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RadiantEyes's Blog
Epic Moments in Music:
08/18/10 at 04:37 PM by RadiantEyes
In my life there has been music that has moved me, inspired me, made me feel all right. But there is the music, I have listened to that is so breathtaking and magical... that you take a step back and just sit back and finally take in what happened. It truly defines, or redefines ,the word epic. It's perfect,almost how we imagine what God would play. Here is my list of songs that define Epic:

1. Thrice-Vheissu-For Miles:
The beautiful piano line that introducts the song, sets the tone for Dustin's melacholy vocals...but positive lyrics.
("And all of our pain, will fade away when morning comesAnd on that day when we look backwards We will see, that everything is changed
And all of our trials, will be as milestones on the way And as long as we live, every scar is a bridge to someone's broken heart
And there's no greater love, than that one shed his blood for his friends") The lyrics.( Best on the album) transcend beautiful. But this isn't the epic part. After a almost ambient, atmospheric bridge... the ending breakdown comes in and sweeps you off your feet. Dustin's screams are godlike.

2. Pianos Become The Teeth-Saltwater-Houses We Die In
Came across this band on Youtube. Recently I watched two of my favorite bands disband (The Number Twelve Looks Like You and The Fall Of Troy) so I already was looking for any band that just played honest music, that was different. Pianos Become The Teeth fulfilled that and some... The shrieks of terror ring out over the ambient guitars, makes the music more heartfelt. "...And I Miss Home, I miss the Closets, The Windows, The Hallways." Kyle Durfey bellows out with all his heart...His voice is sounds like a tortured soul dealing with the dilemma's of where life is taking him, but it is so meaningful that anyone can relate to it. When I felt homesick at a vacation...I listened to the song and literally broke down and cried. Even before the monologue between the guitarist and his mother who's voice dissapears. As the song come back full force, with one hit of the snare, this song was embedded in my head.

3. The Receiving Ends Of Sirens-Between The Heart And Synaspe-This Armistice
I can't listen to anything else than TREOS anymore...This album has taken a hold of me and hasn't let go...Kind of Doppelganger and Vheissu (The Fall Of Troy and Thrice), but neither has a sing-along moment like this. When Casey's vocals rise in the introduction to the bridge of This Armistice... You feel all the stress and the weight lift as you hear the most calm, welcoming vocals giving you, yes you, the go ahead to sing along.

Today all three songs still give me chills... If you haven't heard these songs yet, here are the links. Expect to be blown away.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq6jemERSQs-Pianos Become The Teeth
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbuoMP1VSJU- The Receiving End Of Sirens
Tags: Epic, Epic, Epic, Thrice, Pianos become The Teeth, The Receiving End of Sirens
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House Of Leaves by Mark Danielewski
08/15/10 at 06:01 PM by RadiantEyes
I can't watch a scary movie... I won't sleep for weeks...It will take days,weeks,months, to get used to doing chores alone again. But I love being scared for some reason... I looked up asylums a couple of days ago, and I loathed in fear.. Mission accomplished, My confidence of the outside world has official diminished...

But this book drove to complete insanity. House of Leaves, appears to be a scene book. Where everyone associated with scene has read and witnessed watch their downfall. The Fall Of Troy and Circa Survive have both read the book and both have wrote songs in response of the book. (You got a deathwish, Johnny Truant(tfot) and HOUSE OF LEAVES (cs).

I remember when I read the chilling words of the Explorations, I felt someone was watching me...the whole time...laughing at me and watching me fall victim to the events happening.

It became hard to sleep...it made me feel like Navidson... Slowly going insane, confined in my brain...constantly, spending hours trying to fall asleep, thinking about the house and my closet... It scared me...

I remember putting down the book halfway thru...telling myself I couldn't finished. But it layed on the floor teasing, loathing, starring aimlessly, unfinished by me.. I gave in after 2 weeks. Thank God I did.

I finished the book. A happy person. I'm ready to start my life again. I'm content...

This is the best book...I've ever read. House of Leaves don't sleep on it! (Didn't mean to be a pun!)
Tags: House Of Leaves, Insanity, Secrets, Confined, Scared
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Attention Whores...
08/11/10 at 04:45 PM by RadiantEyes
We are ALL attention whores... And we would not be telling the truth if we denied it. All we want as humans is attention... No matter negative and positive. I'm a person that wants to shine just like anyone else...but I keep looking at chances.. Sometimes I go on this website looking for someone to quote me, and say I'm a genious. Or even better, to have Jason Tate quote me say I'm a Genious and reccommend me to review an album...

But, I'm human. Sometimes I have to sit back, say "stop being so hard on yourself.", and not expect to much from people.

We are all weak inside....some hide it better than others, but others wear their heart on their sleeves... Like me...but I just have bury my head, and keep working at it...AND PUSH MORE THAN OTHERS, NO ATTENTION I SHALL CARE ABOUT ANYMORE....Though I may be about to give in, I shall not break...I shall see the light... PAst the everything dark, unappreciating, careless, and PATHETIC WASTE OF SPACE THAT CLOGG THIS EARTH.

Tags: Jealousy, Sane, Become, New, Birth, Breakdown, EPIPHANY, IWON'TBREAK, KEEPDIGGING!!!!
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I'm tired!
07/28/10 at 10:42 AM by RadiantEyes
This will be my last blog before I go on my vacation....

Just some laughs while I'm sick!!!
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07/25/10 at 11:42 AM by RadiantEyes

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07/25/10 at 11:20 AM by RadiantEyes

So hard to sing along

So easy to look....!!!
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07/25/10 at 11:04 AM by RadiantEyes
The last week is gone, dead, forgotten, past...etc...I'm just a weary golden teeth bum. I have everything...iTHINk...I woke up at least 6:30 A.M. (Eastern Droog) And at least captured (or accomplished) time and found time to waste it listening to Delta Spirit newe record... The lyrics were quite humorous. The way they were brought over softly tapped guitar-strings, not even a hush of a strum. 9/11 and Ransom Man stick out, for their own identity. The lead singers voice that puts him in a class of his own, a Mix of Woody Guthrie and a country singer is what my dad calls it.

I then finally get up from my bed...to proceed with my daily ritual:
Rinse, Brush, Stare into eyes. Eyes of my own. Eyes that have come to love, hate, remain satified, and in the face of future life, death,doubts, crisis....sigh... haha...i just wanna laugh now!!!
i Sat on the couch and looked down at a apartment floor littered with water bottles, cherrios, and magazines. One in particular catches my eye.. A Rolling sTONE magazine... terrible people and even terrible reporters...but I saw the caption Lady Gaga reveils all right on the pic of Lady Gagaa...(I don't wanna get into details...look it up on google u shrub...scrub?)

I read the article...and it was a great interview of today's icon that stands in the shrubs of untalented singers/groups who don't even write their own effing songs. As I read I became more aware of her progress as a human being... even though she doesn't want to be one... I soon became appreciative of what her positive presence means to a dark world which is today...

Now I just got home just tryin to read a CLOCKWORK ORANGE... buts it's getting hard to stay focused especially if your listening to epic music like Thrice's Vheissu. Ha..........


Bulk and Duration is a composer's blank canvas
The Frustrations of Intentions
...We'll raise a empire from the bottom of the sea.

Delta Spirit-History from Below
Hidden In Plain View-Life In Dreaming
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07/24/10 at 12:36 PM by RadiantEyes

Just to awesome!!!
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A new day...
07/18/10 at 08:33 PM by RadiantEyes
As I write this, I just anxiously ponder about what the week has in store for me. I will use this "blog" as a way to express how I feel, what happened, what things I watched, what I photographed, and what I listened to during a week that's done. I promise to myself that i Will write at least once a week. So whoever is out there reading or getting on board, it's your ticket, u should have shredded it while u could.

june 18,2010

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