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End of the year list (My top twenty of 2011)
12/27/11 at 12:46 PM by rjmoz87
A year ago I was at Disney World and a year before that I was on an airplane headed towards ATL which would lead me to Rome, Italy. Now I'm just sitting at a desk listening to Spotify and figuring out my top twenty albums of this year. This year I actually listened to a lot of genres thanks to websites called Pitchfork, AbsolutePunk, and NME (shouting out to the sites). I know last year I had a big end of the year list (See blog saying "End Of The Year 2010), but I can't do it this year. There's so many good albums, but I can't order any of them after ten. I know the list is going to change anyways throughout the next year, but I mind as well have a top ten. I think ten is a good number really because you don't want to a big list anyways. Plus, we have Spotify now so we can listen to any album we want to for free. If you don't have it, I suggest downloading it. It's one of the best things that came out of 2011, but I'm not here to talk about Spotify.

I'm here to reveal my top twenty list of 2011. A list that some will hate or love. It just deepens on your opinion. There will be artist that not many people will know on this list also. It happens, but I hope more people will check out these artists. Maybe these artists will get huge next year. We never know. Well here its...let the wtf's, wow's, and what was I thinking's flow through your head..and we will start with number 10..

20. Adele -21
19.The Lonely Forest - Arrows
18.Transit - Listen&Forgive
17. The Cab -Symphony Soldier
16. Marianas Trench - Ever After15. MuteMath - Odd Soul
14. Cut Copy - Zonoscope
13. Foo Fighters - Wasting Light
12.Childish Gambino - Camp
11. Black Keys - El Camino
10. The Vaccines - What Did You Expect from The Vaccines?
9.The Weeknd - House of Balloons/Thursday/Echoes of Silence
8. Butch Walker - The Spade
7. Bon Iver - Bon Iver
6. Charlie Simpson - Young Pilgrim
5. Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues
4. Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost
3. Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes
2. Horrible Crowes - Elise

And Number 1 is....Arctic Monkeys - Suck It And See

Surprise Surprise...but I did enjoy Arctic Monkeys latest entry. It is lyrically one of my favorite albums and they finally revealed The Smiths as being an influence on Suck It and See. I can see that after listening to it the very first time. I haven't really listen to Bon Iver latest entry too much this year, but I will be spending more time on it. It might just rise higher on my list. One album I do need to listen more is M83's latest double LP. I've been hearing a lot of praise and Midnight City is a great song. It might just rise higher on my list also. I intentionally put Adele as number 20, but it is a great album. I bet a couple people have checked it out already. I heard she is getting huge. I also made a best of 2011 playlist on Spotify too. Here's the link Best of 2011...

Oh yea, Naked and Famous and Gyspy & The Cat would be on this list, but both of their albums came out in 2010. I go by when the album gets released onto the internet. This list is final (for right now), but it will change at least 100 times, but my favorite album of this year will not. I can't wait for the new music for next year. Oh yea, for you Sugar Frosted Pacific fans, I will be releasing a new double LP next year.
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Mid-Year Top 10
07/02/11 at 05:33 PM by rjmoz87
It's that time of the year once again. The time when I decided to post my favorite top 10 albums of the year so far. Albums that I love from start to finish. Albums that make you think and dream into the horizon. Albums that can even make a difference in one's eyes. Is these 10 albums fit these descriptions? Maybe in the eyes of an opinion, but alas this is my top 10 albums.

I'm a music listener, but I've notice over the years that my choice of music has violently change. Change from a punk rock kid to a more of an indie loving listener. You will have to thank Pitchfork.com for this change, but I just love discovering new music from new artists. I think most of the list does it include new artist though. I believe that if someone praises an album I need to listen to it just to see if I like it also. Most of the time I do like it. I think this list also shows that I am branching my music taste a little more out there. Also my list will not be in order. Meaning that I'm not going to say that one album is my number one while the other one is number ten on the list. I rather keep the numerical order mysterious until the year end. It's more of a guessing game on what album is to be thought as my number one. Tell you the truth, I don't what my number one is right now. Here's my top ten albums as of right now.

Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes
Arctic Monkeys - Suck It And See
The Weeknd - House of Balloons
Bon Iver - Bon Iver
Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues
Foo Fighters - Wasting Light
Bright Eyes - The People's Key
Cut Copy - Zonoscope
Iron and Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean
Cults - Cults

I still have TONS of albums to listen to so this list can change easily. Plus there's tons of music still coming out this yea. This is only the mid-year top 10. So what do you think? Am I a hipster?
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Get At Me on Twitter (Tweet Tweet)
05/08/11 at 11:08 AM by rjmoz87
Going to try and stay off Facebook for at least two weeks. Itís becoming more of an addiction to become more of stalker. I donít want to be a stalker anymore. I donít want to be the one on there creeping on the lives of others and posting stuff that I expect to get a couple comments and likes. I donít know about that anymore. It was fine in college, but now Iíve been out of college for a year. Itís just a tool used to make people jealous and it has gotten worse over the years.

In 2006 there was only college kids. Now in 2011 everyone can get a page including your grandma. Iíve had problems with relation calling up my parents about certain things on my page. It got so crazy that I ended up deleting all of them except my mom. My mom doesnít check her page that much in the first place. My only other problem is the adults around here abusing Facebook to make people jealous for anything and everything. See I can be a big smart ass on there so I use a couple random instant jealously status updates to piss anyone off.

Plus Iíve been on the road for the past three weeks for work. I got laid off on Tax Day and now Iím working with my grandpa. In better sense Iím happier than I was before Tax Day. All I did at my former job was stalk on Facebook when I was out of my mind bored at work. I was a staff accountant with my own office until the boss told me to leave for good. I did 60% of the work there even though I was on Facebook half of the time. Thatís sad to say because half of my co-workers would be on Farmville while I was doing THEIR work sometimes during the week. Oh well shit happens.

So today I finally decided that I can careless about everyone elseís lives on Facebook when I got my own to worry about. Maybe I should actually talk to girls in person rather than stalk them on Facebook. I do have a phone so that still gives people a way to communicate with me. My profile picture on Facebook is a year old (woohoo). I donít need people to take pictures of everything I do and post them on there. Maybe next time I should have someone take a picture of me on the toilet so they can post it on there and see how many people ďlikeĒ the picture. I really think Facebook has been destroying my life since 2006, but Iíve only stayed on there to communicate with my friends. At last I just need to break away from Facebook and find myself. Maybe re-learn guitar and make more songs under the name Sugar Frosted Pacific. Who knowsÖ.
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Stuck In A HOLE
05/08/11 at 09:11 AM by rjmoz87
After waiting a couple months, I have decided to release another album under the name Sugar Frosted Pacific. This album was mixed down in October (the same time I mixed Yum Yum) and I wanted to keep it on the shelf until I could release it at a perfect time. Well this is a perfect time because I'm finish marketing Yum Yum for a couple months. I want to focus more on a different sounding release. Stuck In A Hole is that kind of release.

Stuck In A Hole takes more of a acoustic sounding rather than techno sound. It's more changing it up just to show what Sugar Frosted Pacific can also be. I wanted to make it more and widen my audience. Here's the track list....

1. And The Loser Is....
2. Photoshopped Beauty
3. I Thought You Were A Girl Until...
4. I Go By My Fake Name Every Time I Go To
5. Sparland Now Has A Strip Club
6. Headbutts Mean Hello At The Grill

All song titles relate to me in one reason or another. Yes there is a strip club in a small town now and I did get headbutted at the grill. I have to keep things true....well at least to song titles. If you get the chance to listen to it then listen to it. This is one of the last Sugar Frosted Pacific albums ever made.....I've got two more albums left me in though....


Tags: free music
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Bread Growing
03/17/11 at 07:02 PM by rjmoz87
So I gave up shaving for lent. It's been going good so far. I'm really looking like a hipster now. Maybe I should keep it for awhile.
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Blogging more on here
01/15/11 at 09:57 AM by rjmoz87
I'm going to start writing here again. I haven't wrote on here in awhile and I figure I mind as well start something. Mostly opinions and recommendations. And we can't forget about life choices. Well here it goes...........
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Top Albums of 2010
12/23/10 at 06:54 PM by rjmoz87
Itís that time of the year. Iím currently packing for another trip (Florida instead of Italy) and itís time to post the end of the year music list. Iíve been working on and off this list this past month. I wanted to include music that I listen to the beginning of the year so Iíve been listening to albums multiple for the past couple weeks. Iíve even had my ďlistĒ deleted off my computer also. Iíve been trying to refigure the list all this week. I assume this list is different than what I have before and it doesnít include albums that I tend to forget about. Well hereís the list that is called my top 30.

30 Brandon Flowers Flamingo
29 Gorillaz Plastic Beach
28 Plan B The Defamation of Strickenland Banks
27 Two Door Cinema Club Tourist History
26 Gay Blades Savages
25 Steel Train Self-Titled
24 Titus Andronics The Monitor
23 Guster Easy Wonderful
22 Vampire Weekend Contra
21 Sleigh Bells Treats
20 Surfer Blood Astro Coast
19 Black Keys Brothers
18 Beach House Teen Dream
17 Jimmy Eat World Invented
16 Yeasayer Odd Blood
15 The National High Violet
14 Hellogoodbye Would It Kill You
13 Stars Five Ghosts
12 Arcade Fire Suburbs
11 Mark Ronson Record Collection
10 Butch Walker I Like It When You Had No Heart
9 The Narrative Self-Titled
8 The Graduate Only Every Time
7 Sufjan Stevens Age of Adz
6 LCD Soundsystem This Is Happening
5 Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot:The Son of Chico Dusty
4 Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
3 Gaslight Anthem American Slang
2 Angus and Julia Stone Down The Way
1 The Courteeners Falcon
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Devil Gaga
05/28/10 at 05:17 PM by rjmoz87
I've decided to release an album I created for fun. I just finished and I'm not going to wait to release. I figure it needs to get out there as soon as possible. This album only took me 2 hours to do and its only 11 tracks long.

What's this new album I'm talking about? It's Devil GAGA. 11 tracks covered by Satan doing his favorite Lady Gaga songs. Here's the tracklist with downloads.......

1. Intro

2. Bad ROOmance (Bad Romance)

3. Disco Hell (Disco Heaven)

4. Stalking.... (Paparazzi)

5. Satan's Face (Poker Face)

6. Just Burn (Just Dance)

7. HellBoy (Summer Boy)

8. Devil's Game (Love Game)

9. Mexican Devil (Alejandro)

10. ROUGH (I like it Rough)

11. Tele-Phone (Telephone)

AND for the full album, Just download the following Link
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Sounds like a Hot Mess
08/24/09 at 01:28 PM by rjmoz87
Well guess what I got to hear today. Cobra Starshipís new album called ďHot MessĒ. It is a mess, but not a hot one though. Their single ďGood Girls Go BadĒ does standout on the album. Itís probably the best song on there. The rest give me mixed opinions. They are either good, suck, or alright. I do like the second track, Pete Wentz is the only reason weíre Famous, because Iíve heard it before the rest of the album. Also the title tells it all. Pete Wentz is the reason they are famous. Got to thank someone, but thatís not the only reason I like the song. Itís the lyrics also. The first two lines of the songs make the song.

ďYou give it up cause I know what youíve got,
you can ride to the top, but you canít ride on my cock.Ē

Doesnít that sound great? Thatís not the only song I like on the album. Well there are two more worth listening to off the album. Those two are ďWet Hot American SummerĒ and ďThe Scene is Dead, Long Live the SceneĒ Both tracks are towards the end of the album. So you are going to be skipping some track, but itís worth it. Especially for ďThe Scene is Dead, Long Live the Scene because itís actually Gabe (the singer) addressing his critics about transaction from Midtown to Cobra Starship. Midtown is still better than Cobra Starship, but thatís in my book. Yea, def check out ďThe SceneÖĒ because it is the best song on new album.

To sum this up, donít buy the album. Just buy or download certain songs from the album or just keep listening to Viva La Cobra. Hot Mess was a disappointment for me, but thatís me. I know there will be people that love this album while others just want Midtown to come back. Letís hope this is the last album by Cobra Starship. Besides there new single is all over the place now. Well Gabe got want he wanted, but with the wrong sound.
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Sugar Frosted Pacific New EP
07/31/09 at 02:23 PM by rjmoz87
I have finally decided to release Sugar Frosted Pacificís techno EP. The title is called Free Robot Sex. The title is based on a random picture I found on the internet a couple months ago. Now itís my album artwork too. I found out that I didnít have enough time in the day to create a unique artwork for my album. Oh well the next album will be more unique. Going back to the EP, it only contains six tracks. I think thatís enough for a techno album, but the album itself is more like a continuous one-track ballad. It supposes to be set up with no seconds of quietness. I wasnít supposed to make this album either. It just came out of nowhere when I was playing with a new music program. So I figure I might as well release another album before I start demoing.

Speaking of demoing, Iím on day # 2 of tracking and recording. Iíve got 1-Ĺ tracks done and tons of random demos that Iíve decided to make. I even made a rant track for no apparent reason. Oh well it happens, but I want to have at least four tracks done before I get back to Davenport. Iím hoping to release an EP or full-length with me doing the music instead of a program. I donít want to use loop sounds for the whole time. I actually played piano on one track. Yes I am a musician, but not a great one. I just need to practice more.

Well today is the day ďFree Robot SexĒ is release so here is the track listing.

1. New Frontier
2. Ringing
3. Calmness
4. That Noise From The Bathroom
5. Bass Keeps Going
6. Cymbals Are Coming

And here is the download link for the album

If you have any questions or want more Sugar Frosted Pacific music, please message me.
Tags: ep, new music, techno, Sugar, Frosted, Pacific, Robot
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11/13/08 at 05:08 PM by rjmoz87
I don't write much on here anymore. I feel that none of my words come into place on facebook. I only write on here nowadays when I think something is important. Well some of you are probably wondering why I have "Love" on my arm. I've been call queer already which isn't a surprise. That's the sudden response of a person who judges right away. Well I'm not queer. I'm doing this cause it's Two Write Love On Her Arms day.

There's a lot of people out there that don't know what this day is about. Well here is the mission statement right from their website.

"To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery."

It's a good movement and I'm glad I found out about it. I didn't know about it until last summer when I went to see The Crosstown Rivalry and Return to Arms in Peoria. Lawrence (Crosstown's singer) gave me a me card saying "To Write Love On Her Arms". On the front it had the guitarist of Anberlin and on the back it gives background information about the movement. I still have this card today. It sits on my computer desk now. I've also donated money to the cause back in August at The Graduate and Rookie of the Year concert.

I've notice there's a lot of bands who support this movement. To name a few there's Anberlin, Bayside, The Rocket Summer, Hawthorne Heights, Underoath, Thrice, Switchfoot, Copeland, and last but not least Paramore. There's some great bands that support this cause and many more I didn't include. It's a cause that is affecting a young age group.

Oh yea, being the music fan I am. I've made a playlist for the cause. Knowing me I would do such and a thing. Well here it is.

Amazing Because It Is by The Almost
The Resistance by Anberlin
Silver Wings by Thrice
Hospital by Lydia
We are Broken by Paramore

Now I know there are some people that think I'm full of it but I'm not. To tell the truth, I've suffer from depression countless times in my life. Life isn't a bowl of cherries. And I've from my mistakes. I think everyone suffers from depression once or more in their life. That's why we turn to our friends and family. That's why I have "Love" on my arm.
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Random Crazy Weekend
04/14/08 at 10:41 PM by rjmoz87
To be out of place is where I want to be. I actually want to stay up at Ambrosia and I did. The party scene was up again. Full force with crazy people and random things. It was one of my friends bithday too. So the weekend was called B's Birthday Bash. It was a bash alright. Starting up in his room and walking three blocks to party central. We played the usual party games and the same ole things happen again. Being me, I fell down the stairs but saved my drink. Thats how we do it in at Ambrosia. Got to save that drink but get your back marked up. At least people there were concerned which is a good thing. All this happened on a Friday. It was crazy as usual and most of us don't remember what happened. All I know was it was a celebration of B.

Saturday was different. More like an intense day of people wanting to fight. I don't usually like to fight but I sometimes have to jump in just in case. I started the night at my dorm just chilling and seeing the same interactions were going to happen again. I ended going to a friend's house on Gaines for a couple hours. Felt like a bartender behind the bar but I wasn't. Met a distant cousin but I don't believe her. She needs some Morrissey in her if you know what I mean. Well I left and made my way to the main party. Gaines didn't have many people I know there so I went else where. When I got there I ran right into Chalkey and Gaines. They wanted to go to the other party so we drove back. Ran into a bunch of freshmen in groups looking for parties not knowing there were ones just under their noses. Gaines decides to yell Dover because thats where the party was at. They didn't listen though

When we got there, there was a warm welcoming with hugs. I forgot the bag so I went back for it. Gaines came with me saying we should ditch Chalkey and go back to Dover. We did and I got called about it. It was Chalkey's car and he freaked out on us. I drove it back to pick him up. I'm too kind. We ended up back at Dover and a fight almost started. The same ole guy vs guy over girl but the one guy is not a fighter. So the bad ass gets kicked out and decides to throw a beer can through the window. What a genius. 2 vs the whole party. We didn't catch him though. I ended the night dancing to with this girl to Big and Rich. Repeating those lines from "Save a Horse" really turns a girl on.

That sums up my weekend. I didn't know there would be a beer thrown through the window though. I guess volleyball players think they are bad ass for some reason.
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The fresh new smell of music
01/08/08 at 11:05 AM by rjmoz87
So far I've been discovering some new music. This music has been playing over and over in my head. I've been discovering bands that I think will become and maybe huge this year. I want to the first one to say "Yea, I knew they were going to be huge". This has happen in the past with My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco. I knew them a year before they became huge. Yea I'm that cool.

Well the bands I've discover that are going to be "big" come to the genre of pop punk. Seems like bands like Paramore and Cartel have opened the gap for more pop punk bands. Bands like All Time Low and Boys Like Girls are now getting big. By looking through Myspace I discovered one more from the US. This band I'm talking about is The Maine. Out boredom, I discover them through either All Time Low's page or Morning Light's page (another great band). Either way I discovered them and look them up. I found their album for 3.99 on iTunes. 6 songs is worth it plus they do a cover of Akon's I Wana Love You. Plus its one of the top 100 albums on iTunes hitting at number 56 outselling Seether and We the Kings. I think we'll be seeing more of The Maine in the future.

The final bands I'm going to talk about are from the Isle of the UK. I love my UK bands. So many great bands come from the isle. Most of them again come from the same genre for some reason. I guess this is going to be another year of pop punk. Now the UK are doing so it should be more interesting the bands that I found out were You Me at Six, Tonight is Goodbye, and Furthest Drive Home. I was lucky enough to fine both Tonight is Goodbye and Furthest Drive Home on iTunes. The best deal was Tonight is Goodbye 4 song EP for 1.99. Its worth it. If they make it stateside, they'll end up on the Warped Tour like the rest of the genre. So those are some bands that'll rock this year. Here is some links

The Maine - http://www.myspace.com/themaine
You Me at Six - http://www.myspace.com/youmeatsix
Tonight is Goodbye - http://www.myspace.com/tonightisgoodbye
Furthest Drive Home - http://www.myspace.com/furthestdrivehome
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Best of 2007
01/04/08 at 07:13 PM by rjmoz87
So its 2008. To me its another year I have to deal with. I don't know whats going to happen, but I'm looking forward to it. I feel like looking back at 2007. What I want to look back is the music. I feel like posting my favorite albums of this year and reccomendations. I see it everywhere like Myspace and Absolute Punk. Oh yea , I think Tom Delonge is full shit thinking that his album was one the tops of 2007. Thats bull shit. Its more likely one of the dissappointed. Alright here's my lists. These are MY opinions.

Top Ten Albums of 2007 (in no particular order)
The Graduate - Anhedonia
Funeral For A Friend - Tales Don't Tell Themselves
Straylight Run - The Needles, The Space
Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
Bright Eyes - Cassadaga
Bayside - The Walking Wounded
Anberlin - Cities
Say Anything - In Defense Of The Genre
Radiohead - In Rainbows
We the Living - Heights of the Heavens

Honorable Mentions
Paramore - Riot
The Starting Line - Direction
Motion City Soundtrack - Even If It Kills Me
Fall Out Boy - Infinity on High
We The Fury - Venus
All Time Low - So Wrong, Its Right

Albums I still need to listen to that ended up on my iPod
The Blackout - We Are The Dynamite
Saves the Day - Under the boards
Scary Kids Scarying Kids - Self-Titled
Thrice - The Alchemy Index Vols. I & II - Fire & Water

Best Comps
The Format - Rarities and B-Sides
Thursday - Kill The Lights
Anberlin - Lost Songs

Alkaline Trio - Warped
Straylight Run - Acoustic at Warped
Funeral For A Friend - Warped
The Forecast - Peoria
The Graduate - Peoria

Disappointing Albums
Angels and Airwaves - I-Empire
Circa Survive - On Letting Go
Emery - I'm Only Man
The Fall of Troy - Manipulator
Chiodos- Bone Palace Ballet

Band of the year
The Graduate

Anticipated of 2008
Flogging Molly (already have the cd for some reason)
The Format
Brand New
The Forecast
Jack's Mannequin
The Matches
and many more that I can't think of right now

I think 2007 was a great year for music. Well for me of course. I discovered new bands like The Format and explore more to the Alternative side of music. I ended up going to Warped Tour and it was one of the best things I did last summer including going to Disney World. If I was to recommend two cds right now they would be The Graduate and We The Living. They are also great live. Also the new Flogging Molly cd (due out in March) sounds great. I can't wait to see them live and go to warped again. Yea there's probably a lot of albums I forgot on the list. Its hard to remember them all once you had a surprisng weekend and have been sick ever since. No more wine for me.
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