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That blog with boring shit about music
Just close your eyes...
08/31/09 at 09:26 PM by RyanFTW
Just close your eyes and listen to the song. Sometimes I've found just closing your eyes and focusing on the song makes it better.

Good night, friends.

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Tell me, friends.. Do you like awesome music?
08/31/09 at 10:33 AM by RyanFTW
Raging power chords are coming out of San Francisco and they are called Heartsounds

Heartsounds is a combo of Ben Murray and Laura Nichols and what they make is good, fast, pop punk. You may remember Laura and Ben from a Metal Band called Light this City. What they're bringing to the table is in the vein of the Swellers, Much the Same, a wee bit of Paramore (I mean WEE) and a modest scoop of The Loved Ones. You get Raging power chords, strong male and female tandem vocals (one of my favorite parts) and they're just starting up, so jump on that bandwagon now!

What your getting is straight up fast pop punk:
The Song Inside Me

Or even more of it, with Laura at lead vocals (with I believe is Nick from the Swellers as a guest)
I Climbed for Miles ft. Nick Diener

And For you folks who just can't get enough of that sweet mid paced pop punk!
Reoccurring Grey

These two are capable of big things, and you should friend them (unless you think that's weird) because they deserve it. I believe they have a pre-order on their myspace. Get out there and rock out to them!

I hope they become your favorite!


P.S. Yes, I realize the girl is really cute. Don't make it a selling point, make it the music!
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A Few Things...
08/29/09 at 10:39 PM by RyanFTW
I am not the absolutepuppet. Shut the fuck up, you guys are morons.

Go listen to Daisy if you can find it. It's good. Real good.

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Who gives a fuck about Gabe Saporta
08/07/09 at 01:05 AM by RyanFTW
Given the recent spike of new users it has definitely made this place into a madhouse. People taking drastic sides, people making threads only to be shat upon quickly, like a well placed surgical strike. To be honest, the things I'm so frustrated with regarding the website have NOTHING to do with me. But, It's like watching a city that you grew up in and shaped you become a slum full of stupidity, gossip, and an influx of social pariahs.

Seriously though, who gives a fuck about Gabe Saporta? Yeah, we get it, he helped get millionaires an EP released, therefore making the music scene less legitimate. When's the last time the scene has been legitimate anyways? Remember when WE were the enemy? Yeah, our scene's the one that "used to be good". Shit's changing, get over it. There will always be the bands that stand apart and make something listenable. Hell, there are bands that will give us hope. All I know is the interview doesn't matter anymore. Whatever he says is just going to make us angrier.

Honestly, I'm sick of being angry.

I haven't been blogging (meaningfully) for months. I finally figured out why. I just don't fucking care anymore. I used to love and care about the scene. But everyone who's been here for a long time (aside from the few that do a really excellent job of rolling with the punches) is turning into a bunch of broken fucking records. You can only do so much over the internet to fix things wrong. Or you can look at the futility of bitching about this kind of stuff.

I don't know about you, but I guess all of this bitching has just made me jaded. Jaded like the lot of you.

I'll leave you with this:
You can look at the scene and judge it as much as you want. Just remember this, please.
There are 2 genres of music now. Good Music and Bad Music. That's all.

From my Jaded Lips to your Virgin Ears,


P.S. Fuck you, Fuck You, You're Cool, Fuck you
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My Favorite Part about the New AP
08/02/09 at 01:21 PM by RyanFTW
In news posts, you can't see the post count for people right off the bat. Level playing field? You can still see it in the forums, but it's kinda nice to not see it initially.

I'm sure it was planned, too. Very clever, Jason.

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Brendan Kelly talks about illegal downloading
07/25/09 at 12:45 AM by RyanFTW
And it makes a lot of sense:

"Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah! My opinion on music suddenly being free. Right. Love it. I think itís awesome. Canít say enough good things about it.
Look, this is a stupid conversation 100% of the time, and hereís why. Everyone would rather make money. If thereís a dude just digging holes because he loves digging holes, and then suddenly digging holes becomes profitable, and he can just do what heís been doing but heíll get a check for it, heíll take the fucking money (unless heís retarded). So pretending that the money just cheapens everything or it doesnít matter is, every time, disingenuous or plain old stupid. Youíd be dumb not to want to get paid for doing something you love. If I could get paid to hang out at a bar or get blowjobs from my old lady, Iíd jump at it. So IN WHAT FUCKING UNIVERSE IS A MUSICIAN GOING TO BE HAPPY THAT MUSIC IS SUDDENLY FREE???? BUT BUT BUT BUT, thatís the small half of why this is a stupid conversation.
The big half is this: itís free. It is. Thereís nothing you can do about it, thereís no point in acting like youíve been slighted. You havenít. Shitís changed. Remember the guy digging holes? When digging stops being profitable, he can either go back to digging like he did before, for the love of it, or he can fucking adapt and move on like HUMAN BEINGS DO EVERY FUCKING DAY, YOU PUSSIES!!!!!!
Look, there used to be an industry built around shoeing horses. There were places that made horseshoes, people who put em on, took em off, people that built the nails, I donít fucking knowÖbear with me. Well, at some point, probably right around when the car started getting popular, these poor schlongs all went out of business. You know why? The world changed. All the bitching in the world about tradition or how itís gentlemanly to ride a horse or how this one is right and this one is wrong didnít sway anything. Shit done changed and the option is, cry about it and look absolutely pathetic, or fucking sack up, look around and figure out what the fuck youíre gonna do.
I canít stand listening to these fuckers in the industry bitch about illegal downloadsÖNot because I wouldnít like more money. Of course I would, but itís so fucking wimpy. Itís like crying because itís raining. Hey, pussy! Itís gonna keep raining. You can either catch a cold crying out there, or you can fucking look for a place to dry off. I mean, musicians gripe and gripe because their profits are shrinking, and sure, that sucks, but the idea that since they used to make X amount of dollars and now they donít, theyíre allowed to just complain and throw a fit is just childish. Hey, I used to be allowed to shit my pants, and then some lady would come along and wipe my ass and put new pants on me. I used to shower in a room full of ten year old boys, I used to be able to eat cupcakes all day and never gain a pound. Thereís A FUCKING MILLION THINGS that change on this earth, every day, and some are a real bummer (not being able to just eat cupcakes) some are the result of taking responsibility for yourself (shitting my pants) and some are just what fucking happens when shit changes (Iím no longer ten). This situation with music is really all three, but humans are at our best and most innovative when we adapt. Thereís never been an exciting discovery made from complaining about the way things used to be. Thereís never been progress made by sitting stubbornly in the rain or the road and thereís never been a blowjob received by someone who was such a pussy that the world turned and they just rolled over and cried.
Thatís why this is a stupid conversation. I donít have time to complain about the fucking tides, man. Iíve got real shit to worry about. Right? Good. Now, can everyone please just shut up about it forever? The old way is done now. Fucking get used to it. Thank you."

-Brendan Kelly
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Why do..
07/11/09 at 01:17 AM by RyanFTW
Why do I have the feeling for the next AFI album, there's going to be no makeup, no colored hair, no image whatsoever? I mean, with all this shit coming out, I wouldn't blame them.

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I stand corrected
07/07/09 at 07:11 PM by RyanFTW
I used to think that Boys Night Out Circa-Make Yourself Sick had some of the most ADD driven songwriting until I heard this.

This song is really really BAD, and it's old news. I just saw it 5 minutes ago, and honestly, you HAVE TO WATCH THE LAST MINUTE OF THIS VIDEO.

Actually, watch the entire thing, there was a bad running man, the whole "crabcore" thing and it's pretty much the embodiment of why Chad wrote "Screamo Gotta Go" on ISHC.


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07/07/09 at 01:03 PM by RyanFTW
There are days when I realize I didn't think about you once the day before.

....And that makes me really optimistic.

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I thought I would put my word in
07/03/09 at 11:36 PM by RyanFTW
On Billy Mays:

How could anyone really hate this guy?

If you can make fun of yourself, you're awesome. Much love to ya Billy Mays. He's probably pitching new sets of wings to angels in heaven.

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Is it me? Or
06/30/09 at 07:37 PM by RyanFTW
Is it me, or have there been a lot of BROS on APnet lately? thanks a lot, A Day to Remember.

Take your recycled breakdowns somewhere else.
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Podcast Delayed
06/29/09 at 12:50 PM by RyanFTW
The Swellers are playing in stockton tonight (don't know why, exactly), gonna see if I can lure them back to my little studio (with promises of candy and funny stories) and maybe try and do a guest spot?

Chance of this happening, about 5%

Wish me luck!

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APnet: The Needed, yet unspoken, Ground Rules, Part 1
06/29/09 at 12:58 AM by RyanFTW
Rule 1: If you get an account and are not really up to speed on the way this place works, you're not going to make friends by saying obvious things. In my infinite benevolence, I've decided to list a few of these subjects (or something along those lines) so you don't have to be captain fucking obvious!

OBVIOUS Things!:
Saying that the album isn't as good as a previous one, or even one in their heyday. We get it, this album wasn't the same as the last one, shut the fuck up.

Monosyllabic expressions like "ok" "erm" or even grouping two of them together and saying "Don't care" nobody gives a shit whether you care or not. Raising your post count doesn't not equal respect here. Saying things that are clever, smart, or even relevant will let you gain respect here (SIDEBAR: See Below)

We all miss the days when music was good. You don't need to remind us how much you miss it. Put it in a blog like I do, where you can put it in your tearstained entries and masturbate to Deja Entendu and Save the World, Lose the Girl (Like I do!).

Enough said.

These are just some simple ones but they cover a multitude of subjects! Have fun out there, more rules soon!

(SIDEBAR: Getting respect from people who talk shit on message boards most/all of the day isn't exactly amazing to have. If you want respect, make sure it's with physical people you know and care about.)

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TRANSLATIONS! (escape the fate edition!)
06/23/09 at 11:08 PM by RyanFTW
Only AP.net users would be offended and pissed to see tits. You should be happy, I'm sure there haven't been many you guys have seen without puttin' down your parents credit card number first.

Translation: I am somehow affiliated or IN escape the fate. My only defense for someone or something not liking me is attacking it while assuming all of APnet are fat nerds who have to pay to see tits.

video is sweet. tits are sweet.

any dude who doesn't enjoy this video is probably a homosexual.

Translation: I'm under 16 and my hormones are out of control. They are so out of control the concept of using female breasts (or "tits") for any form of media excites me way too much. If you're a homosexual, you're the enemy. I'm a total homophobe.

That video is sick, i guess theres a bunch of pussies on here who dont like rock

Translation: I either never knew my dad, or his most distinct features were the mullet and the tall can of king cobra in a paper sack. I believe that rock and roll should be portraits of excess and tits, as long as it has sweet solos and guest spots from awful, AWFUL bands. My weekends generally consist of drinking in the basement of my cousin's house and having unprotected sex with girls I don't even like. But hey, they're tits right?

In conclusion: Yes, I realize breasts are good. But people who feel they have to put excessive amounts of them in their "art" probably don't see a lot of them. If you weren't in a band, would you even have more than a 20 second conversation (and that's INCLUDING the inevitable awkward silence) with any of those pornstars? Doubt it!


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seriously though
06/21/09 at 11:09 PM by RyanFTW
Reading entries in this twitter makes me want to shoot myself in the face.

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