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That blog with boring shit about music
The most interesting day of this year so far (it's funny)
01/03/08 at 09:04 PM by RyanFTW

"Well, I haven't seen you in awhile, I kind of miss it."
"How about we go to dinner tomorrow?"
"Uhm, that sounds great!"

Now there is always a flaw in these kind of things, and I made the flaw of not saying the four words:

Is this a date?

Now, I wasn't worried last night but.....


I am officially worried, talking over with friends, not knowing if it was a date or not...
So I treat it as a date.... a last minute date.

Have you ever had a last minute date? Did you remember everything you had at home? Enough things?

So worried as I usually am, I run to target and buy assloads of toiletries.
Now, after smelling every damn body wash to choose which one is right, I bought:
2 bottles of body wash (because of my paranoia of dropping a bottle and it completely emptying)
a gigantic bottle of shampoo
3 packages of 3 packs of boxers
2 sticks of deodorant
2 bars of hand soap

65 bucks, better safe than sorry.

(Now keep in mind that I haven't had a date in 6 months)

Stop in the middle of the drive, go back, buy contraceptives

I end up buying a 30 pack, yeah, like i'll use ANY of them.

Drag race home.
WAIT I have to do some stuff with mom before I go, DAMNIT!

I head to the phone store, buy a new phone, got a sweet one, (same number for the folks who know it).

So I told my mom to step on it, and now, I'm home, taking the Pre Date Shower

For those of you who don't know, a Pre date shower is a defining moment of where the date is gonna go.

It involves:

Washing your junk
Washing your armpits
Washing your junk
Washing your face
Washing your body
Washing your junk
washing your armpits
Washing your junk

Once great smelling (and junk so clean you could see your reflection in my balls), I head to clothes, grabbing a new pair of boxers (Shuffling through all my televsion character boxer shorts to find a pair of plain blacks) and going through the pre date dressing thought:

What kind of date is this?
To make a long story short, Jeans, Button up shirt (top button unbuttoned) a pair of Vans sneakers and my blue zip up hoodie which I've had since i was 17.

The drive, what am I going to listen to, in order to psych up?
Do I listen to Gym Class Heroes? Unleash my inner pimp?

Nah, I listen to Thrice's Vheissu. "Hold Fast Hope" and "Image of the Invisible" get me focused and/or psyched.

I get there, I start to shake, all that deodorant and body wash means nothing, I smell like a goddamn sweatsock already.

Although I dress pretty casually as I stated above, she is wearing heels and a revealing shirt, and a nice pair of jeans.
I think to myself, it's 24 degrees outside, wearing something like THAT?! It's officially a date.

She smiles and everything else goes away.

Dinner is nice, the walk back to the car is lifting me off the cement.
She kisses me, and we discuss a second date and we both drive away in separate directions.

The drive home consisted of Gym Class heroes (at least "Clothes Off" like 9 times) and a little bit of the Roots.

All that crazy preparation for a kiss.
Worth it.

The End.

Ryan Riddell (dating guru? Nah)
Tags: dating
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Pretty Good Year
01/01/08 at 12:03 AM by RyanFTW
Iíve been working longer hours watching money streaming in
Iíve been trusting crooks and liars like I donít have any friends
Iíve been finding myself praying when Iím deepest in the sin
Iíve been reinventing happiness again

Itís been painful resolution set to jubilant applause
Itís soaring highs and crushing lows and grinding in the jaw
Itís been begging for forgiveness after laying down the law
Itís been like surgery to work through all the flaws

Will this overture seem dull to all my friends?
Will you love me if I leave you here again?
When the spell breaks weíll be back to work, what then?

Thereís a faith that could tear this whole thing apart
But there are drinks that could cause the dancing to start
There are lies that could tear this whole thing apart
And there are songs that will beg to keep your heart

Iíve been standing at a crossroads for what seems like many days
If I go will the house fall down will I burn it if stay?
Should I be fighting like coward or running like a brave?
Will I be laughing like a madman either way?!

And there are songs that will beg to keep your heart...

Happy new year.

Here's to a year that won't actually suck.
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There's not a restaurant built I can't Fly.....
12/30/07 at 10:19 PM by RyanFTW
On a serious note, I apologize for insulting the scene so much in my blog.
To each its own, I should not have thought that talking shit is ballsy.

Repeat after me:

The people with the most balls are the ones who are willing to co-exist with those who are different.

Also: On an even more serious note.

Don't you hate it when the "You were right" you've been waiting for hurts to hear because she's crying on the other line.

why did you have to call?


By the way, I wrote a review, I hope it gets approved!
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2008: An actual Rock and Roll Revival? Answer me.
12/29/07 at 11:13 PM by RyanFTW
I'll be honest with you, I can see it.

I thought on my last blog this year (next 2 days I have doubleshifts at work, no New Years Kiss for me...) I'd end up on a hopeful note.

It feels as though in 2007 there has been an influx of "Scene" bands, it doesn't just feel, it IS a fact. I personally welcomed the scene at first, but unfortunately, it has defnintely become style over
substance nation, and a lot of the scene bands are obviously in it for money, whilst a lot of the ones that began by playing honest music to escape from a mainstream hype of the Bros and shitheaded popstars are now breaking up.

While this fashion show is still rapidly growing, there is a small scene growing.

Regular fit jeans, band tshirts and John Q public haircuts.

But the style part doesn't matter.

It's more about the power chords, gigantic drums, and raw earnest vocals with powerful live shows.

It's rock and roll. It's not really punk, it's not really pop (although it might be considered pop punk for now).

But there have been a few bands, which I am giving you links to, that are really the frontrunners of this almost lost genre, untainted by record labels, all pure honesty.

www.myspace.com/thelovedones (They are releasing a new album in february!)

www.myspace.com/thegaslightanthem (Sink or Swim: Easily one of the frontrunners of the Best Album of 07')





Now, I'm not saying we should create a scene out of these phenomenal rock and roll bands, I'm saying we should just listen and enjoy. Wear whatever you want, they won't judge you! Go out to a show and have yourself a damn good time.


(in case I don't see you, happy new years)
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Random Shit and a little all time low
12/28/07 at 11:20 PM by RyanFTW
Before I get to ATL, is it me, or is to catch a predator the FUNNIEST SHOW OF ALL TIME!?

It's fucking beautiful watching pedophiles get caught by the great chris hansen. He's my fucking hero.

All Time Low, what ISNT there to say about them, right?

They're honest guys who are a little overwhelmed by the popularity they're getting, they made a great pop record and it really shines.

A few facts about that chat though....

I'm pretty sure about 1500 of those posts were the same 4 people, and their fandom is pretty awesome.

And about 80 people who registered to this website today.

If this isn't obvious enough for you, I bring you All Time Low the next Blink 182.


P.S. Making your texts different colors and fonts bigger does not give you priority.

P.S.S. 1000 Views? What the fuck?!
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Henry Fucking Rollins:
12/26/07 at 10:55 PM by RyanFTW
Perhaps one of the most influential frontmen of all time. The thing is, what makes him so damn important to me is he was one of the few that does press and such that are from the time when punk was ALIVE.

While this may make a few angry, punk is dead. The feeling of community between other punks is gone, and no one trusts each other anymore. I generally will correct people when they mention modern bands as punk rock and say "punk influenced rock". Now, this is nothing i truly brag about, it's become a bad habit since I joined the scene on the tail end of the emerging punk rock scene, around 2001, I was 13 and naive, but I do remember the kids at my school who did consider themselves punk rock.

Why did they?

They had mowhawks, and the cutoff denim jackets with patches. I remember Adam, a 9th grader when I was a 7th grader, he had the mowhawk and a keen obsession with Rancid, and was always this goofy guy that offended people with his raunchy jokes.

Yes, I did hang out with him and respect him a lot, because around 2001, I didn't realize what was happening to modern music at the time. Punk rock was getting soft in the mainstream, and getting marketed as punk rock anyways for things to sell. And then, what changed my life was when I was 15, I went to see Hot Water Music and Bad Religion. It might have been the greatest concert of my life, I discovered Hot Water Music and I got to see legends like bad religion play.

At the end of the show, I was talking to press guys and one of them actually let me go backstage, I was literally FREAKING like a middle age secretary at an aerosmith concert. I did meet someone, and it was Mr. Brett. For those of you that don't know, Bretty Gurewitz is the guitarist and co-lyricist for bad religion, and is credited for writing the lyrics to my favorite thought provoking BR songs, such as "I want to Conquer the World". I remember my throat welling up and then I had to ask him.

"Is punk dead?"

(Keep in mind, this is before he was giving Gallows nightly blowjobs)

"well, that is a tough question to answer. I believe that the original movement that was around is definitely dead, and some but not all principles still live on in some of these bands. I really think it's more of a matter of whether you believe it or not, do you think it is?"

I stammered a "Y-yes, I believe that it has become quite oversaturated to the point of it being safe."

"Well then that's what you believe, stick to your convictions."

I think punk is dead. I do think that the concept of the underground savior lives on, even though our scene is dying of diseases such as bad haircuts and image based marketing rather than sound that makes you feel.


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My Christmas Gift to you
12/26/07 at 12:45 AM by RyanFTW
The link to the full gaslight anthem set at the fest 6:


And my top 10 songs of the year that would make a BITCHIN playlist

10. ....But you are vast... - Crime in Stereo

9. Unicorn Odyssey - The Falcon

8. .....And the World Files for Chapter 11 - The Flatliners

7. Steady Riot - Big D and the Kids Table

6. No Son of Mine - Every Time I Die

5. The Messenger - Thrice

4. Can't Stay the Same - Saves the Day

3. The Flood- The Swellers

2. Die While We're Young - A Wilhelm Scream

1. Angry Johnny and the Radio - The Gaslight Anthem

Seriously, go on itunes and get these 10 songs, you'll love them, I swear!

Merry christmas (well, now day after christmas), fuckers!

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My christmas wishes to other bands...... (it's long)
12/24/07 at 11:55 PM by RyanFTW
A to Z order:

Against Me!: Don't let these assholes who don't like New Wave get to you, and Tom, if you were ever in a fight in a coffee shop, I'd back you up!

Andrew W.K.: PLAY A SHOW IN MY BACKYARD! Make another awesome record, I wish to PARTY!

The Aquabats: Please put horns on your new record! I can't wait for it, and make me a Aquabat costume! Preferably spandex!

Big D and the Kids Table: I want a release date for Strictly Dub. And please keep up the great work.

Blink 182: Please do not ignore the requests of millions and put your differences aside, after hearing something like your self titled, how could I NOT want more?!

The Bouncing Souls: Make a tour with The Loved Ones and Hot Water Music! It would be my dream tour!

Boys Like Girls: Please Break Up

Brand New: Next time I see you live, will you please play Guernica? It's easily my favorite song by you guys and I would love to see it again.

Cold War Kids: Could you please tell me, mr singer, what kind of piano you used during the recording of Robbers and Cowards? It sounds fucking phenomenal on the record, especially during hospital beds.

Comeback Kid: Keep up the good work, that is all.

Crime in Stereo: You have 3 cds now, and I would love to see a live dvd by you guys. Your cds are great and I can't wait to see you guys play the songs from ....Is Dead

Elliott Smith: Say hi to casey for me, I love you both very much.

Every Time I Die: I want to see an ETID get a Variety show, it would be SWEET, and I just need more COWBELL (and Ratboy!)


Fall Out Boy: Please keep being fall out boy, but try to shy away from the commericalism a little. And when you record your next record, everyone needs to have beards, and whoever has beards already needs to grow HUGE ones, I'm talking to you joe!

The Flatliners: Bring back some of the Reggae!

From Autumn to Ashes: I really couldn't ask for more from you guys, your new record is astounding. Congrats on the 3 record deal!

From First to Last: Please let your new record school Dear Diary! Only to spite that smarmy little fuck sonny moore!

The Gaslight Anthem: Do what you can to get more press, more people need to know about how amazing you are! Oh and next time I see you, open with "Angry Johnny and the Radio"

The Get Up Kids: I do enjoy the New Amsterdams and Blackpool Lights, but I really think we need another Get Up Kids record right now, the direction you were headed with Guilt Show was a great direction to go, I want to grow up with you guys!

Glassjaw: Enough of your mind games! I want to hear the new tracks!


Gym Class Heroes: Please incorporate more Funk into your next record, I know you guys have the music chops! And Disashi, I'm lovin the short fro!

Hawthorne Heights: Stay who you are, if you ever needed someone to scream and play guitar, god willing I would do it if you asked me, please stay strong, guys. I love you casey.

Hellogoodbye: Put more europop in your new record, you know you want to!

The Hives: Play smaller clubs, I know you're a big rock band now, but I know you still love those punk clubs man!

Hot Water Music: Make a new HWM record, I know you can, Chuck Ragan should play acoustic in my room!

I am Ghost: No

Jimmy Eat World: Please hold together and be the best band you can be, Chase this Light is easily one step closer to you guys becoming even bigger legends than you are now.

Latterman: I have nothing to ask for you, because in your 5-6 years as a band you have made some of the most relevant self recordings i've ever heard. You inspire me, and thats all I ask.

The Lawrence Arms: You left me hangin after Oh Calcutta! I need more, MORE!
Neil Hennessey is the Sex!

Less than Jake: Release your record for free, I'll donate money if I have to.

Lifetime: Play.more.shows.

Lostprophets: Can't wait for your record in 08', make it quick.

The Loved Ones: I mentioned you earlier, put the Lawrence Arms on my dream tour too.

The Matches: After Decomposer, I want this next record to be even more off the wall, you guys are art, I need more.

Midtown: Shoot Down the Cobra Starship and stop that band of Thieves (spare senses fail) and get back together already, I miss the way your records made me feel.

Modest Mouse: Isaac Brock needs to come to my house and help me write lyrics, you do it best.

Monty Are I: On your next record, I need more face melting solos, Steve, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

Motion City Soundtrack: I want you to tell me what your NEXT record is going to be like, all you do is progress and I can't wait to hear more.

New Found Glory: Please mail me a signed copy of your new 7" when it comes out, BRING BACK THE HARDCORE!

No Trigger: Sign to Fat Wreck already, a new hyperspeed No Trigger record would sound good right about now.

Plain White T's: Stop.

Powerspace: bring back the sweet dance moves, Geek style, we love ya, we ALL do!

Reel Big Fish: Dont' make any more records, tour forever, I love you like that.

The Refused: Stop being "Fucking Dead"

Rise Against: Tim, you've got a great voice, and I want a little more punk though, I know you still want to make it.

The Riverboat Gamblers: I would muster together a band in a week if it meant touring with you.

Rufio: You broke up way too early, report back to the scene and we'll throw a curve and flunk all the other little bastards that put "punk" after their "pop"

RX Bandits: Longer songs, More Prog!

Ryan's Hope: Don't break up, you'll get signed somewhere amazing someday!

Saves the Day: I can't wait for the last record of the trilogy, it's so entralling already!

Say Anything: do a few tours and take a break! take it easy guys, you work really hard!

Senses Fail: New record needs more ROCK and a little more heath in it!

Set Your Goals: Make it faster and harder next time!

Shook Ones: Try your best to be amazing as usual, and get a tour with lifetime!

Sparta: Threes was amazing, but I need a fours fix, try to mix all your records together into one super rock record!

Strike Anywhere: Keep your values close, this movement still has momentum as long as you're still around.

Strung Out: Do what you want, you've influenced me so much in the last 12 years, I couldn't ask for anything more.

The Swellers: www.myspace.com/theswellers tell them to come to your town!

Taking Back Sunday: Do what you think is right, Andy Jackson seems like a good fit for you guys, considering he's not in the unbelievable hot rod circuit anymore, but i think you can bring them up!

Thrice: Make sure Air and Earth are even more amazing than the last 2 elements, but even if it isn't, it'll still be awesome.

Thursday: Go nuts and record whatever comes out of that. I know you all are amazing musicians, keep it intense and honest.

UnderOATH: Yes, I realize jesus is good, but don't make it your selling point anymore, I would rather hear about how you came up with these amazingly well written songs rather than your religious preferences.

A Wilhelm Scream: Become popular.

That is all.
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Regarding Paramore's current cover of AP: (end of the year lists)
12/21/07 at 01:48 PM by RyanFTW
Congrats to them, but as much as I want to like their music, I find it very hard to like.
I do have a blog below this entry addressing my stance on FueledbyRamen and people exploiting girls in bands.

My choice for band of the year? Modest Mouse, lol, they will always be band of the year to me.

Best Stories of the Year:
5. Hot Water Music Reunites
4. Hot Water Music Reunites
3. Hot Water Music Reunites
2. Hot Water Music Reunites
1. Hot Water Music Reunites

Now go buy No Division, a Flight and a Crash, and Caution!

Worst Stories of the Year:
5. Jamie Lynn Spears is Preggers- Seriously, who should actually give a shit except for the 25% of this website that watches Zoey 101. At least she's not aborting it. Kids have sex when they're teenagers, thats what I did, thats what you probably reading this did! As hilarious as it is, let it go.

4. Much the Same breaks up: It was really tough hearing about this after hearing such an incredible punk influenced rock record such as Survive, That gunner had left and as they key voice for that band, it was pretty obvious that it was going to fall apart.

3. Latterman Finally Fesses up about the breakup: It was tough for me, thats all.

2: Anything Involving Alesana, Blessthefall, and Avenged Sevenfold.

1. Casey Calvert passing on: As a friend and fan of the band, it was extremely hard to hear about someone so passionate about music in general passing on, but the real worst part about this story is all the little fucking follow up stories that have been sprouting. He has passed on, leave it at that, and buy one of those shirts to support his wife. www.towriteloveonherarms.com

Biggest stories of the year:

5. Paramore blows up- Paramore got big, they worked hard, good for them.

4. Panic! at the disco scraps their new album- It was pretty obvious they were working way too hard on it, and created a crapsterpiece.

3. Fall Out Boy makes a surprising album- Honestly, I was surprised, but it was a great move on their part, considering the large venues they will be playing from now on.

2. Hot Water Music Reunites- One of the most influential bands in underground music comes back. GET INTO THEM!

1. Brett Favre is still awesome after all these years.

Albums of the Year:

5. The Swellers: My Everest

4. Crime in Stereo - Is Dead

3. Say Anything - In Defense of the Genre...

2. Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

1. A Wilhelm Scream- Career Suicide

So shutup!

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excellent news (for me)
12/17/07 at 10:23 PM by RyanFTW
"The Jury is Instructed to Disregard It's Own Testimony"

is the name of the first song.
They're getting mixed, i'm AMPED!

Oh and friends died and I lost my idea of humanity somewhere along the way.

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This is something I have to do for myself....
12/10/07 at 11:59 PM by RyanFTW
Recording weekend overhaul. My weekend started last night. Recording all day and all night is fun.
What is so fun is that I am writing new stuff every time. I need to start getting drum mics and recordig the drums myself.

The only thing I'm nervous about is lyrics, it's not that I'm BAD at them, I just think that maybe I'll sound either a little crazy or it'll be too personal. But personal is good, right?

I'm also thinking of doing a cover of an A Wilhelm Scream song, acoustic... Crazy right? "These Dead Streets" is fun to play acoustic, i'm almost done transcribing it for myself.

Otherwise, I'm starting to lose touch with my old friends in cali.
Or maybe I'm losing touch in general.

Music is all I have.
This is something I have to do for myself.

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I'm sorry, I have to plug this band.....
12/08/07 at 02:04 AM by RyanFTW
They're too good not to talk about.


The Gaslight Anthem is Rock and Roll, thats about it. Soul Songs in a punk rock shell.
To be honest, they remind me of my youth. Bands weren't cocky, just confident. They were there to play their hook with complete and utter honesty.

Music is so, desolate now. Everything is built around gimmicks, whether it be bad haircuts, good looking folks, or even a humble red headed girl singing unoriginal lyrics through a girls eyes (yes, it's a gimmick, as much as I love their hard work and LOVE for music, fueled by ramen is going to ruin them).

There are always patches of honesty left in a sea of fakes and bandwagon jumpers. Why do you think FOB made Infinity on High? Why do you think Green Day made American Idiot? To let you know that they are REAL, they are REAL fucking bands.

Now before you go out there and buy the new Scary Kids Scaring Kids record, or the new Blessthefall cd, get on myspace and look for something real. I have compiled a list of bands that I believe are emotionally REAL and not a trend following bunch of turds.
www.myspace.com/muchthesame (RIP)
And of course www.myspace.com/thegaslightanthem
Hopefully you'll like one of them
Tags: Good bands
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You know you're getting old...
12/05/07 at 09:04 PM by RyanFTW
When one of your friends gets married...

But you know you're falling behind when a roadie of a band calls you and says your friend is getting a divorce.

I realize I'm 20, but it's weird.

I've had a friend in a band die in the last few weeks, and another one I know is getting divorced. I'm growing up too fast.

Are the fights I pick with people justice? Or are they fickle?

I emailed all of her friends.

Texted all of her friends.

Relaying the story, relaying a story about how someone can lie to you for years at a time and you can lay back and believe it because they tell you the 3 words.

She called me within 2 minutes, complaining about calls of outrage about what she had done to me, apparently she is still getting them now. She asked me why I did it and I replied:

"What would you have done?"

I gave her 5 seconds to answer and I hung up on her.

Now that I am approaching 21 I have to ask myself:

Is this fickle?

God I hope not.


(Oh and do not ask me of my sources of information)
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I am calling her out.
12/04/07 at 10:00 PM by RyanFTW
She's a liar and a fake and the double life she lived is what tore me apart.

Once I'm done with her, hopefully she'll leave with a lesson.

The phone is ringing

Wish me luck.
Tags: Liar
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Whenever you feel down, watch this
12/01/07 at 11:43 PM by RyanFTW
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