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proof that love's not only blind but deaf
There are Things You Don't Realize Immediately
11/17/11 at 11:34 AM by stereokiller
Like the fact that The Graduate are on hiatus right now. The idea always floated in my head, but it never really did anything but hover around and think that it was a fucked up thing to happen to such a wonderful band.

But there's always a time for everything: so yup, they're gone potentially forever. I don't think I'd ever wanna live in a world like this. Their songs just bleeds and sticks so much I can't help but feel betrayed by everyone, because the world didn't choose to support a band like them. I don't hate other bands for making millions of undeserved money because, well, we all know how the business runs, but it's always heartbreaking to see struggling amazing bands catch their untimely demise. I don't know. I'm writing more horribly than usual but that's just 'cause I can't find the right words to express how I really feel. Here's to one of the few bands I really really loved.

Our heads are spinning around. We don't like it underneath the ground.
Tags: the graduate, only every time, anhedonia
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Charlie Simpson
10/22/11 at 05:24 AM by stereokiller

That is all.
Tags: charlie simpson, young pilgrim
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Bolded Username
04/06/11 at 06:42 PM by stereokiller
I log in this one day, and find out that I have a bolded name. Pretty fucking awesome. I did not realize I'd live to see this day. /brb lurking in Members Only forums.
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I Haven't Seen Scene, Kids.
08/31/10 at 09:29 AM by stereokiller
I never experienced going to a Brand New tour, or maybe even a Midtown show, and I like bands like All Time Low and all, but the feeling of "belonging" isn't just there. I've lost a place to stay, ever since The Matches went on hiatus (and devoting to a single band tends to get boring after a while), and I've been looking for tons of new bands that I could own. This is a music site. We love owning bands. And for the past few months, I could never really get into music as before, let's say spinning a The Ataris playlist, or the feeling you get when listening to Dog Problems. I have listened to tons of stuff: The Audition, Capital Lights, etc, but nothing had struck me. I spin them occasionally, and I like them, but there's that feeling that I'd still be fine without them. But now as 2010 is gradually unraveling , I'm slowly picturing the scene fall back into place as well. I see tons of new band recreating it. And I'm happy to feel something once again.

Some Bands That I Think Are Helping Recreate the Scene in their Own Unique Ways:
The Graduate - goddamn, Only Every Time is one of the most amazing records I've heard in a while
The Dangerous Summer - lyrically brutally honest, i dig.
You Me and Everyone We Know - a more sexually oriented the Format, or rather this band is the bastard offspring of Say Anything(IARB, IDOTG) and The Format
fun - thank god they are blowing up
The Swellers - nothing much to say here

I mean they aren't the most lyrically mature, or the most musically superior. I dunno. There's just something that clicks.

And please don't go grammar nazi on me. I'm pretty much asleep right now, and just wanted to get this off my chest.
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AP.net Recs
08/22/10 at 10:01 AM by stereokiller
Tons of Shit I Need to listen to rec'ed via AP.net members/reviews:

I don't care what plans you have, buy and listen to the other Thrice albums RIGHT NOW.

In this order:
1. Vheissu
2. Earth/Air
3. The Artist in the Ambulance
4. Fire/Water
5. The Illusion of Safety
6. Identity Crisis
Somery is a good starting point for the Descendents because it covers a lot of ground (it's essentially a "Best Of the Early Years") but if you dig a more polished sound, go for Everything Sucks or Cool To Be You. It's on the "poppier" side compared to the early stuff, but only because it has better production (which is a given--those albums both came out in 1996 and 2005 [I think?], respectively and the rest of the discography was all in the eighties).
It's weird. No matter how much music I've listened to, I still think I'm miles away from knowing everything about music. And that's fine by me, mostly because it's true. Few people I know is around a thousand times better-versed than me as far as music is concerned and still think they know very little about it.
A couple tracks later we're hit with “The Soup” which is, of course, prefaced with the famous Soup Nazi scene from Seinfeld. Wale's frustration with the state of hip-hop continues. Unlike other artists, he seems almost reluctant to accept fame (“What you thought was a prize is what I see as a blinder”) and tries hard to remain true to his roots (“They ask me why I never wear chains, but if you brought up how I'm brought up, then you probably feel the same”). Wale makes it clear that, although he's never sold a ton of albums, he's still making a mark on the hip-hop scene. He still feels like the sixth man at Interscope, but the recognition he has received has made a huge impact in his life. He finishes the second verse promising that he will keep rapping about what he feels is important, no matter how unacceptable it may seem to others. In terms of production, this song is fast and fun. Best Kept Secret did an amazing job mixing the sound of guitars and drums with scratches to make something that fits Wale's flow perfectly.

I don't really need to listen to everything out there. I just want to give everything a shot knowing that there are a million other people (Dangerous Summer drop!) who cares about "X" band. And I want the opportunity to support my favorite/soon-to-be-favorite bands as well.

If you're one of the awesome people who love rec'ing stuff to people who give a damn, continue being awesome then.
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I don't get why people can't get Kris Roe
09/24/09 at 08:40 AM by stereokiller
Seriously, he's one of the most personal songwriters ever. Sure, he's not revolutionizing any scene or any genre, but he's easily one of the best as far as nostalgia is concerned. I'm eighteen. One might say that it's obvious I am this personal to Roe's lyrics. Well, that's true. But the thing is, weren't we all eighteen once? A few years from now, I might not play my So Long Astoria cd(the album that got me into music in the first place) as much as I do today, but there's always that personal glue to it that'll make it one of the most important albums of my life.

The thing about him is that he's writing everything as natural and as dead on as possible, and doesn't rely too much on anything else. The Ataris runs on pure nostalgia, actually. Because Saves the Day beats them musically in every way, Blink 182 beats them in catchy hooks in every way, and Fall Out Boy beats them out vocally. Technically, The Ataris is mediocre at best, at all these aspects.

So what does the band bring in the table, if after all they're just this mediocre pop punk band?

Passion, not that any of the aforementioned bands lack it. It's just that Kris Roe has infused his whole life on his records, and it's amazing that after all that he's been through, he's still here, creating music. Because when everything has been settled, the truth about Kris Roe is that there is no difference between him and his fans other than the fact that he carries a guitar and has old records backing him up. His pop punk catalog is somewhat concept albums, in my opinion.

And if it's a concept album, what is it about then?

Hm, let's see. Summerwind Was Always Our Song, check. In This Diary, check. Song 13, check. Oh, wait. I see. It's this tiny thing we call growing up. Kris Roe has documented his life, etched it into the very songs he wrote. And he didn't pour them all out. He left the tiny details, the ones people won't appreciate. Instead, we are left with structure of growing up: first crush, kiss and breakup, crazy bastards with shotgun in hand, ak's, broken promise rings, theme songs(summerwind), the idea that being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up, Charles Bukowski, divorce, teenage romance(San Dimas), the movies we grew up with(So Long Astoria). There we go.

And I'm definitely sure The Ataris new record would be a top five contender, or maybe even AOTY.

End is forever.
Tags: the ataris end is forever astoria blue skies kris roe nostalgia san dimas summerwind
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To All Pinoy AP.net Members.
08/29/09 at 02:10 AM by stereokiller
Just post here. We are here.

We are waiting.

Tags: pinoy filipino opm
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Older Than I've Ever Been
08/14/09 at 06:37 AM by stereokiller
I'm wiser than I've ever been
I'm wiser than I've ever been
but more full of it
full of it
more full of shit than I'll ever be again
either I been lying less often
or I'm getting skilled at being wrong

The Matches is and will always be my favorite. And with album 4, the previous sentence has been cemented as fact: the band is purely genius.

As much as I want to give them credit and write a review for AP.net, I doubt my writing would do justice to the record. I'm not the best writer. I mean I can write. It clearly shows. I know the ABC's and the Subject-Verb Agreement and Pronouns and Antecedent and stuff. And with my age, people would surely judge my credibility over music(which I don't care about. I hate the rudeness of people who think their musical taste are superior beyond anything else. Sometimes I just want to stop the argument there and then and yell, STFU.). I don't have the best taste in the world, but then again, if I'm in love with this band, maybe I do.

I want to show people why The Matches is worthy of being big. I want them to be big. Because then that'll only mean the world has become a better place for the music world. The reason people can get down to them easily is because they write stuff pretty much about life in general. From the cash out cash ins of Papercut Skin or the she, always, just inches from me, inches on a map, distance or destiny of Clumsy Heart, The Matches is a one-of-a-kind band that everyone can relate to, save for those who cant stand Shawn's vocals. For three(and now four) records, they've done so much, and have been so much. But they could've done more. So much more.

Well, I might try a hand at writing reviews just for this time. Maybe, I'll fiinish it in about a week, to listen to the record more, and for a hundred revisions so I could actually write well enough to persuade people into giving them a chance.
Tags: the matches album 4 four unreleased graphics title not needed decomposer hope e. von
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The Matches
08/12/09 at 09:47 AM by stereokiller
has given us another reason to make them our favorite band.

Album number 4 did not disappoint.

Tags: the matches
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