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The World As We Know It
Show Review: The Lucky Street Tour: Go Radio, This Providence, Tyler Carter
04/19/12 at 08:18 PM by Ryan Gardner
The Lucky Street Tour: Go Radio, This Providence, Tyler Carter, Ivory Lights
House Of Blues in Dallas, TX on April 18, 2012

After seeing Go Radio twice within the past year (once on Warped, once opening for Yellowcard), I was amped to finally see the guys on a headlining stint, as it’s about time they got a full-length set in. Sure enough, it was well worth the wait, as the Tallahassee rockers owned the stage.

Unfortunately I missed Ivory Lights set, so the first set I caught was Tyler Carter’s. Having not heard much about him since his departure from Woe, Is Me, I was very interested in how his solo performance would sound – think…Jonny Craig/Kurt Travis meets Top-40 pop radio (Justin Timberlake style). Sure enough, he didn’t sound half bad, as there’s no denying he has a mean set of pipes. He even did an a Capella song due to a technical error, nailing every note. Definitely keep a look out for what he has up his sleeve with his upcoming EP – and be sure to have an open mind.

Up next Seattle’s This Providence were up. Having only been a casual listener of the band, I was very impressed with their set – especially vocalist Daniel Young’s rowdy, powerful presence as a front man. The crowd went nuts for lush “My Beautiful Rescue,” as nearly everyone belted out the chorus. The gritty “Trouble” sounded huge live, as This Providence have that slick rock ‘n roll swag that fills the stage from end to end. Playing quite a few cuts off their rocking upcoming EP, Brier, the guys definitely had a lot to offer for their fans.

And then Go Radio took the stage to deafening sirens as they kicked off the set with “Lucky Street.” As always, Jason Lancaster had a commanding stage persona, full of energy and passion. Taking full advantage of their lengthy set – over an hour – they plowed through nearly every track on Lucky Street. They put the pedal to the metal on rocking jams such as “Redemption in the Verse,” “Kill The Beast,” and “Letters and Love Notes,” proving yet again why they are easily one of the most talented bands on Fearless today.

However, the romantic that he is, Lancaster didn’t hesitate to slow down the set, spending about half the set behind the piano. Serenading the crowd with the intimate “House of Hallways,” “Hold On,” and “Why I’m Home,” Go Radio really brought the whole package. The show was a healthy blend of heavy and light, perfect for all fans. Finishing the set with the poignant “The Truth Is” – which the whole crowd belted out every lyric of – into an encore of “What If You Don’t” – Jason’s favorite track off their upcoming record, a touching ballad at its finest – into the lovely “Goodnight Moon,” Go Radio could not have played a more balanced, ideal set.

As the night ended, the concert proved the power and potential of Go Radio. Only a couple EPs and one record into the game, the guys seem to have their best foot forward, making the anticipation for their sophomore effort grow by the week.

The whole foundation of this tour clearly is the fans, made clear band after band and track and track. It was a loud night and most of all, it was a night to appreciate live rock music.

-Ryan Gardner
Tags: show review, go radio, tyler carter, this providence, ivory lights
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Review: The All-American Rejects - Kids in the Street
03/27/12 at 12:31 PM by Ryan Gardner
Tags: review, all american rejects, kids in the street
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Review: Before Their Eyes - Redemption
03/19/12 at 08:03 PM by Ryan Gardner
Read my review of the upcoming Before Their Eyes record, Redemption, right here - http://absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=2673552

Record drops March 27th via InVogue Records and can be streamed here
Tags: review, before their eyes, redemption, invogue records
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First Impressions: All-American Rejects, The - Kids in the Street
03/13/12 at 10:36 AM by Ryan Gardner
After only a couple listens thus far, I'm incredibly impressed with The All-American Rejects' upcoming record, Kids in the Street. It really demonstrates Tyson's skill as a pop-rock front-man more-so than any of their other releases. At this point, I'm calling it the best pop-rock album of the year thus far - and it will probably keep that title very well.

Look for my review near the release date, March 26th.
Tags: first impressions, all american rejects, kids in the street
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Show Review: Pop Punk The Vote - Man Overboard, Handguns, Seahaven
02/28/12 at 08:06 AM by Ryan Gardner
Pop Punk The Vote Tour: Man Overboard, Handguns, Seahaven, and Candy Hearts – House Of Blues in Dallas, TX on February 25, 2012

As a huge fan of Man Overboard as they’ve grown over the past few years, I was amped to catch them on their Pop Punk The Vote headlining tour, as I’d never seen them live before. Adding Seahaven and Handguns to the lineup only peaked my interest more. Rapid and lively, the sets were all short and to the point.

I missed Candy Hearts unfortunately, only catching their last song. Fans seemed to be enjoying them though, so catch them if you get the chance to.

Up next Seahaven took the stage. Admittedly, Winter Forever sort of fell by the wayside for me last year due to the myriad of other killer albums released around that time, but their set definitely made me realize all the hype around them was valid. Simply put, they were loud and raw. Vocalist Kyle Soto absolutely commanded the crowd, taking full control. The slick guitar work and paced drumming added to the energy, making the set unforgettable. Think of a more intense Manchester Orchestra meets…Brand New and Balance and Composure. The guys definitely amped the crowd up, proving why Winter Forever received raving reviews.

The youngins in Handguns followed. Playing a nice lengthy set, they pretty much played nearly every song they’ve recorded thus far, only having a couple EPs to go off. As a result, fans were able to hear all of their favorites, with tracks like “My Own Captain” and “Fingers Crossed” really standing out. The young Taylor Eby really proved himself as a frontman, confident, talkative, and raging with energy. Handguns will definitely be something to be on the lookout for this year, with their full-length record due out this summer.

And then came Man Overboard. Although a lengthy number of songs were played – about 15+ or so – their set was a fast one, as the defenders of pop punk didn’t waste much time with banter – they simply played.

Racing through all the favorites, Man Overboard didn’t stop for a breath at all. Opening with “Montrose” into “Rare” and “Real Talk,” they knew what fans came to hear – and delivered just that. However, there were some surprises – the full band “Dear You,” “Dreaming,” and “I Like You” come to mind – making the idea of voting for their set list all the more appealing. The boys encored with the unexpected “Night Feelings” and “She’s Got Her Own Man Now,” making the night end on a solid note of pop-punk. As one of the most talked of pop-punk groups with both Real Talk and Man Overboard, they were true to their motto and cemented their name in pop-punk with their life show.

The show was a fun, energetic, lively night full of bands that simply wanted to play loud and fast. I highly recommend catching this show if it comes near, as Man Overboard’s headlining set has something for every fan, with openers Handguns and Seahaven – and on select dates Daytrader – making it all the more enjoyable. Catch MO on Warped Tour this year, as well.
Tags: show review, pop punk, man overboard, seahaven, candy hearts, handguns
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Review: The Fray - Scars & Stories
02/06/12 at 07:43 PM by Ryan Gardner
Read my review of The Fray's latest record, Scars & Stories, right here - http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=2617882

Available everywhere tomorrow, Feb 7th, via Epic Records
Tags: review, the fray, scars & stories, epic
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Review: Attack Attack! - This Means War
01/16/12 at 09:26 PM by Ryan Gardner
First negative review of the year already - unfortunately.

Attack Attack! - This Means War

Available everywhere tomorrow, January 17th, via Rise Records
Tags: review, attack attack!, attack attack, rise records
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Review: Streetlight Fire - Acoustic EP
01/12/12 at 09:21 AM by Ryan Gardner
Check out my review of Streetlight Fire's new acoustic EP here - http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=2581802

RIYL The Dangerous Summer, The Starting Line, etc
Tags: review, streetlight fire
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End of the Year List
12/28/11 at 08:40 AM by Ryan Gardner
Check out mine here - http://absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=2533192
Tags: end of the year, album of the year, 2011
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Review: He Is We - Skip To The Good Part EP
12/20/11 at 08:07 PM by Ryan Gardner
Read my review of the latest He Is We EP, Skip To The Good Part, right here - http://absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?p=99753012

"Our July In The Rain" is stunning. Available now.
Tags: review, he is we
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First Impressions: He Is We - Skip To The Good Part EP
12/13/11 at 06:06 PM by Ryan Gardner
About a month shy of this time last year, I wrote my first review as a staffer here for - yes, you guessed - He Is We's debut record, My Forever.

So, when I heard about and received Skip To The Good Part, their upcoming EP, I was incredibly excited to hear it, as I still spin My Forever often.

Sounding just like you'd expect tunes from the adorable Rachel Taylor to sound, the tracks on this EP pick up right where their debut left off. However, what really makes this stand out is the experimentation and greater reliance on piano, most noted on the stunning "Our July In The Rain."

I'll save the rest for my review next week, but fans are sure to love this.
Tags: first impressions, he is we
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Review: Make Do And Mend - Part and Parcel EP
12/06/11 at 09:14 PM by Ryan Gardner
Another reason why The Wave can do no wrong: Make Do And Mend's new EP, Part and Parcel via Paper+Plastick - http://absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?p=99027142
Tags: review, make do and mend, part and parcel, paper and plastic records
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Show Review: Yellowcard, Go Radio, Every Avenue
11/16/11 at 04:38 PM by Ryan Gardner
Yellowcard with Go Radio and Every Avenue – House Of Blues in Dallas, TX on November 13, 2011

Growing up with Ocean Avenue constantly in my stereo, Yellowcard have really meant a lot to me throughout the years. With Paper Walls being a monumental record for them and When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes being a wonderful return, the guys continuously prove why they still have such a name for themselves. Therefore, when I found out about their show, I couldn’t wait to attend. Likewise, my love for Go Radio – it was my second time seeing them this year – and Every Avenue made my anticipation for the show grow even greater.

Go Radio
started the night relatively early, but they didn’t waste any time. Sticking mainly to Lucky Street cuts, Lancaster and crew tore through the set list. As full of energy and excitement as ever, the band was incredibly entertaining, as expected. Racing through “Kill The Beast” and slowing down with the beautiful “Goodnight Moon” – joined by Yellowcard’s Sean Mackin on violin for that one – Go Radio really killed it. They even played their energetic cover of “Rolling in the Deep,” demonstrating Lancaster’s vocal abilities first hand.

Every Avenue followed with their Southern rock swag. Opening with “Tie Me Down,” the fellow Fearless band were quite a blast live. Other Bad Habits numbers such as “Whatever Happened To You” and the mellow “Only Place I Call Home” proved the skill of vocalist David Strauchman on the stage. The guys were amped up and ready to rock, finishing with the addictive “Tell Me I’m A Wreck” to a crowd belting out the hooks.

After an impressive light show and intro, Yellowcard took the stage. Simply put, the crowd went nuts the whole time, as it was the first tour Yellowcard have headlined in six years. Opening with “For You, And Your Denial,” Yellowcard played over 20 songs – just about a two hour long set. The guys knew exactly what the fans wanted to hear, playing various hits from all their records – and even some surprises (yes I mean you “Avondale”).

“Only One” had the whole crowd absolutely screaming their lungs out with Key, while the poignant “Empty Apartment” and “Sing For Me” – which Key played alone, acoustically – were sentimental and intricate. LP also played an impressive drum solo piece in there, as well. Although being such a long set, Yellowcard never lost an ounce of energy, being as fun and amped up as ever, with a crowd that couldn’t wait for the next song.

Key came into the crowd multiple times, while Mackin, Mendez, and O’Donnell were incredibly amusing on the stage – talkative, friendly, and excited. Older cuts such as “Breathing” and of course “Way Away” were colossal, while the rare “Cut Me, Mick” and new “See Me Smiling” really brought everything together, making the whole show really timeline Yellowcard’s discography in brilliant fashion. The set list couldn’t have been better.

Playing not one but four encores, the guys made it clear that this was a show all about reuniting for the fans – that the band is centered around the fans. Finishing with the huge “Ocean Avenue,” Yellowcard could not have played a stronger set or show. The show proved all the more that Yellowcard are still just as young and lively as ever – not that that should be a surprise to anyone.

Easily one of the most memorable nights of my life, I cannot recommend seeing this show any more. From the stellar opening bands to the absolutely monumental performance by Yellowcard, the night was an absolute blast for everyone.
Tags: show review, yellowcard, go radio, every avenue, fearless records, hopeless records
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ABSOLUTExclusive: Wolves At The Gate
11/14/11 at 08:07 AM by Ryan Gardner
Today we are premiering the acoustic version of "Heralds" by Wolves At The Gate. Head to their AP.net Profile to hear it. The track will be on their upcoming re-release of We Are The Ones on November 15th via Solid State Records.
Tags: absolutexclusive, wolves at the gate
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Review: Hit the Lights - Invicta EP
11/07/11 at 03:18 PM by Ryan Gardner
Read my review of the new Hit the Lights EP, Invicta, right here - http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=2503762

The EP is available everywhere now via Razor & Tie records. Their full length of the same title will be available on January 31st.
Tags: review, hit the lights, invicta ep, razor and tie records
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