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xjdizzle's Blog
The Real music Scene VS The Trend Followers
09/17/09 at 01:04 AM by xjdizzle
We Say Hipsters Say

Saves The Day Never Shout Never

Thursday Alesana

Boys Night Out All time Low

Motion City Sound Track Forever The Sickest Tools

Reggie And the Full Effect Breathe Carolina

Taking Back Sunday Mayday Parade

The Bled The devil wears ,Victoria secret,,Hot topic whatever

Bury Your Dead Bring me the the Horizon

The Starting line The Maine

MSI 30h3

Dashboard Confessional Never Shout Never

These Tools nowadays amaze me with how stupid they are.They think all these shitty bands come from the same scene.It didnt begin on Myspace
And using Auto tune.It began you playing basement shows then locally and playing to get youe name out there.Not just recycle some generic shit to start a band just to think your cool. Seriously you dont deserve to get paid for making gimmick music that you arent even passionate about.. Specially when you show up and play shows alongside, bands that came from an underground scene that music is a lifestyle to annd put their heart out to. You just come along and think your some rockstars just because naive little girls think your stupid hair is or how bright your clothes look on stage.Do that somewhere else. Warped Tour and every other festival isn't a fucking circus or a male beauty pageant.
If you do it as a joke then u should just say your a joke band.5 Years ago you Record Labels would have to take some serious drugs to sign you.With the economy,They just wana cash inon the trends for now.So dont go on thinking your some sort of accomplishment,
For the good bands .Please stick toghether and keep rocking out and dont change what you do best.It's only a matter of time when all this non sense is over with.
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Bands that are gono make a diffrence in the current stagnant music scene
06/27/09 at 02:25 AM by xjdizzle
Blink 182
Closure in Moscow
The Fall Of Troy
Memphis May Fire
The Ability
Jamies Elsewhere
it dies Today
Billy Talent
Anti Flag
The Dear Hunter
Me verse You
Anti Flag
Fear Before
Belle Epoque
The Blackout
Therefore I am
Dance gavin dance
The Bled
The Used

Theres still hope people.! Some of these bands are making a comeback or some are very young promising bands that are trying to create music of their own unlike all those shitty clone bands.
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What happened to all the good bands? Who agrees?
05/20/09 at 01:07 AM by xjdizzle
It's sad these kids now listen to these shitty excuse for bands.Fuck all these teeny bopper neon pop boy bands! All Time Low isn't excused either.. No one gives a shit what colors you wear or how your hair looks So just get over yourselves..There's still great bands out there but....

1).They dont post updates forever
2).They changed their sound
3)They broken up.
4)Arent getting much support from Labels.
5) kids are listening to trendy garbage.

There's been amazing bands from 2001 to 2007.That are similiar in styles but manage to do their own thing.But they kinda faded off or broke up.Which is unfortunate..

The Bled,Emanuel,The Early November,The Starting Line.Boys Night out,Halifax,The Fully Down,
So they Say,Royden,Hidden In Plain view,Self Against City,Adair,Chasing Victory,A thorn for every Heart,The Recieving End Of Sirens,From Autumn to Ashes,Reggie and the full Effect ,Midtown,June,Spitalfield,The Junior Varsity,Coretta Scott.

So many bands i see being overlooked that are far more talented than these cookie cutter boy bands or generic mall screamo/metalcore Like Bring me the Horizon ,Alesana,TDWP,ATL,FTSK,Tha Maine,Etc
But are getting overlooked ,forgotten or not supported by their labels like:

Lorene Drive,Emanuel,The Bled,Trophy Scars,Vanna,Haste the Day,Saves the Day,Finch,A static Lullaby,Yesterdays Rising,It Dies Today,Funeral For a Friend,The Sleeping,Action action,Lovehatehero,
Evaline,Socratic,I am the Avalanche,Punchline,Cartel,Fear Before,Destroy the runner,This is Hell,and a few others.

So good music still exist but the majority of kids.are too naive to look around anymore now.
And they just start a band to try to be cool and get chicks.They don't take the time to create music of their own instead just recycle and re -use ideas .These genres were once revolutionary but now its a common thing.I love the band Thursday !But i dont wana listen to 5 other bands that sound just like them.It's seriously a waste of time.

And whats funny these kids get defensive about a band they found on myspace and get popular a few months later and the word "amazing" gets thown around way too much..They act like those bands been around for years and are changing music and are the best thing alive.When theyre far from it..
The go on myspace find bands that sound just like everything they listen to .Give them high volume myspace adds or plays and surely record labels, will go after what they think there gono cash in on.
The Current trends are Neon pop boy bands and generic mall-core screamo bands .So Record labels and stores like Hot Topic are gono cash in on the trend.While people are stupid enough to fall for it.

So until these kids finally get their heads out of their ass.And start bands for the right reasons.
And people stop letting these conformist pricks rip them off and not attend their shows.
Then Labels will get their act together and find bands that have some uniqueness to them and musical integrity just like they always have in years before.

A.P magazine is pure garbage now too. They have The Maine,Sky eats airplane,Hit the lights,all time blow,
bring me the horizon on the Top ten albums of the year .itts a fucking joke.The New Rise against,Underoath and Bayside albums are not mentioned.

Criticize me all you want.It's the truth and i will say it again.Its up to you wether u agree or not.
Tags: bring good music back and fuck the trends
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