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Take This To Your [Headphones]
While you live it up I'm off to sleep...
03/31/09 at 08:37 PM by Miss Heartcore
I could watch this over and over again.

The voice,
The words,
The bits and pieces of storyline put together....

Completely flawless.

Tags: Kings of Leon, Use Somebody, Music Video, My buddy Casey, ear candy, Life
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New Music
03/30/09 at 10:55 AM by Miss Heartcore
Currently loving:

All songs from my buddy's band, Big City Lights


"The Astronomer" from Oh, The Story!

Everyone is dying for change; all the colors are fading
All I want is to be saved… Set free and rearranged, I’m ready…
Tags: Big City Lights, Oh The Story!, music, life.
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Ace Enders got Hot?
03/16/09 at 12:42 PM by Miss Heartcore

One of my favorite frontmen just got even better.


How he went from feeble looking Michael Cera to hot Ryan Cabrera is beyond me.
Tags: Ace Enders, Music, Singers, Meow.
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Fangirl Mission: Accomplished.
03/14/09 at 02:46 PM by Miss Heartcore
I told my psuedo brother Matt that it was my mission in life to get my hero/comic book author of Ultimate Spider-Man, Brian Michael Bendis to respond to my Twitter.

I've @replied the dude at least three times so far and today....TODAY I HAVE ACHIEVED VICTORY:


This man is probably one of my favorite authors of all time. I'm so beyond stoked right now hahaha.

And FYI, I was @relying to his statement about how the new Facebook sucks. So legit.
Tags: Brian Michael Bendis, Ultimate Spider-Man, Twitter, FBook Sucks, Fangirl, LOL, Life
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Spring Rain
03/08/09 at 09:08 PM by Miss Heartcore
After an hour drive, I was finally home. I hopped out of the car and the smell of Spring hit me immediately. I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear.

I'm one for warm, sunny weather all the freaking time so living in a state with all four seasons can be somewhat of a bummer. One of the few things that can cheer me up is rain during warm weather. It's absolutely wonderful on all accounts.

I stepped into my house and everything smelled like Spring/Summer. I ran up to my room and opened the door because that's the closest I'll get to being outside for the rest the night. I sometimes wish I had a more private front porch or at least a cleaned up back porch so I could enjoy the weather for another hour or so. But alas, the only place where that's possible was the place that I just drove an hour away from.

So instead, I'll spend my night by an open window enjoying the nostalgia that comes from Sugar Ray. They have always been a Summer band to me:

Tags: Sugar Ray, Spring, Summer, rain, happy, life.
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My Life Since 2006.
03/03/09 at 09:37 PM by Miss Heartcore
'Cause like dying young, idols got the best of me,
Well don't stop calling, you're the reason I love losing sleep,
And the building collapse, we'll shop one for something

I'll stick it at our skin, pierced for something

Besides, don't release me until it's over
And besides, you can't believe without bleeding.

And besides, you can't believe without bleeding.


It scares me how dead on this is.
This is about every guy that has come my way.
This saddens me but at the same time it almost helps me to make sense of things...maybe I'm not so alone.
This is it--This is my life.

*Credit goes to argg_xo. I saw the lyrics in her blog first.
Tags: Manchester Orchestra, Guys, Relationships, Life, Personal
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There's nothing...
03/02/09 at 10:40 PM by Miss Heartcore
...that really puts me in a good mood anymore except for this song.

You're a liar if you say that this sound hasn't been stuck in your head at some point.

This is the essence of summer---even in the dead of winter.

This song is always a good time....always.

Certainly better than any of you.

Tags: The Escapse Song, Rupert E. Holmes, The Summer Life.
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For the Boys:
02/26/09 at 12:38 PM by Miss Heartcore
Two amazing things on the internet have been brought to my attention:

MegOhio@missheartcore note to you: buy in bulk make every guy in your life ever wear. end note.


So awesome.
Tags: Beards, Montana, Boys, Internet, Teh Awesome, Life
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Can you spot yourself?
02/25/09 at 01:05 PM by Miss Heartcore
Saw this on a friend's Facebook.

Which one are you?

Tags: Little Miss, Little Mr, People, Life
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Smile, You've won.
02/24/09 at 06:18 PM by Miss Heartcore
Once because we always were there.
I'm impressed you've never seemed so scared,
and you still don't know.
But I found comfort in this bottle and you out of site,
out of mind and nowhere close to being,
sober straight I've seen that look in me.
Don't ever let me see those words on your lips,
it's just me,it's just me.
So yeah yeah well now its peace in the form of a dove.
And yeah yeah its peace and love or just whatever goes down,
easily, consuming our bodies; it's your fight this night.


I've made a decision to give up on the impossible.
Here's to hopefully being better off.
Tags: Lydia, most random song choice, people, guys, life.
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We were both young when I first saw you...
02/22/09 at 11:06 PM by Miss Heartcore
Yes, that's right. THIS song.

Can't stand country music or Taylor Swift's strange mouth/teeth. I even managed to avoid it at all costs until last week.
Now the damn song won't leave my head.

I love it.

Good song ending, cute music video to go with it.

He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said,
"Marry me, Juliet. you'll never have to be alone.
I love you and that's all I really know.
I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress;
It's a love story - baby just say 'Yes.'

Too bad this couldn't be real life.

Tags: Taylor Swift, Love Song, Music, Romance, Personal, Life.
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Two and a Half Men
02/16/09 at 07:52 PM by Miss Heartcore
CHARLIE: Only you could gay up having sex with two women.

ALAN: Says the guy wearing an apron, holding the curdled Holandaise sauce.

CHARLIE: SO, you ADMIT that it's Holandaise sauce.


Love it.
Tags: TV SHOWS, Laughs
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Across the wards as we both dissolve
02/13/09 at 10:30 AM by Miss Heartcore
So tell me dear where is it you go from here?
As you curse and peel and pose in tears
Against the wall and across the hall
Across the wards as we both dissolve
I have this habit of punishing things
That move so fast they grow out wings
That sneaks through houses as we barter for sleep
(So just let me hide)

I wish I had you in my lungs
I'd blow you up and block the sun

To save everyone from this brilliant light we've won

And our bodies got so much clearer
With dirty blood and thirty last calls

So fill it up and spin forever down the wall
I throw it up just to watch it fall

Through the window you looked much sweeter

Tell me something bout a lonely night
Burnt by the steam from a better life

But your lottery touch feels lucky enough
Refugee hands from a gin war.
I know a place where we can rest tonight
But when the bombs start falling... you've got to open your eyes

And I just hope that I have mine
I just hope that I have.

I wish I had one hundred thousand pounds
Id crack the ground as your struggle for sound leaps
From town to town to town

Share your spoken wealth
Share your body's health
I need it more than I need myself

I know you'll leave with the kings reprieve
I guess that's just fine by me

Through the window you tasted much sweeter


Whether I feel sick body wise, sick in the head, or just sick in the heart, Nick Torres sings me to sleep.

I'm considering just flying out to his shows because I doubt he's going to come back over here any time soon.
Tags: The Gin War, Cassino, lovely lyrics, life.
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All titles are too obvious.
02/09/09 at 03:54 PM by Miss Heartcore
Can't seem to bring myself to believe your words,
but I sure do believe in your music.

What a shame.
Tags: Guys, People, Personal, Life.
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I love Surprises.
02/08/09 at 10:45 PM by Miss Heartcore
...The band, not the actual act of Surprises.

I love Brooks and miss the Sullivan days, but I'm fairly certain this song is about my life.

I need a drink and a recess filter
I want a reason not to feel
How long's it been since you kissed a stranger
On the beach, yeah, on the beach

Tags: Surprises, The Mistress and Her Heart, music, Personal, Life
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