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nerves? check
07/07/09 at 01:27 PM by screamoURI
well, i'm asking my long time girlfriend's parents tonight @ dinner for their "blessing" for me to ask their oldest daughter to marry me. holy shit, you think you've been nervous before? no way dude. not when her parents are straight off the boat portuguese and introverted as shit.
i'm so fucking nervous right now that in about half hour i'm hitting the vodka before i leave for dinner. tonight will suck, but when it's over and off my chest, i'm going to feel like a million bucks. but until then......

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10 Random Songs - 4/28/09
04/28/09 at 12:16 PM by screamoURI
Here we go again, Tuesday, 4/28/09 @ 2:45pm

Copeland - "There Cannot Be A Close Second," off of "Beneath Medicine Tree"
Out of all of their albums, this is my favorite. Probably because this is when I was first introduced to them. The very first song I heard was "California." The music of this song, "second," reminds me of This Day and Age. Very nice, singable chorus to this song also. I get relaxed when I listen.

Every Time I Die - "Pincushion," off of "Last Night In Town"
Holy shit. Very drastic change in tunes. I love Keith's vocals on this album. Much better than Gutter Phenom and The Big Dirty. Every time I hear a song off this disc, like 'pincushion', I feel like I have been witness to an accident and Keith is screaming in reaction to what just happened. Crazy song.

Soul Coughing - "The Idiot Kings," off of "Irresistable Bliss"
I have to be in a very certain, indescribable mood to listen to Soul Coughing. I'm not in it right now and I feel like hitting skip. This particular track sounds like elevator music with Mike Doughty slurring words over the beats. I did see these guys once before while they toured in support of El Oso. It was a festival appearance in Nashville on the bank of the Cumberland River in I think, 1997. I think this is one of those bands where you either love them or hate them. Somehow I'm probably the only dude who is in the middle.

Counting Crows - "Monkey," off of "Recovering The Satellites"
"Well I'm all messed up, that's nothing new." A gem of a Counting Crows song. This whole album is a fucking gem, start to finish. This is one of those bands that my father, my brother, my stepmother, and I all agree on being classic. I need to see this band. Love the Ben Folds shout out in this song also.

I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business - "All The Happiness Money Can Buy," off of "I Can Make A Mess..."
One of my only favorite songs off of Ace's little side project while he was in Early November. I like the country type of vibe it has. Also the fact that Jeff Kummer plays on the track.

Counting Crows - "A Murder of One (live)," off of "Live From the 10 Spot"
You know you have alot of a certain artist when more than 1 song plays within 10 minutes when your Ipod is on shuffle. This song is off of "August and Everything After," which is also a masterpiece. The special thing about this tune is that their name, Counting Crows, comes from the lyrics in the song. CC live is special because Adam Duritz always is changing the way he sings his songs. You get a different version almost every time. This one happens to be from the old MTV series, Live at the 10 Spot.

Poison The Well - "Zombies Are Good For Your Health," off of "You Come Before You"
Brutal, fast paced, etc. Love this song. This is Poison The Well at it's finest if you ask me. I much prefer this sound coming out of them over their old old stuff and their newer material. I don't really get the title of this song, but I'm sure there's some obscure reference there.

Big D & The Kid's Table - "She Won't Ever Figure It Out," off of "Good Luck"
I'm not crazy into this band. Their from Boston, so I feel like I need to at least be aware of them. It's usually always fast paced ska that contains repeated lyrics through out the song. This song is point in case. I'll take Catch 22 over this any day.

Consumed - "Twat Called Maurice," off of "Life In The Fat Lane"
Finally a punk song...I never would have ever heard of this band if it weren't for the Fat comps that used to come out on an annual basis in the late nineties, early 2000's. All I know is that they play punk on the poppier side, are from England, and only last a couple years. I would be suprised if they ever toured the US more than once. I sure didn't see them on any bills, and I've been going to shows for almost 10 years now.

Fall Out Boy - "Your Crashing, But Your No Wave," off of "Infinity On High"
I had to listen to this cd about 15 times before I could convince my ears that what they were hearing was actually a pretty decent record. Although it starts off slow, I love when Patrick picks it up a little bit on his way to the chorus. I encourage lovers of TTTYG and FUTCT to give this a few more spins before it gets written off.

Feel free to leave comments on anything above.
Tags: Copeland, Every Time I Die, Counting Crows, Consumed, Poison The Well
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The Bronx/Trash Talk/She Rides - 4/24/09 - Providence, RI
04/27/09 at 10:03 AM by screamoURI
Doesn't it always seem impossible to actually get someone to answer the phone at a show's venue? Even if you call at like noon...no one ever answers the fucking thing. The reason I was calling Jerky's, in Providence, was to see what time the show actually started this past Friday night. The myspace page said 8pm, the show flyer said 9, so i figured I'd be there for 10pm, hoping to only sit through one of the opening bands, catch the Bronx, and then go home, making it in time for last call at one of the Newport watering holes.

I get there with my girlfriend at 10pm on the dot, pay our $28 between the two of us and go up to the bartender to order drinks and see how many more bands have to play, seeing that the stage was set but no one was playing. She says, "All three." "What?! 3?!" I said. "Yeah, the show starts at 11," she says matter of factly. Holy christ! I've never been to a show where the show was going to end past 12:30 or so. This one was scheduled to end at 2am! So, I'm pissed because now I have to stand around this place for another hour drinking their drinks, then I have to sit through BOTH of the openers before the Bronx come on around 12:45 in the fucking morning. Jesus.

-3 beers, 2 vodka sodas between the two of us down
-5 games of video crossword puzzles
-She Rides takes the stage. The singer of this band was the original vocalist for Bury Your Dead back in 2003 i think. They are from Providence and play a He Is Legend meets Maylene & the Sons of Disaster type of rock/metal. I was reading somewhere online that their sound is more comparable to Gallows, but i sure didn't hear it. Their set was OK and provided for some good background music, as opposed to what i'd been listening to for the last hour (jukebox was shit prior to show). They were just signed to Jamey Jasta's label and their talent did prove that they deserved to be signed.

-5 beers, 3 vodka sodas between the two of us
-Youk just hit a walk off bomb to center field.
-Trash Talk takes the stage. All I knew about these dudes were that they were from Sacto, CA and played some sort of metal. They're actually more of a thrash/grind band now that I've seen them live. As soon as they went on, the floor cleared out and about 15 kids threw down in a big way. The music was irritating to say the least, and I can listen to shit like Heavy Heavy Low Low. This stuff just wasn't for me. Clearly though, some kids dig it, as I also found out that they will be touring Austrailia and Japan as I type this. Recommended if you like grind/noise/death bands.

-6 beers, 4 vodka sodas between the two of us
-Very irritated that I've spent a shit ton of money on admission/drinks, and now i have to leave soon b/c my girlfriend has to work early in the morning.
-The Bronx comes on after a few shouts, "Let's go!!", "Come on already!" I knew i wasn't going to see much of them b/c we had to leave, but I was able to hear 3 tunes. The only one I could remember the name of was White Tar.

-Get home.
- Pissed because I know the Bronx are probably about ready to play their last 1 or 2 songs
Tags: The Bronx, Trash Talk, She Rides
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4/23/09 - 10 Random Songs on Shuffle
04/23/09 at 12:16 PM by screamoURI
You can tell alot about a person by doing this...

It's Thursday afternoon and I'm at work. My Ipod is on............now!

Mastodon - "March of the Fire Ants," off of "Remission"
This is the first song I ever heard by Mastodon. It's honestly, an epic metal song. It's not too drawn out like some of their newer songs, but it still holds a thick amount of content into 4 minutes.

Ten Foot Pole - "I Don't Mind," off of "Short Music for Short People"
Classic Epifat pop-punk from back in the late nineties. A nice little 30 second jam made specially for Fat Mike and his short music comp.

Fairweather - "Soundtrack To The Ride," off of "If They Move...Kill Them"
I really love this band. The first time I heard/saw them, they were opening up for Piebald in 2001. This CD, along with their EP and Luistania are gems of emo/pop-punk. It's really too bad they didn't last long at all. About a few months before they broke up, i had them booked, for a small outdoor show at the University of RI to open up for Senses Fail. They showed up for the show, but said they were too sick to play. So, I got to meet them, but never go to see them again. This was the spring of 2003.

The Audition - "La Rivalita," off of "Controversy Loves Company"
I'm very so-so on this band. I only have this debut CD because I thought their single was catchy. I have yet to check out "Champion" or thier new self-titled, but I did catch them at warped tour last summer. Again, their just OK to me. What scored them negative scene points in my book was that they were booked on Kevin Rudolf's tour. But then again, they just dropped off of it. I wonder if it's because they realized what they were doing.

Rufio - "Don't Hate Me," off of "MCMLXXXV"
This song is one of I think 4 off of this disc that I have on my Ipod. Their first LP, "Perhaps...I suppose," was sick and totally takes me back to the high school days of listening to them in study hall and on the bus. I think that's why I like this song so much, because it sounds the same as any of those tracks on Perhaps.

Voodoo Glow Skulls - "We're Back," off of "Symbolic"
Ah, a guilty ska pleasure. I knew it was coming. Dove into this band after seeing them on the Epitaph tour in 2001. Nothing beats a good ska/punk show. This song is great because it's the leadoff track and there's a great intro of Mark from Guttermouth welcoming everyone to the album and giving his positive opinion on what you're about to hear. He then pops back in, in the middle of the song, "Even though you can't see me, I'm skanking, skanking, skanking! I'm digging it, back to you Francesco."

Less Than Jake - "Escape From The A-Bomb House," off of "Anthem"
Hey, another ska band! Actually, this track is not really ska at all, except for the musical bridge. It's just a sullen, hard driving, pop-punk song. Somewhere between Hello Rockview and Anthem LTJ got really good at these. Love the layered vocals of Roger and Chris.

Gratitude - "Last," off of "Gratitude"
Jonah Mantangra (spelling?) was really onto something with this band, but they just couldn't hold it together for longer than 1 tour and 1 album. I was able to see them on their tour with The Starting Line. The guy is an emo icon with all of the bands he's been in and music he's created. My favorite song off of Gratitude is "this is the part," but this one's not bad. It's kind of a slow tempo'd song, but it works well.

Astronautalis - "An Episode of Sparrows," off of "Pomegranate"
Jesus, I was extremely disappointed with this guy. After all of the hype Jason Tate built up around this dude I thought he was going to blow someone like Atmosphere out of the water. So, the amazon.com download deal came up and I thought it'd be worth checking out. Most people consider this guy a rapper, but the album would easily be classified in my book as Alternative. I would almost compare it to the Eels. This song is horrendous.

Senses Fail - "Battle Hymn," off of "Still Searching (B-Sides)"
There's nothing about this song that really stands out to me. Must be why they decided to leave it off the album. The verses where Buddy screams are the best part, they've got a hardcore/metal feel to it. The chorus is really boring to me.

Well that's 10. This was pretty fun, so I think I'm going to do this more often. Feel free to leave comments on any of the above tunes and opinions of them.
Tags: mastodon, ten foot pole, fairweather, the audition, rufio, voodoo glow skulls,
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closure in moscow
04/14/09 at 08:05 AM by screamoURI
closure in moscow is playing providence this saturday night with the sleeping.

is this band any good? is the show worth $12 and going to?
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Swingin' Utters!
03/13/09 at 10:01 AM by screamoURI
Last Wednesday in Providence, at Club Hell, I took the chance to see the long running country/punk band, eloquently named Swingin' Utters. These guys have been around since the late 80's, signed to Fat Wreck Chords since 95, and I couldn't even tell you when they were last in Rhode Island. I'm not sure they could either. I love everything Fat Wreck Chords has put out and probably every band the will ever sign, so I had to make sure I caught these guys live seeing that they are all getting older and are in many other bands (Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Filthy Theiving Bastards, Dead to Me, etc.)

I went to the show with a buddy who loves punk and doesn't handle his liquor well. Those two don't really mix. This was a first going to a show with him, so I had my doubts on how this was going to go. He slugged down half of a water bottle full of Jim Beam just before we walked in the door. The first band, Shot Baker, was playing as we entered Club Hell and the place was about half full of dudes wearing their Boston/Irish/Punk garb just standing around(the Street Dogs were headlining). Shot Baker are from Chicago and play what I would call average shout, punk anthems. Nothing too exciting for me, but for my friend, the beam was kicking in and he made his way to the front of the stage where no one at all was standing and just started to rock the fuck out by himself. Appreciated by the band, but embarassing to say the least. He obviously didn't care. This went on for the rest of the set. Right when they finished, i had a weird sturring in my stomach. You know what that means, right? So by the time the Swingin' Utters came on, we had gone up to the front/side of the stage to get a good place to watch. While my buddy was dancing around like an animal in his small personal space, all I could think about was where I was going to shit. The bathrooms at this place are out of the question (no door, disgusting toilet, etc.). The excitement of being right next to Jack Dalrymple (Dead to Me, One Man Army) and Spike Slawson (Me First) was my saving grace because it took my mind off of my stomach. The next 40 minutes were, plain and simple, fucking awesome. They played songs spanning their entire discography and were really awesome. I don't know how else to explain it. They're a classic SoCal (actually SF via santa cruz) punk/country band. The best time to listen to this band must be in someone's California backyard while drinking beers with your friends.

After their set I shook Spike's hand and thanked him for coming all the way out to RI. I continued to buy another round of beers for myself and my friend and then wandered outside for a butt. Once back in, we were in the middle of the floor waiting for the Street Dogs to come on. I had seen them before, when they first started back in 2003. The show was Street Dogs, The Faux, Paint It Black, and the Explosion at this old tiny bar that doesn't exist anymore called The Met Cafe. The singer of Street Dogs was the singer for Dropkick Murphys on their first LP, Do or Die. It's actually really good street/anthem punk from Boston. Catchy, yet straightforward. When they started their set a pit opened up and my dancing queen buddy was in the mix immediately. He last about 3 or 4 songs before 3 6 foot 4 dudes carried him outside b/c they said he was passing out. That's the Jim Beam. Alcohol and exercise do not mix. So when he came back inside after downing a bottle of water, he chilled out for a few songs then proceeded to jump onto the stage and stagedive back into the crowd/pit. Luckily their last song was playing and after that wrapped up, we got the hell out of there. We were actually the first 2 kids to leave, I think.

All in all, it was a great show that I'm glad I caught. The downside was my first concert experience with this kid (having to babysit, etc.) and my fucking bowel problems. But, disaster averted.

Go see the Swingin' Utters if you love SoCal/Epifat skate punk. This genre is dying out in a major way and so I would make every effort to go and enjoy it while you still can.
Tags: swingin' utters, street dogs, concert review
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Coldplay more relavant than Black Flag?
01/08/09 at 12:27 PM by screamoURI
Now, I'm going to get into this whole debate about the lack of references to actual punk bands on this website, because as we all should know, tate started this site out as a fan website for bands like mxpx and blink 182. But over the last 6 years I've spend on this website, there certainly has been numerous postings on punk bands from the sex pistols or ramones to the "epifat" bands. Definitely not as many as a site like punknews.org, but that's why i split my time between the two sites. the punk genre has evolved so much over the last 30-35 years. i started out in the punk genre loving bands on fat wreck chords in the late 90's. before that, my thing was mainly alternative rock because, well..i was a kid who listened to the radio. anyhow, over the years, while i still hold 'epifat' bands near and dear, i have grown to love the pop punk, screamo, emo, indie, post hardcore, hardcore, metalcore sub-genres, which is what this site mainly tailors to.

i'm sure lots of kids have noticed the increasing posts over the last 6 months letting all of us know about the daily amazon mp3 deals that are relative to this website, which are great. However, did anyone see yesterday's amazon mp3 deal? It was Black Flag - Damaged, for $2.99. This is Black Flag in their (debatable) prime. This band was a grandfather in merging hardcore and punk. It's a shame that this wasn't posted as news so that the ever growing population of younger kids joining this website could check this cheap opportunity out. The staff will post news about Coldplay being on sale, but not Black Flag? Go ahead and post news on Coldplay, but dude, remember what site you are working for.

This certainly is not the Absolutepunk.net I remember in 2002. But hey, times are changing and I guess I'm getting old and stubborn.

By the way, "you know how i know you're gay?"
Tags: rant, absolutepunk, black flag, coldplay, staff
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Quick Poll (Show or No Show) Please answer!!
08/27/08 at 10:00 AM by screamoURI
Quick Poll

This Friday night, I am debating whether to go to the following show for $12 or if I should stay home and get drunk with my girlfriend/friends. Please answer in the comments as I have no clue how to make a poll. Thanks!

1) Go see Lions Lions, Secret Lives! of the Freemasons, Envy On The Coast, The Sleeping
2) Get drunk with girlfriend/friends
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08/12/08 at 10:15 AM by screamoURI
Midtown's 'Save The World, Lose The Girl' is in my top 3 favorite pop punk records of all time.
I just gave it a listen for the first time in a few years and the catchiness is incredible upon more listens. I bought this from their show in 2000, when they were 21-23 year old dudes. Why has this type of pop punk died out?
Tags: midtown, save the world lose the girl
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The Starting Line/Bayside/Four Year Strong/Steel Train - 4/19/08 - Worcester, MA
04/23/08 at 01:59 PM by screamoURI
I had to make the drive up to Worcester to see the Starting Line on their farewell tour. I've been listening to these guys since With Hopes of Starting Over came out and have loved every single track they've ever recorded. With that said, I only drive to Worcester for awesome shows that cannot be missed. The last time I saw a show at the Palladium was in March of 2006 for NOFX, which may have been the best show I've ever seen in my life. Anyhow, walking up the street to the Palladium, my girlfriend and I saw a bunch of the Steel Train guys hanging outside the venue with some of the stage crew. I'm just not into their newest release at all. Twilight Tales was awesome, but I totally missed what they're trying to do on Trampoline.

I'm 23 years old and just don't feel like hanging "in the pit" anymore at shows. I'm so used watching shows in small clubs where you don't have to worry about getting teeny boppers slamming into you every 3 seconds. So we sat about 4 rows back, dead center, on the balcony. It was basically like watching the entire concert on DVD, except we were there obviously. Steel Train came out and did their thing. Like I said before, not into their new stuff at all and that's all they played for 30 minutes. Kenny came out and played on a little percussion instrument for one song.

Four Year Strong is from Worcester and you could tell. The place was buzzing in anticipation of FYS to hit the stage. The guys had a bunch of friends and family there. One dude was jamming out the entire set and even came out and shouted during most of the shout/scream parts in their songs. Don't know who he was, but he seemed like he knew what he was doing. This was my first time seeing them and they tore it up. I can't wait for what their next CD is going to be like.

Bayside came out next. Anthony was wearing a long sleeve Emmure tshirt with "COMING OUT MAY 13TH" on the back. I wonder if Victory makes their bands wear shit like this. Emmure doesn't strike me as a band Anthony listens to, but who knows, maybe hes friends with them. He shedded the shirt after 2 songs or so. They played a great mix of songs from all of their releases, no new songs though. Jack is one of the best guitar players out there right now; he just is. One of their highlights was Kenny coming out and singing Vinnie's part on The Walking Wounded. For some reason Anthony gave the balcony the finger towards the end of the set and later said "thanks for rocking out with us guys, you guys are awesome. Except for the balcony, you guys fucking suck." Not sure what that is all about, but seems like a childish statement for a dude like that to be saying that to people who support his band.

I wish I wrote down the Starting Line's set list because it was awesome. They played probably 20-25 songs, spanning from Greg's Last Day and Leaving to Ready and Direction. They all sounded great. And I gotta say, the new keyboard player was actually a nice touch to the live show. I usually don't like it when bands get bigger and add touring musicians or, in this case, permanent musicians, to their roster. But this dude sang Kenny's back up vocals perfectly and it sounded just like it is supposed to. All in all, Kenny and the band were very greatful for the audience and their support over the years and you could tell that they were gonna miss where they were at that moment. For the encore, they came out and played Artistic License (which they said they hadn't played throughout the whole tour) and of course Best of Me. It was a epic show that I'm definitely glad I didn't miss.

Peace out.
Tags: the starting line, four year strong, bayside, steel train, concert
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Strike Anywhere/Paint It Black/The Riverboat Gamblers - 3/2/08 - Providence, RI
03/11/08 at 08:34 AM by screamoURI
I had been looking forward to this show since I first saw the ad posted on The Living Room's myspace page back in the first week of January. First of all, the Living Room is such a great place to see a show. Secondly, Paint It Black had not come to Providence since the string of record release shows they played for 'Paradise', which I missed because I was on vacation. The time before this was when I first saw them, touring the East coast in support of 'CVA' and opening up for The Explosion. In addition to this, I had not yet had a chance to pick up 'New Lexicon'. Oh yea, and Strike Anywhere was headlining!

I came up to this show by myself, but that wouldn't stop me from hammering a few beers throughout the night and breaking in my new $4000 video camera on Paint It Black's set. More on that later. First up was a local metal/rock band called Saint Jude. They are from Providence, but to be honest...not so hot. One thing I can say for them is they have a drummer that can lay down some nice punk rolls. Really not much else to say about them in my opinion.

Next was The Riverboat Gamblers from Austin, TX. I had never seen them before, but heard about their live show being awesome. I thought, from listening to a couple of their songs before, that they would be gruff punks with beards and guzzling PBR tall boys on stage, but to my suprise were quite the opposite looking. The lead singer is a skinny tall dude with long hair who came out with a sweet red/plaid sweater. Anyhow, as the hype that preceded them would suggest, they were great live. They were like a great sing along punk band, with all four front of stage dudes shouting the choruses and what not. Kudos to them, but my money had to go to PIB instead of their latest disc. Maybe next time.

The camcorder I just mentioned is from my place of work and is on loan. It's a $4000 movie making type of job. I dont know anything about these things, but all I know is that it produces a nice picture and incredible sound quality. I originally wanted to buy it because it was just sitting around in the marketing dept, but a co-worker told me how much it was and that I could just use it whenever I wanted. So I had it in my back pack until Paint It Black's set because I only had around 30 min. of video left to take. I need to figure out how to transfer video to my hard drive on my computer so that I can A) free up more space to take video, and B) put the video on YouTube for all the world to see. Anyhow, I snuck around the stacks of speakers to the very side of the stage where the band goes up. Paint It Black tore it up and the kids flipped out. They played an awesome mix of CVA, Paradise, and New Lexicon and played for about 30-35minutes. My video sound quality suffered some because of the fact that I was behind the speakers that were projecting the vocals to the crowd. Everything else turned out great, except the vocals were somewhat difficult to make out. Bottom line: If you are into hardcore/punk, check this band out now. Dr. Dan is a great guy and will talk to you about anything before and after the show.

I moved back out to the middle of the crowd for Strike Anywhere's set. I've always been a fan of these guys, but have yet to catch them live. I also must admit, that I have none of their albums. A whole bunch of mp3s, but no hard copies. So this was sort of a "watch and soak it all in" type of set for me. I let all the hardcore fans go ape while I just sat back and enjoyed the show. I recognized a couple tracks from Exit English and probably half of Dead FM. These guys sounded great and Thomas' dread locks have never looked longer. Did you realize this guys is like 5 foot 6?

Killer show for Providence, they don't make 'em like this anymore.

Until next time......
Tags: riverboat gamblers, paint it black, strike anywhere, concert
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Steel Train/Person L/Paper Rival - 02/01/08 - Providence, RI
02/18/08 at 09:35 AM by screamoURI
It was pouring ass on this Friday night and I cruised up to Prov once again to see these 3 bands @ Club Hell. I wasn't expecting much of a crowd because The Living Room had a major show going on that night. They had Saosin, Armor For Sleep, The Bled, and Meriwether. I mainly stuck with the Steel Train show because I had not seen any of the 3 bands playing, had seen Saosin and Armor before, and the Steel Train show was 4 bucks cheaper.

So the first band was called Stealing Jane. I thought they were a local band because of the 20-30 people there just to see them and singing along. Turns out they are from Long Island and just happen to have a good fanbase in Providence. They were pretty tight as a group (8 dudes in all) and sounded like a mix between Monty Are I and O.A.R. Not really my cup of tea, but they're good at what they do.

Next up was Paper Rival. These guys are from Nashville and had a rough couple of days on tour. One of their cherished guitars was stolen in Chicago, I think and this night, between the poor attendance and several other factors, proved to be tough as well, for the lead singer at least. During their first song, at a quiet part, everyone noticed that the house music was still playing, so that didn't really sit well with them. After the older sound guy figured that out, they continued to play with kind of a disinterested audience. People were being loud and obnoxious in the back of the room and no one really seemed to notice they were on the stage. But I did. I thought they were absolutely awesome, in fact. Now, I've heard that their live show is much better than their CD, and I'd have to say that this is correct. Their live sound was extremely similar to As Cities Burn's latest album. Really awesome stuff. Their CD, which I purchased after their set, is very sullen and graceful sounding. Still really good, but their live show is better.

Person L, whom I was very eager to check out, was up next. Kenny had been bopping around during Paper Rival's set and even mentioned on stage that they were his new favorite band. So they started into their set which consisted of pretty much all of the songs you've seen and heard on YouTube. They are really good and sound nothing like The Starting Line. Kind of trippy music, but real catchy at the same time. They ran out of time because of technical difficulties that the aforementioned sound man ran into while they were setting up. So with 2 songs left to play, they were told that they were out of time. Kenny apologized to the crowd of about 60 and started to break down, but at the last second the drummer of Steel Train went up to the sound guy and told him that they could take time out of ST's set for one more song. Appreciative of the gesture, Ken asked the drummer what he wanted to hear and he said without thinking, "Goodness Gracious." This song is the fucking jam and is very different from other Person L songs. All I can say is check this song out. I found out later that this song will not be on their upcoming release, unfortunately.

Finally, Steel Train came one to a crowd of about 100. They opened right up with I Feel Weird and continued to play the first 8 songs, I think, of Trampoline. I'll be honest, I started to come down with a wicked fever at about this time, so I was not feeling good at all. But after the first 8 songs they played Road Song acapella with an acoustic guitar. All members sang around the mic, so that was cool. After this, they played a cover of 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins. Sounded great, but I think he messed up on some of the lyrics. Oh well. I couldn't hang any longer and I bounced after this song. I'm sure they only stayed on for another couple and then had to get off because the club was opening the doors to the public.

All in all, i'm definitely glad I chose this show over the other one. Good to see 3 bands I previously hadn't. Paper Rival won me over, Person L won me over, and Steel Train, although totally different now than Twilight Tales, sounded really decent. Until next time........
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Vanna - 01/16/07 - Providence, RI
01/21/08 at 09:28 AM by screamoURI
I like this band. I'm not quite sure why people rag on them so much. Probably because they give them a 1/2 a chance and immediately write them off as another scream/metal band. Yes, they do scream and they do play metal, but there is a lot more beyond this. Listen to the full cd 3 to 4 times and your opinion may change. I don't feel like reviewing the cd and explaining everything; I'm lazy and at work.

Anyhow, I went up to Club Hell in Providence last Wednesday to watch them begin a headlining tour of the east coast. I got there at like 9:00 and they were already into their first song. I had brought along a $4,000 video camera on loan to me from my company. Why they trust me with this thing, I do not know. This was the first time using the thing, so it took a little getting used to. Vanna played to about 120 kids. So I filmed most of the rest of their set in between gulps of Budweisers and it all turned out pretty nice. It's amazing what a quality camera can do.

Afterwards I said whats up to Evan P. (guitar/voice) (went to high school with him), and stuck around to have one more drink. As kids were leaving, really strange people started replacing them. I mean full on, halloween weird. Dudes and chicks all decked out in leather and the makeup...don't even get me started. I looked over at these two horrid chicks, both fat, and one with assless leather pants, grinding on this goth redneck dude. Holy shit! So I finally asked the DJ if it was Goth night or something. She glances back at me with a "what are you, retarded?" look and says, "No, it's fetish night."

On that note, I slammed my drink down and got the fuck outta dodge. Right before I left I saw a girl take her shirt off. I only saw her bare back, but I'm guessing she might've had nipple tassels on.
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TREOS/As Tall As Lions/Therefore I Am - 12/14/07 - Providence, RI
12/19/07 at 12:51 PM by screamoURI
I'm going to start writing "reviews" on the shows that i go to. I try and make it to every decent one that comes through Providence, RI. This is a pre-blog entry because I ended up not making it to this show.

I arrived with my girlfriend at the Living Room @ about 8:15, and the show was supposed to start at 8. Upon driving up the street, I realized that the place was friggin packed to the rafters. There wasn't a single spot to park ANYWHERE near the place. This was due to the fact that TREOS and TIA are from the southern New England area. So we tried going across the street to the Burger King and IHOP. Still no spots. Kids were parking anywhere they could on a parking lot that was solid ice, mind you. So rather than having my girlfriend get a ticket for parking illegally or getting her bumper fucked up by some 16 year old and his mom's mini van, we said fuck it. It's a good 45 minute drive from my house in Newport to Providence, so we made the best of our trip and went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping.

I have seen TREOS twice before, ATAL once, and don't really care about Therefore I Am, so I wasn't too bummed. Plus we saved $28 between the two of us to get in the door and probably another $50 on beer/drinks. I did, however, want to scoop the new TREOS disc, but I'll just have to wait for Santa.

Rock shows come and go all of the time, so it's not the end of the world.
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