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That blog with boring shit about music
The Rain is my thing
12/01/07 at 12:11 AM by RyanFTW
I grew up next to the ocean.
I revered the ocean. it was the only thing bigger than everything else, I was intimidated and in awe. Whenever you jumped inside of it, you were the ocean's guest and I was thankful every day its unsure waters let me go ashore.
I lived there, next to the ocean, for 20 years and moved to the desert. For the first few months I would wake up and not hear the ocean air outside my window, I would get the shakes. The next few months I started bearing insomnia again.

The spring came and the rain was soothing. It was like a message from the ocean, comforting me.

Every time it rains I smile, almost uncontrollably.

The Rain is my thing.

Enough said.

- Ryan

P.S. The Devil & God are Raging inside of me is a great rain cd! Try it!
Tags: Rain
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Aaron Rodgers has promise
11/29/07 at 09:48 PM by RyanFTW
That game was a huge disappointment, the only thing that redeems it is the fact that I watched it online, listening to BRYANT GUMBEL commentate. Lamest dude in the world, lol. Aaron Rodgers is definitely a story to watch now, even though he looks like Scott Stapp with bigger eyebrows when he has long hair. We could've used Charles Woodson but McCarthy was right to keep him on the bench, there are still about 6 more games, and pretty much and instant berth anyways.

The one I'm worried about is Favre.

I got stood up again, I feel like I might have the plague or something. I wish people wouldn't be judged because they hang out with me. I'm not even that bad of a guy.

It's a different species here in Fruita, Colorado.

Working on the guitar demos has been quite fun, but I have my usual trouble of timing and such, I wish I was a human metronome like my buddy seph.

I want one more chance in the spotlight.



Seriously, Buy a Casey Calvert shirt, and get even if you don't like the design, it's for a widow, you random prick worried about fashion sense.
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Law and Order: Special Littering and Beastiality Unit
11/27/07 at 09:27 PM by RyanFTW
I think it would be a funny show, just a thought.

"Sir, step away from the sheep..."

On a silly note, don't write a blog that features one statement:


Okay, if you want to write that, okay, that's great, but it would be less annoying if you just text messaged it to your friend, instead of wasting an opportunity to put your innermost personal thoughts on display, and I'm pretty sure they don't consist completely of ROFLZ lURVE FOB ROOLZ.

(I'm not saying fall out boy is bad though, yes, they rule in the correct spelling of the word).

So I talked a little bit to Tom from Powerspace about music and such, and I need to start dressing up my guitar demos so he can hear them.

Ah to be on my mac again killin the garageband action.
I'm not worried about impressing him, it's more about getting my point across with just guitar.

Thats as serious as I get right now, I have to go play madden and force some fumbles with Sean Taylor, it's what he did best, unless there was a game where he could spend his time with the wife and daughter he left behind, My condolences to them. He was the best up and coming Safety there was!

RIP Sean Taylor: 1984-2007

RIP Casey Calvert: 1981- 2007

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In Defense of the following bands:
11/26/07 at 10:35 PM by RyanFTW
Regarding Max Bemis' statement:

Right on, okay? I realize that Max Bemis has a mental disorder, and anyone who says he's using that as a gimmick is fucked, and if anyone has a problem with me saying that you can private message me yourself and give me solid proof. Oh, and if you don't think Say Anything is honest, gimmick free music, listen to it again.

Regarding Brand New:

Jesse Lacey is actually Rivers Cuomo.

Get it now?

He plays what he likes and he should leave it at that, if you wanted to see Seventy Times Seven, would you want a heartfelt performance? Or a halfassed resentful one? Leave him alone, believe me, this is probably the last tour they'll play D&G in it's entirety. A lot of bands like to explore every possibility when they play a new album live, realistically, they will try to incorporate other album songs also.

And even if they did play D&G in its entirety every time, I'd still see it.

Uhm, D&G was fucking amazing by the way, YFW is another moment in time.

Regarding Fall Out Boy:

I do have a soft spot for them, but at the same time, even people who don't listen to them are starting to see they are getting needless shit. They have always been supporters of the underground and they're still running strong through it and that should garner more respect rather than "Hey you got your fall out boy in my underground!" They're a good band and after much deliberation I finally realize that Infinity On High was the best move they've ever made. You really can't go much higher than where they were when they made one of the most addictive pop rock albums of all time, From Under The Cork Tree. They knew they were playing arenas after the next album was released and their new songs are so theatrical and so PERFECT for the venues they are playing now (except the secret shows, COME ON, if that isn't reason enough to love them).

it's pretty fucking obvious they love what they do, and all the fucking metalheads at sputnikmusic.com have to realize that their cover of "Walk" featuring Keith Buckley is almost EXACTLY THE SAME as the original, the solo exempt.

Regarding Hawthorne Heights:

If they pull through this, they have to be the invicible band.
Anyone who doesn't like them, at least show them some fucking respect.
Their Music is Catchy.
They support local bands.
And they love their fans IMMENSELY.

Oh and did I mention their music is fucking catchy?
Listen to "saying sorry", I dare you to disagree.

That is all,

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The second I found out....
11/25/07 at 12:25 AM by RyanFTW
I was forced to clinch my chest. Minutes later, I ran to the bathroom to throw up. I cried. We weren't close, we only met a few times, but I owed that whole band something.


I was going through Austin with my band Stereotypical Epic, and it was our day off, and Hawthorne Heights were playing at the local venue with the usual camraderie of Victory bands. We decided to go and act like we're way more "hardcore" than everyone else, because we had heard that "Cut my Wrists and Black my Eyes" song and we were always angry about it, cause we were jerks and we thought we were "hardcore".

Some opening slot band played, another victory band played. We gave our sighs and boos, we were jerks, we thought we were hot shit, I was 18, what did I really expect? After hawthorne heights played a surprisingly energetic show, we weren't exactly floored, but I was impressed nonetheless and walked back to the merch stand and started conversations with all of them. Of course, back then, I thought Victory was the new epitaph, bands were selling records, makin money, (at least i thought) and were all getting popular, i thought they were gonna be some cocky shits.

They are by far the nicest band I've ever met. Everyone was nice, even the merch guy (merch guys are generally surly if you didn't know), and I couldn't be mad at them. I talked to all of them for hours on end, until the show was over and the venue closed it's door. I helped them pack because I know what it's like to lug all that shit around, and one of them asked (I'm not gonna say it was casey, I don't really remember a LOT) if I had lived around here, I replied I was another band on tour and they asked me all about who we were, and honestly, I was flattered. They asked me where I was staying, and I explained that we generally drive to the next town at night and we sleep in the van on the way (cause we're "hardcore" like that, which meant we were poor).

After I finished helping them pack I believe it was Micah who came up to me with a handful of bills and said that they gave their tip jar money to me with a little extra, and explained it isn't safe to be driving so much at night and that we should get a hotel. I was apprehensive at first because they earned that money for playing so hard, I did accept it eventually and thanked them.

From then on, I was a fan. I've gone to many of their shows, seen them numerous times, talked to them every time, always had a great time.

To hear about someone as nice as Casey dying in his sleep, is more than devastating.
The reason I told that story is because only a band that knows what it's like to start up rough, would give us such an honor/reward like staying in a hotel for a night when you're poor in a band. That night has always stuck in my mind as a great act. I have and always will defend them to the death.

One thing I always thought my chemical romance got right was the concept behind the black parade.
When you Die, the thing you remember most fondly comes to take you into the afterlife. I can see him on an arena marquee with the greats who have died, a show that will never end, but will always be fulfilling.

I hope I see him there someday.

My condolences to his wife and the rest of the band, Thank you for everything Casey.

Keep on playing in heaven.

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Modest Mouse is better on vinyl
11/18/07 at 05:06 PM by RyanFTW
I have a confession to make. I have insomnia, not like the "Pete Wentz omg i'm so freakin troubled LOLZ" insomnia, but clinically diagnosed insomnia.

Unfortunately, I closed the restaurant 2 nights ago and my prescription ran out.

So, last night, I spent the evening awake. It had been a long time, but I busted out my record player. I had received a lot of new orders in the mail lately and I hadn't busted out my record player for a good 2 months.

I thought, how can I make a musical journey in 5 hours (when I was supposed to wake up in order to open the restaurant).

I started rifling through my new records, and I realized that I had finally gotten my copy of Modest Mouse's We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank and thought, I'm goin all the way.

So I listened to the modest mouse album discography (not including B-sides records, they're hard to get on vinyl). What I really had was a journey without drugs, no alcohol, just music.

Isaac Brock can paint a damn picture, from The Lonesome Crowded West, to The Moon and Antarctica, to my Personal favorite, Good News for People Who Love Bad News (it's seriously classic), all the way to the end, We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.

I think Johnny Marr isn't the best decision they've ever made, but he definitely pepped them up after the success of Good News.

(I only mentioned albums special to me, I did listen to 6 Modest Mouse albums).

They really are special to me, although I've only really been listening to them since 2001, but really, I think they have the capability to be the next Primus, as more of an influential band than a popular band.

There I said it!

I can't wait to see them live.

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11/11/07 at 10:11 PM by RyanFTW
8-1, hell friggin yeah. Brett Favre only gets better with age, he's like cheese or a fine wine, hell, make him both! Hell, he's worth more than that!

In honor of how awesome football has been, I'm going to tell you about a couple of albums I spin when I'm schooling folks in Madden 08 (yes, I got it in august and I STILL play it!)

A Wilhelm Scream- Career Suicide: This album is seriously awesome, and the high octane riffs and fast drumming is great way to keep you motivated to keep a drive going. It'll make you as relentless as Adrian Peterson (until the packers secondary took him out today FUCK YEAH!)

Every Time I Die- The Big Dirty: This album is a great for the people who love defense, who love to give the big hits. It has the technical riffs and punch to stop a great offense in their tracks, with a relentless rock swagger for celebration. Although it would be preferred to play as the Buffalo Bills in honor of them, if you want to get pumped, The Big Dirty is just plain DIRTY!

Anything by The Beastie Boys: Actually, just make a mix of your favorites and get the groove rollin. ("Sure Shot" and the "Body Movin" remix are preferred, seriously, they just rule!)

The Swellers- My Everest: Okay, but this is kind of self indulgent, I just love the swellers.

You can throw some suggestions in the comments, but seriously, listen and enjoy!


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I'm seeing double vision with our ghosts...
11/10/07 at 10:53 PM by RyanFTW
World of Friggin warcraft.

Well, I do have a habit of knocking folks for playing, and one of my friends finally sat me down and said, "dude, just try it." and he handed me one of those 2 dollar demo disks.

Although it has hardly affected me, I've spent 2 days playing it and I can understand where people are coming from when they say it's addictive. It's diablo 2 with 3d graphics. The time I spent playing that has been fun, and I do plan on using this out until assassin's creed is released on wednesday.

There is something about getting with a few friends and kicking some troll ass.

So, I officially understand why people are into world of warcraft.
But still, don't let it get out of hand.

World of warCRACK


Later boys and girls

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Live Like a Legend and Die Like an Asshole
11/07/07 at 11:49 PM by RyanFTW
Okay, so, the new A Wilhelm Scream album has had more plays on my Itunes than any other album.

That may not be impressive but....

I've had Itunes for 3 frickin years.

I've listened to this album all the way through 98 times

I've spent roughly 4 days of my life listening to this since October 9th.

Otherwise, the musical front is doing well lately. I started researching the full on DIY bands, the most respected and lauded DIY band as of lately is Bomb The Music Industry! . This band is a great band, and are an infusion of rock, punk, ska, and Whatever the FUCK they WANT.

This is what I love about music now. A scene can be so saturated and beaten down, but there is always going to be hope. BTMI! just might be it right now.

I know this is late, but RIP Latterman, one of the best modern DIY (well, DIY as far as booking goes) bands I've ever had the honor of seeing in someone's basement.

I'm mixing my 7 songs, and hopefully the songs will have names and my voice won't sound so shitty on them.

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She's fucking pregnant
11/04/07 at 10:48 PM by RyanFTW
And the worst part is...

It's not mine.

Talk about never going home again.

What can you listen to in order to cope with the fact that the reason you were moving back home decided to slap you in the face and make you feel like your word was worthless no matter where you were.

Can someone tell me?
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Okay, this isn't about music....
10/25/07 at 10:07 PM by RyanFTW
But seriously, Butters is the best character on south park.


Hearing him say that in the midst of thousands of evil monsters from our imaginations made me laugh really hard.
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Hot Water Music is awesome!
10/23/07 at 10:11 PM by RyanFTW
You know, first of all.....


There have been rumors floating around that the blood brothers broke up. That would be rather disheartening news for me if so, as much as they were pompous art rock pricks who thought they shit gold, they were also very good musical artists.

Yet, I have good news.

Hot Water Music is looking to come back!

If you didn't know me well enough, I generally don't go through a musical conversation without mentioning Hot Water Music.

If you haven't already listened to them, I suggest listening to Fuel For the Hate Game and A Flight and A Crash.

Their music is one of their highest influences to me, and I really think that you might love it too!

Enjoy great music!


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Ok it's time for things to be said.
10/11/07 at 07:11 PM by RyanFTW
This is all a reflection of my opinions:

Fueled by Ramen and Crush Management are making a mockery of musicians.

Less than Jake's last record sucked balls.

Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails made the best statements against record labels in a long time.
"Steal my album" is the most punk rock thing i've heard in years.

Panic At the Disco fucking sucks and their last record was a fluke. They realized how bad their songwriting abilities are and are trying to take a second shot, most likely with some kind of producer that will help them write songs.

All Time Low shouldn't have to pose in their fucking underwear in order to sell records- Their record is a spectacular example of no holds barred pop punk.

Bands are too young. A lot of these young bands break up quickly because they haven't fully matured, record labels are exploiting and or fucking bands in the ass because they make no money on record sales and then left out in the cold a year afterwards.

A Wilhelm Scream made one of the most relevant releases of the year. Go buy it fucking NOW!!!!

The phrase "Punk Is Dead" is only a matter of opinion. I think Punk is alive in the people it still affects day to day.

If it wasn't obvious, the music industry is dying. But hopefully someday, music won't be about money anymore, and people will walk into basements cheerfully to hear their local favorite. Music will be about music again and we can breathe a sigh of relief.....

Oh, and sometimes, I'm kind of an asshole.

That's a mouthful.

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Perfect Songs: SOCK IT TO ME!
10/10/07 at 09:48 PM by RyanFTW
Okay, so as a hardcore MUSIC fan, I do not leave out any kind of music, except, for modern rap or modern country which is based mostly on gimmick songs for certain people types (Redneck Woman anyone?). But sometimes people will ask me after a show (well, not for awhile considering i haven't played a show in about 9 months) or at a music store, my definition of a perfect song is.

And I honestly could only tell you one thing.

A perfect song is something that just destroys you when you listen to it, that just picks you up when it's uplifting and tear you the fuck down when it wants to break your heart like the slutty girl that it is (okay, a tad bit harsh but still).

So once in awhile on this silly little blog I'm going to mention what I think a perfect song is.

So as a trial, I'm going to do a song that's a little close to my heart I guess, you know just the song that basically got me into MUSIC.

"Basket Case" by green day

This song, is kind of a defning moment for a lot of contemporary pop punk bands, and is it any wonder? Everything about this song screams catchy. First of all, I really think this and "Longview" were the big pop punk songs that started the explosion. At first glance, when I was 8 years old, I just listened to the voice and the warm crunchy power chords. As I started playing guitar shortly thereafter, I started to realize that Green Day was more than 3 chords and the truth. I started going off on my bass when I was 11 thinking it was easy, so I put on the stereo headphones and I was completely mindblown by the way Mike Dirnt played. The rhythm section for green day is repetitive but brilliant at the same time. Consistently powerful and heavy, everything came together in this song complementing billie joes almost cracked voice and crunchy guitar.

Now for the lyrics, you couldn't get more everyday life in the 1990's, the world was getting crazier and more fast paced by the second, computers were getting more complicated, colleges were getting harder to get into. The Burnout revolution was coming around and his lyrics battling between about worrying about the modern world and dating or he just thinks it's all in in his head cause he's stoned.

Does it get any more relevant than that? I don't think so for the time (I was 8), but as I got older and older I realized that this is an anthem not just for those great mid 90's but also for RIGHT FUCKING NOW! This song is timeless in my opinion, and Thats why I'm saying this is a perfect song.


Any Ideas/opinions on your perfect songs? Comment them, why not?
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I miss the shit talking
10/09/07 at 08:15 PM by RyanFTW
I realized that if my new project ever got any press, I'm going to talk as much shit as possible.
I think it's hilarious when people talk smack and they don't follow through, apologizing a week later.

Where did the balls go?

I only see a few bands doing that, Every Time I Die, the Lawrence arms, and right now, thats all i see really. Everyone is so reserved.

Isn't a punk scene, or an emo (NOT "scene") scene supposed to be a forum for opinions? That's what between song dialogue is for! There's no controversy anymore, man!

Talking smack and all that, well, it's all in good fun, is a band really going to throw a tantrum about what people say about them? I don't know, considering how young bands are now, I guess it could affect them.

Otherwise, I think the big reason is because fans are so fickle!
"I'm not going to listen to them if they're mean to other people."

Music isn't supposed to be safe! It's all in good fun! If you're so worried about selling records, GET OUT OF MUSIC FOR GODS SAKES!

Stop being so damn lame, folks! Let's make this dying scene fun!
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