballroom waiting for the doors to open. of course we had gotten there a lot earlier than necessary (only 2 hours ... ) anyways, we both waited outside in our yellow and purple pants and out of no where, a drunk homeless dude walks up to us with a bottle of vodka and a bottle of coke in his hand (OOh I forgot to add in the additional dumpster pizza he was carrying underneath of his arm). So he walks up to us and the first thing he did was ask us for a cigarette. One of the girls waiting behind us handed him one and he thanked her by offering us all some pizza. My friend Lil looked horrified. This was her first concert (what an experience ). After the guy left he walked over to a bench and started swiggin' his vodka and coke while telling everyone Happy Easter. I was shocked but for some reason I thought in my mind that we should have more friendly hobo's around the world just like this dude. tehe
Minutes later fricken FRED from THE COLOR FRED walks by us. I about pass out and he's just waving. Haha it was rad. but anyways back to the story...

about a half hour later the doors finally opened and Lil and I made our way up the extremely steep staircase to the Pike Room. The Silent Years were the first to come on, then Fred! I was so stoked for Fred that I could barely breath! I spent the previous month doing nothing but memorizing Fred's solo work and ended up as a super fan in the process. he asked the crowd at the end of the set if he'd missed any songs and I hollered out MINNESOTA!! He laughed and walked right in front of me and my friend and started playing the song. I got some amazing pictures!

After Fred's song ended I called him over by me and grabbed his arm. "Here" I said as I took off my bracelet (orange and says KINDNESS ... PASS IT ON) and gave it to him. He smiled at me and took it. "This means I get a hug" I said as he smiled and leaned over to hug me. I was freaking out! haha

So when Fred left, Craig came onto the stage about 20 minutes later. He was soooooo amazing. He got the whole crowd to just sit down in front of the stage and he sat on the stage and played us his beautful music. (JOANNA WAS SOOOOOO CUTE) He was MORE than amazing. He even managed to make me cry when he started playing "You Told Me You Loved Me".
After the concert I had the honor to meet Matt Goddard! PRYME!!! I got a picture with him and I gave him a letter and a bracelet that I had also brought with me. "You have no idea how long I'll be wearing this!" he said in an enthusiastic voice!

so this was pretty much one of the best concerts I've ever been too. though there was NO moshing.. =) thanks for being amazing THE SILENT YEARS, THE COLOR FRED, CINSUN, CRAIG, and MATT!!! =P
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Derrick Frost broke my heart =(
05/18/09 at 12:35 PM by allys_been_used
Derrick Frost has recently left Chiodos; this was announced on a blog of Chiodos's myspace. This leaving was apparently mutual between Derrick and the band.

I honestly could've passed out when I read that earlier today. Unfortunately I am not one to get on the computer much so I didn't see this coming. ...

"After rocking together for nearly 5 years, we have decided to part ways with our drummer Derrick Frost. We've got nothing but love for the guy, we just feel it is the right move at this time as a band. Don't worry, there was no crazy drama or anything of the sort that needs everyone freaking out about. We are parting on good terms and are very thankful for the time and dedication the Derrick has given us and our fans over the past years. We send him our best wishes on whatever he pursues next and we know that you all will as well. We ask that you continue to support us as the bonded musicians that we still are as we continue to write new music and enjoy old tunes together. Because currently we are getting deep into writing a new record, and are beyond stoked to finish it up for all to hear!"

earlier today I logged onto chiodos.net and just about threw the computer across my classroom. Derrick's leaving is something I still don't completely understand. 5 years of Chiodos and then.. nothing. All I know is that he better be working with another rad band soon... unfortunately if he does, that band will never be able to take the place that Chiodos has in my heart. Derrick is such an amazing guy and I really wished he would've stuck w/ Chiodos... next thing you know someone from The Used is going to quit (or Underoath). It's all very sad really. i'm in a bittersweet mood right now.
i don't know how to feel about this situation. Derrick is just soo.... rad. =( and tonight I'll cry alone in bed just thinking about him leaving.

this is how Derrick broke my heart
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