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Pin Me Down With A Label Machine
11/11/11 at 11:44 AM by APmusic4TW
When we were kids, everything was simple and easy, and there was no need to feel embarrassed or worry for the future of ourselves because we always had someone, something, to fall back on. As children we saw the world as a pure beautiful place, as naive and as innocent as we once were, i don't believe we were so wrong. We were happy, we enjoy everything, and we literally took our parents advice like gold. The biggest things we had to fear were irrational and didn't really exist; the boogeyman.
We talked to ourselves, and said we had imaginary friends. Now if we do that, we have a mental illness.
We played until it got dark outside, and we stayed up because all we wanted to do was act older then we really were.
A childhood.
If you ask me, I don't think we were all that wrong as kids.
We were positive, and uplifting, and we kept secrets. We wanted to conquer the world and be loud and weird!
Now if you're anything like that you're labeled are insane, childish, innocent, and we need to grow up.

What's so good about being a grown up? Money, freedom?
Why bother with it? As kids, all we wanted was our families, our parents, our friends.
We were able to have fun by playing in the dirty or with bubbles.
Money was of no interest. It was never a problem.
As we get older, we seem to want to be free from the ones that shaped us, picked us up off the floor when we fell off our bike, the people who gave us kisses when we scraped are knees and told us bed time stories.
We pushed them away to be our own person
I don't see what the point is. We were our own person as children, but with less worries and problems.
We ignore the advice given to us as adults, thinking we know best, thinking we know all.
I want to do whatever i want, say whatever i want without being called childish, immature, naive. I want to look at the world clear and fresh, thinking of the positive without being called innocent. Live without the problems, stay close to the ones who made me and be my own person. I want to live like the child i once was without having the label attached to me as an adolescent mind.

This song is Anchor: Mindy Gledhill.
I think the lyrics are cute, and the piano is lovely. It's calming and the fact that she wrote that she has someone there who anchors her back down when needed, and who picks her up when she falls, and praises her for being so different when others want her to change; it's wonderful. I think all of us need a little of a change, to be ourselves and not worry what the label maker slaps on to us. It's a machine and we build machines. We are the ones in control. We are the only people who know who we are and how we should be and act. That's all we need to know and understand, now it's time to accept and follow through.

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I Solely Swear
09/14/11 at 05:27 PM by APmusic4TW
I promised myself months ago, to never fall in love. I found the pain not worth the gain. The luck i have in relationships is probably the worst in the world. How easy you can let your emotions run wild and your heart take over common sense in an instance. The thought of getting attached to someone, and giving yourself to them, letting them absorb all of you; your past, present, and letting the image of them possibly being your future. The interaction you use, to feel a connection of chemistry. Right off the bat, you fall head over heels into this spiraling emotional vortex letting your emotions over flow, letting them feel 100 times more then they usually would. Where knowledge about love is no good here unless you experience it. Usually, in situations like this, you would assume on what to do; due to the help of movies and books and other friends advice. Turns out, every love experience is different, and no one can tell you how to deal with the consequences but yourself.

Someone might have been in a similar situations.
Guaranteed they probably loved their significant other just as much as you.
It's still not the same, because they have no idea how you feel personally.
How they affected you emotionally and mentally.
The feeling is not quite the same, it's a relate able circumstance, but the end result is different for everyone.

Consciously, letting yourself know what could possibly happen to your heart if it doesn't work out, yet you still take the chance.
You have hope.
Hope is the one reason you let yourself go through the various pains over and over again.
Hope is the reason love still exist.

While getting into a situations like this, you don't calculate the possible outcomes; love came at you, take it.
It isn't till after it's over that you realize how much that person meant, and you go through a haze of numbness. Thinking of how you let yourself get involved in something like this, thinking probably the worst thoughts imaginable and even if you feel like crap you most likely don't deserve to be thinking so harsh. Though it was a bad ending, you assume the brace condition and you let that control your whole mind; common sense is no longer available.

We all get hurt and maybe it won't work out with someone, but that doesn't mean we should question ourselves and hate the ending.
It ended for something better to happen.
You might not realize it now, but eventually you'll see somewhere out there is someone for you.
As cheesy as that sounds, it's true, and the people who choose to listen to that will be rewarded.
In basic terms, no matter how the ending is, it's always worth a shot. No one should give up because of a few mistakes and you should try and make the best out of a situation; think of good things and certainly, stop those thoughts and blaming yourself for everything.

Don't stress it too much and certainly don't change for anyone. You are loved for what you are not what you could be. No one falls in love with potential, they fall in love with madness and imperfections. That's what makes falling in love a great experience. Those flaws that you hate so much and what other might have left you for, is what makes you so perfect to someone else. It's balance we all need, and you can't get balance when you're tripping and stumbling over something that isn't worth it in the near future.

Most importantly, never regret. The people who may have hurt you and gotten you lost in a frantic mind state before, is what will or has lead you to what you have now. Be thankful for those mistakes, embrace them, for you will never have to re live them again. They are what made you and someone out there very happy.

Usually i'd be skeptic about half the things i'm saying, id be pessimistic about the whole thing due to all the terrible things i've dealt with. I would be reading this and say to myself "this sounds exactly like me"

Truth is, it is exactly like me, thinking the worst because of the ending, and thinking of bad thoughts; blaming myself. But there is beauty in the letdown, and i didn't notice that until someone showed me it today.

Phil is a good friend of mine, he's literally the best thing that has entered my life in a long time.
He showed me that not all loves and relationships have a fairy tale, but someone out there thinks you're a princess/prince; we just have to go through a whole bunch of challenges to get there. In a way, it's like life is testing us. If we can over come those challenges and hope for the best in the future, then we deserve to have such a rare and beautiful love. We all have to embrace the suck at one point, and the quicker we realize that whatever has brought us down isn't worth it, the sooner we get to find the right person. As stupid as this may sound to some, there is a right person, we just have to be patient.

He's the inspiration in my life right now, he's one of my best friends, and he is always there for me. He means everything to me, thank you Phil, You are pure brilliance to me.
I love you.

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Decisions Of The Label Makers
09/07/11 at 02:21 PM by APmusic4TW
One of my favorite things about music is stumbling across something that ends up being one of your favorite things in life. I like going into record stores and buying a totally random album and listening to it and thinking to yourself "where has this been all my life!"

I love when i'm online and i type something up and after a couple of suggestions i end up finding something from a completely different genre and it turns out to be pure brilliance. Another thing i like is when you listen to a song and when you listen to it; For someone reason you didn't notice before, but in that one moment you really listen to the lyrics and the lyrics relate to exactly whats going on in your life or what you're feeling. I love finding something new so i can spread the word out - get that song more attention, but the hardest part is actually trying to find something new that you also like. I needed to take some time and try and find a band that might be well known, but to have a song that is so simple and so pure. Today i show you one of my favorite songs by this band "Noah and the Whale"

Anyone going through a tough time, just sit back and close your eyes- dim the lights i you want to. Play this song and repeat until you feel the better things in life.

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Second Best Only By Accident
06/04/11 at 05:15 PM by APmusic4TW
I recently found that there is a band on AP that is incredible, in my eyes at least. The band is called "Safety Word Orange" Though they are a great new addition to my life, this one is not about them, unfortunately. Irrelevant if this isn't about them, i think you should still look them up regardless.

I've been looking for a band to amaze me, for a band to approach music the way i want them too, to fill, sort of an empty void in my life. I'm looking for a band that will grasp what i want to feel, and in the past couple of weeks have been terrible in that luck sense.

I've found bands worth downloading or buying CD's for, but i haven't found anything special or amazing to try and show. That was, i didn't, until i found this band of incredible fortunate artists. "The Lonely Forest"

Formed in the waterfront town of Anacortes, WA, the Lonely Forest center on the talents of vocalist/pianist John Van Deusen. The group came together as a quartet in 2005, when frontman Van Deusen chose to bolster his piano-driven compositions with help from guitarist Tony Ruland, drummer Braydn Krueger, and bassist Eric Sturgeon.

This song is called Coyote, and it's wonderful.
I really don't know how to explain it but it makes everything seem better, makes everything seem not as bad as it is.
Even if times seem terrible and you feel you'll never get through it, i feel this type of music will expand my thoughts on the brighter side, and i feel, it's good music to help get people to the right moments in their life.
A moment where people can feel good and accept, and possibly move on from their terrible feelings or thoughts and just, flow.
Just like this song.

Please take care to enjoy this song, it's quite amazing if you really sink into it.
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Out Of The Question
05/22/11 at 07:32 AM by APmusic4TW
I've been searching for an up beat indi pop band for a while, and i couldn't seem to find one. This is why my absence was so prudent.
I was talking to a friend of mine a few weeks ago, and he told me he knew the perfect up beat indi pop song. He said it reminded him of his Girlfriend, every time he heard it. I listened to it, and it's amazing. This British band hits the heart right in the center.

The lyrics are upbeat and beautifully written, the music is perfectly executed- drums right on points, perfect amount of bass and guitar riffs.
The singer is as hansom as ever, as well as the rest of the band. His voice is wonderful, i could listen to it all day. It's rustic, it's appealing, it's vibrant; which also works well with every other aspect of this band - including their name which is a heck of a lot of fun to say.

This band is outstanding, and regardless of their break up, this band has left it's mark on me, and i shall always concider them one of the better British Indie-Pop bands that were/are out there.

MUMM-RA: An indie rock band which formed in 2000 in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, United Kingdom. The band consisted of James New (vocals/keyboard/guitar), Oli Frost (guitar), Niall Buckler (bass), James Arguile (guitar), and Gareth Jennings (drums). Their name was taken from a character from the American 1980s animated television series, ThunderCats (who was a mummy of the Egyptian god Ra) Sadly in 2008, they broke up.
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Old & Brand New
04/07/11 at 03:02 PM by APmusic4TW
Of all the little catch phrases that i've ever heard along my path towards my future, there was always one thing that would always come back and haunt my mind every now and then. Guarenteed your parents have said this to you once or twice, or maybe even a friend with some advice. I always looked past it, but it always seemed to be the answer to most of my problems. "You'll never know unless you TRY"

To be honest, i never wanted to start this little Blog, sharing my opinions scared the living day lights out of me.
I didn't really want to see if others felt the same way about the same things because i was scared for the people who could send a tic tak comment my way destroying my wall of confidence in one blow.
"You never know unless you try" seemed like the best way to just.. get out there are say whatever i wanted.
Regardless of how i might take the hit, hopefully someone out there will see it and this might very well be the thing they've been looking for, and i'd be heart broken if i was able to help and i didn't because i let someone stop be because i cared what they thought.

I think this song is worthy of a post. You might not like it, you might love it, and i'll never know unless i post it. Figures i'm probably just ranting on for nothing, no one could be reading this. But i'll never know unless i try.

This week i found that, this particular song was very inspirational to me.
I never thought i'd really like this band the first time i listened to it, and this song is a bit different from the other songs i've originally posted but the lyrics to the song as really nice, and they basically state what i've been saying.
so here is it, Ultra Blue - Thrice.

Unabashedly pursue,
the truth that we cannot deny
A revelation shining through,
orchestration Adonai
A revolution ultra-blue,
and a melodic battle cry
And though some say there'll be no coup,
we'll never know unless we

Try to see it through,
and find a different point of view,
one where faith is not taboo
And we'll all learn to see the world as new

Sometimes things we've held as true
proved to be an outright lie
But it seems we always knew,
in some unspoken lullaby
I'll see you at the rendezvous,
we'll raise our voices to the sky
And though some say there'll be no coup,
we'll never know unless we

Try to see it through,
and find a different point of view,
one where faith is not taboo
And we'll all learn to see the world as new

Revolution ultra-blue.
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Eyes As Still As Water
03/30/11 at 07:52 AM by APmusic4TW
There is a thrill in the voice of this band.
I love it, and those are the things i think when i hear this band.
I also think "Again"
I can't get enough of this song.
To me, this was a great way to just start off the year.
It's refreshing and lively.
Pure genius.

This band wasn't really known when i found it, and i'm hoping to get their name shared out more, they deserve that.
This is "Of Monsters and Men." They are a little band from Iceland and they give me chills every time i hear their voices merge.
I hope they make it big.

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Coldest Of Hearts Feel More, Show Less
03/01/11 at 07:45 AM by APmusic4TW
The greatest feeling sometimes is just relating to someone of a higher powers point of view. You feel connected to them, and because they are of a higher power or class, you feel just as worthy to have shared the same opinion.
Listening to this song i get a rush because i can truly let myself get attached to every lyric Conor ever writes or sings.
The fact i can sit on my bed and truly get absorbed in this type of music, it's so peaceful.
I love that he sings with such passion and that in every word you can tell he isn't mending this to anyone else's means.
He sings with the truth, and you can hear it in his lyrics.

"Heroes Or Ghosts" is a relaxing heartfelt song, hopefully this song can mend some un filled souls out there.

Conor Egan, Graham Knox, Dave McPhillips, Danny O'Reilly.

This is their song "Heroes Or Ghosts"

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We Let It Get Away
02/18/11 at 06:30 PM by APmusic4TW
As much as i love inspiring and emotional, lyrical songs, songs that you can relate to and feel attached to with every word sung or spoken, i have found myself craving that same pure and genuine feeling minus the words. I would like to experience music at it's finest with not lyrical attachment. Just to feel the emotion being carried by the instruments and not by a persons interpretation vocally. I would like to make my own interpretation of a master piece instead of words helping to guide me.

This song, has a beautiful, raw emotion starting this piece.
It starts of slow and calm, and of course, breaks out into a wonderful climax that bursts with intense passion and tension.
This song can easily be interpreted into whatever the listener wants, connecting to any thought they have and exploring its every outcome and option. A wondrous simplicity to it.
Every time you listen to it, you will feel differently, because you will think new things every time you turn it on.
It has a beautiful rhythmic tone and as relaxing as it is, it fills you with much desires and passion and releases any anxiety you might have previously had.
It's a truly wonderful piece.

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Light It Up
02/11/11 at 09:23 PM by APmusic4TW
Bright Eyes: Shell Games.
Connor, is a brilliant song writer.
He captures ideas and takes the simplest words and attaches emotion to it flawlessly, making it look and sound effortless.
He talks about a series of problems and the way he describes it, it's as if you can see exactly what he's talking about.
He implodes all the thoughts you used to have, and creates it into something new and vibrant.
He relates to most anyone with his lyrics and he gets the audience to see the better time in a problem or inconvenient moment in time.
This song is dear to my heart when dealing with almost anything.
He takes the simplest of situations, that may or may not be a big deal to someone; a pandemic, a problem to some, and turns it into this wonderful lyrical piece.
I couldn't be happier to share a song to could possibly change someones out look on life.

His way at looking at life is logical and sensible, and reassuring.
Enjoy Connor, with" Bright Eyes"

This is Shell Games- Bright eyes.
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A Song For The Road
02/03/11 at 07:43 AM by APmusic4TW
When i first heard this song, i didn't know what to think of it.
I speculated the words and the type of music it gave out, and it was a tough situation.
This is a song that i had to listen to a few times before i got to the feel of Sharons unique voice.
Though it might have taken me a while to figure out how much i liked her, i'm glad i took the time to get to know the way she interprets life and the ways he uses her voice to make it all come together.

Singers are the artists of sound. They can take any old word and form it to shape a beautiful image. They have passion and you sense what they see and fee through their words of song; though ever person may have a different vision or interpretation of what's being said, i find that the true artistry behind it all. To make one composition and have it been read 100 different ways is outstanding. Art should affect others differently because we, ourselves, are all different. Sharon releases the freedom for us listeners to envision what ever we want, and no matter what track we end up on, we all arrive at the same place. It's a wonderful place, as well as her voice and this song.

I just find this a simply beautiful piece of work.

"Sharon Van Etten is a singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. She sings slow, sad, incredibly-frank confessionals about life in a destructive relationship. Her doleful, slurring voice is comparable to Cat Power, and, like Chan Marshall, Van Etten favors double-tracked vocals, rich in harmony."
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Old Timer
01/29/11 at 10:49 PM by APmusic4TW
Kid Harpoon; where to start with this band? This band is truly amazing, they know how to write a good song, their lyrics are brilliant, their riffs and chords are catchy and amazing, and the singers voice is just beautiful!

I know everyone has their own interpretation of music and what they thing is good. Personally, their opinions matter to me. I may not agree with them, but who am i to judge what they think is good and relate-able.

To me, this is good music. It comes from the heart, and even if it's well known or not, i find that their reputation or popularity shouldn't affect the music itself. These are musicians, they do this for a living, and though you may not like the person, or what you've heard about them; whether it be nothing or everything, they deserve to be listened to. Everyone's opinions matter, and musicians show their opinion and views through song.

Though this might not be your style; whether you're generalizing because you heard a song from the same genre and didn't like it or heard a song from this very band and decided it wasn't great. I suggest you give this song a particular chance.

Who knows, maybe this song might actually change you're life; or just the mood your in at the moment; there is a big stretch but it could affect someone.

As for my opinion, i find this pure brilliance and i hope you do too.

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