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Jamie Pham's Journal
Check out my first ever podcast
11/05/09 at 11:49 AM by Jamie Pham
Its just my friend and I talking about music, life, and what not! Check out the first episode here.
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Looking for new bands
11/05/09 at 12:10 AM by Jamie Pham
My company, Emaline Media, is looking for new bands to work with (management and PR), so if you or know a band that is interested, email me!
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I could be the president
10/26/09 at 12:09 AM by Jamie Pham
About a year and a half ago, Max from Say Anything introduced the "Song Shop" where you pay a fee and he will write you a song based on a short paragraph you send him. Say Anything being one of my favorite bands and Max Bemis being one of my heroes, I decided to do it. A couple days ago, I found out the band will be using it as a b-side if you buy their album on iTunes. It's a weird feeling cause I have only shown this song to one other person.

Was I born to sink into this couch
And watch my whole world bleed it's purpose out
Around me insects follow patterns to their deaths
While I waste my precious breath on another second guess

I'm afraid of sleeping in

I have solutions to the problems that I have
Take my heart take my life back take a chill pill and relax
But I've got cancer of the motivated mind
And I take I take I take my precious time

I could be the president
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Warped Tour Update #6
08/04/09 at 10:25 AM by Jamie Pham
I was afraid this was going to come sooner or later. Our bus broke down early Tuesday morning. There was something wrong with the transmission so we had to switch bus for the day. I had to bring whatever I thought was necessary to make it so I brought:
-Phone charger
-Toiletry bag
-Change of clothes
-Book (what would Google do)
-All my cash (not very much left)
-One bottle of Gatorade
-Two boxes of uncrustables

Our temporary bus is pretty nice. It even has TVs in some of the bunks. The funny thing is my bunk has a flat screen fold out type and Nathan has this large old school TV at the foot of his bed. I wasn't sure how he was going to sleep with that in his bunk but he didn't have to, our bus was fixed within a few hours.

I've never been to Atlanta before but judging by the nickname, "Hotlanta," I thought it was going to scorching hot but it wasn't at all. It rained for a little bit but the rest of the day was really nice. It was our tour manager’s birthday on Wednesday. We had different things planned like a male stripper but it didn’t work out. I just got him a hoodie and a girl on our bus got him a case of fat tire.

It's been raining everyday for about a week now. I hate the rain but I'm starting to get used to it now. The band didn't play until 730 in Milwaukee so I had some time to walk to starbucks and upload some videos to their Kyte player.

Chicago was a wild one. There were so many kids that came out for Madina's set. It was good to see they still have a loyal hometown crowd. Also met a bunch of their friends and family. At one point, there were about 25 people crammed inside the bus because it was raining outside. That evening we walked over to target to get some essentials and decided to go to taco bell afterwards. The line was insanely long and out bus call was 40 minutes away so we asked these people (John and Lisa) to take us through the drive thru line. They ran out of beef and chicken and wanted to charge us extra for steak (which they ran out of also during our order). After the order, I had to ride in the trunk back to the venue.

Last night, the band had to participate in a Denny’s All Nighter event. It was the interesting night indeed. There were about four other bands there and at one point, there was about 15 kids around our table. I had to get out of the way just so I can eat my chips and salsa. By the time my food came (I got the Superbird), I had lost part of my appetite but I boxed it up and brought it back to the bus for the kids.

We have one more show today and then two days off!

Check out some more pictures on my Buzznet page and follow me on twitter!

Tags: warped tour, update, madina lake
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Warped Tour Update #5
07/26/09 at 08:24 PM by Jamie Pham
Our day off in Boston was the best so far. I've hated this city for the longest time cause it was the home of the Celtics but after that day, I am in love. With the city, not the celtics. I started out by waking up on the bus at about noon in front of the hotel and walked to starbucks, which was much needed. After that, I rushed to the laundry room to beat out the thirteen people on my bus. That turned out to be a good idea cause the last person got done with their laundry at about 10PM. I was planning to go to Newbury Street so some of the Alana Grace guys hoped on the train and headed into the city. There were so many shops and I had very little money. I saved my money for the Johnny Cupcakes store, Newbury comics, and Urban Outfitters. I also got a tripod for one of my flip cameras. I want to strap it to the top of the sound booth tent but so far, it's been raining so I haven't been able to try it yet. That night, we went to go watch Harry Potter an I had no idea what was going on cause I haven't seen any of the previous movies. It was ok but I have to start over from the beginning.

The next day was the Mansfield, MA (Boston) show. It was fun until it started to pour out of nowhere by the end of the day. I believe it's been raining everyday even if it's for a little bit. There’s nothing worse when it’s hot, humid, and raining outside. This is what the Florida dates were like. It would be hot and humid in the morning then it would be rainy and miserable in the afternoon.

There was also some drama on the bus. These girls were hanging out and one of them said that their three-year-old kid was in the car in the parking lot sleeping. This was when everyone on the bus told her to get off and take care of her son. She then stated that this was no different then if we were "in her house and her kid was upstairs sleeping." But the thing was that we weren't in her house, we were in the middle of a parking lot and she would have no idea if her kid woke up. Lesson here is to not have kids if you can't take care of them!

Let me give you some advice if you haven't been to warped tour yet.
-Wear shorts
-Wear light clothing
-Don’t be THAT guy and wear a hoodie/jacket/blazer etc.
-Bring extra cash for water
-If you start to get light headed or dehydrated, get medical attention immediately! Don't wait.

Some bands you should definitely check out:
-Dear and the Headlights
-Madina Lake
-Bad Religion
-A Day to Remember
-Meg and Dia
-Big D and the Kids Table

Check out some more pictures on my Buzznet page and follow me on twitter!

Tags: warped tour, update, madina lake
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Warped Tour Update #4
07/16/09 at 06:55 AM by Jamie Pham
Cleveland was a crazy day. Woke up and found out Paramore was playing but they were going on right after Madina Lake so there was a chance that I would miss them. I walked into the lounge and Nathan and Matthew filled me in on their run in with the Millionaires. Funny stuff. Anyways, I saw Dear and the Headlights again. Good stuff. They never get old. After loading out Madina Lake's gear, I rushed over the main stage but as I was getting closer, I saw Hayley walking towards me. So I just went to catering and got some dinner. But from what I heard, they had the biggest crowd so far at warped tour. I also went into the city with Brophey and Fernando. They had to go to the bank but they were all closed so we hopped into a cab and went to the next closest one, which was ten miles away. The cab ride ended up costing $40. When we got there, we found out it was in a mall so we walked around looking for it. It turned out to be a random ATM but brophey had to deposit money and he couldn't do it with that ATM. So he was SOL. We walked around for a little bit and took the train back. I also sprained my ankle a little bit by jumping off the side of a parking structure cause we were too lazy to find the stairs.

We left Cleveland at around 2am and we were off Canada. Bob, our TM, woke us up at 6am when we got to the border. Most of us were fine but one of the guys in the Alana Grace band had to pay $200 to get in cause he had some stuff on his record.

Someone told me that warped tour in Toronto isn't as big as it is in the US and they were true. The crowd is about half the size as the average crowd in America but surprisingly, everyone still looks the same. I wanted to check out Alexisonfire and Lights because they were from Canada but totally forgot to. I wished we could have gone into the city but we had an early bus call.

The next day we we're in Montreal. We parked in some park that took me a while to get around. It started to pour at about 2pm and that did it for me. Those who know me know that i can't stand the rain. Saw Versa Emerge play right before Madina lake and they were really good despite the Paramore comparisons. A lot of people stuck around in the rain, which was really cool to see cause I would have left the minute it started rain. After the show, we went into the city to get some food and I showered in these girls hotel room. That was my first shower in about four days. I think that was a record for me.

I woke up in Hartford, ct. It was a beautiful day. I helped out ML's street team for a little bit. As I was walking around, I caught a band called Vamps. Apparently, they are from Japan and kids were going crazy for them. They were pretty good and had a decent size crowd for them. I also saw lights again. Don't think I would ever get tired of watching them. We had a late bus call so we all hung out at the BBQ and on the bus.

We had an off show on Monday and we played with Escape the Fate. Havent seen them in a while but they were really better than I expect them to be with Craig Mabbitt.

More pictures can be found on my buzznet page and if you have a thing called twitter, follow me! I'm currently working on another video so that should be up later this week.

Tags: warped tour, madina lake, lights, dear and the headlights, vamps
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Warped Tour Update #3
07/08/09 at 05:13 PM by Jamie Pham
We spent our Fourth of July in Austin, TX and it was pretty fun. Half of us went to 6th st. and the other half stayed at the hotel. I stayed at the hotel. Those of us who did got to meet George, who had multiple personalities. We first met him when we arrived at the hotel and he gave our bus driver a bong shaped glass pipe. He came to our room and started talking about his family and some other stuff. He also gave Matthew a piece of paper with his room number on it and literally talk everyone’s ears off. After a while, we went out in search for him and found him talking to the guy at the front desk. We sat and waited for him to finish so we can talk to him but after about twenty minutes, we left. Even though I didn’t really do anything for the Fourth, I had a relaxing day off. I got to shower, did some laundry, and uploaded a bunch of videos and pictures that I couldn’t do with our spotty bus wifi.

Dallas, TX was by far, the best date of the tour. So many kids came out to watch Madina Lake. We threw out about seven balloons filled with confetti and three of them popped on stage so at the end of our set, our tour manager, Bob, had to sweep it all up. It was also Thrice’s last show until the last leg of the tour. I am bummed I didn’t get to see them again. I need to take some time and check out some new bands. Who should I watch? After the show, we hung out for a bit and then we walked over to the BBQ. I love these kinds of nights and big ups to Longway for making this possible every night. Oh yeah, a little someone got in a fight again but I caught the last part of it, when everyone was separating both of them.
We had another day off and we spent it in Nashville. Started the day off by walking to starbucks. Nashville is a cool city but you guys have some wierdos. While we were walking back to the hotel, we met some dude named Bryan. Like George, he is a talker. This dude talked a mile a minute and in the end, I had no idea what he was talking about. All I got from that is some guy was painting his house and that dude tripped over his metal leg and paint spilled everywhere. That or he stabbed some guy over who knows what. Anyways, we got bored/creeped out so we left and went back to our hotel. For dinner, we went to the U.S. Border Cantina and it was very good. Each of us got something different and we were all satisfied.

Indianapolis could have been a perfect show if it wasn't for the gravel road and long way to the stage. Pushing equipment on that road was not fun at all. Anyways, I started off the day by watching Dear and the Headlights. They were awesome like always. Everyone needs to see them this summer. After that, I met up with Julia Conny and went with her to meet up with Sparks Will Fly. Be sure to check out her blog, as she will start to feature smaller bands on warped. We also checked out millionaires. Their vocal tracks weren't on so nothing came out of their mics when they started "singing.” That was awkward.

We had an early bus call so we left and went to a Wal-Mart. Well, at least we thought it was a walmart. It was actually a Wal-Mart supermarket, which I never knew existed. So we just got a bunch of pizzas, corn dogs, and uncrustables. I still need a pillow because the one in my bunk sucks. I also got athletic tape because Matthew turned me onto this thing where you wrap a pressure point that's in your foot, and that will help the circulation in your body thus making you feel better.

Today, we are in Pittsburgh, PA. I got a chance to watch A Day to Remember again. I'll be honest, I dont really dig their music, but they do put on a really solid live show. Between them and Chiodos, both bands had the biggest crowd of the day. Madina Lake also had their largest crowd of the tour. I think I am going to check out P.O.S., Gallows, and Saosin tomorrow in Cleveland. Let me know if your going to be there!

More pictures can be found on my buzznet page. If your on Twitter, follow me!

Oh yeah, Nathan started a blog so check it out!

Crowd for Madina Lake

Wal-Mart shopping list (half completed)

Tags: warped tour, update, sparks will fly, dear and the headlights
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Warped Tour Update #2
07/04/09 at 02:13 PM by Jamie Pham
Wow, woke up in Phoenix to 97-degree weather. I worked up a sweat just trying to find the restrooms. After walking around for about 10 minutes, I find myself walking back to the bus. I don't know how bands can tour in a van on days like these where you have about five other dudes sweating just as much as you are. You can't escape the heat. As if that weren’t enough, I lost my wallet towards the end of the day. That was the worst feeling ever because I am hundreds of miles from home and I have none of my debit cards, driver’s license, NOTHING. So if anyone has an extra wallet or something, please bring me one! It will be highly appreciated!

The next three days weren’t any different. 100+ degree heat does not go over well at all. There were rumors going around that Jefree Star kicked some kick that was talking smack and tazed him while he was on the ground. I think he has bodyguards around him now. Nathan and Dan also went to go watch the Millionaires and they said their CD skipped in the middle of their set and started playing the previous song that they already sang. In Nathan’s words, it was “Ashlee Simpson times 10.” I wish there was footage floating around but I haven’t found any yet.

Houston was the worst date so far on tour. Not only was it hot, it was humid and the venue was literally a dust bowl. My face got dirty just from walking around. Checked out Innerpartysystem for the first time and they are amazing. Make sure you guys see them on the Skull Candy stage.

We also made our first Walmart stop and got a bunch of much needed food/supplies/booze/etc. I still need another Walmart stop cause I am going to get a bike. It makes getting around Warped so much easier, especially when you are looking for a restroom.

Julia Conny will be coming on the tour in a few days and she will be interviewing a bunch of bands. Can’t wait to hang out with her!

Madina Lake is also up for Karrang’s Best International band, so please vote for them here. It will only a second, you don’t need to enter your email or sign up for anything.

More pictures can be found on my buzznet page. Also, follow me on twitter!

Oh yeah, if you are going to Warped Tour, make sure you do the following things:
-bring a one gallon jug of water (maybe annoying but it's worth it)
-if not, bring extra cash for water
-wear lots of sun screen
-don't be THAT guy and wear a hoodie, blazer, etc

I know I am stating the obvious but I see so many people fainting or needing medical attention every single day.

Tags: warped tour, update, madina lake
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Warped Update #1
06/29/09 at 07:22 PM by Jamie Pham
I am currently out on Warped Tour with Madina Lake and so far, it’s been a blast. I got dropped off at the Fairplex in Pomona last Thursday and met up with my tour manager, Bob. We are sharing a bus with Alana Grace and her band mates and they are awesome! It was rehearsal day so bands were checking in and everyone was getting situated. Everyone on the tour got a pair of shoes. Hooray for free stuff!

First day of Warped was last Friday and it was a hot one. Tried to get a tan but I totally burnt my shoulders. Usually, the first of tour is the one where they work out the kinks and what not but it seemed like everything went smooth. Caught a couple bands today like Madina Lake, Thrice, and Eudora. Bus call was early because of the long drive to San Francisco. First bus ride was a little bumpy and I got a little sick so I went to sleep early. I clearly have to get used to touring in a bus.

I heard a lot of people say that San Francisco would be one of the coolest stops of the whole tour and they weren’t wrong. Warped was located at right under the Bay Bridge and it was beautiful. There were tons more kids for Madina Lake’s set today and they played a tight set. I’m glad I am with these dudes for the tour.

Ventura was just as cool, temperature wise, as San Francisco. I got to check out a couple more bands today like The Ataris, who played a lot of older material. Also got a chance to check out Warped favorites, A Day to Remember. They are easily one of the best live bands on the tour and one of the biggest draws as well. Thrice is another great live band on the tour. They played a couple new songs, which sounded AMAZING. I can’t wait to hear the new album. It was really chilly and windy throughout the day and a lot of bands/vendors packed it up early to avoid their tents being blown away. After everything was packed away, everyone from the tour hung out backstage and had a good ol time. I met a lot of friends and chatted with old ones. I can’t wait for more nights like these.

After three days on the tour, my day has kind of been a routine.
-Wake up
-Try to find a restroom/shower to clean myself
-Get Madina Lake set times
-Put up Madina posters around venue with Mike
-Find some food to eat
-Promote set times/signing some more
-Catch a couple bands here and there
-Load out
-Eat dinner
-Hang out

Currently, I am sitting on the bus in Redondo Beach. We stayed in Ventura last night while most bands went to Phoenix for tomorrow’s show. I think I am going to walk around to find a Starbucks and maybe something to eat. I hear we are making our first Walmart stop tonight which is much needed. I need to get some more wipes and a lot of snacks for these long drives. Until next time, I leave you with some pictures from the past couple days. More pictures can be found on my buzznet page. Oh yeah, follow me on twitter as well!

Tags: warped tour, update, madina lake, thrice, eudora, a day to remember
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I love to Twitter too.
05/08/09 at 11:18 AM by Jamie Pham
So follow me www.twitter.com/jamiepham
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Fantasy Factory
04/27/09 at 11:34 AM by Jamie Pham
I had the opportunity to visit Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory in Downtown LA last Thursday. Rob and his gang were filming stunts for his show’s season finale and also on hand was the cast of “Nitro Circus” and “Bully Beatdown.” The last episode proved to be a good one as Rob had a skate contest at the factory and gave away random prizes to the contest winners like a 1986 Pontiac Fiero and an old gorilla suit. He also raced Ryan Sheckler in his 1969 Camaro, which ended in photo finish, but you need to watch the show to see who won. You can watch re-runs on MTV or head on over to MTV.com. What's in store for next season? Dyrdek says he has the whole 2nd season mapped out which will be filled with more stunts and antics.

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04/10/09 at 07:31 PM by Jamie Pham
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Read my interview with Toby from Emery
12/22/08 at 10:55 AM by Jamie Pham
http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthre...post30459 162
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Have something you want to ask Emery?
12/17/08 at 11:03 AM by Jamie Pham
Send me your questions!
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Senses Fail Interview
12/13/08 at 10:12 PM by Jamie Pham
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