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Daigle lol's Blog
Minor bun engine made Benny Lava
02/24/10 at 09:07 AM by Daigle lol

That'll be all. xD
Tags: indian, bollywood, benny, lava, bun, minor, engine, funny
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Butch Walker and John Vanderslice
02/17/10 at 04:59 PM by Daigle lol
These two guys are some talented individuals. How in the living hell did I not hear about these guys earlier? Being in Farmington and spending all my time writing essays and sitting through excruciating French lectures with teachers who sound and look a bit like Arnold Schwarzanegger just about leaves me no time to listen to music anymore it seems. Maybe I'm just lazy. Either way, I've been soaking in as much John Vanderslice and Butch Walker as possible, especially Butch Walker's new CD.. SO good. I would write a review about it, but Chris Fallon already did, and I'm not sure if there's much more I could elaborate on. Damn it all! That always happens: I find a CD, and then the staff writes epic reviews that I certainly can't improve upon or give insight that differs at all. Oh well, I suppose writing a review that's already been covered is better than not writing one at all.

I've been trying to figure out lately whether or not I want to keep being a Creative Writing major or switch it to something that'll actually lead to a concrete job offer. I've always wanted to be a writer, but that's a step down from a young child saying he wants to be President of the United States.. There sure is a hell of a lot of people who will want to do it, but there's only going to be a fraction of people who will even come close. Part of me brushes it off as a pipe dream.. being an author would be amazing, but it'll never happen. The other half tells my pessimistic side to stop being an asshole.

Either way, writing is life. I need to be writing something or reading something that was written or write about reading something, or read a book about writing. My parents are machinists, my brother's going to be a machinist, and I'm going to be.. a writer?

Anybody have any good bands I should listen to while I'm on vacation? I have the same old shit and it's making me go crazy FUUUUUUUUUUU-
Tags: john vanderslice, butch walker, writer, Arnold, writer, chris, fallon, vacation
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Top Five Most Anticipated TV Shows for 2009
08/05/09 at 07:05 AM by Daigle lol
In the midst of writing reviews for new Modest Mouse, Living With Lions and Big D and the Kid's Table, I want to try to get away from music for just a second and focus on something I like just as much: TV. I blow way too much of my money on new TV shows on DVD (I just bought Flight of the Conchords Season 2 when my money clearly should've gone towards books for college). However, I can't stop.. So therefore, here's a list of the five shows I'm anticipating the most, the ones I'll be sitting in front of my TV and ignoring my essays for:

5. Fringe
- While the first season sort of ended on a lackluster moment (who didn't see the season ending with the unveiling of William Bell?), it also brought about a number of other questions: Is Peter Bishop really from a parallel universe? How will Olivia get out of the parallel universe she's trapped in? Who's the next villain going to be in the show?) All I know is that I'm excited to see what will happen next. Fringe quickly traveled up my priority list when it first came out and with Lost ending soon, I'll be looking forward to seeing what JJ Abrams does next. And speaking of Lost...

4. Lost
- Has a show revolutionized storytelling as much as this one? They've done it all: flashbacks, flashforwards, jumps in time, breaks in the space-time continuum a la Back to the Future. Each character has been fleshed out completely so that as it moves towards his final season, we know these people almost as if they were close friends. Plus, Lost has gotten the cliffhanger down to a science, so it's no surprise that after last season's finale, I'm excited to see what the hell is exactly going to happen.

3. Modern Family - I'm not too excited for any upcoming shows, mostly because I know how fast shows can get cancelled nowadays ( I started watching My Own Worst Enemy and it was cancelled after three episodes, so I'm hesitant to start new shows.) However, Modern Family looks hilarious. Well, sounds.. I don't think there's any clips of it yet. But I'm a sucker for mockumentaries and comedies, so when you combine the two together, you get automatic win in my eyes. Modern Family sounds like a mix of Arrested Development and The Office.. two of my favorite shows. So I'm already completely biased towards it and sucked in. Definitely something worth checking out.

2. Glee - I watched the pilot when it aired this spring, and I have to say, for a show that I was expecting to be an awful mix between High School Musical and other cheesy high school movies, it was actually filled with genuine laughs. It also helps to have Jane Lynch in the show, who is hilarious in every movie she's in. The musical element is pretty strong in the show, but it looks to be used in comedic ways instead of simply being used to convey everybody's emotions like in musicals that are completely awful. Mark me down as excited.

1. Scrubs - Yes, I'm most excited for Scrubs, mostly because after months and months as this previous season being marked as the FINAL one, Bill Lawrence announced that he'd be bringing it back, with Turk and Dr. Cox leading the show this time. At first, I was disappointed, but I soon heard that J.D would be back for six episodes, as would Elliot, and that it would be in the format of a teaching school. I have to say, it's a risky move to kick the narrator of eight years out of your show but I have complete faith in this. I hope that Scrubs can continue on with the same level of quality it always has.

Honorable Mention: It's too hard to narrow everything down to five, so the following shows I'm also excited for: It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia, 24, Supernatural, House, 30 Rock, The Office and if it comes back, Flight of the Conchords (but it's highly doubtful.. can't help but wish.)
Tags: scrubs, the, office, tv, shows, television, glee, modern, family, lost, fringe
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07/26/09 at 04:34 PM by Daigle lol
Writing reviews is a lot harder than I thought. I'm a creative writing major, and I've found writing reviews about a CD to be ten times harder than writing a short story.

That being said, I'm trying to get the following CD's done for review.

-Suicide Silence - No Time To Bleed
-Daughtry - Leave This Town
-Elvis Costello - Secret, Profane and Sugarcane

Two of them are god-awful, and the other is pretty good. Hopefully these ones will be easier to write, because the Poison The Well one was not haha
Tags: poison, the, well, suicide, silence, daughtry, elvis, costello
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Writing, listening, being
07/13/09 at 07:18 PM by Daigle lol
I've read reviews and updates and news on this website for almost two years and I've wanted to write reviews of my own and get involved but never had the energy or the time. I still don't, but I'm forcing myself to.

The first thing I want to do is write a review for The Tropic Rot by Poison The Well. It boggles my mind that nobody has written a review for this, as it's a fucking amazing CD. They never cease to amaze.
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