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Best of 2011
12/31/11 at 03:10 PM by klawansie7
2011 produced some of the best music I could have asked for, and in an unexpected way. Albums I didn't think would be that great turned out to be masterpieces, many of which have made my list of all-time favorite albums. I feel like I have grown in my musical interests in that I chose music as my favorite not because it got the most listens from me this year but because of what the albums and songs mean to me. I always say that music is an extremely personal experience, but I donít know if I really understood the meaning of that fully until this year. Much of the music on this list and the music I listen to in general I feel connected to because of experiences Iíve had related to it. I hope 2012 brings us music that can top this yearís!

Best Albums

[4] New Found Glory: Radiosurgery
[3] Yellowcard: When Youíre Through Thinking, Say Yes
[2] Bayside: Killing Time
[1] The Wonder Years: Suburbia Iíve Given You All And Now Iím Nothing

Honorable Mentions

[3] Cartel: In Stereo
[2] Blink-182: Neighborhoods
[1] Panic At The Disco: Vices & Virtues

Best Songs/ Singles

[4] Bayside: The Wrong Way
[3] New Found Glory: Summer Fling, Donít Mean A Thing
[2] The Wonder Years: And Now Iím Nothing
[1] Yellowcard: With You Around

Saddest Breakups

The Academy IsÖ

Most Anticipated for 2012

The Gaslight Anthem
Motion City Soundtrack
Say Anything
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Tech Round-Up, 12/26/10
12/26/10 at 09:27 PM by klawansie7

Gmail will continue to offer free calling to its users, but only within the US.

Google Labs has launched 6 new applications this month alone. One such app is Google Shared Spaces, built off Google Wave technology, to allow users to directly collaborate with other users.

The new Google laptop has really entertaining... safety instructions?

Google Translate will now say your translate your phrases into beatbox.

60 million tabs in Google Chrome were opened to support various causes this past week.

A Japanese woman sued Google for posting a photo of her underwear on a clothesline on Street View.


The Open Internet is a site designed to teach your not-so-tech-savvy family and friends about net neutrality.

Facebook has found some interesting statistics on people's status updates.

Drop.io and Present.io, two services recently purchased by Facebook, have officially been shut down.

Facebook created a censorship team to monitor content on the site for legality and alignment with Facebook policies.

Embedded YouTube videos now have an option mark videos to "watch later".

Hulu has improved its navigation menu and added a playlist feature for more seamless video-watching.

Hulu Plus is confirmed to not work on cable company-purchased TiVo premiere DVRs.

Bing adds Destination searches, giving users up-to-date and relevant travel information on over 3000 cities.

AdTwart recently merged with AdBlock Plus and has quickly changed names and features in Google Chrome; it is now much more similar to its Firefox counterpart.

Firefox 4 beta 8 was released this week. It features improved synchronization across multiple devices.

Younger people are using email less than ever, even though Gmail usage has increased 10% in the past year.

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Tech Roud Up, 11/7/10
11/07/10 at 11:33 AM by klawansie7

Gmail will soon record phone calls.

Google is suing the US government for not considering using Google Apps for its client to handle messaging needs.

Google Street View launched in Germany this week; some people chose to opt-out of having their home shown on service and the result is 3% of homes are blurred out.

Fusion Tables, a former Labs feature that assists in managing large sets of data, will become an official Google Docs app.

The Google Buzz class action lawsuit regarding security issues was settled back in September, but Google just sent an email to all Gmail users explaining what happened.

Take a look at Chrome OS, Google's operating system, which is almost ready for release. HP is supposedly releasing the first Chrome OS smartbooks this month.

Google will not be penalized for its Street View cars grabbing wifi data in the UK.

Google Sky now shows galaxy clusters.

Gmail users will soon no longer be able to find their contacts on Facebook.

Google Chrome gets its own PDF viewer.

The creator of Google Wave is leaving the company to work for Facebook.

Learn how sites like Hulu and ABC are blocking Google TV.

Hotmail users can now secure their session using SSL.

Facebook can predict when you'll be broken up with.

Facebook is being sued by Lamebook for trademark infringement.

eBay's got a new homepage and a new gift-sharing feature just in time for the holidays.

Bing and Facebook integration has gone live.

Myspace needs to get its act together or it might get shut down.

Hulu Plus, the subscription-based video watching service, is now available to anyone in the US.

Turkey, which had previously blocked YouTube for 2.5 years, lifted the ban and put it back in place in the same week.

Skype group video calling finally comes to Mac, but is different from its PC counterpart in that it lacks Facebook integration.

Check out three P2P alternatives to the recently-deceased Limewire.

Capital One offers users different car loan rates based on which browser they're using.

Opera has officially opened its new renewable energy data center in Iceland.

Firefox and Chrome extension Social Media Sobriety Test determines if you're too intoxicated to post a status update.

Apparently Internet Explorer 9 is currently the most HTML5-compatible web browser.

[color=Black]Check out the top 10 most essential extensions for every browser.


Some people in China have found that they are able to access otherwise restricted websites from their Kindles.

LG has snatched the title of world's thinnest bezel from Samsung, with theirs coming in with only 4 mm of separation between panels.

Affectiva has created the Q Sensor wristband which monitors stress level and will be particularly useful for people who are unable to communicate.

A group of researchers in Germany have created an electronic implant that allows the blind to see.

James Cameron thinks we've still got 8-10 years before glasses-less 3D TVs take over.

Calvin Klein's got their oewn model of snazzy 3D glasses.

Movie theaters may soon be able to watch you to see how much you're enjoying the movie.

Ski resorts across the US are being fitted with the Magnestick, a magnetic backpack-to-chair mechanism that will attach children (or adults) to lifts.

The Entourage Pocket Edge, that two-paneled 'dualbook', is up for preorder on Amazon for $399.99.

A 3D printer created a full-functioning hybrid car.


A research team in Cambridge made a huge discovery about viruses that could potentially bring about a cure for the common cold.

The International Space Station has officially been inhabited for 10 years straight.

What do your weed-smoking choices say about you?

Learn to make your own confetti bomb.

San Francisco has banned Happy Meals.

Lego is adding more buildings to its architecture series.

Remember McDonald's never-rotting hamburger experiment? A food researcher explains that no burger of this size will rot because of some science-y stuff. Disappointing, I know.

The answer to all your salsa-and-chip dilemmas: spoonachos.

A young Asian man managed to pass off as an old white male at an airport.

Cloaks of invisibility are becoming more and more real.

Turn anything into a guitar pick.
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Tech Round Up, 10/24/10
10/24/10 at 05:27 PM by klawansie7

A new documentary of the Google cofounders indicates that they considered hiring Steve Jobs as Google's first CEO. Would Steve Jobs have been a good choice for Google's CEO? [Poll]


Apple is now the fourth largest global mobile phone vendor.

Fortune is the latest major publication to confirm that Verizon will get the iPhone in 2011.

Motorola is suing Apple over its multitouch patents.

Apple may add nitride coatings to its touchscreen devices to make them scratch-proof.

A glitch in iOS 4.1 allows people to bypass the lockscreen to access call history, voicemail, and address book entries,

Rumor has it that the white iPhone 4 takes worse photos than the black one. The white iPhone 4 will be released in Spring 2011.

Check out reviews of the 11.6-inch and 13.6-inch Macbook Air. The devices offer comparable performance to the 13-inch Macbook Pro. At least one analyst predicts 700,000 units will sell during the holiday season. In case anyone cares, the 11.6-inch model will not have to be removed from carry-on bags at airports.

Apple has announced details about OS X 10.7 (Lion). Also, details about the new scrollbar and new version of iCal have leaked.

A new Java-based trojan is targeting OS X computers.

FaceTime has been released for OS X. Now iMacs/Macbooks can video chat with iPhone 4's and iPod Touches. The program supports push notifications of calls even when it is not running.

Apple is no longer pre-installing Flash on OS X. To avoid sensationalist journalism, the move is simply to "ensure that users always have the latest version of Flash by downloading directly from Adobe."

The latest iPad rumors indicate that the refresh will include dual cameras.

Apple will begin selling the individual software programs in iLife and iWork via the Mac App Store.


Chrome extension Facebook Disconnect disallows Facebook to track your browsing history on sites other than Facebook.

Facebook's "photo memories" have gotten smart: you will no longer see photos of you and someone you used to be in a relationship with. The site has also launched a new friendship feature that shows your relationship with a particular friend over time.

Apparently people with lots of money don't like Facebook.

Facebook has purchased drop.io, a file sharing service, and will be shutting it down by the end of the year.

Facebook will host a mobile event this coming Wednesday; does this mean the Facebook phone is finally being unveiled?

Diaspora, the soon-to-be-released Facebook rival, delays its release until Thanksgiving.

Yahoo! Mail beta is now available for public use; it claims to be faster, safer, and more socially integrated than its predecessor.

Sex.com was recently purchased by a company called Clover for $13 million.

Twitter's buttons and logos get a facelift to match the recent updates to the site.

Justin Beiber predicts the stock market.

AOL has redesigned the site's homepage to include more social integration and trending topics.

Myspace has completely rebranded and refocused itself.

Chatroulette is now redirecting its inappropriate users to the Hustler website.

Zynga is trying to patent virtual currency (and will probably fail).

Founders of YouTube and AdMob are stepping down.

Skype 5, with Facebook integration and group chatting, is out of beta.

Adobe has released its own HTML5 video player.

A 12-year-old boy received $3,000 for finding a crucial bug in Firefox.

Opera 11 alpha is now available.

Alaska Airlines now offers in-flight WiFi between Anchorage and Fairbanks, and is expanding the service to more of Alaska in 2011.

Starbucks' WiFi networks will now offer some exclusive content, including eBook excerpts and the online version of the Wall Street Journal, for free.


Google promises that their street view cars will no longer be collecting WiFi data.

Newsmap offers a visual way to view and categorize Google News by country.

Major television broadcasters, including ABC, NBC and CBS, are blocking Google TV from their websites. Hulu does also. Google is working on getting this reversed.

Both the Logitech and Sony Google TV platforms have been reviewed by Engaget.

Google is going to use the Stanford campus' residential area to beta test its 1Gbps fiber internet service in early 2011.

Google Music search has been launched in India; it only streams Indian Bollywood music for now.

Google Docs now supports drag-and-drop image placement.

If you're signed into Google and go to the homepage on your birthday, you'll see a special birthday doodle.

Google Places is now integrated with regular Google search and contains a database of 50 million local places.

Use your Google Contact book as a way to unite the address books of all your other online accounts.

Google's founders wanted to hire Steve Jobs as the company's first CEO. Oh, how the world could have been so different.


Samsung is working on prescription 3D glasses. Gucci just released their own pair of non-prescription 3D glasses for the low price of $225. Oakley has also launched its own Tron-branded 3D glasses.

GE has created a 'hybrid' light bulb that will eliminate the second or so it takes for the CFL bulbs to turn on.

Live crabs can now be purchased from vending machines in Japan.

Both the Nook and Kobo eReaders will be sold at Wal-Mart beginning this week.

Kindle users will be able to lend their eBooks to others for 14-day periods. Barnes & Noble is upping the ante by giving away some of its books for free, but they'll include advertising.

Border's Kobo eReader finally offers subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.

Entourage's latest version of the Pocket Edge, dual screened eReader, has been released on all places but the Home Shopping Network.

Eking's notepad is an eReader that features a stylus and color display which is supposedly the future of eReaders.

Sony is stopping production on the Walkman.

Simplehuman created a mulit-sense trashcan that knows what you're doing.

Redbox is going to begin streaming movies some time next year.

A new t-shirt gun holds 10 shirts at a time and launches them at a speed of 3 shirts per second.


Check out the latest rumors and photos of the Playstation Phone.

Facebook has a "mobile event" scheduled for November 3. Might we get a Facebook phone despite all the denials?

T-Mobile will be launching its data tethering and wireless hotspot plan on November 3.

Verizon has officially announced their tiered data plans.

It appears that Palm will launch five or six new devices in 2011.

Check out a review of Windows Phone 7, as well as specific reviews of the following Windows 7-powered phones HTC Trophy, HTC 7 Mozart, Samsung Focus, Samsung Omnia 7, and LG Optimus 7.

The Android Market has reached 100,000 apps. Not bad considering that the Apple App Store is at 300,000.

OnStar systems can now connect to Android phones via the MyLink app.

Winamp is now available for Android.

Check out a comparison of the HTC Desire HD and EVO 4G.

The T-Mobile myTouch will be named the myTouch 4G and will launch on November 3.

The latest Droid 2 update improves battery life among other features

After myTouch 3G owners received Android 2.2 over the air, Sony Xperia X1 owners will be receiving Android 2.1 this weekend.

Sprint's CEO attributes WiFi-only iPad sales to improved Overdrive mobile 4G hotspot sales.


A Texas man has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for selling pirated software online.

Microsoft Netherlands has revealed that Windows 8 will be released in around two years.

Rumors of a Sony tablet PC are floating around.

Walgreens is now selling a $100 Android tablet PC.

Check out a review of the ExoPC Slate.

If anyone is interested in dropping $7,000 or more on a "luxury notebook," look no further than Munk Dogballe.

Microsoft is committing itself to PC gaming once again.

Razer has shown off its Anansi MMORPG keyboard.

Sennheiser is expanding its gaming headset line.


Be rewarded for driving safely with your phone using the SAFECELLapp.

Does your phone have issues with pocket dialing people? Call Confirm is there to help.

Keep track of the time without looking at your phone with Buzz Clock for iOS.

Add an alarm clock that tracks your sleep cycle to your iOS or Android device.

Learn who defriended you with Unfriend Finder.

Break into a Windows PC and protect yourself from these tricks.

Optimize your torrent connections and protect your privacy.

Have an issue with certain companies? Use this template to write an effective letter.

Learn how to beat a polygraph test.


Microsoft's Chief Software Architect, Ray Ozzie, has stepped down from the position.

This yo-yo costs $5,000... somehow I don't think it's worth it.

A German company has made airbags for bikers.

is the station wagons of bicycles.

A pair of artists have made scratch-and-sniff wall art that smells like the moon.

5,000 janitors have PhDs.

The world's largest gummy worm is 26 in long, 5 in thick, weighs 3 lb, and contains 4,000 calories.

Citibank is the first bank to roll out credit cards 2.0.

These concept butter packets have a butter knife as its lid.

I know it's a little late but did you see anyone dressed up as this for Halloween?

Read these 6 clever things to do with your leftover pumpkins.

Scott is trying out tubeless toilet paper.

Whipped Lightning is alcohol-infused whipped cream... this could get dangerous.

A 22-year-old mother is being tried for killing her three-month-old son for interrupting her Farmville session.

An observatory in India is creating the world's largest magnet.

The Netherlands is home to the world's largest climbing wall which comes in at 37 meters high.

Contributors: CyberInferno, klawansie7

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Tech Round Up, 10/17/10
10/16/10 at 01:31 PM by klawansie7

Google Analytics gets an in-page view so you can view your site's statistics right on the page.

Over 56% of universities have made the switch to Google Apps.

See what it's like to use Sony's Google TV. They'll be available in Best Buy stores starting October 24.

Use Find Big Mail to sort you Gmail attachments by size.

If you haven't yet discovered Google's "The World Is Full Of Interesting Things" slideshow, be sure to check it out.

Google Building Maker
turned 1 this week.

Hardware acceleration has been pushed back to Chrome 9.

Google invested in Atlantic Wind Connection, a backbone transmission project that works to increase the everyday consumer's use of alternative energy (wind power).

Google Chrome OS may be released on November 11th.

Google's latest project: a driverless car.

A kite has been replacing some Google Earth photos.

Google Sky gets a new social layer from Slooh.

Use Google's Flu Vaccine Finder to locate places around you to get flu shots at.


Mozilla gets a new CEO.

Microsoft's Docs for Facebook gets some major updates. The two companies are also teaming up to show things your Facebook friends "liked" further up in Bing searches.

Facebook is offering a new security feature: one-time use passwords. Users text Facebook to receive a password that is only valid for 20 minutes. Unfortunately another security feature is not so time-friendly -- it can take up to 16 months for photos to be deleted from Facebook.

Buy a poster of all your Facebook friends for only $20.

71% of 1.2 billion Twitter posts are ignored.

Learn how to download captions from YouTube videos.

If your email inbox is constantly overloaded, try out these tips to keep your mailbox organized and clear.

The new Skype (available only on Windows, for now) gets some sweet upgrades, like Facebook integration and group video calling.

AOL might be buying Yahoo.

URL shortener Bit.ly will now create QR codes for you.

HasWiFi will tell you if your future airline flight will have WiFi.

See 35 very entertaining 404 error pages.


This robotic curtain can see when people are peaking through your window, and will block their view accordingly.

Canon is working on a new printer and scanner that censors out important words in documents.

Check out this solar-powered tricycle that's built for real men.

This fancy bike gets personalized with your name.

Amazon is segmenting shorter-length e-books called Kindle Singles.

HP's latest printer has a mini detachable Android tablet that acts as a remote for the printer.

Squarehead Technology's latest invention is the AudioScope, a microphone and camera combination that can pinpoint the exact location of any sounds in an arena.


This pool made in Japan can create waves in any shape using computer-controlled actuators.

A new species of fish was discovered 4.5 miles under the sea.

A McDonald's Happy Meal was left, untouched, for 6 months; the burger and fries looked exactly the same the last day as it did on the first. The company has issued a response, stating that it must know the specific circumstances the food was in for it to make a conclusion.

Remember the Back To The Future self-lacing shoes that were up for action last week? Marty McFly's resizing jacket is also up for action.

A small design studio made a letterpress out of Lego blocks.

Watch a man solve the world's tiniest Rubik Cube.

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Tech Round Up, 10/10/10
10/09/10 at 10:51 PM by klawansie7

A new study indicates that 92% of two-year-olds in the U.S. have an online presence of some sort.

Should people post pictures of their babies/infants online? [Poll]


The New York Times has announced that Verizon will get the iPhone early next year citing a "a person who is in direct contact with Apple...who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity because the plans were supposed to be confidential and he did not want to alienate his contacts at Apple." This article accompanies the Wall Street Journal's reports.

To go along with Verizon iPhone rumors in the U.S., a CDMA provider in China, China Telecom, is rumored to be in talks with Apple about an iPhone on their network.

Apple is investigating issues with the glass breaking on iPhone 4 screens.

To compete with the HTC Evo 4G and other large-screen phones, Apple may release larger-screen (and smaller-screen) iPhones.

iOS 4.0 is now jailbroken on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The patch is apparently a little buggy, and other developers are not pleased that the exploit has been demonstrated this early.

It appears that Apple is getting closer to an agreement with labels for a tiered subscription-based music plan for $10 to $15 per month.

Apple may announce surprisingly high quarterly earnings on October 18.

Apple may have finished the 7-inch iPad at the same time the 9.7-inch but decided to only release the larger one. Other rumors indicate that the features of the 7-inch iPad might feature an an improved Retina display, 128GB internal storage, and a camera.

Rumors indicate that you'll be able to pick up an iPad with your Wal-Mart groceries next week.

Owners of older-model Macbooks and Macbook Pros should check for a firmware update that fixes issues with the chargers.


Facebook has completely revamped its groups feature, that includes automatic opt-in but is much easier to get out. It also allow users to download their entire profile. Photosharing has also been improved, with higher resolution downloadable images.

A Florida resident who happens to share a name with everyone's favorite 16-year-old pop star was temporarily kicked off Facebook for being a fake.

Social networking site Miso is a fantastic way to connect with television fanatics and friends.

Yahoo has recently begun updating its search engine features.

Learn how to access US-only sites outside of the US.

Twitter's CEO has just stepped down and brought up the former COO to take his place.

In addition to Twitter's promoted tweets, the site will also suggest promoted followers.

Firefox 4 will add Bing as a search engine option.

Free wi-fi is now available at all FedEx/ Kinko's stores.

Build a portable, solar powered wi-fi hotspot.

Read this simple guide to learn the differences are between the main types of image files used on the internet.


Logitech's Google TVs have been released this week; Dish Network will be offering subscriptions to the Revue boxes for $179. It's going to be the most expensive of the TV platforms. It soon might be integrated with Hulu. A recent patent suggests that users will be able to pay $2 to skip through television commercials.

Take a look at Sony's Google TV remote control.

Google's 411 hotline, 800-GOOG-411, will be shut down on November 12.

Picnik has launched a set of Halloween-themed photo manipulations.

Google makes enough money from ad space on Android apps that it gives away the operating system for free.

Google has recently acquired BlindType, a really sophisticated keyboard that is really tolerant to errors.


A 15-year old Italian boy has a robotic heart.

Barnes & Noble opens PubIt!, a self-publishing service that lets independent writers get their books published for electronic reading.

Sharper Image tries to make an e-reader... and fails miserably.

Toshiba is launching glasses-less 3D televisions in Japan this December.

Someone tries to reinvent the traditional power cable to make life easier.

Check out this photographer's watch that measures time in aperture numbers.

3M's Shoot 'n Share is a video camera and pico projector all in one.

For all of your fanciest occasions, wear this keyboard tie that actually plays music.

Casio builds a new graphing calculator with a high-res color display.

This vibrating pillow works as a soothing and gentle alarm clock.


Verizon's LTE network will reach 38 cities and half a dozen phones in the first half of 2011.

T-Mobile users will be able to place calls over WiFi in the coming months.

Android phones have been outselling iPhones lately. The Samsung Galaxy S has contributed its fair share by hitting over 5 million units sold.

Android and iPhone owners will be able to place free video calls to each other over 3G using Yahoo! Messenger.

Firefox 4.0 beta is now available for Android devices.

Amazon is releasing its own app store for Android.

Adobe's AIR runtime is now available for Android, and developers are already porting apps.

3G calling over Skype is available using a hacked version of the app.

What does the vice president of engineering at Google think of Windows 7? "The world doesn't need another [mobile] platform."

Blackberry Torch owners should have received a speed-enhancing update.

A new hack improves the picture and video quality of the Nokia N8.

AT&T will now charge $200 to upgrade your phone early.

AT&T has announced the Pantech Laser, a slider phone with a full keyboard and AMOLED screen.

Check out the rest of AT&T's Android phones, the Bravo, Flipout, and Flipside.

Sprint has announced its line of mid-range Android phones.

Check out a hands-on with the Motorola Droid Pro.

Engadget has a hands-on with the LG Optimus T and myTouch for T-Mobile. They've also shown off the LG Optimus S, the AT&T variant.

Check out a review of the T-Mobile G2. Demand was so high for the device that T-Mobile stopped taking pre-orders. Meanwhile, the development community is having issues rooting it.

FCC reports indicate that T-Mobile has at least one Windows Phone 7 device on the way.


Microsoft may be considering a purchase of Adobe.

Microsoft has 49 patches to various products coming this Tuesday.

Intel wants to make iPhone developers' lives easier with software to convert iPhone apps to Windows applications.

66% of people running Windows are still using Windows XP. Are you among the loyal (or lazy)?

Acer might start releasing all of its netbooks with both Windows 7 and Android OS.

A company called Cherrypal has announced a $188 Android 2.1 tablet with a 7-inch touchscreen and 2GB of storage.

HardOCP has done a speed comparison of the latest SLI and CrossfireX solutions.

Support breast cancer awareness with a pink mouse from Microsoft.


Owners of Sense-enabled HTC phones can sync and remotely lock their phones using.

Android users can see what they spend the most time doing on their phones with Stats.

Test the accuracy of your touchscreen with Touch Test.

Download and backup your Facebook data.

Learn how to fix the colors in Snow Leopards.

Add cloud printing to Chromium.

Play games on older computers using Onlive (featured on previous round-ups) which is now free.

Scan your computer when it's idle with Microsoft Security Essentials using a homemade screensaver.

Linux users can easily find new games with PenguSpy.


A teenager in the UK was jailed for refusing to give up his password.

The next time the apocalypse comes around, be prepared with $800 worth of food from Costco.

Get one of these awesome Tron suits, even if you don't have a bike.

Make all your dreams come true when the original Back to the Future II shoes go on sale.

Learn the truth about how chicken nuggets are made.

Complete your snuggie collection with the electric snuggie.

This mobile beverage carrier needs to be put into production, STAT.

The 100% compostable Sun Chips bags are getting pulled; they are just too loud!!

Imagine what the world would be like without logos... one guy is trying to make it a reality.

Contributors: CyberInferno, klawansie7
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Tech Round Up, 10/3/10
10/02/10 at 09:00 AM by klawansie7

Google Street View is now up and running for all 7 continents (yes, that includes Antarctica), but the Czech Republic just banned the service.

Google Translate now supports Latin.

The Translate team is working on a cool new product, called Conversation Mode. It would allow users to have a conversation in their own languages and have the other person's words repeated back in any other language.

Google Instant Search comes to Chrome!

Instant Search has added even more keyboard shortcuts to speed up search time. The service appears to have its own set of "dirty phrases" - things you actually have to press Enter to get results for. Take a look at the list, some of them don't really make sense.

Google is working a new image format based on VP8 to replace JPEG as the default image format.

Gmail conversation mode can be turned off.

Google Docs has gotten some much needed revision history updates.

Chrome 7 was released this week, as per the 6-week cycle between versions.

Logitech will be unveiling its line of Google TV products (yes, that's plural) on October 6, just 6 days before Sony is set to announce their own Google TV lineup.

The winners of Project 10^100, a search for organizations who want to change the world, were chosen this week. Each of the five organization was awarded between $1 and $3 million each to make their idea possible.


Read this fantastic interview with Aza Raskin, the Creative Lead of Firefox, where he explains how Firefox and Panorama are the future of the web... quite in contrast with Lifehacker's position that Chrome is slowly taking over Firefox's market of "power users".

It appears as though Skype will soon get Facebook integration to allow users to talk and video chat with their Facebook friends.

Mark Zuckerberg is donating $100 million to help schools in Newark, New Jersey.

Use YouTube Social to simultaneously watch videos with friends.

Try out Mirriam-Webster's Visual Dictionary to find out what things are called.

Even Microsoft's recent release of Internet Explorer 9 Beta can't keep the browser afloat in terms of market share.

Last.fm put together a very interesting infographic relating age and gender to musical preferences. It seems that as people age, their gender doesn't play much of a role in their musical preferences.

This week, PayPal will allow users to simply take a photo of the front and back of a check to deposit it in their account.

One guy wants to use YouTube to revolutionize the education system.

The Kindle is now available on the web.

AOL purchased another blog, TechCrunch.

Take a look at (and stay away from) the 17 most dangerous places on the web.


Belkin's Conserve Gateway is a "cloud-based management system" to track your home's total energy usage. Belkin's also got this Conserve Smart AV Surge Protector that controls the amount of energy sent to devices that aren't on.

Check out these 10 awesome inventions from the World's Maker Fare at the New York Hall of Science.

Looks like Justin Bieber is getting his own line of headphones.

Curved escalators are in our future.

A German company is bringing gold-dispensing machines to the US.

The Espresso Book Machine creates books in 3.5 minutes using Xerox technology, and will hopefully show up at libraries and small booksellers across the country within the next year.

Teenage Engineering's OP-1, apparently the most anticipated synthesizer of all time, is getting closer and closer to being released.

Border's eReader, Kobo, gets some much-needed updates and will be shipped just in time for the holidays.


How much do you loathe super-loud TV commercials? They are one step closer to extinction, thanks to a bill aptly called CALM.

IBM is teaming up with the City University of New York to create a school for grades 9-14. Students will graduate with a high-school diploma, an associate's degree, and preference for job openings at the company.

What exactly is a fanboy?

Watch this sweet video on how ink is made.

For those of you who really wanted to be astronauts but couldn't bear going that long without beer, check out this new beer that is designed to be consumed in zero gravity.

Magnets developed in California can turn you from a rightie to a leftie.

The owner of Segway, Inc. died earlier this week; he was testing out version built for roving over rough terrain and fell off a cliff.

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Tech Round Up, 9/26/10
09/26/10 at 08:22 PM by klawansie7

To keep yourself updated on all the latest and greatest Google products, check out Google New.

Apparently there are no animals in Oregon, because local hunters have been using Google's electricity fibers as target practice.

Google's rolled out a new transparency tool to allow users all over the world to check if their Google services are not working due to unintentional shut downs or government regulation.

Six new fonts have been recently added to Google Docs.

Google Earth has added an ocean layer to iOS3.

Over 3 million companies, schools, and organizations around the globe are using Google services.

Web developers will be happy to know that Google's HTML5 plug-in, Google Chrome Frame, is out of beta.


Is Facebook creating its own cell phone? Answer: unfortunately not.

Apparently denying someone your Facebook friendship doesn't block them from seeing all your information.

Facebook has revamped its gaming component.

Since no one likes Bing, Microsoft has started a reward program to encourage usage.

Check out YouTube Time Machine, which plays random videos from history (or, at least from 1860 until now).

YouTube Play, the video competition which will select 20 videos to be featured at the Guggenheim next month, has finally selected its shortlist of 125 videos.

Jet Blue will offer in-flight wi-fi... in 2012.

Internet Explorer 9 beta was downloaded over 2 million times in just two days.


Let a robot wash your hair, instead of some chatty Cathy.

The next generation of 3D TVs may skip out on the sophisticated glasses.

Check out this "snail" that clamps on the sides of pots and pans to quickly heat the contents.

The new Kindle has been jailbroken. The eReader has also gotten its first paid app: Scrabble.

Bookeen is finally releasing its eReader, CyBook Orizon.

New Flip HD video cameras hit the market.


If you haven't already heard of Batter Blaster, you're seriously missing out on life. Oh, and they're introducing a new flavor: bacon.

Apparently everyone should own a rice cooker.

Learn how to turn Welch's grape juice into alcohol.

Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy last week.

Buy this fantastic poster to help you pick out your own rap name.

Check out these 10 awesome but practical tools.
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Tech Round Up, 9/19/10
09/18/10 at 10:51 AM by klawansie7

See how big Google REALLY is with this fantastic infographic.

Google Health (who knew this existed?!?!) is getting revamped to be a more organized health tool.

Tuesday Google's Zeitgeist conference, they announced Google Me, a social layer be added to its already existing components. Previous speculation thought it would be launching Google Me as a standalone product and competitor to Facebook.

Attendees of the conference were given a nice compensation package: 3 month complementary Dish Network service and a Google TV-equipped Blu-Ray player.

Google TV is (maybe) set to launch through the Logitech Revue box on September 29th and cost a whopping $299.

Google Music is set to include a cloud-based "locker" to store its users tracks. The service may cost $25 a year.

Almost real-time flight tracking is now available through Google Earth.

Apparently Chrome 7 will be 60 times faster than Chrome 6.

Even though it isn't widely popular, Google Buzz isn't going anywhere.

Google has purchased Quiksee, an Israeli company that creates location-based interactive videos called Tours.

Skyhook is suing Google for patent infringement and business interference.


A 19-year-old Standford student created YouTube Instant in merely 3 hours after seeing Google's new search features on Wednesday. He was already offered a job from YouTube.

Learn how YouTube videos get from being recorded on your cell phone to being watched on a laptop.

Facebook rival Diaspora has released some screenshots of what the new social networking site will look like.

Twitter is rolling out new user interface, complete with content on the information page to show related tweets, info about the author, etc. Once you are able to see the new features (it's being rolled out over the next few weeks to all users), navigate it like a pro with these keyboard shortcuts.

Myspace is doing a complete overhaul, entitled Futura, to be released October 15th.

Yahoo is getting a new look soon.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 will now support HTML5.

Bing has passed Yahoo as the number two search engine, but still a far distance behind Google.

In one last desperate attempt to stay relevant, AOL is enlisting the help of the Jonas Brothers to redesign the internet.

Internet Explorer 9 beta was pushed out this week. It won't be supported in Windows XP. For the average user, here are 5 features that are really great.

If you haven't fallen in love with Firefox 4's Panorama yet, you can now search for tabs within the Panorama window.


The much-anticipated Boxee Box is now available for sale, exclusively through Amazon.

Oakley is planning to launch a line of 3D glasses.

Sony has created a super-thin paper e-reader.

A Pittsburg company has created a credit card line with buttons and displays for increased security and easier use.

Panasonic's new iron has points on both ends and is completely cordless.

If you're insanely lazy, get this new shower head system puts soap right into the water stream.


This creative fishbowl/ sink combo helps you conserve water.

Let your fish hang out in style with these fishbowl hotels.

Try out this suitcase that doubles as a seat... and speakers?

Ever wanted to make your own clouds? Well now you can with this foam printer.

Brownsville, Texas passed a law that charges $1 for every transaction using a plastic bag.

Super Mario Bros turned 25 this month.
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Tech Round Up, 9/12/10
09/11/10 at 01:00 PM by klawansie7

A new version Google Earth was released this week.

Google Instant Search is now up and running with new hotkeys. However, some classic search features are no longer available with the new interface. Opera will offer support of Instant Search soon. If you don't like it, learn how to turn it off.

Watch this video for Tom Lehrer's The Elements, made completely in Instant Search.

Another new Google feature announced this week is prediction software Google Scribe. This article was written entirely using Scribe.

Google TV is set to launch this Fall.

Remember the buckyball design that was the Google logo earlier in the week? Apparently the design used a whopping 15-20 watts of electricity!


GoDaddy.com, domain provider, is up for auction.

YouTube has yet to be profitable.

Facebook has surpassed Google for the first time ever in time spent on the website.

Firefox has made add-ons easier than ever by offering packages of the most popular ones grouped together.

A White House correspondent tweeted through a heart attack.

Students at Cornell University have generated a list of the most influential Twits, taking into account the number of followers and the likelyhood of the followers retweeting.


Best Buy is going to start selling the Kindle this fall.

Why ride a regular old bicycle when you can ride a horse bike?

Phillips has created the first AC- powered light fixture; it uses an alternative energy source so it won't be hard on your electric bill.

Nokia Mobile TV headphones are going to be available very soon.

Cleveland is putting RFID chips in residential recycling bins to monitor how often people are using them. For households who don't put out their bins for a few weeks will have their trash searched. If more than 10% of trash is recyclable, the owners will be fined $100.

Here are 10 great watches for the nerd in your life.
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Tech Round Up, 9/5/10
09/05/10 at 08:03 AM by klawansie7

Google has purchased SocialDeck, a gaming company that enables games to be played on multiple platforms, like Facebook, iPhone, and Blackberry.

Though Google Wave has been shut down due to lack of users, it will be available till the end of the year. They're also releasing most of the code in hopes that developers can find better uses for it.

SketchUp 8, an online 3D model creator, was just released.

Google has launched Things To Do, a UK feature that lists the most popular things to do online with Google products with instructions on how to do so. (Note: the page can still be viewed if you're not in the UK).

Google released Priority Inbox this week, a Gmail service that will sort emails by importance to you. It will be available to all Gmail users.

Google Apps users may be getting use of all apps.

Google and AOL have renewed their partnership with another 5 year contract.

Chrome turned two this week
. To celebrate, Chrome 6 was rolled out with some new features, like extension and autofill sync.

Arcade Fire teamed up with Google to make their latest music video, The Wilderness Downtown. The video shows off HTML5 at its finest.


Facebook offers a new security feature: remote logout.

Myspace has finally added Facebook and Twitter integration, allowing individuals, musicians, and celebrities to cross-post status updates on all three sites at once.

Twitter is now logging every link clicked through the service.

Skype 5.0 beta was released this week for Windows. The newest feature allows up to 10 people to chat at once.

Chatroulette is back up and running, but isn't really any better than it was before.

YouTube now features an HTML5 player, if your browser will support it.

Movie rentals are probably coming to YouTube.

Movies are all the rage these days- it looks like The Pirate Bay is getting a documentary written about it.

Amazon now offers 99 cent TV show episodes to compete with Apple.

The next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary will only be available online.

For more HTML5 fun this week, check out this audio demonstration done in Firefox 4.

At least 1,000 add-ons are already Firefox 4 compatible.


Sony's e-reader trio are getting updated with much better touch screens.

Panasonic releases a wall-mountable 3D Blu-Ray player, complete with wi-fi capabilities, speakers, and an iPod connectivity.

Wnat does a photo taken by a 120-megapixel camera look like? Fantastic, that's what.

Canon rolled out a 4k multipurpose video and still camera at their expo this week.

this new 360 degree camera shoots seamless panoramic images and is perfect for in-home and small business security.

Samsung released a new, full HD camcorder featuring a 20 degree slanted lens in hopes of lessening the strain on the user's wrist. The company also has captured 88% of the 3D TV market in the US.

Sony's first go at a 3D projector is fantastic for a personal movie theater.

Good news! Jet packs are finally available for sale!

This tiny BBQ grill will still cook food... one shrimp at a time.
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Tech Round Up, 8/29/10
08/28/10 at 11:37 AM by klawansie7

Due to the lawsuit from Oracle over the use of Java in Android, Google has backed out of the upcoming JavaOne conference.

Google introduces Google Beat, a YouTube channel to showcase the most popular searches of the week.

Google has purchased Angstro, a company that finds accurate information about people you know, and not people with similar names. To see all previous acquisitions Google has made, check out this inforgraphic.

Gmail now allows calls to be placed to actual phones, not just computers, but only in the US and Canada. Even though Gmail calling appears to be a competitor to Skype, Google is actually using it as competition for Facebook. Both services integrate communication with preexisting contacts.

Orkut, Google's social networking site that's popular in India and Brazil, got a major update this week to allow users to create friend groups and post different content per group.

Google image searches now offer an option to see more sizes of the same image.


Zero-View shows the best videos from YouTube - the ones with zero views! Seriously entertaining stuff, guys.

YouTube now offers some free, full-length movies.

New technology, EmoRate, uses a wireless headset and facial recognition software to determine how videos make you feel. It's currently being used to index and actually search for videos just by facial expressions.

Facebook competitor Diaspora will launch on September 15th.

Facebook chat will no longer be supported on Internet Explorer 6. It will stop on September 15, the day that the first IE9 beta will be released.

First Facebook wants to trademark the suffix "book", naming Teachbook, a little-known networking site for teachers, as taking advantage of the "generic plus BOOK" formula to create a plethora of networking sites. Now Mark Zuckerberg wants to register "Face" also. This could be an issue, since Apple owns the trademark for Facetime.

Chatroulette has been down since last Monday. What do you think the cryptic message on the site means?

Hulu Plus only has 14% more content than Hulu.

The web's top 300,000 sites' favicons are sized proportional to their amount of traffic. AP made the list!


LG's new wardrobe cleans and sterilizes your clothing vertically.

LG is putting into production two flexible e-paper displays, a 7.9 in color display and 19 in black and white display. No word yet on what they will be used for.

New battery prototypes run by breaking down sugars and fats, just like the human body.

This waterproof bluetooth headset is perfect for listening to music, making business calls, and chatting with friends all while underwater.

Mitsubishi has released three HD 3D TVs, a 40 in, 46 in, and 55 in. Meanwhile, Toshiba is working on some glasses-free 3D TVs.

Kodak is releasing a new 14 megapixel camera with a share button to quickly upload photos and videos to facebook, Flikr, and YouTube. Unfortunately, Twitter uploads will not be supported.

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Tech Round Up, 8/22/10
08/21/10 at 03:01 PM by klawansie7

The Chrome Web Store will launch in October. One of the main focuses of the store will be online games.

Google Calendar Sync is almost completely compatible with Outlook 2010 with the most recent update.

Watch this video to check out Google Live Search, which transforms the search box into a query that updates every time you edit the search term. I see the future of online searching, right here.

Have a favorite Google Doodle? Use this guide to permanently pin it one the Google homepage.

Like Facebook, Google is getting its own feature film.

Google TV made its live demo debut at ComicCon.

Google has purchased Riva and its subsidiary Like.com, a visual searh engine and recognition service.

Picasa 3.8 has been released.


Internet Explorer turned 15 this week.

Opera users are 50% more likely to click on ads than Chrome users.

Yahoo has transferred all of its searches to Bing.

Students who use Facebook frequently are more likely to finish school.

Learn how to disable Facebook Places.

YouTube launched Charts, a section that displays the top videos on the site. Sorry Gaga, looks like Bieber's got you beat.

Learn how to fully utilize every aspect of Flikr here.


A must-have this season - the Ferrari hair dryer.

Polaroid tries to stay relevant by teaming up with RealD to create some premium 3D glasses.

The Canon PowerShot S95 will shoot HD video.

A group of high school students built the world's most fuel-efficient car.

Pharmaceutical vending machines are being tested in the UK.
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Tech Round Up, 8/15/10
08/14/10 at 01:09 PM by klawansie7

Oracle is suing Google for their use of Java in Android.

A new Chrome extension encrypts all Google searches, for Windows and Linux only.

Google's South Korean office was raided by police. They suspected Google was illegally collecting data off wifi networks.

Learn how Google knows so much about your social network, and how Google Translate works.

Gmail contacts recently got a facelift to look more like the rest of Gmail, and now features a ton of new shortcuts. And, if you're still using the old version of Gmail, you will be informed to "switch to a modern browser" come September, when it will be discontinued.

Hear what Google has to say about their net neutrality policy with Verizon.

If you're as sad as I am about Google Wave going bye-bye, join the cause with one of these Save Google Wave t-shirts.


If your browser ready for HTML5? This test tells you how much your browser is utilizing HTML5 features.

Internet Explorer has gained market share for the second month in a row.

TabCandy is now officially launched in Firefox 4. Firefox 4 beta will also support multitouch.

Delta airlines launched a new application that will allow users to purchase tickets directly from Facebook.

Twitter has released an official policy on what to do with deceased members.

A new Chrome extension informs you when someone defriends you on Facebook.

The Facebook staff have launched a a live-streaming blog to allow people to see into their HQ.

Sam's Club will now offer free wifi in all their stores to allow customers try out their new wifi-enabled tvs.


This periscope camera brings the only cool thing about submarines to the surface.

The new Kindle designs show a built-in microphone - does this mean spoken annotations and Skype?

It appears that Amazon is building a handheld follows the person in front of it... weather they like it or not.

Ordo releases the first camcorders with removable pico projectors.

New touchscreen vending machines have appeared in Tokyo.
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Tech Round Up, 8/8/10
08/08/10 at 10:29 AM by klawansie7

Google now lets users sign into multiple accounts at once.

Gmail supports drag-and-drop file attachments.

Google App Inventor gives "regular people" the opportunity to create their own Android Apps.

Google Wave has been given the boot after just one year. Here's what Google has to say about it. Why do you think it wasn't a success?

Google and Verizon deny that they are in secret negotiations to speed up YouTube videos on Verizon phones.

Officials are using Google Earth to find unlicensed pools.

Google has officially acquired social network start up Slide.


Firefox may overtake Internet Explorer as the most popular browser in Europe.

Opera 10.70 developer was just released.

Internet Explorer 9 will be released to the public on September 15th.

Which browser is the most pixel-friendly?

CNN believes that Bing is out-inovating Google.

Bing Maps now offers a taxi fare calculator to keep your cab driver from ripping you off.

The FBI is forcing Wikipedia to take down their seal.

Fur.ly now offers URL shortening for multiple URLs.

Hotmail has been completely revamped, but isn't perfect.

Advertisers are spending more money than ever on Facebook.

Vonage just released an iPhone and Android App to let people call their Facebook friends for free.

New York car services are now going to be outfitted with free Wi-Fi.

Use YouTube to make prefect hard-boiled eggs.


Logitech announces a new line of home security cameras.

Sharp is attempting to release a glasses-free 3D smartphone.

Control Mario Kart with your eyes.

Humans have begun testing mind-controlled artificial arms.

The Kindle gets games.
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