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CharlieKilo's Journal
More epic quotes
08/02/08 at 05:40 AM by CellarGhosts
more favorites:

...who brings their computer to a bar? fuck it, go phils.

Trickled down economics is a sham.

Sorry, my smiley face sign has been ranting about politics all day.

Spencer: Maybe just one more time
Spencer: I gotta pull myself together MAAAANG
Fat guy: bee boop *drum sample*

this thread is betee than the rraig owens wone will evre be

ist dark and i cant see the keyboard so leva me and my typos aloen.

edit: ill edit this ro make it more choernet in the mornign

Kilo has to be up early to harvest the grain in Shelbyville
I hear they're getting a stop light next month!

Vin Diesal once made a go kart that ran on the hopes and dreams of orphans. It goes fast.

Yeah, Chris is our local crack addict here on the boards.

what point?
no good english.
language second?

Opinions are fine. Disgruntled, lap top toting, whiney former Against Me! fans are not. As for as annoying fans, they are right up there with Juggalos.

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Best of 2008 (so far)
07/17/08 at 08:32 AM by CellarGhosts
And I thought 2007 wasn't gonna be topped.

Tags: best of, 2008
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Recommendation: June 12, 2008
06/12/08 at 04:21 AM by CellarGhosts

All In - Nothington
Record Label: BYO Records

Imagine what would happen if Off With Their Heads, Social Distortion, the Gaslight Anthem, and Dillinger Four had a gigantic jam session, with Tom Waits fronting the mayhem with his trademark howl. The result would probably sound alot like this album, an often overlooked gem released last year. So if you're a fan of any of those artists, and are looking for a great punk/rock album, All In could be just what you're looking for.
Tags: Nothington, recommendation, Tom Waits, Dillinger Four, Social Distortion, punk
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Recommendation: June 11, 2008
06/11/08 at 07:03 AM by CellarGhosts

This Is Satire - None More Black
Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords

Recommended for fans of The Lawrence Arms, Against Me!, and Kid Dynamite. Granted if you enjoy these bands, you probably already know about None More Black. Regardless, if you have not heard this band, give them a listen. This album is easily the best work they ever produced, in turn making it the best place to start. In addition they have an EP (Loud About Loathing ), another LP (File Under Black), and a rare demo tape from 2001 (simply titled Demo Tape).

This album, while widely praised amongst the punk community, is still a criminally underrated and oft-overlooked gem. So do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy of This Is Satire. Thank me later.
Tags: None, More, Black, This, Is, Satire, recommendation, Fat, Wreck, Chords.
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epic quotes
04/13/08 at 12:30 PM by CellarGhosts
some favorites of mine...
Chris (CharlieKilo) is my favorite person on here just because he's so damn funny.

You know Chris, if only I had as many willing vaginas as you have new avatars. I would be the Wilt Chamberlin of Absolutepunk.
Opinions are fine. Disgruntled, lap top toting, whiney former Against Me! fans are not. As for as annoying fans, they are right up there with Juggalos.

Oh Slade. How he hates everything that isn't The Everglow.

I won't beat Chris [to 10k] because he doesn't leave this site, hahaha. Just turtles his way to victory.

hey...it's just me and Chris and all these awesome young girls now. we pimpin' haha

can you imagine if you pissed a monster? ouch.

You have great taste in music by the way.
Chris is dying to finally be able to legally pee on the chat thread.

haha asshat is so nonsensical you're calling them a hat that goes on an ass, thats like saying "stfu you penis shoe"
CharlieKilo3: hahahaha "Penis shoe"
TheOtherAndrew99: i'm using that
CharlieKilo3: haha i think i might say that to one of my friends the next time they use the word asshat
TheOtherAndrew99: haha word
CharlieKilo3: haha microsoft word
TheOtherAndrew99: vagina hat is actually catchier
CharlieKilo3: hahaha
CharlieKilo3: hahahaha
TheOtherAndrew99: i think i'm going to use vagina hat CharlieKilo3: vagina scarf
TheOtherAndrew99: hahaha
CharlieKilo3: ballsack comb
TheOtherAndrew99: hahahahahaha
CharlieKilo3: haha, we're on a roll here!
CharlieKilo3: scrotum helmet
TheOtherAndrew99: clitoral sock
Chris and I are going to start a business for Vagina Scarves.
Tags: blarg
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Dropkick Murphys/Big D & the Kids Table/Everybody Out - Indianapolis, IN, 3/
03/26/08 at 06:56 PM by CellarGhosts
I'm not gonna lie - this was hands down the best fucking thing I've ever been to. I've been a longtime DKM fan, but somehow never got around to seeing them live (hey, cut me a break, I do live in Indiana. all we ever get is Kenny Chesney or Hannah Montana.) I also had never seen either of the opening bands live before, although I did catch the very tail end of a song Big D were playing at Warped. but I suppose that doesn't really count. Everybody Out! I had never even heard of before, but I must say, I was pretty impressed.

The show began with Everybody Out!, who will fit your tastes quite nicely if you are into Oi!/'77-Style Punk, with a touch of ska. Hailing from UK, their frontman, Chris "Sweeney" Todd is a natural on stage, with a demeanor that is as down-to-earth as it is funny. The band also features ex-Dropkick Murphy/co-founder Rick Barton on guitar, which is an interesting touch. They had the crowd (trying their best) to sing along to their songs, though, for most of us, it was the first time we'd ever heard them! Which is a good sign, if I may say so myself.

Next, Big D & the Kid's Table took the stage, with frontman David McWane strutting, sliding, and dancing around the stage in step to the band's snakey ska beats. It's been said that they're sometimes uncomfortable in larger venues, but they appeared to be anything but while on stage. Needless to say, the majority of us in the crowd were tapping our toes and shaking our hips half the time, the other half was spent jumping to rockier tunes like "New England" or just standing and catching our breaths during the slower number "Strictly Rude."

Finally, it was time for DKM. before they took the stage, the house lights went out, darkening the entire room and heightening the anticipation as their set-introductory music, "the Foggy Dew" (as performed by the Chieftains feat. Sinead O'Connor) spilled through the PA. As the song began fading to an end, the crowd (myself included) broke into it's chant of "let's go Murphys!" followed by the rhythmic handclaps. "the Foggy Dew" ended, the handclaps dispersed, as the instantly recognizable school bell/children SFX that opens the Meanest Of Times erupted, followed by the band rushing out on stage, slamming into "Famous For Nothing", inducing a sea of pumping fists, shouted lyrics and reckless pogo-ing. Their set continued much this way, with the slower numbers thrown in, until the end. When the night was done, there were crushed beer cans and cups littering the floor, patches of alcohol staining the place, and a feeling of absolute euphoria in the air as so many exhilarated DKM fans filed out, soaked in sweat, beer, and perhaps even a bit of blood. And none of us would've had it any other way.

Now, I can't remember exactly all the songs Big D or EO! played, so I'll just list the ones I remember the titles of and/or recognized. also, these aren't in order, although on all three set lists here, the first song I list is in fact the first song each band played. Also, the first and last songs listed for DKM were the first and last songs they played (not counting the encore, which is actually listed in order the songs were played.)

Everybody Out!
A Battle Song
Cold Morning

Big D & the Kid's Table
Steady Riot
Shining On
Hell On Earth
New England
Try Out Your Voice
Strictly Rude
Raw Revolution

Dropkick Murphys
Famous For Nothing
Heroes From Our Past
Boys On The Docks
The Black Velvet Band
Captain Kelly's Kitchen
Which Side Are You On?
Echoes On "A." Street
The Fields Of Athenry
Worker's Song
The Dirty Glass
Curse Of A Fallen Soul
Amazing Grace
God Willing
Vices And Virtues
Upstarts And Broken Hearts
Tomorrow's Industry
(F)lannigan's Ball
Fairmount Hill
Caught In A Jar
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya
The State Of Massachusetts
Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced

I'm Shipping Up To Boston
Barroom Hero
Skinhead On The MTBA
Citizen CIA


Well, there you have it. definitely well worth it. my only complaint is that I could've done with a bit less newer material, as I was really hoping they'd play Sunshine Highway, the Gauntlet, and the Auld Triangle. But I suppose with The Meanest Of Times being really recent, it stands to reason they'd be playing a good amount of new material. So I really can't complain too much.

Oh, and when they let the guys in the audience on stage during "Skinhead On The MTBA/Citizen CIA", (since they let the girls in the crowd on during Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced), as soon as I and the 3 or 4 guys in front of me got to the stage, the security guard decided the stage was too full and blocked us off. lame move. oh well, it was still a stellar show and I definitely recommend catching any of these bands live if you have not.

I gotta say, if anyone here attends their Boston shows and does not come home drenched in sweat and beer, voice worn from so much shouting/singing along, all joints aching due to a ton of pogo-ing/fist-pumping, feeling more alive than ever, then I'm sorry, but you just did not do it right.

edit: just found these on YouTube, taken by somone else. I was definitely further up, thankfully haha. quality isnt too great, and not the whole songs, but still neat.

Tags: dropkick murphys, concerts, indianapolis, irish, Big D, everybody out!
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Flogging Molly; free in-store session yesterday...
02/11/08 at 07:38 AM by CellarGhosts
Show was at Indy CD & Vinyl in Broad Ripple/Indianapolis; started around 2:40 or so. they were just as great as they were back during the Warped Tour, despite having to play through the stores' mediocre sound system. Due to it being a free, in-store show, they only played a few songs but it was great nevertheless. In order, they played:

1. No Paddy's Lament No More
2. Float
3. Requiem For a Dying Song
4. the Lightning Storm
5. Seven Deadly Sins (encore)

The place was packed, but the energy and passion was great. as usual, they never missed a beat. Next up was the signing. I waited in line with my friend until I got up to their table. This is the part where we both turned into gushing little fanboys, haha. But really, they were very personable, friendly, and out of the event I got to shake hands with a few of them, got my copy of Swagger autographed, and my picture taken with Nathen and Dennis. Needless to say it was rad.

before leaving I bought Jawbreaker's Dear You, Propagandhi's Less Talk More Rock, and Flogging Molly's DVD/CD Whiskey On A Sunday. Good times, my friends, good fucking times.
Tags: flogging molly, concert, in-store, float, Indy, cd, vinyl
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douchebag disorder
02/08/08 at 05:56 AM by CellarGhosts
is characterized by having pubic-salad hair, cartoon character teeth ala Bugs Bunny, showing off your "swt bass skillz" when no one really cares, stealing people's hats, messing with your friends' woman, and being named Darren. also, it helps if you like to sing bad Chris Cornell songs out of key to try and impress the group of cheerleaders who really don't give a fuck about you.

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blog is a funny word.
12/19/07 at 06:23 AM by CellarGhosts
It's hard for me to believe, but it's only a few more days until Christmas now. also, it's hard to belive that come next month, I will have been an AP user for a whole year. fucking yikes.

but yeah, blog is a funny word, and I never write anything important or relevant in these things.
so here's more assorted bullshit, just for consistency's sake:


[marquee]:mini cluk:[/marquee]
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random amounts of bullshit
12/18/07 at 11:03 AM by CellarGhosts
this looks dangerous.

I think I saw this guy standing outside of Circle Centre Mall in Indianapolis.
he was hanging out with this dude:

I want to adopt this pig.

^ 85% of the kids at my school.

cause christmas is almost here. yeah, Im excited.
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How to win an argument
12/17/07 at 08:51 AM by CellarGhosts
person #1: I'm right
person #2: no you're not
person #1: pretty sure I am. d00d
person #2: pretty sure you're an idiot
person #1: wtf!!1?
person #2: *paniful pimp-slap*
person #1: fuuuck


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i like AP's smileys
12/11/07 at 05:32 AM by CellarGhosts
I also like the marquee function.




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two things....
09/23/07 at 07:17 PM by CellarGhosts
Family Guy is fucking hilarious again!

and my friend and I have an acoustic project.
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I would like to thank Jason Tate as well...
09/18/07 at 06:55 AM by CellarGhosts
at the risk of sounding like a kiss-ass haha, I'm gonna thank Jason for such a great site. after browsing around a few of my friends journals, I noticed Andrew's entry, which was of the same nature as this one, and noticed he made a very good point.

AP is more than a place where I can go to kill time and remedy boredom haha. Ive made some really cool friends on here, as well as improved my writing technique/abilities via the lyrics forum. not to mention the great bands Ive discovered due to this site.

so thanks man. keep up the good work.
Tags: absolutepunk
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Irish festival; Indianapolis
09/17/07 at 05:55 AM by CellarGhosts
Yesterday I went to the annual Irish festival in Indianapolis, for the first time in my life. I had great fun there, enjoying the food, smells, atmosphere, and of course, the music. The highlight of all the acts, to me, was a group from Ontario, Canada, called the Glengarry Bhoys. They began playing onstage, when suddenly they began to encounter difficulties with the mics/PA system.

After about 10 minutes of them and the crew trying to fix it, they basically said "hell with it", and played an acoustic set in the middle of the crowd. The guitarist, piper, singer/guitarist, percussionist, and fiddle player (who just happened to be a really gorgeous red headed girl) sat in a semi-circle in the folding chaird around the end of one of the tables, joined by the piper from the band that had played before them. Needless to say it was great, not only were the songs really good, but hearing them in that stripped down manner, while I sat listening, clapping, tapping, and singing along, just about 5 feet away gave it a very personal and authentic feel. Hells yeah.

The other bands that day were all good, no doubt though. and for lunch I had an Irish smoked steakburger. it was pwnage hxc. of course, I also spent a good deal of money on music. I bought a Pogues CD, as well as a Gaelic Storm CD. and after watching the Glengarry Bhoys, I purchased a CD of theirs. Cool thing about it was that I was about $5 short, but the girl at the merch tent said she'd take care of the rest for me, and let me have the CD for $9. pretty sweet deal.

All in all, it was a great day, and really fun.
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