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That blog with boring shit about music
09/25/09 at 03:48 PM by RyanFTW
The Swellers Ups and Downsizing is my frontrunner for album of the year. Hooks up your ass! Pick it up next Tuesday, or if you pre-ordered it, get your car cd player ready!

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Impression: Paramore - brand new eyes
09/21/09 at 10:36 PM by RyanFTW
This album is straight up rock, nothing too inventive. The thing is, the lyrics are miles ahead of anything on RIOT! or All We Know is Falling.

While I say that the sound is nothing new, there's nothing wrong with something being done right. They definitely do and they got a good album on their hands.

Yes, and the vocals are excellent.
Pick it up next week, It definitely warrants some car blasting.

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I finally made a new blog site
09/17/09 at 10:01 PM by RyanFTW
Check it Out, Yo.
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The Worst Thing I ever heard: Jeffree Starr Edition.
09/14/09 at 04:02 PM by RyanFTW
So, I saw a link to the unreleased Jeffree Star song (well, yet) and I decided hey, I'll bite.

This is either the greatest parody of scene music ever or this is the worst thing I've ever heard.

Louis Vuitton Body Bag Ft. Matt Skiba

Oh and Skiba, I'm all for artistic expression and branching out, but I'm also for artistic integrity. I'm fucking ashamed of you.
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When a forum poster says:
09/11/09 at 09:52 AM by RyanFTW
"I've lost all respect for ______"

What is your respect really worth? Look at yourself.

What is it worth?

Since he poked the bear I decided that this blog post is entirely about Aloneinthedark. There, I've officially called you out like Raneri did to that those other guys. Get offended by one word then realistically you got one long life ahead of you, kid.
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Dude, What the Fuck
09/10/09 at 11:09 AM by RyanFTW
Those bands aren't really pop-punk, though. Dream Homes by Dear Landlord is one of the best pop-punk records to come out in years. I'm not a huge fan of people classifying these pop-rock bands as pop-punk when they owe next to none of their sound to Screeching Weasel.

Jason Tate's Reply:

People should stop holding on to a genre label that looooong ago passed them by.

I am seriously offended by this.

Dude, what the fuck.
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Write Up for 9/8/09: Write Up: With a Vengeance
09/08/09 at 12:36 PM by RyanFTW
Dear Landlord are on the rise from Illinois.

Is punk rock back? Or perhaps Dear Landlord just haven't been told that it's dead yet. Either way, Dear Landlord want to rule your headphones, and they have a pretty good shot. Why, you ask? Because their music an eclectic brand of Screeching Weasel and Rancid with some Dead to Me mixed in. They got gang shouts, frantic, short bursts of punk rock, and a rather rambunctious live show.

Their new record, Dream Homes (which you can buy here), is a big example of everything I've described before. Short, controlled bursts of fun punk rock that any punk (or even Oi!) fan is going to be blasting in his stereo for the rest of the year. You might even feel like you're in the mid 90's with this band blasting tunes in your ears.

The following three songs are from their new album, Dream Homes:

"Lake Ontario"
Lake Ontario


"Whiskey and Records"
Whiskey and Records

Buy the CD here!

Go out to one of their shows,buy some merch, and of course, tip your merch guy with money, not with sex. We don't need another incident.

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Monday's Write Up: Awesome Awesomness?
09/07/09 at 10:35 AM by RyanFTW
While these Massholes have been at it for awhile, I think No Trigger needs some more support.

The boys of No Trigger formed quite awhile ago in 2000, and their raw brand of punk and hardcore has been thrashing up the east coast ever since. Gravel-like vocals, speedy, pounding drums and raw guitars highlight this band's repetoire, with straightforward lyrics and a live show that will kick you in the teeth.

The band sprouted up amongst the newer punk bands in the early 2000's, like Rise Against, A Wilhelm Scream, and Much the Same. They fit in well right away, and aside from a few CD-Rs they released a great EP called Extinction in Stereo and a stellar LP called Canyoneer. It was to be their latest release, which was in 2006. I'm throwing down a couple tracks from those releases for you to enjoy. If you want to buy them, or perhaps some No Trigger merch, head down here and grab yourself some.

No Trigger's Myspace
Canyoneer CD
Extinction in Stereo EP

"Earthtones" from the Extinction in Stereo EP

"Owner Operator" from Canyoneer
Owner Operator

"Neon National Park" from Canyoneer
Neon National Park

If you make it to one of their shows on the East Coast, go out and have fun. I think they're writing a record right now, but hey, get out there to a show and tip your favorite merch guy!

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5th Write Up? More awesome music?
09/04/09 at 10:33 AM by RyanFTW
If you're late to the party on The Hold Steady, then you obviously need to grab a drink and listen with me!

The men from Minneapolis straight up rock. That's it. If there is one band that makes you want grab a double whiskey and coke, it will definitely be The Hold Steady. The boys have been making critically acclaimed albums for quite some time now, but they have been getting more widespread attention in the last couple of years. They bring you a more classic sound of rock and roll, with beautiful keyed passages and rough but catchy vocals.

While they haven't released much lately, I figured I would do a write up on them. Why? BECAUSE A LOT OF YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO THIS BAND. I'm pointing at YOU, person wearing the glasses! Their brand of rock is great, telling stories of long nights of drinking, love stories, and all done with true heart and talent. All of it is sincere, much better than that nevershoutwhatever bullshit!

The following are 3 songs from 3 separate releases, and you can purchase them all here.

"Your Little Hoodrat Friend" from the album Separation Sunday
Your Little Hoodrat Friend

"Hot Soft Light" from the album Boys and Girls in America
Hot Soft Light

"Constructive Summer" from the album Stay Positive
Constructive Summer

Go out to one of their shows! I guarantee you'll a fantastic time! And get some merch....

Oh and totally tip your merch guy, you spoiled brats!!

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You know
09/03/09 at 04:29 PM by RyanFTW
You know, I've seen a shitload of bands break up/go on hiatus in the last few months and honestly, I've probably heard of about 5% of them. Usually if a band makes even a minimal contribution to music I've probably heard of them. But lately, tiny fucking bands are breaking up and posting it on the site when 10 people have fucking heard of them. I'm sure there have been bands at this point who haven't made a full length and they feel they need to tell the world they broke up.


If you haven't been a band for more than 3-4 years or not released a full length, please don't "announce your break up". You never had it together to begin with. You're wasting news space.


(Yeah, I'm totally bitching about stuff again)
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Music Write Up 9/3/09 Love, Awesome Music Style
09/03/09 at 08:27 AM by RyanFTW
A band that has been making basements and tiny venues shake in Seattle (and all over the country and Japan) has been the Shook Ones.

The first time you hear this band the first thing most hardcore purists say is: "wait is this a kid dynamite tribute band or something?" The answer is, no. The shook ones are their own being and to be honest, it's like your spazzy energetic friend in high school that sometimes didn't make sense. The band takes a deep hardcore punk sound and makes it a tad bit poppier, with hooks abound in the songs. Think of the band as a dangerous mix between Lifetime and Kid Dynamite, with a little bit of Saves the Day.

This band is pretty much on tour most of the year and are definitely a band worth going to see if just for its frantic pace and fun atmosphere. I'm going to bring you three tracks from their fucking excellent 2009 LP The Unquoteable A.M.H.
It's a furious blend of rock, punk and hardcore!

BTW If you need an absolutely beautiful Anthony Green kind of voice lulling you with his tones, don't listen to this band. Oh, and stop being so stuck up! If you like it, you can buy it here, or you can go to their show, support them by grabbing some merch, and tip your god damn mother fucking cunt swilling merch guy!

"For Collards"
For Collards

"Birds On Ice"
Birds on Ice

"Double-knot That"
Double-knot That

Their Myspace
Buy the album here
Sit Ubu Sit, Good Dog.
Enjoy Your Thursday!

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New Write Up= New awesome music
09/02/09 at 10:47 AM by RyanFTW
Who said Canada can't rock out? Living With Lions disagree!

The rough and tumble boys from Vancouver house are making something special. Something that wouldn't seem unfamiliar to a crowded basement or even CBGB's (RIP). The boys meld a bit of millencolin, a bit of A Wilhelm Scream and even some Loved Ones along with it. What you get is a ripping good time (yeah, I said it) with speed and raw power, all while having way too much fun to stand it. Whether it be slow or fast, these guys have it going on. The boys have hit the road running and have toured with the Swellers and are going to beripping it up with A Wilhelm Scream in October.

They have a new record called Make Your Mark and it's a sweet combo of fast and slow, poppy and hard, intricate and raw. It's a must buy for you music fans out there, so I would suggest it to anyone. The following are a few tracks from the album, and a link right here so that perhaps you feel inclined to grab a copy.

She's a Hack

A Bottle of Charades

Cold Coffee

Do you like? Buy it from the link above and tell all your friends you liked them before they became huge selloutz!?

Better yet, go to their shows, buy some merch, and tip your merch guy!

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Another quick write up:
09/01/09 at 04:54 PM by RyanFTW
Polar Bear Club are pretty much the shit. Technical yet raw, emotional yet very very blunt.

The team of Jimmy Stadt, Emmett Menke, Nate Morris, Chris Browne and "Baby Goose" have created an electric combination of straightforward rock, punk and a bit of hardcore while they're at it. Think of it as perhaps the bastard child of Hot Water Music and Boys Night Out. The anchor of this band is Jimmy Stadt, possessing singing vocals that could calm a savage beast, but a bark that could scare a junkyard dog.

Yes, but a lot of APnet already knows about them. Why are you even doing a write up about them?

Because of Chasing Hamburg. The album I'm listening to right now could be on par with their stellar Sometimes Things Just Disappear and cause a big wave in this mostly saturated scene. It's a great record and I would recommend it to anyone who likes good rock and roll in general. Jump up on it, kids! I thought I would put something from each of their previous three releases.

"Election Day" from The Redder The Better EP
Election Day

"Hollow Place" from Sometimes Things Just Disappear
Hollow Place

"Living Saints" from Chasing Hamburg
Living Saints

Get on it! Buy what you can online and go to the show and grab a shirt, and don't forget to tip their merch guy!

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Just close your eyes...
08/31/09 at 09:26 PM by RyanFTW
Just close your eyes and listen to the song. Sometimes I've found just closing your eyes and focusing on the song makes it better.

Good night, friends.

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Tell me, friends.. Do you like awesome music?
08/31/09 at 10:33 AM by RyanFTW
Raging power chords are coming out of San Francisco and they are called Heartsounds

Heartsounds is a combo of Ben Murray and Laura Nichols and what they make is good, fast, pop punk. You may remember Laura and Ben from a Metal Band called Light this City. What they're bringing to the table is in the vein of the Swellers, Much the Same, a wee bit of Paramore (I mean WEE) and a modest scoop of The Loved Ones. You get Raging power chords, strong male and female tandem vocals (one of my favorite parts) and they're just starting up, so jump on that bandwagon now!

What your getting is straight up fast pop punk:
The Song Inside Me

Or even more of it, with Laura at lead vocals (with I believe is Nick from the Swellers as a guest)
I Climbed for Miles ft. Nick Diener

And For you folks who just can't get enough of that sweet mid paced pop punk!
Reoccurring Grey

These two are capable of big things, and you should friend them (unless you think that's weird) because they deserve it. I believe they have a pre-order on their myspace. Get out there and rock out to them!

I hope they become your favorite!


P.S. Yes, I realize the girl is really cute. Don't make it a selling point, make it the music!
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