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fallen glory's Blog

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fallen glory's Blog
summer romances
11/30/11 at 07:46 PM by fallen glory
it's funny how the look or presence or the longing for somebodies words can truly break you down into pieces...but also beautiful when you see them again after so long...and they seem so curious to see how you are to know what's going on with you.years might go by and people will change,but we all seem to find our ways back to where we feel the most at home....i don''t know if i have found home yet but...."buildings will burn people will die,but true love is forever"
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11/06/11 at 07:38 PM by fallen glory
she and i are over......there's nothing anchoring me to my sanity anymore.
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fuck friends
11/04/11 at 07:49 PM by fallen glory
all i need is me,and everybody else?.....they are all just dead weight...
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spread open the sky
11/02/11 at 03:37 PM by fallen glory
he would walk through the endless wheat fields for days watching the sun cast a golden glow upon the earth,feeling wind blow through his hair and memories would seep back into his mind...
the first time they had shared their hearts under the great elm.
the first pictures they took together and how the sky seemed to cry down upon them
or the first time they ran away together looking for someplace to call their own..........he begrudgingly stared upon a spot not too far from him....maybe 20 or so yards and he let out a soft sigh as memories flooded his head once more........

"i can't leave you!!i could never leave you!!!!"
"i know but.....this is my doing this is my nightmare...i'm sorry and you know i care for you so...but i can't have you in danger anymore..."

there were so many of them....so many shadows...shades all about....he had cast her from his realm watching as she went with a bittersweet sense of accomplishment....he turned and stabbed his blade into the ground sealing of the way back to his world....the leaves of them elm swaying silently as the shades and shadows vanished with hate....

he walked himself up to the elm and pulled down his hood gazing down upon the dark jagged shard with purple worn eyes and whispered to himself "where are you now?"
he allowed himself to sit with his back against the sword and watched over the cliff the elm sat on overlooking an ocean,as the sun went down slowly but surely and he muttered into the wind...

"even if the morrow is barren of promises nothing shall forestall my return"
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let this fall
10/12/11 at 08:11 PM by fallen glory
my glory is in cracks and shards again
while trying to pursue another gleaming dream
but i am just not fucking good enough for anything
or anybody it's a game that we are playing
i am so fucking sure that you can't realize that i am so far away now
just waiting on somebody to finally come
make me feel worth something...don't make me feel hollow...please...
i just want somebody to love me...i just want things to be ok finally...i just need things to be alright.....
i just need to be ok or be empty and hollow with somebody...
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09/30/11 at 01:06 PM by fallen glory
it's sick how fucking deceiving you are you tell me 1 lie another lie another and another
it's bullshit how i hear from your best friend how she tells me you fucked him
but yet you lie another and another
a step here 1 there 3 steps 4
god fucking damn its almost like your'e a whore
all the lies lies lies lies and the backstabbing is making me weak
we might see what left of it when you give me seven days and take a look at me
its not that hard to tell the fucking truth
but hey bitch at least i never let any lies leak through.
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waking up...
09/25/11 at 10:34 PM by fallen glory
i can see the surface approaching but i still can't see your face getting any clearer..
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08/22/11 at 06:10 PM by fallen glory
i just want to get out.....please...somebody..
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08/09/11 at 01:02 PM by fallen glory
heres another that he requested i post for him:

so today they let us get some excessive work out time and i think these drugs they have me on are starting to have an effect on my internal organs,i felt a pain shoot through me today while i was jogging,and it was so unbearable that i had to be picked up and brought inside by 4 dudes,they set me down and gave me some painkillers and then something to make me sleep...and...yeah.....these white walls are boring the fuck out of me....and making me think..i probably deserve to be here
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unholy night
08/04/11 at 12:00 AM by fallen glory
my friend asked me to log onto this site for him and write this blog entry for him....and well since he is kind of in a tight spot i figured i would do that much for him so here it is:

in this coma of madness that i can only identify as my life
i can't help but feel the drugs are going to make my insides smolder to ashes
i am trying to keep my chin up high but my body feels numb
my bones keep aching and the silence is so foreboding...
and there is only 1 thought on my mind.....get out.....get far away...and remove the limbs of every last guy that touches her...

thats all i can write for now till he gives me more to write for him,till then this account will remain isolated.
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things don't change
07/23/11 at 09:44 PM by fallen glory
i'm still bot good enough for anything or anyone,and again all i want to do is fucking put a bullet through my skull....and the worst part is....i'm not good enough to make everything go away.....fuck everything dude.....
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i guess that it's about that time again huh?
07/22/11 at 09:35 PM by fallen glory
i guess all i am is just another on the list for a date with pain......i just......I JUST WANT TO FUCKING FEEL OK..........why the fuck can't i just feel ok......why can't i just be happy.......i just wan't to feel........like i'm loved?idk....i'm longing for affection so much.....and i'm losing my mind..............just trying to survive....

"Know how much I want to show you you're the only one
Like a bed of roses there's a dozen reasons in this gun

And as we're falling down, and in this pool of blood
And as we're touching hands, and as we're falling down
And in this pool of blood, and as we're falling down
I'll see your eyes, and in this pool of blood
I'll meet your eyes, I mean this forever."
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this night
07/20/11 at 07:15 PM by fallen glory
is one of those nights....one of those nights that i feel overcome with all this depression,i feel....ugly now ever since i got that hair cut,and my liege is in the hospital most likely andi don't know what's happening and its just me here alone listening to cellar door by escape when they were still good haha...but i have to say i dont feel right....i feel misery claiming me as it's own again.....just wish the sun would shine.....just wish i could be fine...
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going insane
07/18/11 at 08:37 PM by fallen glory
just wanting to be there to comfort her is killing me......every night is one more night that we grow closer to death....
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this world
07/08/11 at 07:22 PM by fallen glory
i wish everything was easy and that everything was more peaceful....
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