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Less Talk, More Rock
The Biggest Sausage Party Ever
12/30/10 at 11:58 PM by AP_Punk
let's look around.
if we haven't let's start today.
let's pay attention to the oppression
in the things we say.
and the oppression in the things we think.
and the inhuman robots they taught us to be.

hard to find that kinda stuff in poppunk nowadays, like latterman was known for. sigh.
Tags: turn up the punk, we'll be singing
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ATTN Future:
12/25/10 at 12:00 AM by AP_Punk
Don't let the Alternative Press 2010 Artist of the Year award to Nevershoutnever give you the impression that this year was THAT awful for music. It was actually pretty damn awesome. Unfortunately some misguided people & media outlets just prefer to give the highest praise & attention to the lowest common denominator. And we all have to suffer through it.
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12/17/10 at 06:09 PM by AP_Punk

I love you, Fugazi.
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12/15/10 at 07:26 PM by AP_Punk
"We are not in the least bit afraid of ruins. We are going to inherit the earth. The bourgeoisie may blast and ruin their world before they leave the stage of history. Bit we carry a new world here in our hearts."

- Buenaventura Durruti
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Mailorder is Fun! orsomethinglikethat
12/13/10 at 11:27 PM by AP_Punk
Today in the mail I got what will be probably the last package from No Idea for this year - time flies!

One of the things it contained was a CD by The Usuals (poppunk/ska with female vox!) and it sounds ultra-sweet, but I think the most neat thing about it was the little mini mailorder catalog that was inside the jewel case that dates back to, like, 1998!

Hot Water Music's Alachua 7" for 2 bucks!? HWM/Tomorrow split 11" for 6 bucks!? split w/ Clairmel on 8.5" vinyl for 4 dollars!? a double LP label comp for 3 bucks!? And the list goes on and on. God, if only I had a time machine...

It's amazing looking back at things like that, before the scene became super reliant on the 'net, when mailordering actually involved mailordering - ya' know, flipping through a label's catalog, filling out an order form of what you want, calculating the shipping costs manually, writing out a check/money order/writing in card info, mailing all that off and waiting by the mailbox for the label to receive the payment, process it, then send off what you paid for. And it wasn't even that long ago that this was the common thing!

For the most part, that was all before my time. But I remember flipping through the catalogs labels would include in their releases (Kung Fu Records, Asian Man, No Idea, etc), curious to try it out for myself, filling out the order form, but never getting around to mailing it off and ending up spending the money elsewhere. Haha. The closest I came to mailordering was taking my meager highschool-kid-in-minumum-wage-job paycheck, placing an order online, printing out the invoice, getting a money order (or sometimes - though very rarely - sending well-concealed cash!) and mailing all that off. Then anxiously wait by the mailbox.

Nowadays I do it all online, shamelessly. But seeing those old label catalogs stuffed into albums and records reminds me of something I never really got to experience. Yeah, I'm sure it was a pain-in-the-ass long wait, especially compared to now, but there was a nicer intimacy involved there, I guess. Something that's kinda missing in this digital, iwantthatshitasfastaspossiblenow day and age.

So I guess the point of this whole rambling is ... I wish I could find those Hot Water Music records for around 2 to 6 bucks still. Bullocks.
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the time i was almost a dad
12/07/10 at 10:50 PM by AP_Punk
i've aborted your kid
she told me

i meant to tell you before

though i slept with this kid called
joel while you were away

so perhaps it was his

but joel has herpes
so you'll still get
something out of this

- wes eisold
Tags: deathbeds
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2010 EOTY List
12/01/10 at 11:11 PM by AP_Punk
Top 60 Albums:
1) The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang
2) Eli Paperboy Reed - Come & Get It
3) Leatherface - The Stormy Petrel
4) Superchunk - Majesty Shredding
5) Jesse Malin & the St. Marks Social - Love it to Life
6) Sundowner - We Chase the Waves
7) Sara Bareilles - Kaleidoscope Heart
8) Fake Problems - Real Ghosts Caught on Tape
9) Dessa - A Badly Broken Code
10) None More Black - Icons
11) Chumbawamba - ABCDEFG
12) The Dead Weather - Sea of Cowards
13) Jimmy Eat World - Invented
14) Alkaline Trio - This Addiction
15) Bad Religion - The Dissent of Man
16) End Of A Year - You Are Beneath Me
17) The Hold Steady - Heaven is Whenever
18) The Measure [SA] - Notes
19) Off With Their Heads - In Desolation
20) Titus Andronicus - The Monitor
21) Crime In Stereo - I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone
22) Two Cow Garage - Sweet Saint Me
23) Stars - The Five Ghosts
24) Defiance Ohio - Midwestern Minutes
25) Someone Still Loves You Boris Yelstin - Let It Sway
26) Ryan Bingham - Junky Star
27) John Legend & The Roots - Wake Up
28) America Aquarium - Small Town Hymns
30) Iron Chic - Not Like This
31) The Riot Before - Rebellion
32) The Menzingers - Chamberlain Waits
33) River City Extension - ...And the Unmistakable Man
34) Tim Barry - 28th & Stonewall
35) Matt & Kim - Sidewalks
36) Look Mexico - To Bed To Battle
37) The Roots - How I Got Over
38) Brendan Kelly/Joe McMahon - Wasted Potential
39) Candy Hearts - Ripped Up Jeans & Silly Dreams
40) The Saint Catherines - Fire Works
41) Smoke or Fire - The Speakeasy
42) Young Livers - Of Misery & Toil
43) Against Me! - White Crosses
44) Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Mojo
45) Jeff Rowe - Barstool Conversations
46) hellogoodbye - Would It Kill You
47) Greg MacPherson - Mr. Invitation
48) She & Him - Volume 2
49) The Graduate - Only Every Time
50) Chase McBride - The Good Fight
51) Dr. Dog - Shame, Shame
52) Mixtapes - Maps
53) Paul Baribeau - Unbearable
54) Audra Mae - The Happiest Lamb
55) Dum Dum Girls - I Will Be
56) Far - At Night We Live
57) Motion City Soundtrack - My Dinosaur Life
58) Whiskey & Co. - Rust Colors
59) Jenny & Johnny - I'm Having Fun Now
60) Josh Ritter - So Runs the World Away

Honorable Mentions:
Azure Ray - Drowning Down the Moon
Tim Kasher - The Game of Monogamy
Justin Townes Earle - Harlem River Blues
Ryan Adams - Orion
The Goo Goo Dolls - Something for the Rest of Us
Lazerbeak - Legend Recognize Legend
Gamits - Parts
Black Wine - Black Wine
Tony Sly - 12 Song Program
Taylor Swift - Speak Now
The Pretty Reckless - Light Me Up

Umm ... It Was Ok:
Automatic Loveletter - Truth or Dare

EPs/short stuff:
P.S. Eliot - Living in Squalor
John K. Samson - City Route 85
Bridge & Tunnel - Indoor Voices
The Gaslight Anthem - She Loves You/Tumblin' Dice
Chamberlain - Raise It High
Bomb the Music Industry! - Adults!!!
Hot Water Music - Live in Chicago
Banquets - Nothing Is Fucked Here/This Is Our Concern, Dude
Tallest Man on Earth - Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird

Re-releases/something else:
Bruce Springsteen - Darkness on the Edge of Town/The Promise Boxset
The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street
Bob Dylan - Witmark Demos
Laura Stevenson & the Cans - A Record
Banner Pilot - Resignation Day
Screeching Weasel - Television City Dream
Micah Schnabel - When the Stage Lights Go Dim
The Bouncing Souls - Ghosts on the Boardwalk

Bands to keep an eye on in 2011:
Laura Stevenson & the Cans
P.S. Eliot
Red City Radio
Candy Hearts
River City Extension
Des Ark

That's it. Lotssss of stuff on there and I'm pretty sure there's still a bit left off - ohwell. That's what happens with a year full of solid releases. Woop woop. Hope next year is good like that again. And not just music-wise, but everywhere-else-wise too. Fingers crossed!
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A Thanksgiving Prayer
11/23/10 at 09:00 PM by AP_Punk
William S. Burroughs said it best:

Tags: happy thanksgiving
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Free Music for Free!
11/17/10 at 11:07 PM by AP_Punk
I've built up quite a stack of little pieces of paper with download codes on 'em from records I've purchased throughout the year and instead of just letting 'em collect more and more dust, I decided to give 'em away to whoever wants free music. Free GOOD music! So knock yourself out - first come, first serve. And maybe let me and others know what codes you've used up already in the comments section.

Leatherface - The Stormy Petrel (RIYL: getting your ears' ass kicked by gritty yummy punk)
see: www.noidearecords.com/download
enter: k1121qbqaa

The Measure [SA] - Notes (RIYL: pop punk with male/female back & forth vocals-ish stuff)
see: www.noidearecords.com/download
enter: z58a6orihd

Paul Baribeau - Unbearable (good cute acoustic tunes)
see: www.noidearecords.com/download
enter: k3e8g9k93v

Sundowner - We Chase the Waves (more rad sweet acoustic stuff)
see: http://asianmanrecords.com/downloads/sundowner
enter: SUN-9F2R-82EL-2XXW

Lucero - Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers (solid "alt-country" album/band; too underrated)
see: http://www.downloadmyvinyl.com
enter: xq8rq26ubz

Micah Schnabel - When the Stage Lights Go Dim (more good melodic acoustic solo tunes!)
see: www.suburbanhomerecords.com/download
enter: mssm1mELCX0W2A

Fucked Up - The Chemistry of Common Life ()
see: http://www.matadorrecords/com/mp3promotion.php
albums UPC code: 744861080718
and enter: FUCKEDY1YKT95T

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - Global A-Go-Go (no explanation needed)
see: http://digitaldownload.hell-cat.com

Bob Mould - Life and Times (ditto)
see: htto://digitaldownload.anti.com
enter: BMLAT6K48P409

most of these should still be working. hope you enjoy and drool over all this as much as i do.

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11/04/10 at 10:27 AM by AP_Punk

point and click

Tags: comix
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Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
10/09/10 at 08:53 PM by AP_Punk
Does it bug anyone else when the "oooo"'s and "ahhhh"'s (or "whoa"s) are included in song lyrics? Always looks silly to me when I come across that. A little unnecessary. Especially when next to some really nice lyrics.


/puts headphones back on
Tags: whoa on the whoa's in text
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Hipster Dinosaurs
09/02/10 at 09:22 AM by AP_Punk

Tags: rawr
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Halloween Costume Idea:
09/01/10 at 07:49 AM by AP_Punk
GG Allin

Because - yes, I look gorgeous naked, covered in blood and feces.

Tags: eat my diarrhea
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Living in Squalor
08/23/10 at 09:50 PM by AP_Punk
Go listen to P.S. Eliot asap if you're not already - one of the best poppunk bands around; way too underappreciated/underrated!

Their most recent release is an EP titled Living in Squalor, which you can download for free here. And if you like records, you can grab a physical copy of it here. I also recommend picking up their LP, Introverted Romance. Solid stuff!

One of the highlights about the band is singer Katie Crutchfield's lyrics - she's also a pretty damn great singer too bytheway! From "Broken Record" to "A Bear Named Otis", Living in Squalor is a tasty music sandwich full of catchy melodic hooks carried by tight musicianship and pretty lyrics carried by awesome singing.

They have a new album coming out later this year on Salinas Records - get stoked for it.

RIYL: Discount, Lemuria, The Ergs!, Full of Fancy - you get the picture
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"I just don't like women's voices in music!"
08/14/10 at 11:18 AM by AP_Punk
My personal favorite is ďI just donít like womenís voices.Ē Have you ever heard, in the history of time, anyone declare that they just donít like menís voices? No? Thatís because there are so many different kinds of menís voices, guys! Duh! Guys screaming, and guys shouting, tenors and baritones and bass, guys yodeling, guys crooning, guys singing slightly-out-of-tune, guys rapping, guys singing in that weird Pearl Jam voice and I know you know what Iím talking about. But women? Womenís voices. I donít like them. They are high and whiny. I put them in the box of things I automatically donít like.

see: "'With Sweet Female Vocals'"
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