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ishotthepilot's Journal
Fireworks Gospel..
06/18/11 at 11:40 AM by ishotthepilot
listening to this album, and i really want to like it, but it kind of sounds like it was either produced or written or both in a sloppy way?

i dunno, it just feels thrown together. we'll see how i feel next time i listen. right now it's definitely coming in under the previous releases - barring some great lines, it just sounds like it's derivative of itself and the whole genre. usually the hooks are so good and original! ugh i don't know. could be me
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01/20/10 at 10:06 PM by ishotthepilot

would really know whats up with this... haha
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12/24/09 at 11:51 AM by ishotthepilot
i submitted this as News but just in case its not posted -
It appears that The Fold's "Every Band in the USA" parody caught the ear and eye of Glamour Kills, who they name dropped for *not* sponsoring them. Perhaps in response to plastering their flying pig logo all over the homemade, viral video, Glamour Kills has responded to the jest and now sells a collab tee with The Fold's name and the "IMPROVED!" American Flag from the video.

This is kind of fucking awesome. THIS is where viral media has legs and does great things and avoids just being annoying.

The shirt's still following GK's Neonshitty/hugeprint trend, but it's not as blinding as their other wares.

Tags: thefold, glamourkills
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folie a deux = ehhhhhh
12/12/08 at 09:03 AM by ishotthepilot
The first few songs threatened to make the album grow on me, and the singles refrains in What a Catch were sweet, but overall what Fall Out Boy have been losing more and more of as they go on are DYNAMICS.
Please don't bore me.

All the songs started blurring together and sounding the same for me, which is something i hate the most in albums. same delivery in most songs, same wall of instrumentation, no standout riffs - *maybe* in the vocals but now i've come to expect that from Patrick. At this point it would be more interesting to just hear him sing straight and show that he is such an amazing vocalist that he doesn't need the ornamentation and frippery to sound gorgeous. Those are my favorite vocal performances, the ones that are just so effortless that you know a person was just born for that honeyed voice to pour out of their mouth and into your ears. no pushing, no trying, no faking - that's just how they sound.
He's losing that for me.

And I don't have a single melody stuck in my head other than from the songs I've already heard (America's Suitehearts and I Don't Care, which i actually have a greater appreciation for after hearing it within this tracklist).
Even the crappiest band can write a catchy hook, even the indie-est spaciest proggy shoegazer band can write a catchy hook, if only by mistake or happenstance. But I wasn't hearing it here.

Obviously second tries are going to happen. but I'm not going to be happy about it, since my first instinct was "eugh i don't want to really listen to this again. de-leeted." >__>*
Tags: falloutboy
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the summer[end] of hype!!! jesus.
08/22/08 at 08:39 PM by ishotthepilot
i just wanted to yell about it. i''m good now.
but honestly what makes august a good time for a viral hype machine? what's special? maybe everyone's taking their cue from barack obama's VP "political striptease" haha.


buck fucking punk'd us. and i'm glad. that level of excited over music is what i love, and it's rare. what a fun night, now to see what CFOB actually is... jesus, i did not give a shit about this stupid thing until park was "involved", and midtown involved. haha
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music that soothes the soul
07/21/08 at 05:32 PM by ishotthepilot
goodness gracious.
i do not know why i am so surprised by how gorgeously The Scenic's album is pouring over my ears.... but damn. I just was not expecting this, it's going to have to be so high on my end of the year list.
considering that almost the entire first half of this year was bust, maybe it's not that hard, but this summer is a fucking BLOCKBUSTER with the artists that are releasing music.

but i need to stop writing now, it is distracting me from the aural honey of Jeremy Menard's voice combined with the rest of the Scenic's smooth and almost hypnotizing rhythm and melody. there is wealth in simplicity. more later?
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oh, the follow through
04/27/08 at 10:40 PM by ishotthepilot
something i just don't seem to have recently.
(the month of april. give me a shovel you'll be amazed at how fast i dig a grave, baby just lay in it.)
one thing i can always push my withered brain to do is my radio show though-

Cardiac Rock! with Jodie & Jamie, 2-4pm Sunday April 27 on 90.3m The Core:

02:00:20 PM The Receiving End Of Sirens - The Rival Cycle (Between The Heart And The Synapse)
02:06:34 PM Sufjan Stevens - Come On! Feel The Illinoise! (Illinois)
02:13:03 PM This Is Me Smiling - Feelin' The Time Pass By (This Is Me Smiling)
02:17:59 PM French Kicks - Said So What (Swimming)
02:21:47 PM The New Pornographers - Electric Version (Electric Version)

02:25:33 PM Edison Glass - Without A Sound (Time Is Fiction)
02:29:07 PM PlayRadioPlay! - Madi Don't Leave (Texas)
02:34:29 PM Small Leaks Sink Ships - The Best Time Of The Worst Year (Until The World Is Happy; Wake Up You Sleepyhead Sun)
02:39:34 PM Tokyo Police Club - Citizens Of Tommorow (A Lesson In Crime)

02:44:13 PM I Am The Avalanche - Green Eyes (I Am The Avalanche)
02:49:21 PM A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!), The - Deaf Before Dishonor (Everybody Make Some Noise!)
02:52:20 PM Matches, The - Point Me Toward The Morning (A Band In Hope)
02:55:53 PM Tegan And Sara - The Con (Con, The)
03:00:20 PM New Atlantic - Late Night Television (The Streets, The Sounds, And The Love)

03:06:07 PM Mutemath - Typical (Mutemath)
03:10:45 PM Fashion, The - Like Knives (The Fashion EP)
03:15:58 PM Majorie Fair - Stare (Self-Help Serenade)
03:19:42 PM In Flight Radio - Red Flags (The Sound Inside)

03:25:55 PM Portugal. The Man - Telling Tellers Tell Me (Church Mouth)
03:30:51 PM Piebald - Opener (Accidental Gentlemen)
03:35:40 PM The Lawrence Arms - Drunk Mouth Kitchen Smile (The Greatest Story Ever Told)
03:36:40 PM Anti-Flag - The Ink And The Quill (The Bright Lights Of America)

03:41:26 PM Lucky Boys Confusion - Mr. Wilmington (Commitment)
03:49:02 PM Less Than Jake - My Very Own Flag (Less Than Jake)
03:52:21 PM Born/Dead - Anamesis (The Final Collapse)
03:53:34 PM Over It - Siren On The 101 (Silverstrand)
03:55:36 PM Downcast Theory - Drown (Ataraxia) [by request... yeeah.]

04:00:31 PM Madina Lake - Here I Stand (From Them, Through Us, To You)
04:05:39 PM Autopilot Off - Make A Sound (Make A Sound)
04:10:25 PM The Receiving End Of Sirens - Saturnus (The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi)

Cardiac Rock! with Jodie and Jamie, 2-4pm Sunday April 20 on 90.3m The Core:

01:59:47 PM The Arrival - Forget About The Forecast (Believe The Hype)

02:04:14 PM The Command Radio - The Music (Take Control)
02:08:49 PM Zox - I Miss You (Line In The Sand)
02:12:49 PM Edison Glass - Let Go (Time Is Fiction)
02:15:03 PM Polydream - Catch Me If You Can (Send Me To The Sun)

02:22:15 PM Shock Stars - I Got A Feeling (Feel For A Heartbeat)
02:25:11 PM Gaslight Anthem, The - Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts (Senor And The Queen)
02:28:32 PM The (International) Noise Conspiracy - My Star (Rock Against Bush Vol. 2)
02:31:43 PM The Rocket Summer - So Much Love (Do You Feel

02:37:27 PM Dashboard Confessional - Hey Girl (A Mark A Mission A Brand A Scar)
02:43:02 PM Farewell - September Brought The Fall (Isn't This Is Supposed To Be Fun?!)
02:45:39 PM Jealous Girlfriends, The - Secret Identity (The Jealous Girlfriends)
02:49:27 PM Dear And The Headlights - I'm Bored You're Amorous (Small Steps Heavy Hooves)

02:54:33 PM A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!), The - Paranoia Is A Skill (Everybody Make Some Noise!)
02:57:30 PM Jonah Matranga - Waving Or Drowning? (And)
03:01:23 PM Tally Hall - Just A Friend (MMMM Bonus Songs)

03:08:35 PM Autumns, The - Glass Jaw (Fake Noise From A Box Of Toys)
03:11:51 PM Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew - Safety Bricks (Spirit If...)
03:16:32 PM Raconteurs, The - Salute Your Solutions (Consolers Of The Lonely)
03:19:54 PM PlayRadioPlay! - Loco Commotion (Texas)

03:26:29 PM Something Corporate - Ruthless (North)
03:29:06 PM Matches, The - Wake The Sun (A Band In Hope)
03:34:31 PM The Dear Hunter - His Hands Matched His Tongue (Act I: The Lake South, The River North)
03:40:29 PM Flight Of The Conchords - A Kiss Is Not A Contract (HBO Series Soundtrack)

03:45:53 PM Head Automatica - At The Speed Of A Yellow Bullet (Decadence)
03:47:32 PM Gatsby's American Dream - Theatre (Volcano)
03:50:52 PM Anti-Flag - If You Wanna Steal (The Bright Lights Of America)
03:54:36 PM Acceptance - Take Cover (Phantoms)

04:00:19 PM The Receiving End Of Sirens - Dead Mean Tell No Tales (Between The Heart And Synapse)

Cardiac Rock! with Jodie, 2-4pm Sunday April 13 on 90.3m The Core:

02:02:33 PM Say Anything - Baby Girl, I'm A Blur - In Defense Of The Genre
02:06:01 PM The Arrival - Is This What You Call Love? - Believe The Hype

02:11:34 PM A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!), The - This Is The Way We Move - Everybody Make Some Noise!
02:14:19 PM Matches, The - Point Me Toward The Morning - A Band In Hope
02:17:05 PM Moraine - This Time I'm The X's And You're The O's - Who We Are And What We Were
02:20:52 PM Men Women And Children - Who Found Mister Fabulous? - Men Women And Children

02:24:25 PM Forever The Sickest Kids - Believe Me I'm Lying - Television Off, Party On
02:28:58 PM Patent Pending - This Can't Happen Again - Save Each Other, The Whales Are Doing Fine
02:32:25 PM Hot Chip - Out At The Pictures - Made In The Dark
02:37:20 PM Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer - Can't Stand It - Schematics

02:41:08 PM Motion City Soundtrack - Can't Finish What You Started - Even If It Kills Me
02:44:12 PM All Time Low - I Can't Do The One Two Step - The Party Scene
02:49:28 PM Makeout Party - Conditional Needs - Lengths And Limits
02:53:24 PM Four Year Strong - Your Ego's Writing CHecks You Body Can't Cash - Demo 06

02:58:06 PM Zox - Don't Believe In Love - Line In The Sand
03:03:25 PM L.A. Tool & Die - Matador - The Last Thorn Of Summer
03:05:03 PM Brandtson - Who Are You Now? - Send Us A Signal
03:07:28 PM Northstar - Two Zero Two - Pollyanna
03:10:55 PM Cavil At Rest - Who's There - Apples To Oranges

03:15:58 PM Tally Hall - The Whole World And You (acoustic) - The Pingry E.p.
03:17:39 PM Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Dead Right - Pershing
03:20:47 PM Gaslight Anthem, The - Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis? - Senor And The Queen
03:23:14 PM Biffy Clyro - Who's Got A Match - Puzzle

03:27:29 PM Valencia - Holiday - New
03:29:20 PM Nada Surf - See These Bones - Lucky
03:35:02 PM The Command Radio - Move - Take Control
03:38:32 PM Park - Who Is Aliandria - Building A Better _____

03:43:22 PM The Waffle Stompers - Serious - Black On Black 'single'
03:46:57 PM Shock Stars - Butterfly - Feel For A Heartbeat
03:50:20 PM Less Than Jake - Liquor Store - Less Than Jake
03:53:40 PM Mae - Sometimes I Can't Make It Alone - Singularity
03:57:57 PM Punchline - Green Light - 37 Everywhere

Cardiac Rock! with Jodie, 2-4pm Sunday April 6 on 90.3m The Core:

02:01:32 PM A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!), The - Little Miss Apocalypse - Everybody Make Some Noise!

02:05:15 PM Barely Blind - Pariah - The Way We Operate
02:08:57 PM Zox - Line In The Sand - Line In The Sand
02:14:32 PM Four Year Strong - Catastrophe - Rise Or Die Trying
02:17:15 PM Anberlin - We Dreamt In Heist - Blueprints For The Black Market

02:20:59 PM Brighten - Treasure Island - King Vs Queen
02:24:50 PM Makeout Party - Are We Sinking? - Lengths And Limits
02:27:50 PM Moneen - Don't Ever Tell Locke What He Can't Do - The Red Tree
02:30:49 PM 504plan - Talking In Circles - Minutia EP
02:35:24 PM In Flight Radio - Somewhere In Between - The Sound Inside

02:44:41 PM Let Me Run - I Never Said I Could Sing - Let Me Run
02:47:49 PM Weatherbox - Armed To The Teeth - American Art
02:51:12 PM Gaslight Anthem, The - Say I Won't (Recognize) - Senor And The Queen
02:53:58 PM The Lawrence Arms - Drunk Mouth Kitchen Smile - The Greatest Story Ever Told
02:56:31 PM Polar Bear Club - Parked In The Parking Lot Of Your Heart - The Redder, The Better

03:02:57 PM Between The Trees - Fairweather - The Story And The Song
03:06:36 PM Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer - I Did It Schematics
03:09:34 PM Horrorpops - Thelma & Louise - Kiss Kiss Kill Kill
03:12:33 PM The Goodwill - Let It Go - That Was A Moment
03:16:27 PM Punchline - Don't Try This At Home - 37 Everywhere

03:21:01 PM Mayday Parade - Black Cat - A Lesson In Romantics
03:25:20 PM You, Me, And Everyone We Know - Carolina Heat - Party For The Grown And Sexy
03:29:55 PM Honorary Title, The - The City's Summer - Scream & Light Up The Sky
03:32:34 PM Black Keys, The - Remember When (Side B) - Attack And Release
03:34:43 PM Vampire Weekend - Mansard Roof - Vampire Weekend

03:38:33 PM Graduate, The - Sit & Sink - Anhedonia
03:42:37 PM Dear And The Headlights - Sweet Talk - Small Steps Heavy Hooves
03:44:38 PM Sons And Daughters - Gilt Complex - This Gift
03:48:15 PM Tegan And Sara - I Know I Know I Know - So Jealous
03:52:19 PM Crystal Castles - Alice Practice - Crystal Castles

03:56:37 PM Tally Hall - Haiku - Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
03:59:16 PM Paramore - Miracle - Riot!
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2007's BEST (to me)
12/31/07 at 04:35 PM by ishotthepilot

despite its best efforts, 2007 has actually treated me pretty well. especially musically, here are the Top Albums of the Year, according to me... honestly, I haven't listened to a good amount of music from this year yet, such as Chase Pagan's "Oh! Musica" & Gallows & Zolof's "Schematics" - being a DJ has been a weird thing, since I try to listen to a lot of different music and don't give myself the time to obsess over albums as much anymore. i don't think I like that, but we'll see. maybe i'll put up a revised list at some point.

FAVORITE ALBUMS (not 'best') of 2007:

The Graduate - Anhedonia
Dear and the Headlights - Small Steps Heavy Hooves
Four Year Strong - Rise or Die Trying
New Atlantic - The Streets, The Sounds and The Love
Say Anthing - In Defense of the Genre

The Receiving End of Sirens - The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi
This Is Me Smiling - This Is Me Smiling
Brighten - King Vs. Queen
The Spill Canvas - No Really, I'm Fine
Weatherbox - American Art

For a TOP 20 I would add:

Bayside - The Walking Wounded
Paramore - Riot!
Between the Trees - The Story and the Song
Lovedrug - Everything Starts Where It Ends
Jonah Matranga - And

The Rocket Summer - Do You Feel
My American Heart - Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather
Tegan & Sara - The Con
Anberlin - Cities
Small Leaks Sink Ships - Until The World Is Happy; Wake Up You Sleepyhead Sun

More albums I loved in 2007:

The Gaslight Anthem - Sink or Swim
Envy on the Coast - Lucy Gray
The Honorary Title - Scream and Light Up the Sky
Armor For Sleep - Smile For Them
Cassino - Sounds of Salvation

Farewell - Isn't This Supposed to Be Fun?!
Rilo Kiley - Under the Blacklight
The Junior Varsity - Cinematographic
Motion City Soundtrack - Even If It Kills Me
Kiss Kiss - Reality Vs. the Optimist

this has been a dis to Thrice and A Wilhelm Scream and Chiodos and Dashboard, but I just haven't listened to them enough.

TOP EP's of 2007:

Polar Bear Club - The Redder the Better
The Years Gone By - On the Verge
Barely Blind - The Way We Operate
Forever the Sickest Kids - Television Off, Party On
Every Avenue - Ah!
Hero Pattern - The Deception
The International Drive - Finish What You Started

...and all of the above is subject to change :)

It would be so different to go by the songs themselves.. y'know, I think I will. and I probably will change this later, but here's what I've got -

FAVORITE SONGS of 2007, not much of an order:

Four Year Strong - Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die
The Gaslight Anthem - We Came to Dance
Between the Trees - White Lies & Red Lights
Polar Bear Club - Parked In The Parking Lot Of Your Heart/Most Miserable Life
The Years Gone By - Anniversary
The Rocket Summer - Do You Feel
Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer - Can't Stand It
Barely Blind ft. Steve Soboslai - Crazy
The Graduate - Sit & Sink
The Fold - Medicine

Dear and the Headlights - Sweet Talk/I Just /It's Gettin Easy/Run In the Front
New Atlantic - Late Night Television (old song. still amazing)
Farewell - 88's
Say Anthing - Baby Girl I'm A Blur/Retarded In Love/People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist (to be played in a row)
The Spill Canvas - All Over You
The Receiving End of Sirens - Stay Small/Saturnus/Oubliette/The Crop And the Pest
Brighten - Treasure Island
Anberlin - Dismantle. Repair
Weatherbox - Trippin' The Life Fantastic
My American Heart - Moving On

This Is Me Smiling - Feelin the Time Pass By/Up In All Directions/Mixin Up Adjectives
Chiodos - If I Cut My Hair, Hawaii Will Sink
Armor For Sleep - Stars In Your Eyes
Mae - Brink of Disaster
Every Avenue - Where Were You
Envy on the Coast - The Gift Of Paralysis
Relient K - Must Have Done Something Right
Bayside - I and I
Tegan & Sara - Back in Your Head
Medicated Kisses - A Wolf Among Lilacs

The Dangerous Summer - The Permanent Rain
The Junior Varsity - The Sky!
As Cities Burn - Our World Is Grey
Paramore - Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody)
Hero Pattern - Don't Even Miss Me
Cassino - American Low
Sullivan - Tell Me I'm Wrong
Minus the Bear - Knights
Madina Lake - Here I Stand (old song, still awesome)
Limbeck - Big Drag

Lovedrug - Happy Apple Poison
Brand New - Fork and Knife
The Honorary Title - Untouched And Intact
The Holiday - Too Early For Insults
Fall Out Boy - Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?

Best Album-Starting Songs of 2007:

Brighten - More Vacations
Between the Trees - The Forward
The Rocket Summer - Break It Out
Farewell - Start it Up
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slowly melting ice cream
10/27/07 at 05:29 PM by ishotthepilot
a lot of things in life can be compared to slowly melting ice cream...

maybe it's just me.

Cardiac Rock! on 90.3 fm The Core, from 2-4pm w/Jodie and Jamie:
02:00:02 PM New Atlantic - I Won't Be Back [The Streets, The Sounds, And The Love]
02:03:35 PM Between The Trees - The Forward [The Story And The Song]

02:10:19 PM Rise Against - Like The Angel [Revolutions Per Minute]
02:13:07 PM The Consequence - Concerta [Demos]
02:16:37 PM Farewell - First One On The Blog [Isn't This Is Supposed To Be Fun?!]
02:19:02 PM Dresden Dolls, The - Girl Anachronism [The Dresden Dolls]

02:24:24 PM Bayside - They're Not Horses, They're Unicorns [The Walking Wounded]
02:27:01 PM Polar Bear Club - Resent And Resistance [The Redder The Better]
02:31:51 PM Brandtson - Margot [Send Us A Signal]
02:34:45 PM Down By Fire - Madam Monroe [Reignition]

02:40:02 PM Brand New - Moshi Moshi [Safety In Numbers Split]
02:42:40 PM Barely Blind - Crazy Ft. Steve Soboslai [The Way We Operate]
02:46:31 PM Four Year Strong - Abandon Ship Or Abandon All Hope [Rise Or Die Trying]
02:49:15 PM Waking - Restless [The Maze]

02:54:52 PM Forever The Sickest Kids - Becky Starz [Television Off, Party On]
02:57:16 PM Saves The Day - Rocks Tonic Juice Magic [Through Being Cool]
03:01:17 PM Rilo Kiley - Portions For Foxes [More Adventurous]
03:05:51 PM Schoolyard Heroes - Plastic Surgery Hall Of Fame [Abominations]

03:12:26 PM Armor For Sleep - Williamsburg [Smile For Them]
03:13:18 PM Roy - They Cut The Cord [Big City Sin And Small Town Redemption]
03:18:41 PM Narayan - Interrogator [A King Declares Strength]
03:20:11 PM Receiving End Of Sirens, The - Stay Small [The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi]
03:24:57 PM Radiohead - Bodysnatchers [In Rainbows]

03:29:50 PM Motion City Soundtrack - Point Of Extinction [Even If It Kills Me]
03:33:16 PM Descendents - Suburban Home [Liveage]
03:36:10 PM Bad Religion - Dearly Beloved [New Maps Of Hell]
03:38:01 PM Briggs, The - Back To Higher Ground [Back To Higher Ground]

03:44:50 PM Moros Eros - Quit You're Being Thoughtless [Jealous Me Was Killed By Curiosity]
03:48:34 PM Respond - Onto The Other [You May Breathe / I Hear]
03:51:58 PM Chiodos - Lexington (Joey Pea-pot With A Monkey Face) [Bone Palace Ballet]
03:57:38 PM Brazil - The Novemberist [A Hostage And The Meaning Of Life]
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blog whore
09/30/07 at 12:33 AM by ishotthepilot
since i am one (a blog whore), i think i'll start posting the setlists from my radio show on 90.3 the Core here! one of the few places it is really appropriate, probably.

just so you how cheesy i am:

awwww yeah. ^__^
my co-host isn't necessarily there that often, so really it's just a continuation of my show that i've been doing the past year or so.

Cardiac Rock! on 90.3fm the Core, 2-4pm on September 29:

02:00:40 PM Minus The Bear - Knights (Planet Of Ice)

02:05:14 PM New Found Glory - My Friends Over You (Sticks And Stones)
02:08:47 PM Paramore - Let The Flames Begin (Riot!)
02:12:01 PM Park - Chica Chica (Building A Better _____)
02:15:29 PM Chiodos - If I Cut My Hair, Hawaii Will Sink (Bone Palace Ballet)
02:17:23 PM My American Heart - The Shake (Awful Feeling) (Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather)

02:21:37 PM Receiving End Of Sirens, The - Wanderers (The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi)
02:26:07 PM Armor For Sleep - End Of The World (Transformers OST)
02:32:33 PM A Loss For Words - Hot Hand In A Dice Game (These Past Five Years)
02:34:42 PM Four Year Strong - Maniac (R.O.D.) (Rise Or Die Trying)

02:39:32 PM Hero Pattern - Don't Even Miss Me (The Deception EP)
02:41:07 PM Respond - The Antagonist The Interpreter (You May Breathe / I Hear)
02:45:51 PM Socratic - The Spanish Singer (Just Turn)
02:48:31 PM Hand Me Down Buick - It's Just Business (The Greater the Risk)
02:52:19 PM Learning Takes A Lifetime - Hey! Nineteen (The Folks Inside)

02:56:22 PM Motion City Soundtrack - Antonia (Even If It Kills Me)
03:00:00 PM Brighten - More Vacations (King Vs Queen)
03:04:09 PM The Junior Varsity - Dont Forget To Set The House On Fire Before You Crawl Into Bed (House Fire) (The Great Compromise)
03:05:04 PM Weakerthans, The - Civil Twilight (Reunion Tour)

03:10:10 PM The Smyrk - Dial V For Venom (New Fiction)
03:13:40 PM Moros Eros - I Saw The Devil Last Night (I Saw The Devil Last Night And Now The Sun Shines Bright)
03:19:20 PM The Escape Frame - The Departure (Unknown)
03:24:01 PM After The Sirens - Curare On Your Lips (What I Have To Give, Let It Be Enough)
03:26:40 PM Pinback - From Nothing To Nowhere (Autumn Of The Seraphs)

03:31:27 PM Farewell - Hey Heather (Isn't This Is Supposed To Be Fun?!)
03:34:33 PM The Fallback - Coffee And Pie Oh My (Demos)
03:38:31 PM Ani Difranco - Distracted (Canon)

03:44:19 PM Zolof The Rock 'n' Roll Destroyer - Can't Stand It (Schematics)
03:46:19 PM Forever The Sickest Kids - I Don't Know About You, But I Came To Dance (Television Off, Party On)
03:49:00 PM A Day To Remember - Since U Been Gone (Cover)

03:54:22 PM Between The Trees - White Lies And Red Lights (The Story And The Song)
03:59:26 PM New Atlantic - The Streets, The Sounds, The Love (The Streets, The Sounds And The Love)

if you're reading this, any suggestions for a song that is good for a 'theme song'? I was leaning towards Brighten's 'Friends For Lovers' ("just doooo what your music tellls you to!" yeah i'm cute) but... there are so many songs out there! hmm..
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self-titled, cartel? why??
07/27/07 at 07:35 PM by ishotthepilot
If this is Cartel's self-titled, then I want to forget my own name.

I'm actually kind of upset I'm making myself listen to again, because I could be listening to so many other albums.
See, I don't think it's bad. But it's not good. It's very Okay, and that's all. If this were a new band that I came across, i would say "well that's nice" and turn it off.

the songs:

Hearing The Best made me think people were exagerating about how not-good this album is. It made me think Cartel was going to do something interesting.
But went I went back to start writing this review during Come With Me, i realized that I had forgotten even hearing the song Tonight until i looked at the tracklisting... the chorus 'hook' reminds me of Dashboard and the, um, solo near the end is... yeah i'm not going to go there. I like the music itself in the verses, but as the first full/real track on the album, it should have been so much more grabbing than it is.

I see why they chose Lose It for a single, it's the only track other than The Fortunate with a discernible earworm of a hook, but it certainly isn't radio friendly. Songs on the radio are supposed to be catchy, stick in your head, and make you want to sing along, i thought. "Go on and lose it, go on and lose it all go on and lose it..." loses it's charm pretty fast.

No Subject (Come With Me) is the flattest song i've ever heard in my life, i feel like they're trying to sound like 3EB and instead just being incredibly bland? The chorus is kind of bouncy in that 90's radio rock way, but it's ultimately forgettable.

Most of This Is Who We Are sounds like a middle, filler track. And don't you dare ruin Burn This City for me, Will! geez, ripping off your own songs? come on.

I want to like I Will Hide Myself Away because of the interesting intro but, again, the whole thing sounds like the middle of a song and there's so little dynamic to differentiate between verses and choruses... the point is, it's 'eh.' It's 'nice.' Once I stop writing this, there will be no reason I could come up with to listen to this song again.

CRAPPY transition between that song and "Radioheadish". Totally threw me off, and in an unpleasant way. apparently this is just a continuation of the previous song anyway, but that makes even less sense... anyway, I was listening to it as a separate song. As it's own song, i really want to like it. And I do, I actually get some kind of emotion out of it. But then it just ends, and again, there's this cushion of bass/guitar/'atmospheric'/wall-of- sound that makes it seem a lot more boring than it is. Overproduction?

First moment that makes me want to move on the album - Wasted. It could be soooo good if WIll actually put emotion and feeling into the song, the delivery.... but no. He's just narrating some story. So lifeless.
It obviously comes from a vulnerable part of Will from the content of the last verse, I can think of no reason to not infuse the song with that.
Also, is the rest of the band even playing in this song?
By the end it's just starting to get on my nerves. Especially the rather innapropriate horns and general excess in the song. I feel like this is the song that they were going to try to push to the masses.

The Fortunate was the song that caught my ear on the ah, reality show. The intro gives the song this possibility of anthemic-ness, but the verse TOTALLY drops the ball. ugh.
With a little energy boost this could be on the album that should have followed Chroma. Catchiness.
Boys Like Girls is big on the radio right now, right? Maybe the label will go for this song, because no matter how much Will/Cartel want to distance themselves from pop-punk, that is the feeling I get from this song, the only one with a melody that sticks in my head.

Georgia is one I want to like. It almost breaks the weirdly boring formula they created for this album, but it sinks underneath by the end, as if Cartel - Cartel were a swamp or a vacuum using it's momentum to eat up all the good potential.

I actually enjoy If You Do, You Don't. Probably because it reminds me of moments of Chroma, now that I think of it. This could fit on my imaginary, if-only-Cartel-had-recorded-something-different album.

Lonely One, along with the previous track, actually sound a tad bit different from the other songs, which i guess is why I like them both. The lead riffs drone on a bit though, and they're some of the few I hear on the album in the first place. Also, as someone else mentioned, Will seems to only know 3 or 4 vocal melodies, which is disappointing.

If I Were to Write the Song kind of annoys me and reminds me of songs I've heard before. I like the country flavor though, and I don't really hate the song. Okay, I didn't hate it until I realized it's about writing 'The' inspiring song, because it just isn't inspiring at all.

Other than the odd synthesized beat, I have hope for "Piano Song." I like it. Unfortunately it trails off into nothingness like - surprise! - a transitional, middle song. Apparently this is also a continuation of the previous song, but it just doesn't end the record with a statement, or a bang. It slowly, painstakingly burns out [like their careers? ouch].

I really don't mind the Wyclef remix hahaha. At least it's interesting. Until Clef starts rhyming about things that have nothing to do with the song, but yeah.

I was going to compare this with the new TSL, but that one is actually listenable without wanting to fall asleep / turn it off and listen to something more interesting. The only reason i disliked new Starting Line is because I could predict where the songs were going from miles away, as they simply followed BOATS in a slightly more mediocre / less catchy way. Same with the new Rocket Summer, which I like a lot nonetheless.

The mediocrity of Cartel - Cartel is a different, limper animal. The thing is, I still want to like this album. I WILL listen to it again because that's what I do. But compared to what you'd expect from Cartel, from a smaller band that acheived success because they could get response out of an audience and major labels took notice - this is less than nothing.
Chroma had hits out of this world - it's funny, because I didn't want to listen to Chroma in the first place. But once i did, i couldn't get it out of my head, and this album is the absolute opposite. These songs are dripping out of my ears the second I hit 'Next' and any snap, zest, or hit factor is buried in this fog of production/uninteresting rhythm section.

Falls far short for an album with its aspirations.
Surprisingly bad production.
Emotionally flat like a bad actor.
The lyrics aren't worth mentioning.
And it's really pretty bizarre that I can't remember a melody or single lyric of a song after they're over, because if there's one thing I have a 'photographic' memory for, it's music. Hearing a song by a band I've never heard of before and singing you back the chorus is so much easier than doing the same with a song from this record.

I'm glad I had no responsibilities in the creation of this album, because I wouldn't know what to do with it. er, re-release Chroma if you want national success, Cartel.
.....or something. Because you're not getting it from this.

I'm going to go give this a 3rd try.

Edit- halfway through Lose It i said "fuck it" and turned it off.
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pop music!
07/07/07 at 07:54 AM by ishotthepilot
this is no diatribe, i don't have time for that.

just a good band :)


i'll see them next week with valencia in NY i guess, as long as i don't show up late again ha.
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so my top 10 is filling up fast for 2007...
07/06/07 at 07:03 PM by ishotthepilot
predicted top 10 anyway.. it'll probably end up being a 20 or 15.

i remember saying Small Leaks Sink Ships a couple months back; even though i don't actually listen to it often at all, i know it's REALLY GOOD and Top 10s to me are for The Best, not just My Favorite. so that's on there.... er... maybe i should go check all the cds i reviewed for the radio station.


Playradioplay!: The Frequency EP..... no. i don't put EPs on my list anyway
Paramore: Riot! - might slip in near the bottom. i happen to love songs on there, but.. eh.
Graduate, The: Anhedonia - hell yes!
This Is Me Smiling - definitely up there
Small Leaks Sink Ships - near the top
New Atlantic: The Streets, The Sounds, And The Love - obviously up there
Paulson: All At Once... i think re-releases are cheating. but i'll probably put it on anyway
Higher, The: On Fire. hhahahahahahahhaha no.
Slip, The: Eisenhower.... a bit sleepy for me as i remember, but maybe i'll listen again
Kiss Kiss: Reality Vs. The Optimist! aha, this was the other one i adored. top 5-ish i think
Bayside: The Walking Wounded. might list it just to spite the haters :) also, i loved that cd
Permanent Me: After The Room Clears. psssh. not likely.
Bird And The Bee, The: The Bird And The Bee. should listen again maybe.
Dustin Kensrue: Please Come Home.. i really wasn't as into it as everyone else. so maybe not.

we'll see.
and to say "we'll see" in earnest, there's:

Just Surrender
Motion City
So They Say
The High Court

and more.... the ones in caps are going on my list no matter what the hell they sound like haha.
let's see who else the AP.net calendar says is coming up that i'll have to check out.

Down to Earth Approach
The Morning Of
The Rocket Summer
Cartel (why on EARTH did they make it self titled??)
Envy on the Coast
Every Avenue
Dangerous Summer
Minus the Bear
Honorary Title
Karate High School
NFG, i guess
All Time Low
Every Time I Die
Treaty of Paris
Jet Lag Gemini
Moros Eros

annnd all the others i was too lazy to copy/paste or type... geez. there are a lot of Tuesdays in a year, huh.

and i missed a couple from the 1st half of the year... there was a Damiera re-issue which i should probably list, and oh. haha... Fall Out Boy. right, seem to have forgotten about them. and Lifetime, and whoa i'm a bad fan! Dear and the Headlights! definitely in my Top 10, i said that when i first listened to it didn't I. oh my god the Years Gone By! i almost forgot. i'll let it sneak on with 7 tracks, 25 minutes is almost enough when you think about TAI's 10-song LP at freaking 30 minutes.

and the Sleeping, which was a reissue - ahhh. The Fold and Sullivan came out too this year. and Comeback Kid and Classic Case, but eh. Between the Trees! i have a great feeling about that even though i haven't listened through the whole thing yet. and horribly, it's the same deal with Anberlin's Cities. i never quite finished listening to it and absorbing it, which is pretty sad. Relient K either, and though I pretty much wrote off Sherwood based on the EP, the songs i've listened to from the LP seem pretty great. bother.

jesus, there's !!! and Lovedrug as well. this is not cool at all... Ted Leo didn't really 'hit' me, so it's probably not one of my top, but still. Modest Mouse! Madina Lake! when did i stop listening to full albums?? well, i guess because i listen to the albums that i already like for 8 hours straight, i'm not obsessive about my music at all... at least i know that The Almost and The Academy Is won't be anywhere NEAR my Top 20 or Top anything, just boring.

i'll give a chance to A Hero From a Thousand Paces, and Melee. i actually already have that one because of the station, and Tyler Read. i suppose i could listen to Bright Eyes as well, though i lost that obsession a long time ago and distance just makes me not that excited by him anymore. I Am The Pilot does excite me a bit, i didn't really realize that came out this year. mark another one to listen to, along with The Fall of Troy. (have it, haven't listened to it. damn internet age.)

i remember thinking Page France and Weatherbox were pretty amazing, i'll have to go back to those. and the Dear Hunter LP sitting in front of me that i STILL haven't turned an ear to. and Maximo Park, and Dance Gavin Dance, and The Actual, and wow i didn't even realize The Gaslight Anthem came out with an album... i am inefficient, or something. because all these slipped right by me. hm... the Used, Maroon 5, Firescape. i suppose they deserve attention.. oh, Circa Survive. everyone is all over their goddamn nuts, if i must be blunt. but i wasn't that impressed, they do one thing and they do it well but that is all, unless i'm missing something major. Tiger Army, also hyped, but also quite good. i possible liked them when i was like, 12.. haha.

ahhh! The Junior Varsity! it's definitely sitting right next to me and i didn't think of it. that's top 10... i think i've said enough things are Top 10 right that there must be a # 0 album.. Rocky Votolato deserves some time, so does Straylight Run, so do Boys Night Out and My American Heart, both of which i really enjoyed when i listened to them the first (only) time. and i think i may discover something in Silverstein... maybe... liked 'em when i was 15-ish, denounced them as bad music soon after, and now i don't know. Dear Tonight is a band i enjoy, and apparently they released an album this year.. so i guess this is why i never used to do Top 10 of the Year lists.

i'm giving myself a headache. not allowed on the day my summer class finished! i'm not supposed to be thinking about numbers anymore! haha but i am.

funny thing about Best Of lists is that you have to actually listen to the albums to judge them, generally. then a lot of albums are ones you won't even bother to seek out, or just won't have heard of.. it makes me feel incomplete in advance, ha. *shrug*

whateva. i do what i want.
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a hecklot of good cds coming out tomorrow
02/05/07 at 05:40 PM by ishotthepilot
i'm kind of all about Dear and the Headlights though <3
can't wait

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omg NFG. he learned to sing!!
08/23/06 at 11:05 AM by ishotthepilot
i just saw (most of) the new NFG video.. i'm assuming its new anyway. educated guess.

but he learned to sing!!! without being miserably nasal!!

it is a happy day.

especially in contrast to the rest of the musical week.
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