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unallowedlove13's Blog

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unallowedlove13's Blog
Tired...Depressed...With Guitar
07/11/10 at 12:11 AM by unallowedlove13
Dear Blog-thing (?)
I'm so sorry it's been about a jillion years since I've last written or logged in or something. I promise I stilll have lots of love for Absolute Punk.
I'm tired becuase, do you know what time it is? It's tomorow. Literally. 12:10.
I'm depressed because,...long story. Just...forget it.
With guitar. Not a part of the Problem yet a part of The Cure (get it? It's a band.)
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The DVD of John Tucker Must Die MUST DIE!
03/25/10 at 07:19 PM by unallowedlove13
Dear Other People,

Hey people! I'm watching John Tucker Must Die for the third time at my house cause everyone keeps falling asleep at the end. I am the only to keep up with it. It was really good the first time. Then it just kept on getting older and older and older.

Whatever. We should get over it somehow.
I'm on DailyBooth as GeekyDorkyNerdy.
Tags: John Tucker Must Die, Daily Booth
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03/23/10 at 08:04 PM by unallowedlove13
Dear Other People,

I have a total and complete confession to make to all of you.
The guitar thing? Most likely just a weave over inspiration from my crush. God I'm such a loser. . Oh well.

so ti may or may not be over with the guitars, but it just depends on how I feel in the future.

But we all go through phases right? Right? RIGHT?!!!!! Anyways.
i love you all
Tags: phases, guitars
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Needle. Skin. Ouch.
03/21/10 at 11:52 AM by unallowedlove13
Dear Other People,

Well it is official. Today I am going to get my ears pierced. We're not going to do that Claire's thing at the mall though. I've already done that twice. i could never keep them open though. It's like ear piercing just hates me. But I'm going to try again. Okay? All right.

Well this one might not work out. Becuase next week I'm going camping. Way to go with the camping, Jess. I know, I know. Anyway.

I guess this means I'm growing up more or just some shit like that. My dad doesn't mind that I'm getting my ears pierced, but I don't think he likes me growing up like this. I got taller too. I'm 5''4 I used to be 5''2.5 or something like that.

I'm graduating this year. From Middle School. Well at least I hope I am. I already flunked Algebra once and if I do it again I can't graduate (puts gun to head and pulls trigger). No one in my family has ever had to re-do a grade, or even go to summer school. And I'm not really all that hyped up to be the first.

But back in the day, when i was like 6,7,8 or sometime around those ages my mom would make me and my sister go to summer school. I really don't no why. And when that ended she would send us to our Grandparents to go to VBS (Vacation Bible School). Which is probably why I'm an Agnostic today. My parents pushing all of that religous stuff on me. But I think I had a pretty okay time, I mean Snack Time wasn't all that bad. But Snack Time was basically cool whip in an ice cream cone.
Tags: earrings, growing up, bible school, snack time
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Deaf Listening
03/20/10 at 10:52 PM by unallowedlove13
Dear Other People,

did you know that deaf people can "listen" to music? It's true. They turn it up really loud (for some of us that's called moderate) and take off their shoes and listen witht the vibration! It's really easy. I tried it with a Foreigners CD at my neighbors house and it really works! Of course it's not the same kind of thing with actually being able to hear it. But basically the same thing.

Now just to figure out how blind people get around to driving....
Tags: deaf listening, blind driving, Foreigners
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03/20/10 at 01:50 PM by unallowedlove13
Dear Other People (and some trees),

I slept for twelve hours straight last night. I went to bed at 1AM to 1PM. I have my reasons for not going to sleep until well tomorow. It was late night stand up on Comedy Central and I have to watch that. Because if I do not I risk having my mind melting into a pile of mush from watching hour after hour of PBS movies on Andrew Jackson in social studies class. I almost fell asleep yesterday watching that and it was my SECOND
period class, I think that has to say something about the amount of boringness.

Also mom just went out to get lunch. Yum. I have to tell you I'm starving and it is kind of weird not totally waking up on saturday morning not at my dad's place (I get him on the weekends). And it won't be like that for two weeks. When I do go to my dad's we're skipping his place incredibly. We're going camping. With my Aunt, uncle, and possibly another Aunt. i love camping. Especiallly with family.

Still no news on the Guitar.

The contest to win the Cage The Elephant guitar ended yesterday and I have no texts, or calls, emails, so I think I lost. ;( That's supposed to be a crying face but....

See you all later.
Tags: sleeping, comedy central presents, history class, joint custody, camping, relatives
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Guitars (cont.)
03/19/10 at 08:27 PM by unallowedlove13
Dear People of absolutepunk.net ,

I chickened out. About talking to that friend about borrowing a guitar and the CDs. I chickened out. I even went today! I walked there from school and chatted a little bit, but I only hinted.
Me: "hey have you been playing your guitar lately?"
Her: "no, not really" *scrunches up her nose*
Me: "oh...shame"

So you (whoever the hell is reading this) will just have to wait until I get a big pair of brass balls! (just kidding around)

So everyone on this site knows that a movie is coming out called The Runaways, starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. Is anyone gonna see it? Is anyone considering? If you are, please tell me how it went. But I don't think it's worth it for me because i will be in the Theatre going "Thats Bella Swan...Bella Swan... where the hell is Edward...HOLY SHIT IT'S THAT ZOOLANDER STARING GIRL!" And thats how it's gonna go. I hate Twilight and think it should go die in a hole (where is this hole? is it non-existant or is it out in the desert somewhere?hmmm....)

Laters mi amigos!
Tags: guitars, friends, The Runaways, Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Twilight-haters
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03/19/10 at 07:40 AM by unallowedlove13
Dear Other People (and trees),

Yesterday I got locked out of my own house. My mother was at a group therapy session and LA wasn't home (she's my sister). So there was only this girl weeding our yard, and I don't know her. So I checked all the doors and all the windows and basically anything I could climb through to get into my house. But there was nothing. So I decided I would just walk the few miles to a friend's house. They let me in, even though my friend wasn't there, and that is where I did my homework. But in not so much time at all Music was the topic. I told her mom about the band I basically worshipped like Gods (Cage The Elephant) and she said if I ever wanted to learn how to play they had some Guitars and CDs to teach you how to play.

I was so caught off guard the only thing I could manage to do was turn oxygen into carbon dioxide and stumble over my words. I'm walking home today and I will stop by at her house and keep talking to her mother about the guitars and a few other things that we might want to discuss. Other than that (about guitars) a different friend is coming to fifth period with a guitar and jam us out. Hopefully the teacher doesn't totally run her mouth at him.

Fingers Crossed! ilu
Tags: guitars, getting locked out of the house, Cage The Elephant
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Hey Guys
03/17/10 at 10:49 AM by unallowedlove13
Dear other punks,
Um. yeah. Hi. i'm here now and if you'd like to learn more about me, please message me and check out my profile.
um, I guess i'll check you later.
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