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Inside the Mind of Drew Beringer
Fall Domination
07/19/11 at 05:41 PM by Drew Beringer
Just look at this list:

The Horrible Crowes
Saves The Day
The Devil Wears Prada
Polar Bear Club
Kevin Devine
New Found Glory
Jack's Mannequin

These artists are all releasing new albums in September and October. We'll also probably get new albums from Every Time I Die and This Is Hell later in the year! HOLY CRAP WHAT A YEAR FOR MUSIC, it's going to be nearly impossible to make an EOTY list that'll satisfy me.
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First Impression: Relient K - K Is For Karaoke
06/14/11 at 04:18 PM by Drew Beringer
It's no secret that the guys in Relient K have gotten more and more serious with their past 3 albums, moving past some of the more light-hearted/goofier songs that were on their first few albums, but their new EP K Is For Karaoke is a return to form of sorts. Covering an eclectic group of songs (ranging from Weezer to Justin Beiber to They Might Be Giants), Matt Thiessen and company deliver the most fun EP you'll hear all year. From the pop-punk reincarnation of Cyndi Lauper's hit "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" to Thiessen's catching Bieber Fever on "Baby", it's the perfect lightweight music to blast in your car this summer. And for those who are sick of rock bands covering pop songs (RK also covers Gnarls Barkley's massive hit, "Crazy"), the group throws in some great covers of Weezer's "Surf Wax America" and They Might Be Giants "Doctor Worm." Make this EP a priority on June 28th and get ready to include it in all of your summer party playlists.
Tags: first impression, relient k
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First Impression: 2 new @twypoppunk songs
04/23/11 at 04:09 PM by Drew Beringer
Over the last day and a half, I've been listening to a Wonder Years album sampler, which features 3 songs off their upcoming new album, Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing, and I must say they give off the sense that this album will be sonically different than The Upsides. A lot more punk than pop, it's very aggressive. 2 of the 3 songs are new ones (one of the songs is the song we premiered at AP.net, the great "Local Man Ruins Everything"), and they are definitely in your face. Soupy's vocals sound better too, and his lyrics are still instantly relatable as they carry over some of the themes from the previous record and the fallout from that. "Coffee Eyes" is my favorite of the bunch. The guitar work is crunchy and the hook is immediately catchy. "Don't Let Me Cave In" is a song that bleeds passion, and Soupy's vocals are full of emotion. Overall, from these 3 songs, I am liking what I hear and it leads me to believe that Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing will be one of the best albums of the summer and perhaps The Wonder Years' best record yet.
Tags: first impressions, the wonder years
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Album Preview: @ManchesterOrch - Simple Math
04/21/11 at 01:32 PM by Drew Beringer
Andy Hull promised that his band, Manchester Orchestra, would follow up their second album, Mean Everything To Nothing, with an album that wouldn't just be a step up, but "an entire staircase." As hyperbolic as that may seem, he is absolutely correct. Simple Math still features some of the heavier aspects of METN, but they're dirtier and hit in the right place every time. Add in some huge orchestral tracks and a children's choir, and you have a bonafide album of the year contender. "Mighty" is delightfully epic, while "Virgin" is incredibly eerie and poignant. "Pensacola" might be the "poppiest" you'll ever hear ManOrch, as gang vocals join forces with horns to create some sort of Format-ManOrch hybrid beast track. There are still great, striking softer moments on the album too, including "Pale Black Eye" and the 7 and half minute closer, "Leaky Breaks."

Overall, fans of the band will be very pleased with Simple Math, the perfect step - excuse me- staircase up from Mean Everything To Nothing.

Tags: album preview, manchester orchestra
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I need to blog more often here
04/19/11 at 01:22 PM by Drew Beringer
I've gotten lazy with my writing. So I will be blogging more. First off, new reviews being posted tonight featuring Ghost Thrower, Between The Buried and Me, and The Lonely Forest. As for the blog, a lot more Mad Men pics and random stuff, but also bringing back album previews for the albums I'm not reviewing. Expect full blown previews of the new Manchester Orchestra and Fireworks albums today.
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Some of the tweets I get are ridiculous
03/13/11 at 02:08 PM by Drew Beringer

Dear world,

all reviews are biased. They are opinionated pieces. Get it through your head.

With love,
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First Impressions: Title Fight -Shed
03/12/11 at 07:08 PM by Drew Beringer
So the Side One Dummy debut of Title Fight does not disappoint. Still has that same kick from earlier material, but comes across better. The slower songs are great, remind me a bit of Latterman. Fans of the band should really dig this. Expect a review sometime next month.
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02/16/11 at 11:43 PM by Drew Beringer
The new Emery album is great.


haha /siqbrag
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enough said
02/12/11 at 01:47 PM by Drew Beringer
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need to go on a Scrubs marathon soon
01/03/11 at 06:35 PM by Drew Beringer
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Five and Alive: Most Anticipated Albums of 2011
11/19/10 at 12:59 AM by Drew Beringer
2010 has been a great year, but 2011 looks to be even better. It's basically going to be a blast from my past, with releases from OG Taking Back Sunday, blink-182, Yellowcard, Saves The Day, and Glassjaw on its way. But while I'll be partying like it's 2003 throughout next year, I'll also be pumped for albums from the new class of pop-punk, such as The Wonder Years. Below you will find my top 5 most anticipated albums for 2011.

5. The Devil Wears Prada - The band has progressed so much over the course of three albums and one massive EP that I am expecting this album to destroy everyone. Mike Hranica is quickly emerging as one of the best vocalists in the metalcore scene, and if they can progress from their epic Zombie EP, you can expect more people to become fans of Prada.

4. Saves The Day - Daybreak has to be coming out this year, right? If it seems like this album has been delayed forever, well you're right. It's been over 3 years since their last album, and we diehards are carving some super sweet melodies from Chris Conley and company. Hopefully we get it in 2011.

3. Taking Back Sunday - Half the reason many of you visit this site is because of your adoration for their debut album, Tell All Your Friends. Now that the original lineup is back, can we expect something in the vein of the debut, or will it be more of a mix of all four albums? From the looks of "Best Places To Be A Mom," we can probably expect the latter. But the second most improbable reunion has us salivating for their new album.

2. blink-182 - The most improbable reunion would have to the band solely responsible for this website. Yes, Mark, Tom, and Travis buried the hatchet in 2009, and we've been (im)patiently waiting for their first album since 2003. Mark gave us an update a few days ago to expect this sometime in the spring of 2011. You know we're gonna have a party on this site once this releases.

1. D.R.U.G.S. - Yes, my most anticipated album of 2011 is the newly-formed Craig Owens-led supergroup. Featuring members from Matchbook Romance, From First To Last, Story of the Year, and Underminded, D.R.U.G.S. is the album that will intrigued many (and you know the haters are secretly anticipating this baby as well). Their first song, "If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably Is" is a lightning jolt of chaotic catchiness, but judging from the small clips in their updates, we can expect their debut to be a little heavier than that. Love him or hate him, Craig Owens' name always draws a huge thread here. 2011 is the year Owens shows everyone that Chiodos made a huge mistake.

Well that's it from me, post your most anticipated in the comments!
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First Impression: The Republic of Wolves - Varuna
10/18/10 at 10:15 PM by Drew Beringer
this album reminds me of why I fell in love with this type of music in the first place. the members of this site are going to go nuts for this.
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Album Preview: Underoath - (disambiguation)
10/13/10 at 08:23 PM by Drew Beringer
Just a fair warning, Underoath is probably my favorite band. Their last two albums have had huge impacts in my life, especially 2008's Lost In The Sound Of Separation, which was my album of the year that year. The major difference between then and now is the absence of the one remaining original member of Underoath, drummer/vocalist Aaron Gillepsie. He and the band parted ways mutually, and he was replaced by former Norma Jean drummer Daniel Davison. The main question surrounding the release was who was going to do the clean vocals? That honor belongs to vocalist Spencer Chamberlain, who does an absolute amazing job at transitioning between clean and rough vocals. Sure, his voice isn't as great as Aaron's, but he does such an impressive job on (disambiguation) that Aaron is hardly missed. Not once through any of my listens did I think, "man they could really use Aaron here." It's a testament to the band and how they have gelled even more as a group. It's not a knock against Aaron, as he is going to continue to do great things with The Almost.

This album preview isn't going to follow the same format as my BMTH preview from earlier, as this is just going to be more of a flowing preview. The opening track, "In Division," sets the mood right away, which you can hear parts of over at Underoath's facebook page. It's a heavy, sludging song that features a heavy, grungy chorus. It's definitely one of its kind on the record. Also this album is definitely more atmospheric than their previous few albums, as programmer/keyboardist Chris Dudley has a much bigger role in this album than in previous ones. He sets some awesome tones and vibes throughout, with his best work appearing in "Paper Lung," "Driftwood," and the industrial interlude track, "Reversal." "Paper Lung" kind of borders on the sound that Thrice has had on their last few albums, definitely has a Beggars/Alchemy Index-Air type of feel, but the last 50 or so seconds features a nasty Underoath breakdown. "Driftwood" is completely different for the band. You know how they had a lot of ambient metal on the final track on Define the Great Line, well this is definitely the opposite - ambient electronica (? I just made that up haha), it definitely has a Thrice Water EP vibe to it. The Divine Eradication and My Deteriorating Incline are super heavy and plain sick. "Illuminator" sounds much better within the context of the album, as it vicious rips right through the album, as does "Vacant Mouth." Lyrically, it's interesting. Definitely a bit more dark and vague before, Chamberlain's screams really shred, especially when he desperately screams, "Where is my fix? WHERE IS MY FIX!!!" during the intense breakdown of "The Divine Eradication." The frantic pacing of "My Deteriorating Incline" is awesome, as this song just freaking grooves. Spencer absolutely owns this track, growling, "I am the anchor, bow to my existence!" The themes to this album are very intriguing, as Chamberlain's lyrics remain a very strong and integral part to Underoath's overall sound. His best lyrical work appears on the final track, "In Completion," which once again showcases Chamberlain's struggles and the hope he has to rise above.

In the end, (disambiguation) shows great progression and experimentation for the band while still sounding like an Underoath record. If you loved or enjoyed the previous two albums from Underoath, then you'll love this, as the band continues to offer new and challenging concepts to their music. ] (disambiguation is the cream of the crop in the metal scene for 2010.

The album hits stores on November 9th, and look for my review to show up on this site in about a week or two.

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Nostalgic Video of the Day: My Chemical Romance
09/26/10 at 01:31 AM by Drew Beringer
I love this video, it was my favorite thing when I was a freshman in college. Good times.

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I love receiving mail
09/25/10 at 02:39 PM by Drew Beringer

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