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Cloudy With A Chance of Sarcasm
End of the Year/Albums of the Year 2010
12/20/10 at 05:48 AM by Sarcasm

Includes my full list, other staff members' lists, guest lists, awards, and a stream.
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Tech Round-Up 9-11
09/11/10 at 04:19 AM by Sarcasm

Microsoft employees held a funeral for the iPhone and Blackberry, in celebration of Windows Phone 7. Check out video footage here.

Samsung will hold an event this Thursday to introduce the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Nokia has appointed a new chief executive.

Android Froyo is not yet ready for tablets.

The T-Mobile G2 will retail at $199 on October 6th at Best Buy.

A Android SMS Trojan variant has been distributed through BHSEO.

Check out new shots of the new ASUS Windows Phone 7 prototype.

LG will make smartphones based on Nvidia Tegra 2.

Samsung has announced three new technologies for its new smartphones.

Google Voice for Android has been updated with home screen widgets.

Google Maps for Android now has GPS navigation for walking routes.


Solar cells are more efficient if they continually regenerate.

Researchers at Georgia Tech have created deceptive robots.

Social networking and new TV technology are going to bring big changes to your living room.

iLoveHandles turns your iPod nano into a watch.

Japan will begin to drilling for methane in its coastal waters.

The Michael Jackson Experience video game has been pushed back.
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Tech Round-Up 9/5/10
09/06/10 at 02:34 AM by Sarcasm

Google is aiming to release an Android music market, making music executives very excited.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been rooted a month before the phone is even scheduled to release. It will cost between $200 and $400 and will be available on Vodafone.

HTC's dual-mode CDMA/GSM Android slider has been spotted at the FCC in Verizon colors.

BlackBerry Torch 9800 can now be customized on Colorware.

Android accounts for a quarter of mobile web traffic.

LG Optimus 7 Windows Phone 7 prototype will be released in October.

The CNET News app is now available on Android.

A recent study has found that most people have a love-hate relationship with mobile phones.

More and more people have been using Twitter from mobile apps.


The Scotland Women in Technology (SWiT) group is hoping to increase the number of women making a career in IT.

Malaysia is cracking down on its web users.

Armin Van Buuren, a well-known trance DJ, had his credit card details stolen and placed up for sale.

Craigslist has blocked its adult services section.

Take a nice nap with
Panasonic's self-rocking Relax Chair Yasumi.

Duke Nukem Forever has been confirmed for 2011.
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Tech Round Up 8-28-10
08/29/10 at 05:07 AM by Sarcasm

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will have a HDMI dock, leather case, and many other accessories.

USA Today will be more optimized for tablets, smartphones, and other mobile platforms.

Apple says that Einstein and Lennon would have used Macs.

There will be no solution to the BlackBerry censoring issue in India.

Engadget has reviewed the Sony Ericcson Xperia X10 for AT&T.

Pictures of an unidentified new HTC device have leaked.

Fennec, Firefox for mobile phones, is now in its alpha stages for Android and Nokia N900.

Verizon confirmed the Android 2.2 update for Droid Incredible.

The Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 launch will cost more than half a billion dollars.


4chan exposed a woman who put her cat in a trash bin for 15 hours. The web attacked her and she is now in hiding.

Kokoro has unveiled its latest fembot Actroid F.

Boeing is developing a resuable spacecraft to replace the retiring fleet of space shuttles. Take a look inside the simulator.

Nike Air Max's have been infused with Wii Balance Board controls.

Check out this Pikachu Nintendo DSi charger.

Chemists believe that we can pull electricity from air.

Frog cells have given an artificial nose more sensitivity.
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Tech Round-Up 8-21-10
08/21/10 at 07:10 AM by Sarcasm

Check out the new leaks of the BlackBerry Bold R020 and 9670 Oxford.

Tubemote offers users the ability to watch YouTube videos on a big screen, controlled by mobile phones or any other device that has a Web browser.

Google has sold out of Nexus Ones for developers.
Check out this preview of the LG C900 for AT&T with Windows Phone 7.

More pictures of the T-Mobile G2 have emerged. Here are some more pictures, albeit a bit more blurry.

The Android 2.2 update for Droid X has been leaked.

Nokia has bought out Motally, an analytic firm, in order to compete with Apple's App Store.

The Samsung Cetus i917, equipped with Windows Phone 7, will be carried by AT&T.

BlackBerry App World 2.0 has left beta stages and is now available.


A Norwegian company has developed a paint-on surface coating that acts as a solar cell to generate electrical power.

Check out this backyard-built rocket launcher.

Kapersky Internet Security 2011 has been released.

North Korea has joined Facebook and Twitter this week. South Korea is reportedly attempting to ban the North Korean Twitter feed.

A group from Redmond's Windows team has entered into the Red Bull Flugtag competition in South Carolina.

This Belgian Internet user downloaded 2,680 GIGABYTES of data in one month.

Nobel prizewinner Robert Richardson claims that we are running out of helium.
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Tech Round Up, 8/15/10
08/14/10 at 05:33 PM by Sarcasm

Rupert Murdoch is launching a new national news publication for tablets and phones.

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is providing the Indian government with tools and information on how to monitor the BlackBerry.

Verizon's LTE will be launched in 30 markets, with San Francisco possibly joining the list.

Oracle is suing Google for the use of its Java product inside Android.

Samsung is working on updates to fix the Galaxy S's GPS issues.

Take a look inside the Droid 2. In addition, check out Engadget's review.

PayPal may be integrated into Android soon.

HTC has announced a launch event on September 15th, but has provided no detail as to what it is launching.

Dell Streak will be shipped to the US with Android 1.6, although leaked versions of an Android 2.1 update have already been discovered and worked on.

Unnamed sources at Sony are hinting at an Android-based PSP Phone.

Google has announced a new Android feature - Voice Actions, allowing users to control their phone with spoken commands.


All six Star Wars movies will be available on Blu-ray in 2011.

The first prototype of a Nao robot that shows emotion upon interaction with humans has been completed.

Two 3D consumer camcorders were revealed this week.

Dear Meat is a Tumblr site where people write letters to objects.

WikiLeaks is preparing to release even more Afghan files.

Game Maker for Mac has finally been released.

Middlesex University in UK has sent out 2,500 college acceptance letters erroneously, due to a computer glitch.
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Tech Round-Up 8/7/10
08/07/10 at 07:55 PM by Sarcasm

iPhone 4 users report less dropped calls than on the iPhone 3G.

Android is now the most popular consumer smartphone in the US. On the other hand, Symbian says that they are still the largest smartphone platform.

Zoomappy searches through the iPhone app store, Android Market, and Windows Marketplace, all on one site.

A WiFi enabled iPhone 3GS will be available on China Unicom this Monday.

The Droid 2 will be released August 12th.

Motorola's Milestone XT720 has made its US debut on regional provider Cincinnati Bell.

Will HTC's new dual-mode CDMA / GSM Android slider be available on Verizon in 2011?

Is this ASUS' new Windows Phone 7?

Is this the new HTC Desire HD?

PSX4droid allows you to play emulated PlayStation games on your Android phone.

As posted last week, BlackBerry messaging services were shut down in Saudi Arabia. However, the services were restored a couple hours later. BlackBerry executives are also reportedly making a deal with the Saudis to restore its mobile email service.


If you shine two lasers at each other on certain surfaces, the beams will cancel and create darkness.

Graphene, a newly discovered supermaterial, can kill bacteria.

Plug free electric cars may have a bigger carbon footprint than those of some diesel cars.

Satellites in low-Earth orbit could blow helium bubbles at the end of their lives, allowing them to be dragged back down to Earth.

Yoko Ono says the Beatles will not be available on iTunes anytime soon.

Need help with your idioms? Try IdiomDictionary.

Check out the future of DJing.

India is recruiting computer hackers for a major cyber offensive.

Six thousand former NFL players are filing a suit against EA for using their likenesses in Madden NFL videogames.

Purdue University scientists have developed a metamaterial invisibility cloak.
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Tech Round Up 8-1-10
08/01/10 at 02:29 PM by Sarcasm

Android 2.2 can be downloaded for the HTC EVO.

Android 2.2 for Samsung Galaxy S has been leaked.

Motorola, the leader of Android Smartphones, is still very far behind the iPhone.

The Android stencil kit helps developers make their apps look sharp.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are banning BlackBerry messaging, e-mail and web browsing services

The Dropbox app for Blackberry has entered beta stages.

Security researchers at the Defcon hackers conference released a tool to Android phones.

Android 2.2 Froyo will be available on the Motorola Droid next week.

Samsung's 4-inch Windows Phone 7 device has received the moniker Cetus.

User guides for the upcoming Motorola Droid 2 have been leaked.

Millions of Android users were attacked by a malicious data theft app.


Small lengths of exercise lead to long periods of boosted creativity.

Spirit will be able to jailbreak all iOS 4.0.1 and 4.0 devices soon.

Anti-P2P lawyers have been accused of copyright hypocrisy.

Make your own In-N-Out burgers in the comforts of your own home.

Learn how to backup your vinyl collection by casting copies of your records.

Watch what happens when you put a brick in a washing machine.

Raptr is a gaming social client, messaging client, and organizer.
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Tech Round-Up 7/24/10
07/24/10 at 08:47 AM by Sarcasm

A cell phone group in San Francisco is suing the city's cell phone radiation law.

Windows Phone 7's Mobile IE has been tested and compared against iOS4's Mobile Safari.

Become an Android power user.

HP will not be producing Windows Phone 7 devices.

The Mugen Battery Pack doubles Evo 4G's battery life.

AT&T will be releasing its new calling/data plans on July 25.

Microsoft wants its employees to code Windows Phone 7 apps in their free time.

AT&T has activated 3.2 million iPhones, with 27% new accounts.

400k-500k iPad 3Gs were activated on AT&T in the first 2 months.

The BlackBerry Smartwatch is almost completed.

The Motorola Droid X has been rooted.


Learn how to restore the color of old Lego bricks.

Go behind the scenes of Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox.

Australian corporate web filters have blocked access to the website of the Australian Sex Party, a registered political party.

The infamous "blue screen of death" appeared on the Deepwater Horizon computers, leading to the BP oil spill.

A Swedish software engineer has transformed his organ into an 8-bit synthesizer.

To make needle's less scary for kids, Syrinx has been released. Syringes are now shaped like animals with needles coming out of their noses.

NASA Astronauts had their Twitter accounts hacked.

Write.fm lets you share shippets of text and file attachments.

Uranium nitride, the "nuclear fuel of the future", is very reactive.
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Tech Round Up 7/18/10
07/15/10 at 06:58 PM by Sarcasm

Check out the BlackBerry 9800 for AT&T.

The iPhone 4 has been spotted at Walmart and Best Buy. For those interested, iFixit has already torn down the iPhone 4.

iFixit has disassembled the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini, revealing tightly packed hardware.

The HTC Mozart, which runs Windows Phone 7, has leaked in Australia.

Engadget has gotten a hands-on preview of a Samsung Windows 7 prototype that was made for testing purposes only.

A Russian coder has found the root of the new Samsung Galaxy S.

Google Maps on Android has been updated to include public transit schedules.

The unlocked Nokia N900 is now only $369, receiving a $230 discount.

Twitter's iPhone app is now ready for multitasking in OS 4.

CNET reports that 1/5th of Android apps expose private data.

Check out this watchphone with a 1.3-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, and a 2 mp camera.

Engadget got their hands on the new Samsung Captivate from AT&T.


Shutdown Timer lets you shut down, log off, etc. your computer at programmed times.

Learn how to make power with potatoes!

This condom with teeth helps protect against rape.

Check out these self-standing toothbrushes.

Colorware will now repaint and add color to your Segways.

Tron enthusiasts will themselves satisfied with these new high-tech toys.

Vuzix e-glasses are now available in 4 colors.
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Tech Round-Up 6-12
06/12/10 at 06:12 AM by Sarcasm

How would you change HTC's Droid Incredible?

The HTC Legend has debuted on Virgin Mobile in Canada.

Check out these shots of the Motorola Droid X. Is it coming to Verizon?

Samsung's Galaxy Apollo is coming soon.

The HTC Liberty for AT&T has been revealed.

Check out this hands-on review of Fring, the all-in-one VOIP and IM app for Android.

The Nexus One has been hacked to record video in 720p high definition.

AT&T data service is down in the Southeast and even in Puerto Rico.

Microsoft is helping OEMs develop new and unique applications and software for Windows Phone 7.

T-Mobile, not Verizon, will most likely receive the iPhone 4 first.

AT&T's iPhone 4 launch day has been set for June 24th, starting at 7AM.

A developer wants to send an Android smartphone into space to take pictures and collect location data.

The HTC EVO 4G has held its own in a series of scratch tests.

Adobe expects Flash on 250 million smartphones by the end of 2012.


A new voice-based stress detector can identify stress and which job candidates can perform best under pressure.

The Terrestrial Shrub Rover is a solar-powered car that is disiguised as a moving shrub.

Math genius Ian McHale of the University of Salford has used statistics to attempt to predict the the winners during the World Cup. You can learn how to follow the World Cup on Twitter here.

ESPN 3D has launched with FIFA World Cup coverage.

Movie theater 3D glasses carry bacteria.

A law firm called White Berberian will defend accused file sharers of The Hurt Locker.

The world's first plastic antibodies work in mice.

Bored? Try Ragdoll Tennis.

A virtual graveyard has been created for Hong Kong's dead.
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Tech Round Up 6/6/10
06/05/10 at 05:57 PM by Sarcasm

Ross Rubin has analyzed Android's potential in the TV market.

Here's a way to get Android 2.2 on your Motorola Droid. The only feature it doesn't include is Wi-Fi.

Aava Mobile's Intel Moorestone prototype plays the PC version of World of Warcraft flawlessly.

Check out these new pictures of the BlackBerry Bold 9800.

The Motorola Droid Xtreme has been pictured again, but has yet to be announced.

Sprint's activiation system crashed.

Semantec has launched antivirus software for smartphones.

Check out this iPhone vs. Android report.

Audible has a new beta of its audiobook Android app. (Man, I love alliteration!)

Andy Ihnatko has reviewed HTC’s Droid Incredible and Sprint EVO 4G.

HomePipe is a service that lets you access files on your computer remotely via your iPhone or Android phone. Music streaming is now available, but doesn't work that well.

Google Music is planned to be Google's answer to iTunes on Android.

HP is not planning on expanding Palm's smartphone business.

Google has added app search to Google Mobile on Android and iPhone.


Learn how to install a solar panel in your car.

This robot has painted what a car sounds like. Not what it looks like, but what the engine sounds like.

Learn how to turn an old sewing machine into a scroll saw.

A Sydney restaurant has replaced old-fashioned menu cards with interactive iPads.

Interested in the sex life of crickets?

IOGraph makes art out of your keystrokes. Download the app here and feel free to post your results up here.
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Tech Round-Up, 5-29-10
05/29/10 at 04:13 AM by Sarcasm

The Samsung Galaxy will be available in Asia in June.

Microsoft Bing may replace Google as the default search engine on the iPhone.

A large UK child pornography ring was discovered after a man left his phone, a Sony Ericsson W350i, on the bus.

Android 2.2 Froyo has been reviewed.

Facebook can now be integrated into Android apps.

Tired of people draining your Android phone's battery? Try this fake battery app.

Motorola will release two Android smartphones on Verizon in July.

Android 2.2 has already been hacked onto the HTC Dream and Magic.

In response to the lack of Android phones on AT&T, Samsung will release the Samsung i897.

The Nokia N8 will be released in the UK on August 25.

Nokia has only sold 100,000 N900s.

Check out this preview of the SlingPlayer Mobile Android app.

Check out the first 4G Android phone.

The Nokia N8 will be available on Vodafone UK, its first official carrier.

The Samsung Behold, which promised a 2.0 Android upgrade, is not updating. Legal steps may be taken by snubbed owners.

The Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are now available on O2 UK.

Windows Phone 7 has appeared on a Samsung prototype phone.

The Droid Incredible suffers from AMOLED shortage.

The T-Mobile Garminfone will be released June 9th.


There are 7 different types of designers. Which are you?

Cog is a new open source media player for Mac only. It aims to replace iTunes.

Lifehacker explains how to unlock your garage door from the outside, just in case you locked yourself out.

Threadless released a glow-in-the-dark Tron hoodie, which is generating lots of buzz for the new Tron Legacy movie.

The Rubix Cube has celebrated its 30th anniversary.

A Texas woman has appealed a $27,750 file-sharing judgment to the Supreme Court.

You can now tidy up with Game Boy soap.

Spam botnets are on the rise in Africa.

Symantec has discovered a server with with 44 million stolen online game accounts.

An artist has created a "Back to the Future" hoverboard that floats using electromagnets.

Japanese watch company Seahope have created a Transformers clock.
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Technology Round-up 5/16
05/17/10 at 05:10 PM by Sarcasm

The latest marketing statistics indicate that Android phones are outselling iPhones. Of course, it has the advantage of multiple network support and a bunch of phones. So let's turn the question to the readers. Which mobile operating system do you prefer, Android or iPhone? [Poll]


Rumor has it that Verizon has a marketing executive working on an upcoming iPhone campaign.

It looks like Apple's 13" Macbook will get another hardware upgrade in the near future.

After Apple's onslaught of patent-infringement lawsuits against HTC, HTC has countersued Apple for infringing on five of their patents.

Adobe insists that despite Steve Jobs' recent comments about Flash, Adobe has "never abandoned Apple."

Apple will release an update for iPad users having issues with WiFi.

Apple has started accepting international iPad pre-orders.

Hulu has released some pretty bad news for the Apple camp: it does not plan to support an HTML5 version for the iPad.

By the end of 2010, people will be able to purchase an iPad at Walmart.


If last week's list of reasons to quit Facebook didn't convince you, here are a few more reasons. If you're not convinced and/or just don't care, eWeek.com has put together the top 10 things to remember about Facebook privacy and security. A really handy new feature allows you to see when your account has been logged onto from a new device.

Four NYU students are looking to completely reinvent Facebook, calling their project Diaspora.

If you're looking for a way to share files with family and friends, why not use BitTorrent? Here's a step-by-step guide to using the torrent client for such reasons.

To anyone still using Windows XP, Internet Explorer 9 won't work for you. This is Microsoft's way of getting people to upgrade to Windows 7.

Learn how to embed videos into your webpage with HTML 5. Or, if you're still wondering what the heck HTML 5 is, read about it here.

Get a first glimpse at what Firefox 4 will look like.

Check out Dealmap, a mashup of online coupon sites shown right on a Google Map of your town.

Photo search engine NachoFoto groups photos by age and relevance, much more user friendly than Google Images.

Youtube has added a new feature that allows videos to be 'unlisted', or not indexed, which means they won't come up in search results.

In case you didn't know, Youtube has been supporting 3D content for almost a year..

Netflix now offers over half of its online movie rentals in HD.

Even though Hulu hasn't made the switch to HTML 5 just yet, it has added a few of new features, including thumbnail previews on the progress and bar and normalization of ad volume.

Skype group calling is now available as free download to PC users.

Many factors go into where you should chat online; use this flowcart to help you decide.


A new update for Google Maps on Android now include biking directions, shortcuts, and location sharing.

Google is promoting Docs as an upgrade from Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007 as opposed to Office 2010, even though Google originally said their Docs weren't in competition with Office.

Gmail now allows photos and attachments to be dragged and dropped into emails. It currently only works in Chrome, but will be available to other browsers soon.

Google will now show you short answers at the top of a search when you request a simple fact, including the source of the fact.

Verizon is pairing with Google to create an iPad competitor.

If you've got an .edu Gmail account, learn how to get access to Google Voice.

Google's attempt to sell the Nexus One solely online was an unsuccessful try at revolutionizing the cell phone market. Neither Verizon nor Sprint even offer the phone anymore.

Street View cars accidentally grabbed a bunch of personal data from open WiFi networks.


Watch Roger Linn debut his multitouch instrument.

Border's eReader, Kobo, is now available for preorder and will ship June 17.

Sonos wireless S5 speakers will soon be getting a software update that will allow them to be remotely controlled by an iPod Touch or iPhone.

GigaPan Epic Pro robotic camera mount shows off what it can do with the world's largest panoramic photo of Dubai.

The Sony EVIL NEX 3 has been released, with a funky-looking body but great features like a touchscreen and HD sensor.

The Amazon Kindle will now update books on the e-reader, but you have to ask for them.

Samsung e-readers E60 and E61 will be available in July in the UK.

PeekFreak makes homemade cameras that take some pretty interesting photos.

Apparently Panasonic's 50-inch TX-P50VT20 plasma is the best 3D TV to date.

Skullcandy just released a line of NBA branded headphones.

Phillips rolls out a new, energy efficient LED light bulb, but at the steep price of $60 a bulb.


At the Shanghai World Expo, ZTE has revealed the V7 MID with the Maemo OS and 3G support.

Engadget has reviewed the LG Ally.

The Nexus One has booted up Windows 3.11, an old version of Windows OS from 1993.

Engadget also has the HTC Wildfire and has posted a video and specs for the new phone.

The Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9650 has gone on sale a little bit earlier than expected.

Nvidia's Tegra 2 will support Android phones first and foremost.

The HTC Mondrian with 1.3GHz Snapdragon has been detailed in the leaked Windows Phone 7 OS ROM.

Samsung Moment users are finally getting the Android 2.1 update.

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, has been showing off the Dell Streak. He has stated that the Streak will be coming next month to Telefonica O2 and will be available later this summer with AT&T.

After failure selling the Nexus One online, Google has shut down the web store.

This chart helps you tell what version of Android you're running.

Is the Motorola Motoroi getting Android 2.1 for a UK release?

The Motorola Ruth/Flipout has leaked again. Will it be out in June?


Microsoft is ending support for Windows 2000 and XP on June 13.

Microsoft's Security Essentials antivirus/antispyware software is impervious to the latest Matousec exploit.

uTorrent now has its own app store. Talk about irony...

Firefox 3.7 will be released officially as Firefox 4.0 when it leaves beta status. Mozilla says the browser will be "fast, powerful, and empowering."

Corsair has set a new record for memory speed 2287.6 MHz.

Skype might incorporate advertising to keep the service free.

Snagit, one of the best screen video capture tools, has reached version 10.

Rumor has it that Acer might be releasing a computer with Chrome OS in two weeks. Check out a mock-up of what the operating system might look like.


If you're a little too addicted to Facebook, keep yourself away from it (at least on your computer) with this user script.

Fix blurry photos with Unshake.

Keep your software updated with Software Informer.

Find out what kind of private information is stored on your computer with Identity Finder.

Let Firefox read to you with this addon.

Download YouTube videos conveniently with YouTube Video Downloader.

Back up your Blackberry with Carbonite.


This Canon DSLR shutter has been turned into a Atari Joystick. Check the video here.

The fourth Darth Vader Project exhibition will occur this June, with over 100 helmets redesigned by underground artists.

Learn how to poop in space. Just in case, you know, you ever need to go while you're in space.

The new Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviator headphones should be available sometime in June.

The Nintendo Wii has been approved by the American Heart Association.

Check out Kiwi Choice's new portable solar powered charger.

These are the first pictures of the F-35 Lighting II jet fighters flying in formation.

The Pentagon can tell that you're sick before even before you can. Relying on 30 genetic markers, the new gadget can detect illnesses before the symptoms show up.

Fujitsu has installed curved plasma screens at the Kansai airport.

Gadgets make people happy.

RnB singer The Dream leaked his new song "Champagne" to help the FBI track music piracy computer hackers. Three hackers were caught.

Contributors: Sarcasm, klawansie7, CyberInferno

Feel free to voice your comments and suggestions in the replies.
Tags: tech round-up
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Tech Round-Up 5/9/10
05/10/10 at 04:07 AM by Sarcasm

One of the original computer pioneers has passed away. Before he died, he became skeptical of the devices, reporting in that he had not "touched a computer, watched TV or used a credit card in 15 years." Will we ultimately become slaves to our technology? [Poll]


Apple's vendetta against Flash might be caused by its developing a competing format. So much for relying on HTML5.

Women report that iPhones hurt their sex lives. Any women out there care to comment?

New details about the iPhone 4 confirm an HD screen. Also, check out the latest features of iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3.

It appears that Verizon will not be getting the iPhone this year.

The iPhone 3G can now run Android OS.

Apple may incorporate heartrate censors as a means of security for iPhone users.

Visa plans to have everyone swiping their iPhones instead of their credit cards this summer.

The iPad is going international in nine countries. Though reports indicate that everyone is buying iPads instead of netbooks, well-known blogger Paul Thurrott reports that the numbers are hardly conclusive.

Nokia is suing Apple over five patents.

Mac OS X 10.6.4 will address graphical issues and improv Windows file sharing.

New Macbook Pros have a utility for switching between onboard graphics and discrete NVIDIA graphics to conserve battery life or experience better performance.


Add Facebook 'likes' to your WordPress Blog. Or, if you're as fed up as I am with the new privacy policy shenanigans as I am, read the top ten reasons to quit and find an alternative social networking site.

Microsoft tests out Internet Explorer 9 and actually adheres to some web standards this time around.

Wikipedia now offers custom books to be made from any articles on its site.

Playboy is debuting a safe-for-work site, for people who "read it for the articles".

HTML 5's audio tag could open the doors to online audio editing.

Craig's List adult ads are under scrutiny...again.

Recent statistics show that Chrome is the the fastest growing web browser, with Internet Explorer dropping below 60% market share.

Skype is adding a 5-way calling feature.


Google just purchased OS overlay BumpTop. Does this mean 3D Chrome desktop is coming soon?

Two wind farms in North Carolina were recently purchased by Google.

Google will soon sell e-books by the end of July.

Google Chrome is FAST. This ad shows just how fast.

New search interface on Google looks more like Bing, but isn't totally functioning on mobile devices just yet. If you hate it, you can download Google Classic for Chrome or Firefox.

Later in the year, all Google Apps users will have full access to all services.


Borders' e-reader Kobo is now available for

If you want to build a time machine, it's apparently pretty simple.

TomTom XL and XXL are now available in the US, with 7 million POIs each. The new TomTom Voice Pack lets Darth Vader give you directions.

Mail in your Warner Bros DVDs + $4.95 to convert them to Blu-Rays.

Apparently the TiVo Effect doesn't exist.

Watch a Motorola Droid solve a Rubik's Cube in 24 seconds.

This 3D printer makes ice sculptures.

The new TI-Nspire has a sweet new touchpad sure to make nerds everywhere rejoice.

nPower's PEG Personal Energy Generator uses your energy to recharge batteries and electronics.

Look for the Archos Vision 3 this summer, it's got all the capabilities of and iPod Nano but also takes pictures AND costs less than $100.


This Motorola Droid robot can solve a Rubix Cube in under 20 seconds.

Will this be the ugliest Blackberry ever?

The private beta of SlingPlayer for Android is already out and undergoing testing.

The Meizu M9 may be out this August with Android 2.1.

The Sprint HTC Evo should be able to be preordered this month.

UK's Milestone is getting the Android 2.1 update.

T-Mobile customers are having a tough time upgrading to the HTC HD 2, with the phone only being offered to new customers.

The Samsung Moment and HTC Hero will be upgraded to Android 2.1 in Quarter 2.

Sooyu has unboxed and reviewed the Lenovo LePhone before its release in China.

AT&T Palm Pre Plus and 3G MicroCell will be available May 16.


Intel predicts that we will have 10GHz processors by next year.

It looks like the HP Hurricane tablet (now powered by WebOS) will be released in the third quarter of 2010. Meanwhile, the ExoPC Slate runs Windows 7 and can reportedly play back 1080p videos, a feat which the iPad cannot claim.

While people like to argue that Windows 7 uses too much power, the latest version of Ubuntu actually consumes more power. Microsoft's latest operating system also migh be faster than the popular Linux distro.

A new hard drive technology allows drives to store data at one terabyte per inch.

The latest version of Google Chrome has quite a few speed enhancements.

Google has purchased BumpTop Desktop, 3D desktop software which has been featured in previous round-ups.


Try turning that old shirt you never wear anymore into an apron.

A $20,000 surfboard? Sounds like a wipeout in your bank account.

Sociologists invaded World of Warcraft and analyzed the behavior of players.

Check out the sweet gadgets from Iron Man 2.

Underwater kites can fix our climate problems.

The Pentagon is researching implants that can repair damaged brains.

A bracelet battery?

Watch the most dangerous army weapon in action.

According to Stephen Hawking, building a time machine isn't hard: "All you need is a wormhole, the Large Hadron Collider or a rocket that goes really, really fast." Why not build your own?


Jailbreak any Apple mobile device.

Use a T-Mobile connection on an iPad and connect an iPad to an external hard drive.

Make the Windows 7 taskbar work for you.

All Windows 7 users can now enable Dreamscene backgrounds.

Log into Windows with facial recognition for free.

ErrMsg will identify Windows error codes.

Send files conveniently and easily with WeTransfer.

Check grammar and spelling on Google Chrome with After the Deadline.

Avoid digital procrastination and stay focused on your work with these 10 tips.

Contributors: Sarcasm, klawansie7, CyberInferno

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Tags: tech round-up
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