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Echoes of the Unmoved
08/06/07 at 09:29 AM by Blake Solomon
New blogs look great. It finally says my name instead of my old username. Jason hooked me up big time (hope he enjoys the cookies).

I got back from Mexico late last night and had an awesome time. We built 3 houses in 18 hours and got to meet lots of cool, very very poor people. It always astounds me how happy these people can be with so little. I guess they don't know any different, but still. The older man that owned one house, Mario, was seriously great. He joked around with us all day and kept it real. I would like to go back and see him. Maybe next year.

So now I have a little over a week before heading back to the craziness of school. Sigh./Yipee! Weird feeling, I guess. Let's not try to think about it.

Im ready to get back to reviewing and here is what I have on my To-Do List:

As Cities Burn
Scissors For Lefty
The Sequence
)hopefully) Coheed

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The Safety of Sleeping In
07/31/07 at 12:20 AM by Blake Solomon
Work is finally over. I get a few weeks of summer until the trek back to Missouri.

I'll be going to Mexico this week (thursday thru Sunday) to build some cinderblock houses, it will be like my 5th trip. Hope this one is as awesome as the others.

Life is kind of stalling out right now. Not a whole lot to do. I bought Super Paper Mario and that's fucking frustrating. I suck at video games. I still have a book to finish by Sherman Alexie and hope to pick up a couple more late summer additions. Something to fill the HP gap.

I'm going to try for one more review before I leave for the week. I think it shall be for a band called Benzos. Pretty cool mute math vibe. Lately Family Force 5 has been taking most of my time though. Such a fun record. Stupid, but fun. Smart Stupid or something. Who cares, its fun to play in the car.

What else? What else? It's getting to be that time where I set some goals for myself during the school year. I achieved last semester's goal (get mostly A's and get hired by AP), if not a month late. I'm not sure what this year will bring or what I will want to accomplish, but I hope it's cool. I think it will be cool. Adrian says "cool" is so 90's. I love the 90's. Im blabbering.

Safari rules,
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These Bones Are Mere Accessories
07/24/07 at 09:47 PM by Blake Solomon
Not a whole lot to report on right now. I'm finishing up my last week as an intern. Though I didn't have as much work as I would have liked, I know that advertising is def. a cool job and I haven't undertaken a major I will hate. I think I had my first piece of work approved for production today, which is really cool. I won't really know if it happens for some time and way after I'm done working there, but still, not bad.

Next week I will be venturing on a mission trip to Mexico, pretty excited about that. Then, eventually, school. Weird, fast summer.

On the reviews front, lets see, I just did June. The album was a pretty big letdown, I really dug some of their older stuff. Also, its looking like a band called Stella, Wake Up! will be getting the patented Blake treatment as well as a british melodic punk band called Never So True. Keep a look out for that and thanks for all the kind words on the June review. It really means alot. Thanks even more for the harsh words, it gets me evaluating my work even harder than I already do. Keep those comments coming!

lost your mind,
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Ends draw near
07/18/07 at 10:08 PM by Blake Solomon
Things have been going pretty swell lately. i have stopped worrying or caring about my internship, so that's good, more time for reviewing. I am probably going on a Mission Trip to Mexico for some house-building. School and my apartment aren't too far off.

My grandmother, however, did have surgery today. I'm not sure how well she is going to do, its supposed to have really hard physical therapy. She's old, and has had problems with recovery in the past. I hope everything works out.

On a music front, I'm actually nearly caught up with the huge numbers of cd's that I foolishly had sent my way a few weeks ago. Haha, it was a fun challenge. I got the chance for a large revew in Interpol's new disc (it got wordy, and I'm still hesitant on it's outcome, though people seem to dig it). I have a couple more "buzz bands" up my sleeve for you all. More details coming on that.

Maybe one more review this week, maybe not. Depends how bored I am tomorrow.

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Reflect, React, Sit
07/15/07 at 01:35 PM by Blake Solomon
Warped Tour was yesterday. I had a great time. The ability to sit next to Mayday Parade and leave to watch Paramore and then come back and have a seat next to The Matches was truly awesome. We had some really long lines for both signings and everyone was a great start. The Matches even brought their own shirt for fans to sign for themselves.

Adrian got to meet the singer of yellowcard (I was en route to Set Your Goals and Coheed, I was not let down at all). We each have a good amount of pics and should have them up in the next couple of days. It actually didn't rain here, which is very rare these days.

Thanks to Jon, everyone from Capitol, nolessthanblink, the other dude who introduced himself, all the people that listened to me yell at them to come to the tent, Mayday Parade and The Matches.

This is an experience I will not soon forget or cheapen.

To Be Continued...,
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I Died In An 80's Car Crash
07/13/07 at 12:02 AM by Blake Solomon
We Followed Tigers was a great find last summer. They are currently repeating their domination over me right now. Such a great instrumental, jazzy band. So good.

Anywho, HP5 was awesome. My favorite of the movies so far. Luna was great, the DA was great to see. And oh my, the final battle, wowza, so cool. D. Yates is tight.

I started writing my Bryan Eich review and something strange happened: I stopped. Usually, when I set out to write, it just kind of happens. I wrote an intro that I'm cool with, but I didn't know where to go from there. I just want this to come out right, becuase this guy is good. Real Good.


I might come back to it and do a Down To Nothing review tomorrow before Adrian comes by.


My Patronus would be a wildebeast,
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Is it Thursday Yet?
07/10/07 at 10:06 PM by Blake Solomon
I sure am trying to make this week go by fast. I (finally, actually) have a lot to look forward to this weekend. A rundown you say? Sure!

Thursday night, 7:45 PM, I will be seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with a couple of friends. I would have gone tonight, but I have work in the morning.

Friday night, LATE, THE Adrian Villagomez will be making the trek to Dallas for Warped Tour '07. The meeting should be spectacular. I told my dad he was a serial killer

Saturday, ALL DAY LONG, WARPED TOUR. This will be my first time ever attending the event, as I am very cheap. It's free this time and I can't wait to hang out and see Coheed, Bayside, Paramore, Set Your Goals, TSL, YCard, etc. Mayday Parade is set to perform that day at the AP Tent. Make sure to come by and see us if you live in the area. I am hilarious and tell lots of jokes that don't make any sense. Basically, I'm not hilarious.

Anyways, I have two days of work left and Im positive they will be going by extremely slow. Blah. Maybe they will tell me to just take the week off because things are slow. It's not like they're paying me anything. Haha.

Look out for reviews on Down To Nothing and Bryan Eich later this week. Possibly one more, but I haven't decided who it is yet.

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07/07/07 at 10:03 PM by Blake Solomon

On the upside, I have been hearing some really great cd's lately. Here's a list off the top of my head.

Bryan Eich - singer/songwriter. Something he wrote in his liner notes really struck a chord with me. He naturally gave thanks to his family like he should. It's what he said after that which caught my eye: "I owe you this." Cool.

Trophy Scars - specifically Hospital Music for the aesthetics of Language. I bought it at their show last night. I like it even more than Goodnight Alchemy, methinks. i talked to Jerry for a few seconds, should have introduced myself. I couldn't figure out a way to tell him that I wrote for AP without sounding like a jackass.

Overview - mellow indie rock with a really cool vocalist. It sounds like his lips are pursed all the time to great effect.

The Velocet - post-punk or something like that. The album art is fierce. I haven't delved into the release yet, but their myspace songs are pretty sweet.

I will probably write another review tonight since I'm bored. Sorry Steve. Or maybe I might work on my very short short story. I wanted to see Transformers but my friends didnt want to go. So instead we sat at my house and watched tv and I listened to them be "so fucking bored" all night. How ironic.
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wasted ambition
06/30/07 at 11:44 PM by Blake Solomon
So I've started trying to write some short stories. Not sure why, it's not like I never write. haha. I've just been inspired by the short stories I've been reading. Writing creatively is hard. I wrote a super short piece yesterday with some big holes in it. I started another one today that I will try to make a bit longer. It's a cool beginning at least.

Speaking about writing a lot, I have been doing tons of reviews. I worry that the quality lacks. I don't know, even if I wrote one a month, I would worry about the quality. I think they are still coming out pretty good. I just have a lot of free time this summer, haha. might as well do something productive. My parents are out of town for a week and I am writing in bed. Sure I had friends over and we played cards and stuff, but still, I get the feeling I'm not normal. Well, I know I'm not normal. I revel in it. Sorta.

Still, I love it, why deprive myself of it? I just hope others enjoy them. If you don't enjoy them. Please tell me. I want to know. I need to know.

This might be my lamest entry since the "Damn, I love writing" fiasco. I sounded like such a dick in that entry. I am a dick.

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I'm all dried up
06/26/07 at 10:02 PM by Blake Solomon
Another "work" week starts. Really all my job is is a few hours of brainstorming and then a chance to do some writing. Hey, i can't complain. I had some really good ideas today for a project, but they weren't exactly efficient means to sell a product. I have to learn the difference between clever and too clever and remember that my job above everything is to sell things. That will be hard.

Reviews up for this week:

Ruiner (completed)
June State Residential
The Winter Mission (if it will ever get here)

You all rock,
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Think big
06/18/07 at 04:30 PM by Blake Solomon
Hope all 3 of my readers had a good weekend.

The title of this post is frustrating. Think Big. What does that mean? Think like money isn't an issue? Think intellectually? Think smart? Hell if I know, but those were my directions for a project I'm working on at work. Everything has been done before, which sucks. I've tackled this issue in a review written eariler this year (for Athlete), but I had no true answers for myself. I only criticized the band for also lacking said answers. Back to the hypocrite stuff.

Creative thinking is funny, because I don't think it exists.

Lines on the mind,
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blah x 7
06/13/07 at 12:33 PM by Blake Solomon
I havent done anything at work today. im thinking about leaving early. Nobody would notice, as my boss (and the only person that pays attention to me) is out sick. In my boredom, I wrote a review for Ryan Adams' new release Easy Tiger here: http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=244666

I think this is a great release, very worthy of your time and cash.

Hope your day has been more productive than mine!
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first staff review
06/12/07 at 11:43 AM by Blake Solomon
In case you miss it, here is my first staff review (even though it was written while I was a user. haha)

American Diary - The Brightest Colors EP


I highly recommend it for some great powerpop-pop punk jams. 7 songs, so it's not too short, either

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06/11/07 at 11:24 AM by Blake Solomon
After rereading my prior forays into journal writing, I feel I must mention this:

I'm a hypocrite.
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talking about it
06/10/07 at 11:43 PM by Blake Solomon
Why not do two entries in a row? I love questions to nobody.

So I started an internship a few weeks ago. Its going really well. I get to brainstorm and think about cool ideas for (at the moment) Sauza Tequila. The job has been going well, but that's not the focus.

On my resume, I noted that I wrote music reviews. I'm not sure why, just felt like something to "beef" things up with. My boss lady actually mentioned it to me on my first day. Caught me off guard. Completely. And I noticed that I really don't do a lot of talking about my writing. If you've ever read one of my reviews (you haven't), you will know that I dig on myself pretty hard. Naturally, it was extremely hard to sell myself and my reviews to a stranger. I want to be a copy writer, so you have to write a ton. The boss ended up telling me how she writes short stories, which is very cool.

She asked me why I write. I told her I write to keep sharp. I write to tell people about bands they should know/hate. I write for some twisted catharsis. I write to not feel like a robot. School, excersice, television, all of these things are done (mostly) without thinking. When I write, I actually have to use my brain. I actually feel like I accomplish something. And let me tell you, it feels great. I don't know how I lived a semi-kinda-almost fulfilled life before I started writing.

I told the lady taht I try to write as if I've having a conversation with the reader. Why get lost in prose and all that mumbo jumbo when, really, things should be real simple. All the person wants to know is: what they sound like and are they good. But why not try and make them laugh or feel or anything. Emotion is the backbone of all music. Why should MUSIC reviews be any different. If some turtlenecked dude claims an album is good, but does all the convincing of a guilty convict, why should we listen to him at all? If he doesn't feel for the music, but only sees chord structures and tempo, why should we trust him. Trust me, you can't.

Damn, I love writing.
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