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xpunkprincessxx's Blog
i trace my veins.
03/24/11 at 01:54 PM by xpunkprincessxx
I'm tracing veins
Along my arms;
With a sharp blade,
I cause self harm.

I watch the blood
As it soon seeps
Just like flood
Through chasms deep.

A growing cut
A blade creates;
I bleed too much
And know self-hate.

I love you, though;
Keep that in mind
As I now sink
And drift in time.
Tags: emo, cutting, scene, depressed, kasey, wagner, neglection
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Marine Hymn
03/23/11 at 02:41 PM by xpunkprincessxx
I am a proud little sister of 2 strong Marines (my older brothers ty and tad)

From the Halls of Montezuma,To the shores of Tripoli;We fight our country's battlesIn the air, on land, and sea;First to fight for right and freedomAnd to keep our honor clean:We are proud to claim the titleOf United States Marine. Our flag's unfurled to every breezeFrom dawn to setting sun;We have fought in every clime and placeWhere we could take a gun;In the snow of far-off Northern landsAnd in sunny tropic scenes;You will find us always on the jobThe United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our CorpsWhich we are proud to serve;In many a strife we've fought for lifeAnd never lost our nerve;If the Army and the NavyEver look on Heavenís scenes;They will find the streets are guardedBy United States Marines.
Tags: marines, tough, kasey, wagner, marine corps, marine hymn, hymn
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red riding hood review
03/23/11 at 01:40 PM by xpunkprincessxx
THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE BEST MOVIE EVER! it is mysterious, funny, sad, happy, scary, cute, and romantic. You will never guess who the real wear-wolf is(IT'S NOT HENRY, PETER, OR THE GRANDMOTHER OR THE KING) some things happen when you least expect it but it has a great theme to it. She does not get her red hood until the middle of the movie....i absolutely loved the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope they make a 2nd one! the ending is so adorable:) i give it 2 thumbs up! i left the theater very satisfied.... this is a movie u will love! trust me!!!
Tags: movie reviews, red, riding, hood, red riding hood, good movies, the best choices, movie
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major help! proxy....
03/23/11 at 09:44 AM by xpunkprincessxx
ok so my dad is a computer wiz engineer. He installed this protection blocker called blue coat k9 web protection. it is really hard to get around he blocked all proxy sites, email, chat, i.m, social networking, images, blogs and like practically everything social. i have this account on emochatcity.com and i really need to get on and check my page well its blocked everything emo is blocked. I've tried every proxy site and everything. The only way i can get around it is deleting the app without an admin password. I've tried that and every account on the computer has a password i have to wait and ask my mom what hers is but until then really need help getting pass this stupid thing. I'll try anything PLEASE HELP ME IM DESPERATE!,
Tags: emochatcity, help, k9 proxy music, password, security, protection, kasey, teen, bi, emo, scene,
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constantly fight!
03/21/11 at 08:44 AM by xpunkprincessxx
OK im seriously stuck! my mom and 19 year old sister fight all the time. My mom loves to pick fights with us(her kids).
My sisters boyfriend purposed to her last night and she said yes. The condition is they both have to finish college first cuz they r both freshman still. When my sister left to go back home she called my mom and my mom said let me ask you something does it make you mad when i say you cant get married till after college?" and my sister said" well no i mean yeah a little i love austin and i hate that we have to wait to so long but we've been together for 2 years so i can wait i guess" OMG this set my mom off! My mom said well how bout this how bout u go ask max(her real dad) TO pay for everything and if you and austin get married before college is over dont ever come back to this house. Im sick of it. and she hung up. when my mom left the room i read her txt messages and she told my sister im glad your not here im sick of you always fighting and arguing i hope you dont ever come back. Dont embarrass this family and ruin our reputation. All my sister did was give her opinion when my mom asked for it and now she cant come back home for a while. All my mom is worried about is our family's reputation she always tells me i cant to this or that cuz it will ruin our rep. My mom and my dad also fight often and me and my mom are always in the ring. I dont know what to do with her! she turned my sisters phone off and called her an ungrateful selfish bitch! my mom yells at us constantly and bad mouths my older brothers 24/7 and she threatens me and throws things at me and screams at me and she even backs me up against the walls gets in my face and yells at me. Even when i touch her like just touching her arm she hits me and when she pops me in the mouth she calls it a spanking. i have braces so that makes my mouth bleed!
alot of times she says she thought about driving off a bridge just so she wont have to come home to me. i really cant take this anymore theres more things she does but i cant post those. I cant call cps cuz then they will take away m lil brother 2 and we wont get to see our older brothers when they come home. I honestly need help please!
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i was jumped and assaulted
03/11/11 at 10:14 AM by xpunkprincessxx
ok so i have been severally bullied. At my old most recent school this girl kept calling me a wannabe(all cause of a stupid megan fox joke) so i told her to say it to my face..when she did i punched her. she hit me in my arm a couple of times and we both got sent to iss( i had visited iss several times that year) well i wass friends with this girl A and she was ok but her friends didnt really like me. One day they were talking about their virginity and at the time i jus turned 13 so i was like im not a slut so im still a virgen. well apparently this offened them so i got up and moved lunched tables.the next month was ok a little rocky but out of the blue in my pe class( i didnt like athletics) these girls just started throwing stuff at me(they all knew i had a traumatic brain injury from a previous car wreck so they aimed for my head) i got up and i turned around and screamed"you d*mn bi****s better leave me alone its no f**kin funny to try and hurt someone jus cuz ur life sux. u know i have a better life than u and it bugs u get over urself and get a f**kin life u low life losers" i said some other stuff but i can not post that, anyways i walked out of the gym and those girls where screamin at me tellin me im all wrong but later that day, i went to go get my band instrument from the band hall, those 2 girls A and her 2 friends followed me and my 2 friends. When i was going back to the bus line they cornered me(the girl weighed about 300ibs and was 5'8) she hit me in the arm threw me on the ground and A kicked me in the stomach and they broke my instrument and threatened to kill me if they ever saw me outside of school(one of them even had a knife no lie!) a teacher walked in while i was on the floor and about 5 ppl witnessed the whole thing and u know who got in trouble? ME...so i went to the princaple and she was all im gonna call ur mom and i looked at her and said "fuck u bitch call my damn mom tell her how thoses girls jus assaulted me u damn mother fucker i dont give a shit" i turned around ignored what she had to say and got on the bus. that night me my mom and dad and bro and sis went to the police for assaults and threats. those girls got 120 hours of community service and had to pay me a 115$ dollar fee. Well those girls did not get in trouble at school at all in fact i was the one in detention. well it got around school what i did and people freaked. They hated me! so i had only 5 good friends now. in class a girl called me a bitch so i got up and threw her stuff across the room and hit her in the face. i walked out of the room and luckily the bell rang for school to end. But my question is why didnt those girls get in trouble..ya i was(literally) the new girl but i didnt even do anything. Am i wrong to go to the police? was it all my fault? should i have not went and got my instrument? now when i see those girls it almost gets into a bloody sprawl. when i think back what did i do wrong?
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