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Ugh... This Kid Again...
So, any albums you want me to review? I'm dry...
09/17/09 at 01:45 PM by Dymytry Vance
Any album. Put the band, the album, and what genre they are, so I don't just put in some shit I know I'll hate off the bat.
Tags: mtb, AtR
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I kinda like this band... (pop/punk, oh shit!)
09/15/09 at 07:18 PM by Dymytry Vance

I've only liked three or four pop-punk bands in my life, and this is a new addition. Why? I couldn't tell you? The vocals are really freaking high, the musicianship isn't much special, pretty adequate and decent, and there's very little creativity. However, this band is so catchy. I don't know, I'll probably get shit on for liking this band, but let the hate come. I don't care.

For those of you who do like them. Discuss. Fav song (mine's Asphyxiated)?, their EP comes out soon. Apparently it was supposed to be in July, but that didn't work out. And yes, their merch sucks.

Good bye.
Tags: Drowning Scarlett, me, Dymytry Vance, I put this as a blog tag because????
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Why do people enjoy ETID?
09/14/09 at 02:44 PM by Dymytry Vance
Their lyrics are horrible.
They're really generic.
The vocalist is horrid.
The musicianship is above-average at best.
And they remind me of that butthurt band Bring Me The Horizon,
Explain. Extrapalate. Elucidate.
Tags: ETID, Why?, Die...
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Fucking Soccer Referees.... DAMN THEM!!!
09/13/09 at 06:27 PM by Dymytry Vance
So we played some team from Sycamore (a ten minute drive away) and because our teams are short, the B team gives us five players just in case we need them. If the B team plays before us (which happened) the roles reverse. So it was me and four other people who were playing both games. The first game was fine, we won 4-1. The second game was the biggest pile of crap ever.

The sycamore coach believes that us Genoa citizens are freaking batterers or some shit, and so he probably told the ref to watch us. We maybe pushed once, twice max... but every time we got nea somebody, he called foul. Two of our players got red carded for no fucking reason at all, and the rest of us got a yellow card. We could have had another 3 goals, but because the ref decides that we're pushing people who are behind us, we couldn't score more than twice. Then our coach got kicked out for threatening to assault the ref and I think we lost, I was too pissed to know. And it doesn't help that I was sick either. Now I can't breathe well, and it sucks.
Tags: soccer, games, referees, suck, die
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I have seen an abortion...
09/10/09 at 07:41 PM by Dymytry Vance
I have watched the new Indiana Jones movie, and wow, the way they sucked that unborn fetus into that vacuum is just fucking terrible.
Tags: Indiana Jones 4, Crystal Skull, Abortion
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These Banana Trees! (Note this is actualy about music, not about ILNY)
09/10/09 at 06:44 PM by Dymytry Vance
The Metal is dying.
And It Doesn't Want Hospice.
Pass The Coke and Sex.

2009 has easily churned out some of my favorite bands' worst albums. Octahedron, Worse Than Alone, Common Existence (although because it's Thursday it's kind of like who cares, we love it!)... I have basically been pushed to the indie and alt-rock streams.

While this metal is rusting, these fly-by-night indie bands are flying-by-dusk and are starting to seep into my brain. First it was Anberlin, Cities is a soundtrack, Silversun, then Manchester (I'll admit I wasn't a fan of their debut, nor do I like I've Got Friends), and now I have passed through Metric (figuratively of course, I didn't fuck every band member.)

So any bands you think I'd like? (Note* Nothing along the lines of Camera Obscura, Radiohead, We Were Promised Jetpacks, or Brand New [because they are currently shit])

The Metal is dying.
However, some fucking fantasy character will bring it back from Ecl.
Shine on, shine on.
Tags: The Metal Is Dying, Banana Trees, Indie, Rock, Math Rock, Alt-Rock, Anberlin, Metric
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AoTY: Semi-Finals...
09/09/09 at 07:29 PM by Dymytry Vance
1.) The Number Twelve Looks Like You-Worse Than Alone
2.) Manchester Orchestra-Mean Everything To Nothing
3.) The Dear Hunter-Act 3
4.) So Many Dynamos-The Loud Wars
5.) Silversun Pickups-Swoon
6.) Fantasies-Metric
7.) Jonny Craig-A.D.I.A.Q.Y.D.K.H.T.A.
8.) iwrestledabearonce-It's All Happening
9.) Company Of Thieves-Ordinary Riches
10.) All The Day Holiday-The Things We've Grown To Love.
Tags: AoTy, Album of The Year, Semi-Finals, Dymytry Vance
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Sometimes The Voices Have Good Ideas (I am a scatterbrain!)
09/09/09 at 03:47 PM by Dymytry Vance
NOTE* This is supposed to be choppy and unorganize because it relates to my choppy and unorganized life. I can write material that flows.... (gasp)

Anybody else hate high school?
Because if this is nothing compared to college, fuck becoming an author, I'll become a hobo.
Hobos are nice.
Lockers suck. My gym locker is in the hallway by the cafteria.
Who wants to see my pudge when they're eating? No one.
Times like these, I wish I was back in geo. Calculus sucks. And next year I'll be gone... if I can keep alive that long to get my credits.
I am single. This is like being a gay rights activist who is in a polygamous bisexual interracial relationship and follows a strict vegan diet in Louisiana in my school.
Somehow three kids in my shcool have been expelled aready and we've literally been here for two and a half weeks.
English is awesome though. We do a shit load of creative writing (that's an elective here. I'm taking it, and it's right before English, same teacher too...)
I finally read speak.
My History teacher stares at me.
She's not the only one.
I am single.
Monogamy is best.
However, I like being single.
15 and single.
Jazz is fun. Better than this twenty minute A.E. shit.
I am the only person in school who has avoided acne scars!
Hobos are nice.
I want a sandwich.
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