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life seems to be shortlived, with worthless days between the good memories.
01/04/12 at 01:33 PM by simplejack

I love this song.
Tags: Kevin Geyer, Aimless, Evian, The Story So Far, acoustic, Walnut Creek
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fumbling through the gray trying to find a heart that's not walking away.
09/05/11 at 05:50 AM by simplejack
I don't think I've listened to pop songs more beautiful than this. Maybe it's the piano, or the melody, or the hip-hop verses, or the Chris Martin-like voice (though I've never been a fan of Coldplay). I can't get into the full album - after the third track it starts to bore me, besides "Down" - but this is a real gem. It gives me the chills everytime I listen to the chorus. Fantastic.

If you like what you hear, check out Mat Kearney's new album, called Young Love, in stores NOW.

Recommended If You Likesummer; OneRepublic - Good Life; Mat Kearney - Nothing Left To Lose; whistles & kids chants
Tags: ships in the night, mat kearney, young love
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the ultimate acoustic pop-punk playlist
08/20/11 at 02:25 AM by simplejack
Pop-punk is my favourite music genre ever. And, since I play an acoustic guitar and I'm a sucker for anything acoustic (oh dude! nice Brand New reference here!), for me acoustic versions of pop-punk songs are something really awesome. So here Iíve collected some acoustic pop-punk songs that I really like: some songs canít be strictly considered ďpop-punkĒ, other canít be considered completely ďacousticĒ. Itís a pretty long list and Iíll update it whenever I find some other goodness on the net. I think you could easily find most of all these songs on iTunes.

Suggested releases:
A Loss For Words Ė Webster Lake
The Apathy Eulogy Ė Beauty For Ashes
Kevin Geyer Ė Aimless [in free streaming & download here: http://kevingeyer.bandcamp.com/album/aimless]
The Dangerous Summer Ė An Acoustic Performance Of Reach For The Sun
The Starting Line Ė The Make Yourself At Home EP
Man Overboard Ė Noise From The Upstairs
Transit Ė Something Left Behind
Bayside Ė Acoustic
VA Ė Punk Goes Acoustic Vol. 1 & 2
Alkaline Trio Ė Damnesia
Brightwood Ė Elementals
The Artist Life Ė Letís Start A Campire EP
Dropout Year Ė On A Lighter Note
Dashboard Confessional - Alter The Ending [Acoustic Version], So Impossible EP, The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
Secondhand Serenade - Awake
Hawk Nelson - The Light Sides

[I listed the songs by artists so you can search them easily. It's implied that songs with electrified versions are listed here as their acoustic version]

A Loss For Words
Mount St. Joseph
All Road Leads Home
Face To Face
Wrightsville Beach
Highway 24 Rivisited

Alkaline Trio
Calling All Skeletons
Mercy Me
The American Scream
Weíve Had Enough

All Time Low
I Feel Like Danciní
Jasey Rae
Six Feet Under The Stars
Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night)

Motherís Day
When You Fucked Grandpa
Fuck A Dog
What Went Wrong

Box Car Racer
There Is

Dreamer To A Dream

Daphne Loves Darby

Dashboard Confessional
Age Six Racer
Again I Go Unnoticed
Until Morning
Alter The Ending
Hands Down
Keep Watch For The Mines
Little Bombs
Angels Of The Silences (Counting Crows cover)

A Day To Remember
You Had Me At Hello
All I Want


Letters To You

Four Year Strong
Tonight We Feel Alive (On A Saturday)
One Step At A Time
Find My Way Back
Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)

Hawk Nelson
Friend Like That
First Time
Everything You Ever Wanted
Head On Collision
Long Ago

Hey Monday
6 Months

Green Day
The Ballad Of Wilhelm Fink
Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
When Itís Time (feat. John Gallagher jr.)

Jimmy Eat World
The Middle
Heart Is Hard To Find

Kevin Geyer
Friendly Fire

The Maine
Saving Grace (Take 2)
Right Girl
Inside Of You

Man Overboard
Love Your Friends, Die Laughing
Cry Baby
Dylanís Song
I Saw Behemoth And It Ruled

Marianas Trench
Cross My Heart
Celebrity Status
So It Goes (Billy Joel cover)

Knew It All Along

Motion City Soundtrack
Feel In Love Without You
It Had To Be You
Broken Heart
Canít Finish What You Started
Point Of Extinction
Pulp Fiction
Worker Bee

Odi Acoustic
Here's Your Letter
Not Now
Young London
Up All Night
Story Of A Lonely Guy

Relient K
Be My Escape
Over Thinking
For The Moments I Feel Faint
Up & Up
Who I Am Hates Who Iíve Been
Hope For Every Fallen Man

Rise Against
Hero Of War
Swing Life Away

The Only Song

My Heroine
Call It Karma
Replace You


The Apathy Eulogy
Baby Maybe
Perfect Kisses

The Artist Life
Beach Town And Foolish Clowns
Letís Start A Riot
Sleep So Sound

The Audition
Donít Be So Hard

The Dangerous Summer
Where I Want To Be
Settle Down
The Permanent Rain
Never Feel Alone
Good Things
Work In Progress
No Oneís Gonna Need You More

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Face Down

The Starting Line
Best Of Me
The Drama Summer
Playing Favorites

Please, Head North
For The World
I Hope This Finds You Well
Stay Home

We The Kings
Secret Valentine
Check Yes Juliet
Skyway Avenue
This Is Our Town

The Wonder Years
Woke Up Older

One Year, Six Months
Something Of Value
Rough Draft
Sing For Me

Baby, Come On
Tags: pop-punk, acoustic, playlist, awesome
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last chapter.
08/13/11 at 03:24 AM by simplejack
I am barely sober
and I don't want to see your face
but I can say it's over
anger and hate go with the thought of you

I am barely sober
but unlike you I speak the truth
you can call me loser
these games I never won were goddamn fixed!

Don't tell me you care
'cause I can't afford another lie spoken with a smile

I shouldn't talk about you anymore
waste another line or two

I am barely sober
another drink can save me from seeing you
but you can fool me no more
when I know that it was me that I let you do it

Can't you see I'm back on track?
(And I'm coming for more)
But I won't waste my time on you
('cause I've wasted my mind)
Tags: my songs, my life
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after a first listen, tell them all that it's a work in progress.
07/07/11 at 01:28 AM by simplejack
Yeah, War Paint leaked. And it's a Dangerous Summer record. The follow-up to Reach For the Sun. Having connected to that album on every level (musical, lyrical and emotional) could either be your saving grace or the killer for your anticipations of this being one of the best albums of 2011. As I said, it's a Dangerous Summer record: it has the U2-esque guitars, the restless drums and AJ Perdomo unmistakeable vocals. It's not a complete 180į from RFTS in fact, the only cut that could differ is the lead single Work In Progress, that has dark tones and a long outro. The rest of the album is more of the same, with a more upbeat style where RFTS dug dipper in the mid-tempo section. Right now, War Paint, No One's Gonna Need You More, Parachute (my favourite) and Waves are the tracks I like the most.
What let Reach For The Sun stand out of the pack was AJ's lyrics, which were genuine and honest. And I think I should catch up the lyrics if I want to make a complete judgement about this album. That is a good album, nonetheless.
Tags: the dangerous summer, war paint, work in progress
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being off-topic like a boss.
06/26/11 at 02:06 AM by simplejack
I've been pretty obsessed with this Lonely Island-Michael Bolton collaboration and it has become one of my pumping anthems. The chorus is DEVASTATING (yet nothing that hasn't been heard before) and Michael Bolton just bring the song to a whole new level, overshadowing the SNL comic trio. For a singer who has been known only for saccharine (often depressive) love ballads, this is a breath of fresh air.

Tags: the lonely island, michael bolton, jack sparrow, like a boss
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houses are everywhere, but it takes a heart to make one your home
06/21/11 at 02:08 AM by simplejack
Growing up means watching my heroes turn human in front of me
The songs we wrote at eighteen seem shortsighted and naÔve
So when the weather breaks, I'll pull my hoodie up over my face
I won't run away, run away
As fucked as this place got, it made me me
Tags: the wonder years, hoodie weather, suburbia
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nostalgia ain't what it used to be.
04/09/11 at 09:38 AM by simplejack
Listening to some Oasis songs from their masterpiece (What's The Story) Morning Glory? makes me want to look for songs from the '90s and create an awesome playlist titled "Born in the '90s". Yeah, I know, probably in the '90s I hadn't a great musical knowledge and I resonate more with songs from the '00s, but the '90s for me still remain a decade full of fantastic music. So good.
Tags: Oasis, '90s, playlist
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so miserable.
03/13/11 at 03:58 AM by simplejack
I can hear your voice all over again
the thought it makes me scream
i'm happy only when you're not
it fells like I can't let go
and I was sure the end was come
it's been awhile and it still takes a hold on me


I can hear that question all over again
my answer's always "I'm fine"
discover shortcomings to feel better
you should bring me a mirror
pointing fingers out make me weightless
my life is mine so why should I care about you?

you can listen to the song here: http://soundcloud.com/soundtrack-of-...e/so-miserable
Tags: my songs, my life
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there isn't silence anymore, only noise.
03/06/11 at 02:38 PM by simplejack
This weekend I've recorded a bunch of songs @my house under the name of Background Noise and I've uploded them on soundcloud. Take them as they are: rough demos without pretention.
Here's the link
and let me know what you think
Tags: my songs, my life, soundcloud, background noise, demos
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don't let this sad song be the soundtrack of my silence.
02/17/11 at 09:03 AM by simplejack
I've started a SoundCloud page where I'm planning to upload some recorded stuff I've done in the past and some home demos I'm working on right now. If you have some time to waste, go to http://soundcloud.com/soundtrack-of-my-silence and check out a 3-song-demo I've recorded in December 2008.
If you listened some feedback would be appreciated but thank you anyway.
Tags: my songs, my life, soundcloud, demos
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make them remember a better life.
02/07/11 at 01:49 PM by simplejack
When I play too hard and break my bones
Depress myself to the lowest lows
I'm the only one to blame
'Cause the choice is mine and mine alone
And I choose to learn as I go
Clarity will come from pain

So don't wait for the world to get better
You're gonna waste the time you have
And you won't get it back

When you fall, when you break, when you wish you didn't feel
Keep your head, don't forget, it's the pain that makes us real
I know most of the time, it's hard to keep in mind
from lessons learned, comes better life

My understanding of the world feels broken
And it's demanding my immediate attention
You're looking up, believing you will leave your problems below
Forget what you believe, use what you know

When the world seems to go wrong
The day that you feel like you don't belong
Keep in mind life's just a song
A song without words
Waiting for you to sing along

Now that I've got something to say
I'll open up my mouth
"So here's to finding your way"

How will you make them remember your name
When everyone here seems exactly the same?
There's so much to give up
Don't just throw it away
So go on and make them remember your name

You're fine
Don't waste the rest of your life
Tags: conditions
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my best girl.
01/23/11 at 01:25 PM by simplejack
I'm a sucker for some pretty eyes
but they're going home with some other boy tonight
hell, I guess I'll be fine
'cause there's one girl who's all mine
she's seen it before, and she'll see it again
'cause those other girls going home with him
and I'll come back to her and she don't mind

she's my best girl
she's got six strings
she knows all about these
heartbreak and things
and though her eyes might not shine
she's always by my side
hell, she's all mine
for all night
she's my best girl by far
she's all mine
for all night
and she'll never break my heart

well she don't care if I come home late
or if I don't come home for seven long days
she knows that I'm hers and she knows to wait
she knows those other girls just won't last
she knows I'll always come on back
to her
she's all that i've got

she's my best girl
she's got six strings
she knows all about these
heartbreak and things
and though her eyes might not shine
she's always by my side
she's all mine
for all night
she's my best girl by far
she's all mine
for all night
the only girl a boy can trust
is his guitar
Tags: lucero
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coming home.
01/15/11 at 08:38 AM by simplejack
Waiting at the bus stop for my last trip home
In my pocket a chance not to be alone
Iíve got so many things not certain
I feel so lucky some still remain
Seriously I need some sleep in my own bed
Even with lots of words left unsaid
So Iíll finally get to catch my breath
And have new found strength after rest


I missed so much everything about this place
In my mind I saved every trace
Together with the sundown I make goodbyes
To the life I choose for your eyes

Iíve seen life and Iíve seen death with anger and pain
I fell in love and Iíve seen my heart thrown away
Iíve seen in family and friends the best doctors
Tomorrow is a brand new day and it will be mine
Tags: my songs, my life
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by the river.
01/15/11 at 08:36 AM by simplejack
So far gone the clouds in the sky
The river bank is the perfect place
A peaceful silence and a quiet breeze
What else could I really need?

Out of the mess someone calls world
I run through the air coming from nature
The power of music, the beauty of life
Make my lungs breathe deeper than ever

Would you bet that I feel like I can fly?


Thinking about how much time has passed
Since I felt this way back in the day
Tears now smiles, mistakes now laughs
And those good memories I keep in my heart

Nothing can knock me down, Iím so happy now
Iím just a boy with a big smile on his face
Songs stolen by bad times I got them back
I still donít know what future holds for me
Good or bad, it will be a rollercoaster
I still have my dreams and I want to believe
Tags: my songs, my life
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