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12/01/11 at 10:46 PM by Blake Solomon
there's a reason there's more money in fiction than non-fiction.

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11/27/11 at 10:56 PM by Blake Solomon
I've never been a big brand new fan. But I've been listening to The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me quite a bit lately, especially the song "Jesus Christ." It reminds me of some other song, but I can never quite put my finger on it.

Except wait, it just hit me, it's a Modest Mouse song. The guitar riff is very similar to soemthing from a Modest Mouse song on The Moon and Antarctica. I'm too lazy to look it up right now, but I will tomorrow.

Anyways, the lyrics are below, with a vid. Maybe Brand New is better than I thought. Maybe not. If anything is relative, it's our relationship to music. Next week I could hate this song. Enjoy it while you can, I suppose.


wordsJesus Christ, that's a pretty face
The kind you'd find on someone that could save
If they don't put me away
It'll be a miracle

Do you believe you're missing out?
That everything good is happening somewhere else
With nobody in your bed
The night is hard to get through

And I will die all alone
And when I arrive I won't know anyone

Jesus Christ, I'm alone again
So what did you do those three days you were dead?
Because this problem is going to last
More than the weekend

Jesus Christ, I'm not scared to die
But I'm a little bit scared of what comes after
Do I get the gold chariot
Or do I float through the ceiling

Or do I divide and pull apart
Because my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark
This ship went down in sight of land
And at the gates does Thomas ask to see my hands?

I know you're coming in the night like a thief
But I've had some time, O Lord, to hone my lying technique
I know you think that I'm someone you can trust
But I'm scared I'll get scared and I swear I'll try to nail you back up
So do you think that we could work out a sign
So I'll know it's you and that it's over so I won't even try
I know you're coming for the people like me
But we all got wood and nails
And we turn out hate in factories
We all got wood and nails
And we turn out hate in factories
We all got wood and nails
And we sleep inside of this machine

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11/14/11 at 05:25 PM by Blake Solomon
Last week was my 8th anniversary of signing up to be a member of AP.net. That's nuts, and cool. Because I know that I would not be the same person I am now without this site. In fact, it actually worries/scares me to think about what I would be doing if I hadn't stumbled across this place.

Nuts. This is honestly the longest relationship I've ever had. Even though I don't post as much as I used to, I still visit this site everyday. And on the off-occasion that I don't check the site, I honestly feel kind of weird or like something's missing.

I don't remember how I wound up here, but I have a feeling it had something to do with this:

Tags: blake, anniversary, 8 years, blog
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me vs
11/13/11 at 10:29 PM by Blake Solomon
What if all
We ever
Is each other

The new Johnny Foreigner album, Johnny Foreigner VS. Everything, is fantastic. Check it out. www.bloggyforeigner.blogspot.com.

I'm not done with this, i'm not giving in, i'm not giving up on you
We just got older.

Tags: johnny foreigner, blake, blog
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molly's guitar
10/25/11 at 08:51 PM by Blake Solomon
If we don't give up, there is no wrong decision.

If we keep calm and carry on, we will.

Tags: blake, forward
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09/25/11 at 09:58 AM by Blake Solomon
New La Dispute, Wildlife, is great. Of course this is my new favorite album. Sigh, but also great. See why below.

Pick it up October 4th from No Sleep Records (www.nosleeprecs.com)

"A Departure"
wordsTo scratched out, for everything.
Night fell on me writing this and I ran out of paper so I crossed the name out at the top of the page. Not sure why I'm even writing this. But I guess it feels right. It sort of feels like I have to-like an exorcism.

I guess that makes me sound crazy but that's alright. Lately I feel like I might be, not that I've heard any voices or anything. Just like that everyday kind, where you forget things you shouldn't and you think too much about death.

Maybe you know what I'm talking about. Or maybe you would have known? Or had known?
Is it once knew? I don't know what tense to use.

I know I never used to feel like this. I used to never think of death or hear voices. I used to feel Like everything was perfectly in order, a normal life, but I guess then came a departure.
That I know you understand (or would've understood?). I guess things changed after that, and I'm mostly scared now.
But it's there in the stories, or whatever they are. You can see it. Anybody could if they could Look. I wrote some notes in the margins explaining it. The rest is in between lines or in the fine Print. First, the feeling of abandonment, then trying to cope. Then death and hope and the thing Itself, waiting for me. It's all there in the pages ahead of here. It's there waiting for you.
Or for me. I'm not sure.
The whole story.

I'm pretty fucking sick of being sad.

Tags: la dispute, blake, lyrics
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09/21/11 at 09:21 AM by Blake Solomon
"If we don't live in a vacuum, why does everything suck all the time?"

I thought of that walking to the subway yesterday morning. Obviously, good times.

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09/04/11 at 09:47 PM by Blake Solomon
everything is blah blah blah whatever. but i am supposed to be ok

maybe i am ok.

it's one of those things that only time will know.

and for all it's scientific promptness, time can be a real dickhead.

Tags: blake, what
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Forks and Cake
08/26/11 at 08:02 AM by Blake Solomon
This is a really good record.

As Tall As Lions - Lafcadio

fave songs: "Break Blossom", "96 Heartbeats", "If I'm Not Out Burning", "A Ghost in Drag"

dust this one off today if you haven't in a while.

Tags: as tall as lions, blog, blake
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08/05/11 at 12:48 PM by Blake Solomon
As has been said about a billion trillion times so far this year, 2011 has been pretty good as far as music that I like. I don't know if it's been great for music you like, but for me, yes. But also, isn't it kind of weird when we say "music" is better this year than a previous year? There's always great stuff out there if you're looking - so I'm less inclined to judge a year based on another year - at least in terms of musicality. In life, there are certainly better years than others. And knock on wood, this one has been pretty good. Two weeks into the job, I'm contributing. My apartment is awesome, my roommates are nice. It's working out! For now. I hate that I have to include a "for now," but that is the superstitious/pessimist in me. And that little guy, though still handsome, will always be a part of me.

BUT ANYWAYS, I just wanted to highlight a song that I find to be one of the most special from this year. It's called "Parts in Different Places" and it is by NY's own Moving Mountains. Check out a vid and lyrics below. If you like big sweeping rock numbers, maybe like Muse but darker?, you'll probably dig on this.

Knock on wood.

Parts in Different PlacesWe were driving down furnace woods - long sleeves, striped shirts, throging my hands out the doo, but all in fun. Did we kill him?
(Wait for the air to stop, then wake up. Come Up. Hold your head in the place, but shake off your thoughts)
I laughed so hard, glass through the air. Right by his face, good thing we cared - but not at all.
And it was then, that I felt the breeze over my heard and through my hands.
Are you sorry? Are you sad?
You're just a little bit tired.
You didn't even mean to leave, nothing more. I won't remember what it's like to be young again. I'm just a little bit tired. And anyone would feel the same, when you were leaving me.
You once wrote me a card, that won't fit (in my hands). And it was funny at the time, but now it just stays with me. And I hope your will hear when I sing this to you. Keep moving on, keep moving on.
Tags: moving mountains, nyc, life, 2011
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07/18/11 at 10:31 PM by Blake Solomon
So I move to New York City this Saturday. Starting my gig as an advertising copywriter. It's cool, because I've been working towards this goal for over two years now. But it's also pretty terrifying because this is a job and this is it. I've been in school my whole life, but that's over. I'm stoked. I'm so stoked. To make money for doing what I love seems like a dream. I hope it's a dream. I mean, I know it won't be, because it's still a job and the point of that job is still to make boring people money. But whatever, it's going to be fun.

And so I move on from Atlanta, a city I have a very weird relationship with. Don't get me wrong, it's a cool place. I wish I knew it better; I wish I didn't have to spend so much time holed up indoors working hard to escape a place I never really lived in. Maybe in another life this could have been my permanent home. Maybe it could have been a place I was proud to call home. But it never will be and that's ok.

Especially when, the people I met here, the people I've grown to love, aren't from here. They are from everywhere. They are the oddities of this even odder country. And they are awesome and I'm going to miss them dearly. But I have a hunch it won't really be goodbye for most of these relationships, which is something I've never really felt the other couple of times I've moved from somewhere. I feel compelled for the first time to keep up communication. Hopefully they do too.

This is a weird time. For every second that I allow myself to be happy, I get sad about the prospect of packing up and going. It's a sort of conflict that is real and also really stupid. Duh: it's a good problem to have. I got a job! That's hard to do in this industry and I thank my lucky stars and the Big Guy every day. It truly is a miracle. But I've been living in a bubble, and that bubble is gone in 5 days.

And in that bubble are some of the best people I've ever known.

Tags: job, new york city, moving,
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worn out
06/10/11 at 11:07 PM by Blake Solomon
"Do you remember when we met, we were alone?"

Idk, in response to my last post from God knows how long ago, maybe the best way to live is to have at least some of the answers. The not knowing is exciting for a while, but boy does it take a toll. Life is unpredictable and that's fine, its just, can't we ever be allowed to see our destiny before it smacks us in our fucking face?

Just ignore me, I'm working through some stuff the only way I know how. Life goes on. We go on. And that's all we can really ever know.

Tags: life, whatever
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05/07/11 at 02:18 PM by Blake Solomon
I think the definition of living is simply, "dealing with a bunch of things that you can neither plan for nor see coming."

I wouldn't have it any other way.

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04/28/11 at 04:30 PM by Blake Solomon
In a previous time period, I was one of those guys who cried at the top of their lungs when I felt music was turning some imaginary corner. I used to create these vast visions in my mind about how things were and how they can get there. I used to do this at what now seems like free will. I wouldn't say I was more naive, optimistic or anything like that - maybe if I was more anything it be "more less busy." But whatever, to act like I'm not constantly listening to music would be a lie in the most transparent sense of the word.


Although, as I've said, I don't really do this anymore, I feel compelled just to say, "Wow." Just to say that I haven't felt such a positive music presence in my life and in the live's of likeminded people since I was in high school. God, I must be the One Millionth person to say, "Yeah music right now! No Sleep! Mightier Than Sword! Blah Blah Blah!" But really, it's true. I mean, I barely listened to pop-punk/punk/faster, louder, emotion-ier music over the past few years. And if I did, it was bands that I previously knew. Which is not how I usually listen to music. But lately, like within the last 3 or 4 weeks, I've been finding new (to me) bands who aren't just making music they should be proud of, but music I'm proud to scream at the top of my lungs like an idiot. They're making music that trumps any stupid preconceived notion about what music a site like "music mends broken hearts.com" enjoys.

And man if I don't want to just call one of these bands up and jump in the back of their van, hitting mid-sized cities, rocking faces off then moving on. The whole time with smiles on faces, meeting people who have not just heard, but been touched by the music. It's fascinating, because I'm not sure what the catalyst is. There's the normal culprits: war, heartbreak, depression, recession. But I am of the impression that something deeper is happening. That these bands are sort of taking a stand, without really taking one. That sounds passive, but it's not. Well, maybe they are taking a stand. These are the bands on the road forever, screaming louder than anyone. Begging to be heard.

I don't believe there is a "right" reason to play music. There's no sort of calling to this sort of thing, other than the fact that, at some point, it is fun and cool to perform for people. But if there were some higher calling, I feel like it these bands would be the disciples.

I don't know. I'm just really excited to see some shows this summer. And that's also something I haven't said in a while.

But I guess the original point of this blog was to post a screenshot of the playlist I just made. I'm calling it "Revival," which is cliched by now. But it's cliched because it's true and that's what's happening. Don't just rock on. Rock forward.


Tags: blake, soapbox, pop-punk, playlist
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Paul Revere
04/28/11 at 09:59 AM by Blake Solomon
I've never been a Fireworks fan. They've always been too run-of-the-mill for me in terms of pop-punk. But people always talked like they weren't, like they had something lasting to give us. Well I guess it just took them a few times, in my brain. Because their new album, Gospel, is completely amazing. I'm not annoyed by the guy's voice anymore, which I don't know how that happened, because he sounds the same, but there's something about his lyrics that are really hitting home right now, especially the "whoa oh" heavy rocker "Paintings of Paul Revere."

It's a shame this leaked so early, but I will be purchasing this ASAP. I recommend you do the same.

Also, don't forget to follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/blindshoes (i talk exclusively about nothing.)

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