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RachelShae94's Blog
Text Message Break Up
11/20/09 at 06:40 AM by RachelShae94
Alrighty, So heres a big time fun story for you guys
I was going out with this guy for a year and 3 monthes, and the whoel time we were dating there was a rumor going around that he was cheating on me, multipule times, i dont know the truth becuase we go to different schools, in different cities. But his name was Matt. Well, there was this guy Tony in my computers class. He was so FINE. Well, he went out with my friend Nicole adn tehn they broke up... It was Crazy Emo HardCore kind of Break up... So then he started flirting with me and what not, and i really liked him so i broke up with Matt, for Tony. At first Tony was really sweet but then he would call Nicole and talk about how im a bad girlfriend. Then i heard about him pantsing my friend Cassidy and then kissing this girl Brady. So then After being togetehr for like two weeks, i get this text message from Tony saying, "I dont know how to put this but i feel Awkward around you." So i said "What?" and he replies, "Yea, wvee been together for like two weeks and im not feeling it, plus your clingy and Jealous" So i put "So... Your breaking up with me?" and he puts "yea... Lets not argue" then he stopped talking to me. Then i walk into school that day to see him making out with Brady right in front of everybody. So i burst into tears. He said he never cheated on me. And that he broke up with me, walked into school told Brady, then she asked him out... It was all a lie.
So, one day im on myspace talking to Nicole, and i go to comment her and i see shes talking to this guy Matt(Not the same Matt as before. that was Matt Haller, This is Matt Schultz). Well, Matt is telling Nicole that he likes my friend Jacki. So i started texting him, and he totally helped me Cope with the whole Tony Drama. And let me tell you, Matt is the sweetest guy that ive ever met. So, Matt wants to help me move on and get over Tony. but i had started liking Matt... But i didnt say anything becuase i knew how much he liked Jacki. Well, then Matt hooks me up with his cousin Andy, So, then i tell Matt that i liked him, Matt asked me "Why are you telling me this now?" and i said "Well, now i wont get hurt considering i have a boyfriend" So, everythigns fine and dandy. Me and Matt were best friends, adn i had the sweetest boyfriend. Plus he was cute and got along with my friends. Well, now Exams are here. So yesterday after lunch i run up to my friend Zakk to give him a hug and he says, "Are you alright?" And i looked up at him, puzzled and said , "Yes, Why wouldnt i be?" and he said, "Well, have you gotten Andys, text?" and so i frantically pull my cell phone out and i look at it : 1 NEW MESSAGE... I look at it and it reads: ♥Andy:
"I think we should not just be friends and not date"
And i was like wow, this doesnt even make sense... So i asked Zakk if Andy was breaking up with me, and Zakk said Yes... So now im like Son of a fucking bitch this is the second time this month... Well, i get on Myspace that night, I read his stauts that says, " I am sorry for all the pain i caused you" and the mood was :"depressed"
And so i comment it. i will copy and paste the whole conversation.
Rachel- If this is about me, its ok, i still ♥ you!
Nicole- Can you tell me why you dumped her?
Andy-Yes my status is about you, and yes i will tell you tomorrow Nicole.
Rachel- WHat the EFF! i wanna know.
Andy- There was no one else, it just didnt feel right. I thought it was right.
Rachel- Uhh, well it kinda wasnt. im gonna fail history now considering i cried through the whole thing.
Andy- Im sorry
Rachel- and plus now that im your eex matt wont dont me cuz its not right
Andy- Thats why right there all you do is care about matt
Rachel- Big freaking deal... hes my best friend. and i always put you first so bite me.
So then me, Jacki, Nicole and Matt all get in this big humongus fight! matt called me a bitch. and hes mad at me and balah blah blah
Today at school, i walk in and im talking to Nicole and Matt goes, "Rachel Come here" So of course i walk over to him and he says, "Tell me whats all wrong between us" and i really didnt want to say it cuz in my head i feel like i have the right to be upset and hate everybody, when i say it out loud i sound retarted. So i say, "Cuz you dont want me" and he said, "Well, i do like you, its just i like Jacki more." And Ajcki likes him back so im sure they are going to go out. So after crying because of that i turn to thus see Andy, Nicole runs over to him and hugs him and he said something about 2... and so i asked nicole what he said and she said that andy said he was sick of being put 2nd to his cousin.... I Now want to kill myself...
Tags: text, Message, Break, Up, Boys, Girls, Friends, Fight, Drama, Help
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Notes that I've taken from other blogs
11/12/09 at 10:48 AM by RachelShae94
  • take a black eyeliner and put it on really thick on your bottom eye lid
  • then u should put it even thicker on your upper lid
  • then u need 2 put on a whole bunch of mascarra
  • make a poind like cat eyes and make it go really far out
  • then surround everywere you put the eyeliner in exact lines like the cat eyes.
  • Put black eyeshadow over it, and the make up is done!
Now you just need to do your hair the usual way, I can tell u how I do my hair, First I brush my hair completely
2. [FONT='Tahoma','sans-serif']then take flat iron, and go over it as many times as needed to get it super flat
3. then I separate pieces of hair and tease it
4. then use hairspray - i use gottaB glued
5. once it's done, I put a bow in my hair (I like putting it by the side bangs)
6. then I kinda tweak it a bit and I'm done
Oh, and don't forget to wear tight jeans and any tight t-shirt prefferably, a t in black with a name of a club or something u have never been
Here's few simple steps how to style your Emo Hair:
1. Add hair glue to the front bangs. This will make them stiff and straight, just the way that Emo bangs should look
2. Gel can be added to the back of your hair, so that it will stand out straight. This works really well if you have the back of your hair shaved shorter.
3. Having the back of your hair shaggy and long is even more versatile.
Have fun experimenting with different hairstyles to reflect your mood, go crazy and spikey if you feel more rebellious and enjoy!
Curly Hair is amazingly cute and charming, but it can also make your Scene Hair unique and one in a kind! We've put together few simple tips submitted by our readers to help you tame your insanely curly hair and create sweet and cute Scene 'do
  • After you wash your hair, scrunch it, parting it to the side. Use a small amount of watered down hair gel (mix the gel with water) or spray gel, then hairspray it up until you know it will hold your curls in.
  • Use a diffuser to dry it to have lots of little spirals, or let it dry in a french braid for big chunky curls
  • Get some side bangs and straighten them when you wear your hair down. Some scene hairstyles have even bangs that go across the forehead, but if you have curly hair, you want side tapering bangs. When your hair is curly, pin your bangs to the side with a bow, a butterfly clip, or some other clip
  • The great thing about curly scene hair is you don't have to tease it as much because it's already gigantic
  • Try to straighten it, but leave it slightly curly it'll add some volume
I love vibrant hair colors: black, blond, red, with pink streaks - they are impressive! With some original choppy hair-cut, you can create wonders on the top of your head :)

But how to create - and keep this look for longer without frequent visits to the salon? There's one simple way - dye your hair yourself! It's really quite easy, and it requires only little bit of your time. For instant refreshing touch-ups, dye your hair every 3 - 4 weeks.
When dying your hair, you'll need protective towel (ideally an old one, that might get dirty), rubber gloves and a plastic foil / bag. First, read the instructions on the hair dye, and prepare the mixture. Always mix all ingredients completely to avoid different shades when putting the colour on your hair. Put the towel on your arms, folding it under your shirt. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from getting dyed. Now, comb your hair, and you're ready
The best way is to start from the back of your head, so move your hair to the front and start putting the dye carefully, first on the roots. Move forward to the front, and when reaching the front layers, put the dye evenly around your ears, fringe and all top parts. Now, spread the dye along all hair, using the rest of the mixture if necessary. Always check twice if the color covers every part of your hair
That's it! All you need to do now is cover your hair with plastic foil / bag to protect smearing the color around you :) Now, wait the recommended time - usually 20 - 40 minutes. When finished, massage the hair again to spread the dye evenly, and start rinsing. When finished, wash your hair with shampoo, and use recommended conditioner (ideally one for dyed hair)
[You're done, admire your new look, and work the magic!

How to cut your Own Scene Hair?
Tags: Emo, Hair, Blogs, tips,
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New To This
11/10/09 at 10:51 AM by RachelShae94
Hello, I am totally new to this website, but i love the hair on here, so why not.
I guess this is to tell you all about me!
  • I am 14
  • I am a Freshmen
  • my favorite color is Purple
  • I have 2 brothers and a sister
  • My mom is a single mom for the most part, my father is a low life adn he is in prison, i wish to have no contact with him.
    • I have a pomeranian that i treat as my baby
    • I love scene hair
Any thing else.. just ask :)
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