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My New Music Radio Show 10/11/10
10/11/10 at 02:54 PM by S9Dallasoz
This is the 10/11/100 playlist for my new music based radio on that airs every Monday afternoon from 12-2 PM (PST) on http://ksfs.sfsu.edu

Civil Twilight - "Teardrop" (Massive Attack cover)
Crash Kings - "Mountain Man"
Young The Giant - "My Body"
Two Door Cinema Club - "Come Back Home"
Fences - "Girls With Accents"
Valencia - "Consider Me Dead"
Beta State - "I'm Still Alive"
Middle Class Rut - "Are You On Your Way?"
A Day to Remember - "All I Want"
Blaqk Audio - "Ill Lit Ships"
Jamaica - "I Think I Like U 2"
TRUSTcompany - "Heart In My Hands"
Dead Country - "Euro Trash"
Imagine Dragons - "All Eyes"
The Limousines - "Dancing At Her Funeral"
Weezer - "Trainwrecks"
Graffiti6 - "Stare Into The Sun"
Gorillaz - "Doncomatic (All Played Out)"
Amusement Parks on Fire - "Flashlight Planetarium"
Anberlin - "Art Of War"
Fenech-Soler - "Demons
Son of a Bad Man - "20 Missed Calls"
One Night Only - "Forget My Name"
The Dirty Heads - "Stand Tall"
Atomic Tom - "Take Me Out"
The Black Keys - "Tighten Up"
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My New Music Radio Show 10/4/10
10/04/10 at 03:11 PM by S9Dallasoz
My new music radio show airs on San Francisco State's KSFS every Monday afternoon from 12-2 PM (PST) on http://ksfs.sfsu.edu

Here's the playlist from 10/4/10

Lazyboy - "Underwear Goes Inside Pants"
Middle Class Rut - "New Low"
Atomic Tom - "Take Me Out"
The Graduate - "All At Once"
Jimmy Eat World - "Coffee & Cigarettes"
I The Mighty - "Technicolor"
Fences - "Girls With Accents"
Young The Giant - "My Body"
Weezer - "Where's My Sex?"
The Naked and Famous - "Young Blood"
Intercept - "Rest of My days"
Chiodos - "Notes In Constellations"
The Young International - "Ruckus"
Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights - "Gypsy Woman"
The Limousines - "Dancing At Her Funeral"
Pepper - "Drunk Girl"
One Night Only - "Say You Don't Want It"
Kings of Leon - "The End"
Graffiti6 - "Stare Into The Sun"
Oh My Stars - "Bloody November"
Amusement Parks on Fire - "Flashlight Planetarium"
Terminal - "Dark"
Two Door Cinema Club - "Come Back Home"
Young Guns - "Crystal Clear"
Honeychild - "Driving Song"
ambience - "Limits"
Fenech-Soler - "Demons"
Mumford & Sons - "The Cave"
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My New Music Radio Show 9/27/10
09/27/10 at 03:36 PM by S9Dallasoz
This is the playlist for this week's episode of "Oven Fresh" Radio. A new music show I host at San Francisco State University's radio station, KSFS.

You can stream the show live every monday from 12-2 PM (PST)

Middle Class Rut - "Busy Bein' Born"
Polaris At Noon - "Time"
Phoenix - "Lasso"
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. - "The Uprising"
The Limousines - "Very Busy People"
Jimmy Eat World - "Coffee & Cigarettes"
Pepper - "Drunk Girl"
Young Guns - "Crystal Clear"
Silversun Pickups - "Growing Old Is Getting Old"
Two Door Cinema Club - "Come Back Home"
Atomic Tom - "Take Me Out"
CAKE - "Sick Of You"
Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights - "Gypsy Woman"
Atmosphere - "The Best day"
Imagine Dragons - "All Eyes"
Weezer - "Where's My Sex?"
Dead Country - "Euro Trash"
Amusement Parks on Fire - "Flashlight Planetarium"
Beta State - "I'm Still Alive"
Neon Trees - "1983"
Innerpartysystem - "American Trash"
Linkin Park - "Wretches & Kings"
The Dirty Heads - "Stand Tall"
Young The Giant - "My Body"
Jamaica - "I Think I Like U 2"

Hour 1 download link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hlembw
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My New Music Radio Show Playlist & Download - 9/20/10
09/20/10 at 03:20 PM by S9Dallasoz
Here's the playlist for my college radio show on San Francisco State's KSFS.
Stream it live every Monday from 12 - 2 PM (PST) @ http://www.ksfs.sfsu.edu


A Silent Film - You Will Leave A Mark
Pepper - Drunk Girl
Paramore - Decode (Acoustic)
The Constellations - "Love Is A Murder" (Feat. Cee-Lo)
The Limousines - Internet Killed The Video Star
Weezer - Trainwrecks
The Best Week Ever - You Don't Wanna Know
Beta State - I'm Still Alive
Young Guns - Crystal Clear
Amusement Parks on Fire - Flashlight Planetarium
Oh My Stars - Bloody November
Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights - Gypsy Woman
Neon Trees - 1983
Two Door Cinema Club - Come Back Home
Atomic Tom - Take Me Out
Middle Class Rut - New Low
Kidnap Kings - Anything She Wants
One Night Only - Forget My name
Young The Giant - My Body
Marianas Trench - Perfect
ambience - Limits
Stars - Fixed
Innerpartysystem - American Trash
Kele - Tenderoni
Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em
The Black Pacific - Living With Ghosts
Anberlin - Depraved

Download Hour 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/638gys
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My New Music Radio Show - Playlist/Download 9/13/10
09/18/10 at 07:06 AM by S9Dallasoz
Oven Fresh Radio broadcasts every Monday from 12 PM- 2 PM (PST) on http://www.ksfs.sfsu.edu
It's a new music show that focuses on alternative rock, indie, imports, and unsigned bands.

Here's the playlist for the September 13, 2010 show.

Kidnap Kings - "Anything She Wants"
Young The Giant - "My Body"
Linkin Park - "Waiting For The End"
Two Door Cinema Club - "Come Back Home"
Weezer - "Where's My Sex?"
Young Guns - "Crystal Clear"
The Limousines - "Internet Killed The Video Star"
Jamaica - "I Think I Like U 2"
Goldhawks - "Where In The World"
Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights - "Gypsy Woman"
Innerpartysystem - "Last Night In Brooklyn"
Imagine Dragons - "All Eyes"
Atomic Tom - "Take Me Out"
Anberlin - "Art Of War"
Underworld - "Always Loved A Film"
Blaqk Audio - "Ill Lit Ships"
Gogol Bordello - "Ultimate"
Research Material - "All Year Round"
One Night Only - "Say You Don't Want It"
Marianas Trench - "Cross My Heart"
Linkin Park - "Wretches And Kings"
Oh My Stars - "Bloody November"
Passion Pit - "Sleepyhead"
The Naked and Famous - "Young Blood"
Neon Trees - "1983"

Download the first 45 minutes: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fzamp5
Tags: new music, linkin park, weezer, young the giant, anberlin
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Debut Of My Radio Show (9/14/09)
09/15/09 at 11:40 PM by S9Dallasoz
This morning's show was the 1st official Dallas Osborn (DJ Zip-lock) Radio experience, The 'Oven Fresh' music show. Streams every Monday morning 10 AM - Noon @ http://www.ksfsradio.org

Brand New - "Welcome To Bangkok"
Anberlin - "True Faith" (New Order Cover)
The LImousines - "Very Busy people"
Switchfoot - "Mess of Me"
The Constellations - "Love is a Murder" (Feat. Cee-Lo)
Blink 182 - "Aliens Exist"
The Music - "Drugs"
Neon Trees - "Drop Your Weapon"
Radford - "Dead Heart"
Shirock - "New Solution"
Ume - "The Conductor"
Closure In Moscow - "We Want Guarantees"
Silversun Pickups - "The Royal We"
The Temper Trap - "Science of Fear"
Armchair Cynics - "Ablaze"
One Second 2 Late - "Fear of a Nation"
AFI - "Fainting Spells"
Nural - "The Hits Keep Coming"
Brave Citizens - "How Much Longer?"
The Dangerous Summer - "The Permanent Rain"
Marianas Trench - "Perfect"
Mute Math - "Electrify"
I Am Empire - "You're a Fake!"
Paramore - "Brick By Boring Brick"
MrNorth - "Speak No Evil"
Early States - "Back To The Start"
Muse - "The Resistance"
Inward Eye - "Day After Day"
The Classic Crime - "Just a Man"


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My First (Unofficial) Radio Show
08/31/09 at 08:47 PM by S9Dallasoz
This morning, 8/31/09 the "Oven Fresh" radio show began the semester on San Francisco State's KSFS radio

My show is one that will feature mostly new music from unsigned/independent artist/and new tunes about to dominate your radio.
I will make "Border Patrol" a battle between 2 imports from different countries a mid-show staple.
O, and the occasional co-host will join me.

My first show was a training/test things out/learn the ropes kinda deal...and here's the playlist:
Anberlin - "True Faith" (New Order Cover)
There For Tomorrow - "A Little Faster"
Silversun Pickups - "The Royal We"
Neon Trees - "Drop Your Weapon"
The Constellations - "Love Is a Murder" (Feat. Cee-Lo)
Middle Class Rut - "Busy Bein' Born"
The Music - "Drugs"
Hockey - "Too Fake"
The Used - "Sold My Soul"
Monty Are I - "One In a Million"
Halos - "Amalgam"
Weezer - "(If You Are Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To"
Thrice - "In Exile"
Stray Palace - "Changed" (Black Lab side project)
Mute Math - "Electrify"
run the red light - "Side"
The Dangerous Summer - "The Permanent Rain"
The Dead Weather - "Treat Me Like Your Mother"
The Temper Trap - "Science of Fear"
Closure In Moscow - "We Want Guarantees"
Vogue In The Movement - "Fire on the Dance Floor"
Audrye Sessions - "Nothing Pure Can Stay"
Dizzy Balloon - "Raise a Glass"
Spitalfield - "On The Floor"
Innerpartysystem - "The Way We Move"
Nural - "The Hits Keep Coming"
The Limousines - "Very Busy People" (Remix)

Ya, I had my share of screw ups, pressing the wrong CD player, not turning the mic on, NOT TURNING IT OFF, but it was a good time.

Expect the Oven Fresh show to return (debut) in it's full, freshly baked, glory on 9/14 @ 10 AM.
and every monday after that from 10-noon.
Tags: KSFS, thrice, audrye sessions
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Live 105's Soundcheck 8/2/09 Producer: Me
08/03/09 at 01:26 AM by S9Dallasoz
Tonight I got to produce Live 105 (San Francisco, alternative KITS 105.3) new music show Soundcheck w/ Music director Aaron Axelsen, here's what was played:

White Lies - To Lose My Life
Settle - Murder
Audrye Sessions (Local) Relentless
Freeland - Under Control
Julian Plenti - Games For Days (Interpol side project)
This Providence - Letdown (soundcheck premiere)
Edward Sharpe&The Magnetic - 40 Days
Band of Skulls - I Know What I Am
The Freshmen (Local) - Hello There
Silversun Pickups - The Royal We
The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition

The Matches (local) Wake The Sun
Dragonette - I get around (for fans of Metric)
Rancid - Up To No Good
Hockey - Too Fake

Nico Vega - Gravity
Anberlin True Faith (New Order cover)
Division Day - Chalk Lines
Set Your Goals (local) - This Will Be The Death Of Us
Spoon -Got Nuffin
Blaqk Audio - No New Tale To Tell (Love and Rockets Cover)
Manchester Orchestra - Shake It Out
Rebelution - Lazy Afternoon
NOFX- Creeping Out Sara
Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning
The Gossip -Love Long Distance
Sleepnoise (local) Penance
Muse -Plug In Baby
War Tapes - Dreaming Of You
Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl
I Am Empire (local) You're A Fake!

The Magic Wands - Black Magic
After Midnight Project - Take me Home
The Action Design (local) - Chamber Of Hellos (Wire Train Cover)
Passion Pit - To Kingdom Come
All Time Low -Weightless (soundcheck premiere)
Sonic Youth - Anti-Orgasm
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll
MC Lars Feat. K. Flay (local) - Single and Famous
Sea Wolf - Wicked Blood
Owl City - Fireflies
Beastie Boys Feat. Nas - Too Many Rappers
The Hundred Days (local) - So What
Leather Feather (local) The Future

Another solid mix of new, local, unsigned, imports, independent and all around awesome music.
here's the show's official page: http://www.live105.com/pages/74867.php
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Looking for A&R Scouts (unpaid) in the Western U.S.
01/26/09 at 04:35 PM by S9Dallasoz
...cause no one seems to look in the classifieds section.

Hello, my name is Dallas and I was just hired by Treadstone Music in conjunction with LP33.tv to be a west coast A&R representative.

and one of my first things I need to do is assemble a team of scouts, preferably in the western U.S, who can be active in uploading and reviewing new music from unsigned/unknown artists on the website (portal thing, whatever you wanna call it) as well as being active on the LP33.tv site, both of which are still not in their full versions. LP33TV is preparing for SXSW where it will be a primary source for every band playing the festival to have a profile in which they can post videos/interviews/media.

Here's more about it:
"LP33.tv is New Music TV. LP33.tv is an On Demand music television and digital entertainment network featuring shows around music videos, artist interviews, and music culture and lifestyle content. We curate content and create shows for music lovers to discover and share. I’m part of the scout network focused on discovery of the most promising new and emerging artists.

The management team and investors behind the company are experienced industry executives and music lovers with vision and focus on changing the status quo of the industry.

Our CEO, Andrew Bentley has run numerous major global businesses and started several web and mobile technology companies. He grew up in the music industry and was previously CEO of EMI International and the Virgin Music Group. Michael Rosenblatt and Paula Moore are major label A&R veterans who have discovered and signed (use artists of choice from bios), and our CCO, Vlad Lodzinski has created and launched numerous music TV and other TV networks across Europe, including several localized MTV Europe Channels. LP33’s investors include members of the band Genesis, Tony Smith manager of Genesis and Pink Floyd, and Michael Cohl, former Chairman of LiveNation."

This is a job you can do almost exclusively from your computer, so you don't have to worry about being in LA or NYC like all the others it seems...

some recent signings that can be credited in part to the program include Hockey & Santogold.

The site has been around as a go to A&R-based website for 10 years now.

It's also a great way to get your name out there as you will be the "lead scout" listed on artists, and the better your artists perform the more you get noticed. There's also an incentive plan in the works

Anyone interested?
if so, reply here, or e-mail me @ Dallastroke9@yahoo.com
and I can tell you more.
Tags: A&R, LP33, The Search Function, Martin Lawrence
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2009 Crystal Ball (Break out Bands)
01/02/09 at 01:09 AM by S9Dallasoz
I write an article called "Soundcheck" for www.kingsofar.com
This should be officially posted there in the next week or so:

Soundcheck - The Crystal Ball 2009:

While we all contemplate on ways the industry can reinvent itself to survive in 2009 we can also look to see which bands will help in the survival of record labels and the industry itself.

Fresh Signings: 2008 saw the signings of some less than stellar talent (Hyper Crush), but it also saw plenty of quality artists receive deals from majors, some of which may have a big impact in the coming months.
Tamar is an Interscope signing with a song that could be 2009’s “Love Song” with her track “New Day”

Universal was also busy this past year and snatched up another talented female singer/songwriter in Erin McCarley who’s single “Pony (It’s Ok)” has already been featured in a Rhapsody commercial and as the year’s first iTunes free single of the week.

Atlantic should see the release of Ryan Star’s long awaited major label debut “11:59”. A great singer who can write some great hooks; I expect a single strong enough to make a splash on the Hot AC and Top 40 charts, try “Right Now”.

Virgin will see releases from power ballad rockers Adelitas Way and solid Virginia pop/punk band My Favorite Highway. Both are potential big time bands that bring a familiar sound to radio.

Trying some things that are a bit less formulaic is what I hear as a meshing of the sounds MGMT and Mickey Avalon in another Universal act (stateside) – Iglu & Hartly hoping to establish themselves with a polarizing single called “In This City” that did well in the UK and looks to do the same at Alternative here in the early part of 2009.

Some other notable signings to watch:
Cavo – WB signed these St. Louis rockers and sent them into the studio with David Bendeth to record their full length. Check “Champagne”.

Barcelona & Paper Route (http://www.myspace.com/paperroute) are two more Universal signings that will see releases in 2009. Check Barcelona’s first single, “It’s About Time” & Paper Route’s “Are We All Forgotten”.

Notables from Across The Pond:
Perhaps the band most likely to make a big name for themselves in the states this year is a band that has already experienced international success: The Script Check singles like “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” & “Breakeven” as well as former iTunes free single of the week, “Before the Worst”.

Glasvegas – one of the bigger UK buzz bands these days is Glasvegas. Their first single “Geraldine” will help get them noticed stateside in the new year.

Alphabeat – “Fascination” – innocent pop hasn’t sounded this sweet for a long time. Hopefully a North American run opening for Katy Perry can help make a name for this Danish group.

Closure in Moscow (www.myspace.com/closureinmoscow) - Equal Vision could see their next Chiodos/Circa Survive type with these Australians.

What To Watch For, Who May See Deals in the New Year:

Neon Trees - Utah indie rockers with lots of potential.

Runner Runner (www.myspace.com/runnerunnermusic) – A band with radio friendly, surefire hits can’t stay unsigned for too much longer – check “So Obvious” & “Believe”.

Settings - one of the most talked about unsigned bands of 2008 may get their chance at emo/synth rock glory in 2009.

Middle Class Rut - Sacramento 2-piece who may make a name for themselves in the UK before they do so here.

You, Me & Everyone We Know - a Warped Tour spot away from being well known.

Dizzy Balloon - Young, bay area pop/rockers with a knack for head-bobbin’ melodies. Won Live 105’s Not So Silent Night local band competition in December and opened the big winter concert at Oracle Arena, check “Raise a Glass”.

Also See: Holiday Parade , TV/TV & Interscope signing LMFAO's "Yes".

2009 will certainly see its share of hits and misses from the majors and indies alike, and everyone’s crystal ball will see a different set of breakout artists. Here’s to hoping we see great talent emerge and some revitalization in this suffering industry.
Tags: 2009, breakout bands, the script, glasvegas, my favorite highway, tamar, cavo
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The Year so Far...
06/19/08 at 01:52 PM by S9Dallasoz

Musically, 2008, so far, like, uh, ya.

I write for two very cool music blogs now:

about new bands usually.
Lemme look back on some of my predictions in January...
Katy Perry is doing real well, and i still expect Innerpartysystem, Low Vs Diamond, and Ryan Star to do the same.

Also, thanks to working at Live 105 I've been able to see A LOT of concerts so far this year. Plus, a lot on my own time.

Did I mention I that I don't mind when bands begin to sound more radio friendly, I also seem to be the least critical person I know when it comes to older band's current stuff. Really growing to like this new Weezer, I also think the bonus track "King" is their "Hotel California". This track is one I feel is just as epic with a similar vibe. Definitely one I feel will go overlooked seeing as it didn't make the actual album.
The new one from The Offspring ain't half bad either..."You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" should be a great follow-up single to "Hammerhead", which still hasn't clicked with me.

Alkaline Trio who I've caught live twice so far this year, once at an intimate show at San Francisco's tiny Cafe Du Nord, also have some new tracks I love, on an album that needs to grow on me.

Enough about those...let's get on with it.

Highlights as far as shows go this year:
Foo Fighters - I worked out in the pouring rain and wind for 4 hours before I got into that show in Oakland, CA. Dave Grohl just got over a flu, and Led Zeppelin didn't show up, but that show was still great, even though I had to go BACK OUT into rain to pass out stickers when "Everlong" started. I'm still bitter.

Santa Barbara, CA's stoner reggae/rock band The Expendables were my first show of '08, and were actually a lot of fun. so what if every song is about Weed?

along those same lines - Cypress Hill at the Fillmore on 4/20 - I was working, didn't matter, I was so second hand high at that one, maybe it was their eight foot bong "Excalibur"?

The Bravery surprised me, I heard they weren't so great live, but I dug their set in March.

Augustana acoustic for free in a random hotel in santa rosa, CA. Also fun, and sounded real good even with just the two members there.

Meeting Andrew from Ludo and catching their set w/ The Presidents of the United States of America was a fine time.

Apocalyptica wow'd me with cellos and one of the oddest crowds I'd seen, they all love "Enter Sandman" though.

Best set of the year was Thriving Ivory's album release show in San Francisco on 4/18. Played the whole album and a few others...Sounded flawless and Clayton (lead singer) can beatbox. If they aren't at least as popular as Augustana by the end of the year, something is wrong with your radio.

a few other good sets i've seen so far this year:
Brave Citizens
Low Vs Diamond
Jimmy Eat World
Envy on the Coast
just to name a few...

Let's talk about Velvet Revolver who I caught the week Scott Weiland went to rehab. Now that, was an interesting show.
Slash was great.
Scott couldn't stand up
and said he couldn't sing for shit.
I mean, great to see 'em, but eh, hopefully STP impresses people this summer w/ a drug free weiland - oxymoron?

Best songs of 2008, you haven't heard yet:

for fans of: Augustana, acoustic singer/songwriters Brinck
I Don't Wanna Love Her - http://www.myspace.com/brinck

For fans of: Air Traffic, Coldplay: Royworld
Dust - http://www.myspace.com/royworldtheband

For fans of: Nine Days, The Rocket Summer, catchy pop: Gillmor
Hey! - http://www.myspace.com/gillmormusic

For fans of: Anberlin & Dredg[/artist[
How Much Longer? - Brave Citizens

For fans of: Coldplay's - "Violet Hill" & piano rock:
People in Planes - "Pretty Buildings"

for fans of: The Weakerthans, Carolina Liar:
Sultan - What Made Milwaukee Famous

Did you enjoy 90's Alternative rock like Tonic or Oleander? - check out, "Red Eyes" by The [New] Shining

OK, enough of that.

Children 18:3's album is surprising and amazing - try "LCM" and "You Know We're All So Fond of Dying" if you're into fast paced punk rock/dual vocals stuff.

If you came in here and you love generic modern rock like Saving Abel and Hinder then go check out "Champagne" by CAVO - http://www.myspace.com/cavoband

somethings I'm excited for:
Innerpartysystem - live on 7/21
New Anberlin album on 9/30
Butch Walker - "One Man Band Tour" on 7/10 and new album "Sycamore Meadows" soon.
Nine Inch Nails - 9/5
The Classic Crime - live on 8/15 and album 7/22
Madina Lake - working with David Bendeth on next album, o ya.

will Charlotte Sometimes, Justin Nozuka, State Of Shock, Middle Class Rut (if you miss Jane's Addiction, vocally, with the aggressiveness of Refused), Carlotta, or Audrye Sessions get huge?

time will tell.
O, and I got a lot to keep me busy with the rest of my 2008.
That's not even the half of it people.

Thank you music for letting me get away from whatever else is going on.

Let's do it.

O, and try and tell me this girl won't be huge, not my usual thing, but come on if Sara Bareilles can do it...Tamar - "New Day":

and some of my favorite videos of 2008, so far:
People in Planes - "Pretty Buildings"

Thriving Ivory - "Angels on the Moon"
Tags: Thriving Ivory, Pelligrino, recap, Children 18:3, Butch Walker, innerpartysystem,
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"Neon Bible" is not my AOTY (2007 Recap)
01/04/08 at 01:43 PM by S9Dallasoz
I say that because it seems like everyone's favorite album of 2007 was either Arcade Fire's "Neon Bible" or Kanye West's new one.
I can also understand the love Spoon & bands like The National and Radiohead received this year, but here's the thing.

I'm Not an indie kid, not saying you have to be, but that just seems to be what the vast majority of last.fm users and album reviewers seem to be today. Nearly all of my shared iTunes libraries at college consist of bands like I just mentioned plus some M.I.A. & of Montreal. Well, that's just not my style.
So I have reason to believe that whatever list I put together is somewhat unique and worthy of at least some attention.

2007 began with me co-hosting the "Soundcheck Crystal Special" on San Francisco's alternative station Live 105 w/ Music director Aaron Axelsen, that was pretty awesome. My picks for breakout bands of 2007 ended up doing alright too; OneRepublic & Madina Lake. In the fall I got a job at the station a few weeks after starting college at San Francisco State and thanks to that I've been able to see a lot of bands that I could not have seen otherwise (and get paid to do it).

I'll begin with the list of bands I saw live this year...I'll give ratings and possibly say a little about the ones I enjoyed the most.

Band/How many times I saw them in '07, if multiple/Rating
30 Seconds to Mars - 8/10
The Actual - 6/10
Against Me! - 9/10
Aiden (2) - 6/10
The Almost - 7/10
Anberlin (2) - 9/10
Apside - 6/10
Arctic Monkeys - 7/10
Army of Me - 8/10
Audrye Sessions - 9/10
Big City Rock - 8/10
Blue October - 9/10
Bowling for Soup - 7/10
Brand New - 9/10
Breaking Benjamin - 10/10
Butch Walker - 10/10 * (Best show of 2007)
Charlotte Sometimes - 7/10
Chiodos (3) - 6/10
Circa Survive - 9/10
Daphne Loves Derby - 7/10 (more Third Eye Blind covers please
Element 94 - 7/10
Elliot Randall - 6/10 (talented, but I can't stand country)
Emerson Hart - 9/10
Evaline (3) - 7/10 @ ToC 9/10 @ Warped
Everybody Else - 8/10
Family Force 5 (2) - 10/10 (one word: Xanadu)
From Autumn to Ashes - 5/10 (earplugs in, not my thing)
Funeral for a Friend - 8/10 - it was in the A.M. & I love their accents
HIM - 5/10 (Yawn)
Hymns - 6.5/10
Idiot Pilot - 6.5/10
Jimmy Eat World - 10/10
Jonezetta - 7.5/10
Killswitch Engage - 7.5/10
Liam and Me - 7.5/10
Linkin Park - 10/10 (2nd Favorite set of the year)
Lovedrug - 8/10
The Lovemakers - 6.5/10
Lorene Drive - 7/10
Madina Lake - 10/10
Mae - 5.5/10 (I'm a fan, but I forgot they were even on the stage)
Maldroid - 8.5/10
Metro Station 6/10 (the mix was terrible)
Modest Mouse - 6/10 (did he sing any actual words?)
Motion City Soundtrack - 9.5/10
Mud - 5.5/10
My Chemical Romance - 7.5/10 (seriously, how could you not play "The Ghost of You"?)
Paramore (2) - 9/10 - Hayley said "I Love You" back
Placebo - 6.5/10
PlayRadioPlay! - 5/10 (That's really a man singing up there?)
Red - 8/10
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - 7/10
Rooney - 9/10
Ryan Auffenberg - 5.5/10
Saosin (3) - 8/10 @ ToC 6/10 @ Pro. Rev.
The Secret Handshake - 7.5/10
Senses Fail (2) - 6/10 (still ok, even when standing on the side of the stage)
Serj Tankian - 8/10 - nice guy
Shiny Toy Guns - 9/10 (More Tunes!)
Sick Puppies - 9/10
Silverstein - 8/10
Silversun Pickups - 10/10 (surprise of the year)
The Sounds - 6/10 (I got bored)
The Spill Canvas - 10/10
Spoon - 6.5/10
Taking Back Sunday - 9/10
Ted Leo and The Pharmacists - 5/10 (apparently, I don't get it)
Three Days Grace - 10/10 (2nd to SSP as far as surprising)
Thrice - 9/10
Thriving Ivory - 10/10
Tool -10/10 (you know when they say, "It's not a concert, it's an experience." That's what this was.)
Yellowcard (2) - 8/10

Best Sets:
1. Butch Walker
2. Linkin Park
3. Jimmy Eat World
4. Thriving Ivory
5. Silversun Pickups

Most surprising:
1. Silversun Pickups - I worked at this show for Live 105, i work for the Action Team who promotes the station at shows by handing out stickers, and other stuff along with setting up meet & greets and interacting with the crowd. They sold this show out at the Fillmore in San Francisco in minutes and it only took a few songs into their set to realize why. They sounded great, always energetic and they sounded more intense than on the record which made every song even better. SF loves SSP, 'nuff said.
2. Three Days Grace - ya, um...wow. Beautiful backdrop and summer night at Konocti Harbor & resort in Northern, CA. I'm a very casual fan, but their live show took the guilty pleasure tag off this band for me. Sounded great and even performed covers of "Rooster" and "Hey Man, Nice Shot" (which was incorporated into the bridge of "Home") very well. Surprised the hell out of me.

I did not see any band this year really that I can say I "Hated live", but HIM really bored me to death live at Projekt Revolution in the 95 degree heat in Marysville, CA. They just seemed to go through the motions and there just didn't seem to be much energy on stage. Plus, the crowd just didn't seem into it.

Bands I must see in 2008:
Foo Fighters - Seeing them on 2/2
Madina Lake
Audrye Sessions
Butch Walker
National Product
Graham Colton
The Panic Division
Josephine Collective

Ok, now for the albums I loved in 2007 w/ only the top 5 being in order:
1. Audrye Sessions - Braille Maybe it's a trend for me to have local unsigned piano/rock acts earn #1 album spots for me, last year
Thriving Ivory earned the honor. This album is not flawless, but it's amount of just straight incredible songs makes it #1 for me. Similar to Lovedrug, Augustana, & City and Colour "The Paper Face" is a track that must be heard that basically summarizes everything this band is about - incredible voice, solid musicianship
2. Graham Colton - Here Right Now
3. Madina Lake - From Them, Through Us, To You
4. Anberlin - Cities
5. The Spill Canvas - No Really, I'm Fine
in no particular order, other favorites:
Needtobreathe - The Heat
Black Lab - Passion Leaves a Trace
Stroke 9 - The Last of the International Playboys
Lovedrug - Everything Starts Where It Ends
Firekills - Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt
Sullivan - Cover Your Eyes
National Product - Luna
After Edmund - Hello
Faber Drive - Seven Second Surgery
The Rocket Summer - Do You Feel
Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light
Mêlée - Devils & Angels
Relient K - Five Score and Seven Years Ago

1. innerpartysystem - The Download EP
Automatic Loveletter - Recover
The Myriad - Prelude To Arrows

Jimmy Eat World - "Let it Happen"
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Weapon of Choice"
The Almost - "Say This Sooner"
The Appearance - "Lost in Aurora"
Audrye Sessions - "The Paper Face" & "Nothing Pure Can Stay"
Yellowcard - "Fighting"
Flight 409 - "The Street, The Sound"
The Panic Division - "Big Day"
Anberlin - "Dismantle.Repair"
Army of Me - "Going Through Changes"
innerpartysystem - "Don't Stop"
Graham Colton - "On Your Side
Ryan Star - "Last Train Home"
The Spill Canvas - "All Over You"
and there really are plenty more where that came from.

My favorite part of this - Big in 2008:
All Time Low
Katy Perry
Josephine Collective
32 Leaves
We The Kings
Ryan Star
Egypt Central
Low Vs Diamond

Releases I can't wait for:
Butch Walker
Thriving Ivory (re-release)
Ryan Star
The Offspring
1969 (made this list last year too)
This World Fair
The Myriad
Family Force 5
Eve 6
Third Eye Blind

Guess that wasn't brief. & 2008 should be an even bigger year for me at san Francisco State, Live 105 & AlternativeAddiction.com

Thanks for checkin' it out. Have a good year.
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My Summer Concerts & New Albums Synopsis
08/07/07 at 04:38 PM by S9Dallasoz
Aside from hanging out with friends and the summer partying I've spent much of my time during this summer between my high school graduation and the start of my freshman year at San Francisco State University by seeing a good deal of concerts in my area, and during my time at home, listening to tons of new albums.

I'll start with the concerts I've been to this summer.

The First concert I'd seen since Sick Puppies back in April was
Bowling for Soup
@ Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Petaluma, CA
Best thing about this show was that it was free.
Entertaining group of guys who could easiy be considered half-comedy act/half pop/punk band, they played to a good sized county fair crowd and got the drunk kid yelling, "PLAY SOME METAL!" kicked out within the first 5 minutes of their set.
They sounded alright and played a lengthy set which included much of their recent album, The Great Burrito Extortion Case which I only recognized about 3 tracks from. They concluded their set w/ "Girl all the Bad Guys Want" & "1985" which seemed to be all most of the crowd was interested in hearing.
Overall I'd give 'em a 7/10 for being funny, although talking WAY too much, and performing their songs well.

I rate live shows based on how well a band performs there songs as opposed to whether or not I think they suck or rock prior to the show.

Next concert was a rock show, and a damn fine one at that.
Three Days Grace w/ Breaking Benjamin & Red
@ Konocti Harbor Resort & Spa in Kelseyville, CA
after camping in Calistoga, CA for a day and a half, 6 of my friends and myself headed an hour & a half north to Clear Lake to catch a very cool rock show. Konocti's stadium is apparently the "#1 small concert venue in North America" and it sure as hell is worthy of that distinction as it's stage set in front of a stadium where everyone from the front row to the back of the bleachers has a good seat, and the backdrop of mountains and Clear Lake makes for a damn cool looking show.

It was also a beautiful evening so we had ourselves quite the setting.
Christian rockers Red opened, a band I've been familiar with since Spring of '06 when I got their "End of Silence" album, and now their single "Breathe Into Me" has run it's course at mainstream rock radio and can be considered a hit. They played a 7 song set and the crowd seemed to like them, sounded good and had some great energy, I'd give 'em an 8/10. 2 of my friends bought their album after their set as well.
Breaking Benjamin was next and opened with the lone track they played off their major label debut "Saturate", and my favorite off of it, "Polyamorous". I was prepared for them to be awesome and they didn't disappoint, they played much of their recent album, "Phobia", but did not play my favorite off of it, "Unknown Soldier". Their frontman Ben also played a cool, nearly solo cover of Nine Inch Nails song "Hurt", made famous by Johnny Cash. They closed with "So Cold" as expected and played an overall very entertaining hour long set that included some water bottle throwing into the audience, Red's bassist came out and threw one bottle nearly out of the stadium on his only toss, he's a big man.
Now, the biggest surprise of the night was Three Days Grace, I'd call myself a casual fan having liked their 2 albums. I wasn't expecting much from their live show, but they were much better than their records suggested and they threw in some small change-ups that made them even more worth the money and the headlining slot. From the opener "Animal I Have become", to "Riot" which really got the crowd going, to the frontman's solo acoustic cover of Alice in Chains classic "Rooster" (which he did really well, also surprising to me), to the dual vocals with Ben from breaking benjamin on "Take me Under", as well as a nice incorporation of Filter's hit "Hey Man, Nice Shot" into their hit "Home", and to the closer "I hate Everything About You", 3DG put on one hell of a rock show for all the Lake County rednecks and Northern CA rockers. Loved it, 10/10.

Toning the radio rock down a lot for my next show...my first Warped Tour
Warped Tour
@ The Shoreline, Mountain View, CA
FINALLY! after wanting to go to a Warped tour date for the past 5 years I made it to one and was stoked because I'd get my first live taste of some of my favorite bands including Anberlin & Family Force 5.
Acts I caught:
Funeral for a Friend
Circa Survive - great set, anthony Green is crazy.
the end of Killswitch Engage
Yellowcard - better than expected, was nice to hear "Fighting"
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Half of their set, and then left for
The Almost
as my sunburn began to show and my thirst began to get the best of me my 2 friends I was stickin' with and I decided to get some shade until
Family Force 5's set. Now that's entertainment. Those guys are fucking nuts on stage, break dancing, Incredible Hulk gloves, and a crazy long-haired red-headed professional dancer/tambourine player/guitar tech named Xanadu made their 30 minute set the most exciting of the day, in my opinion at least. After that we caught some of
Lorene Drive
and then a nice 30 minute set for Anberlin, who Ive been trying to catch for a while, they were good, no "The Feel Good Drag", but I still love everything to do, so it was tough for them to do any wrong. I'll be catching 'em with Motion City Soundtrack, Mae & Metro Station on Nov. 30th.

With my Warped sunburn gone my next show was 19 days later.
Emerson Hart (Formerly of Tonic)
@ The Flamingo Resort, Santa Rosa, CA
Free show on another wonderful summer Northern CA day poolside at the Flamingo Resort. Emerson played a short 5 song set that included 4 songs off his new solo album ("When She Loves You", "I wish the best for you", "Flyin'" & "If You're Gonna Leave") & One Tonic song - "If You Could Only See". He sounded good and proved to be worth the short drive up to SR.

Next up, a pop/rock show in San Francisco for 3 bands I'm all casually into.
Rooney w/ Big City Rock & Everybody Else
@ Slim's, San Francisco, CA
one of my favorite venues, the small, intimate, Slim's in San Francisco. I went with a few girls to this one because my friend Kelsey wanted people to go with her and I was down for a nice little pop/rock show. The place was jam packed, I underestimated the popularity of Rooney.
After watching a few old Looney Tunes cartoons on the screen they have down in front of the stage, Everybody Else took the stage. They're an intriguing southern california trio who are worth checking out if you are fan of the aforementioned 70s inspired pop/rockers Rooney. I knew 2 of their songs going into the show and I'd recommend In Memoriam as a good introduction to this band. They got the crowd going and I enjoyed their 8 song set, 7.5/10
after a prolonged wait between sets and a full episode of a Speed Racer cartoon, a band I've known about for some time now, Big City Rocktook the stage. They were alright, playing songs from their debut album. They finally gathered some energy for their cover of "Black Betty" and kept it going through their 2nd to last song, "Shelter", I don't know where the stage antics went for the closer "All of the above" ad their frontman leaned against a pole as he sang. They played 12 or 13 songs and I enjoyed their set overall. 7/10.
As it got hotter inside (and colder outside) Rooney finally took the stage and opened with the title track to the new album, "Calling The World" which the crowd already knew all the words to. They kept the show going with "Blueside" & one of my favorites, "Believe in Me", they played a good 14 song set which included 10 new songs & 4 songs off the old album closing their encore with my favorite song frm them, "Paralyzed" i was left impressed with their show. 9/10.

The next day was the show I've been waiting for for months.
@ The Sleep Train Pavillion, Marsyville, CA
I was incredibly excited for this because I have been wanting to see the first band on the bill Madina Lake for years now as well as Linkin Park & Taking Back Sunday to name a few others. AFter a 2 hour + drive up to Marysville and waiting in line in the already 85+ degree heat we made it to the Revolution stage where
Madina Lake opened their short, yet awesome 20 minute set with "Adalia" and continued on with "One Last Kiss" where frontman Nathan Leone wanted the crowd to give him a high five and some moshes broke out, resulting in one of my friends getting a bloody nose. They finished with "House of Cards", "Here I Stand" & "True Love" and Nathan staged dived a few times, only singer of the day to do so. Great set and I can't wait to see 'em play again with a longer set.
skipped The Bled's set to get some food and came back to catch Saosin my 3rd time seeing them this year, they opened with "Follow & Feel" which was cool, Cove wanst on his game as much this time around, alright set, they were better at Taste of Chaos.
Now for the downtime between Saosin & Placebo, 3 hours of staying out of the sun. My 3 friends and I found some shade and stuck to it from 3-5:30 PM, catching a little of Placebo's set and then all of HIM which I grew bored with after about 10 minutes, they sounded fine though.
next we missed the first few songs of Taking Back Sunday, but caught the last 25 minutes or so of their set which I dug. Next up was
My Chemical Romance, they opened with the best track off of "The Black Parade", "This is How I Disappear" which got things going quickly. I forgot to mention, we had Pit tickets so we were close. Gerard Way is one odd dude, I think that's easy to see. They had some cool pyrotechnics and other boom's and sounds. I really just wanted to hear "The Ghost of you" which they still hadn't played up unti their last song, so I was expecting it, but no, they played "Cancer". Lame. MCR was alright but I wouldn't go see them headline a show.
The sun had now set and there was one band left, Linkin Park
after a half hour set change "wake" started playing through the speakers and the curtain dropped to "Given Up", AWESOME! I'm not big on their recent album, but "In Pieces" & "No More Sorrow" were cool live. After the first 5 songs or so the entire crowd was loving it, they slowed things down for a piano version of "Pushes me away" & "Brekaing the Habit" (the entire band finished that one) "The Little Things You Gave away" & "Shadow of the day" were the last slow points before jumping into the shows conclusion of "What I've Done" & "Faint" before the Great encore of "One Step Closer", "In The End" & "Bleed It Out" , I was hit in the head by a crowd surfer in the head during "Bleed it Out" and my crowd-surfing friend was dropped during it to, hitting his head on the floor, hardly low points as LP was so damn awesome, I'll now defend them when elitists bash them. 11/10. Amazing set.

That was it for shows this summer, I've got one hell of an Autumn coming up, just check out my upcoming events as I get to see some of my favorites like Butch Walker, Thriving Ivory, Audrye Sessions, Family Force 5, & Brand New w/ Thrice down in LA when I visit a friend down there.

Now for some albums:
Audrye Sessions - Braille
For Fans of: Augustana, Death Cab for Cutie, & Lovedrug
You may not have heard of these San Francisco piano rockers yet, but this album will easily be in my Top 2 as far as albums of the year. Nearly flawless, with great vocals and a few tracks ready for a slot on Grey's Anatomy, I highly recommend checkin' out tracks like "The Paper Face" & "Relentless" over @ www.myspace.com/audryesessions

Needtobreathe - The Heat -
For Fans of: Collective Soul, Lifehouse
Great modern melodic rock.

Fuel - Angels & Devils
new singer, good songs

The Rocket Summer - Do You Feel
For Fans of: Wakefield, Cartel, Relient K
Great summer pop in the vein of all the pop/punk stuff you like (or hate).

Powerspace - The Kicks Of Passion
For Fans of: Hellogoodbye, Men Women & Children

Mae - Singularity
Better than the reviewers think

12 Stones - Anthems For The Underdog

Rooney - Calling The World
I'm more convinced after a live show

Ross Copperman - Welcome To Reality
For Fans of: Matt Nathanson, Matt Wertz
why is this guy not getting the press he deserves? solid singer/songwriter album.

Matt Nathanson - "Some Mad Hope"
Some Mad Hope
Best singer/songwriter album you will hear in 2007.

Sixx:A.M. - Heroin Diaries Soundtrack.
Never saw this coming from Nikki Sixx, some epic tracks here, check out "Life is Beautiful" *& "Van Nuys" if you're into some of todays modern rock.

Yellowcard - Paper Walls
"Fighting" is their best song yet, a big rebound from "Lights & Sounds"

The Starting Line - Direction

Sum 41 - Underclass Hero

After Edmund - Hello
For Fans of: Switchfoot, Graham Colton Band
worth checking out if you enjoy radio ready modern rock, they have some christian stuff too:

Evans Blue - The Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal of Life Ends

The Panic Division - Songs From The Glasshouse
For Fans of: 30 Seconds to Mars, Shiny Toy Guns, Anberlin
Bringing back the 80s with some awesome synth/rock

National Product - Luna
For Fans of: Saosin, The Classic Crime, Sugarcult

Stroke 9 - "The Last of The International Playboys"
a surprise awesome release from a band I grew up on, for fans of 90s alt/rock.

That was extensive.

In 3 weeks I start school @ San Francisco State University as a Radio & Television Broadcast major, can't wait & there's tons more left to do this year. I'm looking forward to Fall's shows & albums.

Have a great rest of your summer, & I'll do the same.
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First Quarter of 2007 (shows & Reviews)
05/05/07 at 08:16 AM by S9Dallasoz
I'll start with the concerts I've seen so far in 2007 'cause It's not all that extensive of a list:

Taste of Chaos Tour in San Francisco, CA
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium w/
The Used
30 Seconds to Mars
Senses Fail
& Local band winner My Former Self

The "Taste of Emo" tour made its 2nd stop of the tour in SF this year. No question what the demographic of the audience was with the vast majority of it being kids (many in black or with a good deal of white make-up) between anywhere from age, I'd say 10, judging by some of the little kids I saw in the "pit" if that's what you wanna call it for Aiden's set, and 21. There were some older rockers there too, more power to 'em.
Got to see a nice 15-20 minute opening set from one of my favorite local bands My Former Self who could be compared to All Time Low, FM Static, and just inoffensive, casual pop/punk in general. "Have You No Shame" is a solid track worth checking out.

Evaline is a band I liked before their performance and regardless of lead singer R.J.'s constant spaztic movements on stage they still managed to be an alright opening act, Cello and all.
Aiden followed quickly causing the first real shoving of the night on the crowd (one which constantly swayed) and attemped their o so hardcore wall mosh which singer Will expected to be "Epic". I've never been much of a fan of Aiden's music, but they managed to act as an appropriate opener getting the crowd riled up for Chiodos set which in all honesty I could care less for. The girls screaming & fanning themselves over singer Craig owens got old quick too.
Still early, hardly even 7:00 a band I had come to see took the stage, Saosin, still addicted to their debut, they put on a fine show. This show didn't get any ballads, but "It's Far better To learn" & "Voices" held me over till their extended set in Sacramento which I'll get to.
Went to the bathroom for Senses Fail, got back to hear Lead singer Buddy preaching his advocation of Gay marriage. In SF you can do that and I say good for you. He then stated that he shaved his head to be like Brittney Spears.
One of my favorites took the stage after, despite the set change of 30 minutes, a good 20 minutes longer than any previous band Jared leto & crew took the stage and played a collection of songs off "A Beautiful Lie", I preferred their intimate show in the 100+ degree heat of my hometown Phoenix Theater last summer really. Good show this time too.
Last was The Used. They busted out some new songs, most notably were "Handsome Awkward" & one I will love on the record called "Hospital". Good show.

Taste Of Chaos in Sacaramento, California
2-23-07, Arco Arena

30 Seconds to Mars did not play due to Jared Leto being ill...O well.
My friend hooked me & 3 of my friends up with wristbands which let us watch the show from the Rockstar lounge, an elevated stage in the middle of the floor.
The beginning of the show was much of the same with some set list changes and extended sets from each opener. Saosin got to play nearly their entire debut album and some old ones which rocked.
As for Senses Fail's set, my friends and I got to stand on the side of the stage for that. They busted out "The Priest & the Matador" to end their set which rocked.
The Used used their extended set to play more new songs including the funky "Paralyze". Better show even with 30STM gone.

Last show I saw:
Sick Puppies
w/ The Actual
4-8-07, Slim's, SF, CA
Low turn out for this show allowed me & a few friends to stand right in front of the stage where there is no barrier for an alright set from pop/rockers The Actual who just signed to Scott Weiland's label and will open for Velvet Revolver on their upcoming tour. They remind me of The Pink Spiders except more accessible to the mainstream crowd, alright set.
Sick Puppies took the stage and rocked the place playing everything off their new album "Dressed Up as Life" and a few oldies including a cover of "Say My Name" mixed with "Brainstew". An encore of my favorite track "Deliverrance" was nice too. That chick bassist can shred.

Now, let's get to the albums that have come out in 2007 so far:

#1 album of the first quarter of 2007:
From Them, Through Us, To You
So Madina Lake is a new discovery for most this year. I've been a fan since hearing their demos back in 2005. Unfortunately, these guys with their sudden success have become a widely hated band which comes with the territory of being newly loved by many. This record is not flawless thanks to it's boring ballads, "River People" & "Morning Sadness", but other than that this is emo/pop/rock at its finest. "Now or Never", "Here I Stand", & "Stars" are just fucking great.
For Fans of: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, My Chemical Romance, Anberlin

Speaking of Anberlin, one of my favorite bands, they release the critically acclaimed follow-up to one of my favorite albums ever, "Never Take Friendship Personal", "Cities".
Now a lot of new fans seem to think this is their breakthrough. It's not. It's just simply not. NTFP is a more energetic and more entertaining record with no skippable tracks, "Cities" on the other hand, a great album, but with some not so noteworthy tracks and I find myself forgetting to listen to it. I over-hyped it, but it still rocks.

After my Top 2 there could be plenty of shuffling between these other top albums of '07 so far:
Black Lab made splashes this Spring with a great new album, "Passion Leaves a Trace" which included the official song of the bumrushthecharts campaign, "Mine Again" also a stand-out on the album. If you are a fan of Snow Patrol, Our Lady Peace, Mute Math or Pilot Speed than these guys are your thing.

Some fine singer/songwriter records came out so far in '07 too:
Jon McLaughlin released his excellent Debut and David Usher also released a strong record.

Lovedrug's - "Everyhting starts Where It Ends" is an original and intriguing album of dark lyrics and captivating vocals, the only singer I find similar to Lovedrug's would be Thriving Ivory's Clayton Stroupes.

Mêlée released what will be their breakthrough "Devils & Angels" with excellent production from Howard Benson this is the most fun you will have listening to piano/rock/pop reocrd in 2007, OneRepublic's may easily top it though.

Relient K released their best album yet easily.

Now for some good ones you may have missed:
Low Level Flight - "Urgency"
For Fans of: The Anix, Hellogoodbye, & The Killers
this canadian electronic/pop/rock band features former Canadian Idol winner Ryan Maxwell on vox. check out the single "Change for Me" & track "When Will I Learn"

Staying in Canada, Power-pop/punk band
Faber Drive have their debut "Seven Second Surgery" coming out Tuesday in Canada. This is perfect music for Teen movies or TV shows and could fit in well with musioc collections of any Hedley or Fall Out Boy fan.

For people looking for new music from the no longer existing band Acceptance and an album much better than the new one from Waking Ashland the unsigned band The Less. Excellent new record from these guys called "Loud Machines" try "Let it Go" on their myspace www.myspace.com/theless

You probably missed this one from former Failure & Year of the Rabbit front man Ken Andrews who released his solo record "Secrets of the Lost satellite" this spring. This one can be enjoyed equally by 90s rock fans or today's indie crowd.

Former leadman for Midwestern rock band July For Kings
Joe Hedges released his solo debut, “Curvature” in April. This experimental record is a big departure from the July For Kings stuff and probably more acceptable among today’s elitist with it’s atmospheric feel and solid alternative sound. Nine Inch Nails fans to Goo Goo Dolls fans could find something to love on this record. Check out “Wake Up” “White Bird” & “Mitral valve Prolapse” on his myspace.

Tyler Read's debut "Only Rock & Roll Canb Save Us Now" is a great catchy rough pop/rock record which proved to be better than debuts from The Pink Spiders & Rock 'n' Soldiers.

MrNorth’s new album “Fear & Desire” aint half bad either.

There’s what you missed so far this year.
Now here’s what to look forward to:
On June 5th Stroke 9 (My favorite band) will released their 6th studio album “The Last of The International Playboys” check out the promising new tunes @

Debut album “Drive” from San Francisco’s {artist]American Radio is also high on my list. They have the hit potential of Nickelback & Daughtry

Butch Walker is looking to release the debut of his new band 1969’s record “Maya” this Fall. Check out 4 songs @

new releases from Jimmy Eat World, Motion City Soundtrack, Evans Blue, Velvet Revolver, Circa Survive, & Linkin Park also have me very curious.

So that was January-April. We still have a long way to go in ’07. Enjoy.
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Co-Hosted Soundcheck on Live105 (SF) New Music for '07 Special + New albums.
01/26/07 at 06:22 PM by S9Dallasoz
Last Sunday Night (1/14) was HUGE for me. I co-hosted Live 105's Soundcheck "Crystal ball" new bands New music special for 2007 w/ Music Director aaron Axelsen & Miles The Intern. Live 105 is San Francisco's alternative rock station.
How'd I get to do that?
I've known Aaron since I was 12 and went into the radio station twice in 2006 where I saw him when I was a part of the Soundcheck new music meeting, also had my own hour long radio show called "Listener Livespace". I e-mailed him some requests 2 weeks ago and he e-mailed me back with an invitation to co-host.
He let me play 2 songs. Army of Me - "Going Through Changes" & the last song of the night, the finalist - "Here With me". I'll show the rest of the playlist of the 3 hour show later in the journal. I got to argue with Miles about the Australian band Sick Puppies who I love after we played "All the Same". & Commented on who I thought would have a big year in 2007, OneRepublic & Madina Lake were my suggestions.

Albums I received this week:
Army of Me - "Citizen" (Out April 10)
Awesome modern alternative rock record, these guys would be best for fans of Blue October currently touring with them, Guster, & Our Lady Peace. This album was much better than i expected based on what they offered with previous EPs, the best song from those were "Going Through Changes" & 'Perfect" which fit well on the new record. I'd give it a 7/10.

Madina Lake - "From Them, Through us, To You" (out march 27)
God this is an awesome emo/rock record.Fresh off touring with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and currently touring the Uk w/ Gym Class Heroes These guys can be compared to RJA, Lorene Drive, & Anberlin. Great debut release, i'd been waiting on it for 2 years since I first heard the demo for "Here I Stand". Great record. Buyin this for sure

Black Lab - "Passion Leaves a Trace"
What a great alternative/pop/rock record. Lead singer Paul Durham can never write a bad song. Not quite as good as 2005's "See the Sun" but tracks like "Mine Again" & "Ghost in your Mind" are stellar. for fans of: Coldplay, Augustana, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Snow Patrol, Pilot Speed & Mute Math

Relient K's new one "Five Score & Seven years Ago" is also real impressive, edgier on tracks like "I need You" which is more reminiscent of a song by any Tooth & Nail artist than past relient K. "Forgiven" is a smash. Solid album.

Pete Yorn's "Nightcrawler" was a good listen this week too.

Here's the full playlist from my Co-hosting gig on San Francisco's Live 105's weekly Sunday night new music show Soundcheck:

Playlist for Sunday, January 14th

Artist Track
The Shins - “Sea Legs”
War Tapes - “Supposed Human”
Good Charlotte - “The River”
Cuban Cigar Crisis [local] - “Love Between the Sheets”
Amy Winehouse - “You Know I’m No Good”
Test Your Reflex - “Do We Belong”
Army of Me - “Going Through Changes”
Don Juan Dracula - “Take Me Home”
Youth Group - “Sorry”
Built for the Sea - “Awake”

Artist Track
Kaiser Chiefs - “Ruby”
The Arcade Fire - “Black Mirror”
Relient K - “Must Have Done Something Right”
The Cinematics - “Break”
Audrye Sessions [local] - “Relentless”
LCD Soundsystem - “North American Slum”
Taking Back Sunday “Liar"
The Fratellis - “Flathead”
Maldroid [local] - “He Said, She Said”
Over It - “Siren On The 101”
Peter Bjorn & John “Young Folks”

Artist Track
The Hourly Radio - “Closer”
Sick Puppies - “All The Same”
Switches - “Drama Queen”
The Arcade Fire - “Intervention”
The View - “Wasted Little DJs”
Mickey Avalon - “Jane Fonda”
The Slip - “If One Of Us Should Fall”
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - “Satan Said Dance"
Bloc Party - “The Prayer”
The Hundred Days [local] - “Walk”
the finalist - “Here With Me”
My Pick^

It was awesome to sit in and Co-host that show and by next year I hope to be doing that regularly.
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