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fallen glory's Blog

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fallen glory's Blog
pierce the velvet heart spree
08/13/10 at 04:52 PM by fallen glory
i would die just to hold you for even a split second
(as loneliness evaporates)
just to get to embrace you for a second my liege would be the greatest bliss
(as the sun pierces the veil that lays upon your heart)
but what do you do when there is a dagger in your back?
(whilst the serpents inside move so soundly)
when does empty collide into brilliance
(to create beauty and tranquility)
my dear i would bleed to have a touch just a single grasp of your graceful touch
(to bring me to the surface from my ocean of misery)
when will the days fade in to minutes and become seconds
(when does the pain end and my life begin)
why cant i see the light baby...why...is there blood upon thine eyes....
(why am i still being smothered)
what do you do......when all your problems crash down upon your very back and head......
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we weep in the night
08/13/10 at 04:51 PM by fallen glory
cast aside to the shadows interns
we crept about searching for a safe haven
only to find that the doors were lost to us
and that we were alone in our endeavors
with our time spent in the darkness
our skin began to pale and darkness corrupted
our bodies we began to grow claws
our hair turned an infernal night black
our eyes often glowed blue in the night
we were the ones thrown away from the light
we are the ones who weep in the night...
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the beasts cry for the broken wings
08/13/10 at 04:50 PM by fallen glory
my heart hanging by a thread
fell into slumber with the beasts
as my world crashed down around me
my torn body falling slowly through my ocean of misery
that i had so boldly been smothered in all my life
eyes open as slits watching as tears fell with me
the beasts howling to the twilights demise that is my ragged heart
the war of the beasts continues
my hand reaches towards the light...
knowing that nothing is getting better
darkness engulfs my tattered flesh
all hope...released in a hail of tears and blood
forever falling...loneliness my everlasting grace...
i reach out......but to no avail...

no one is there...to take m hand
the beasts cry tonight..for the fallen angel is no more
but a shell......

with rags for wings

and shards for a heart....
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the war rages on
08/13/10 at 04:49 PM by fallen glory
the ferocity of the beasts continues taking its toll on the poor people of the world
tearing apart families
taking the innocents of children and purity
the goddess weeps in unison for her children and disciples
the beasts black heart rage never quelling
the thirst for blood run abound upon my tongue i took a blade and dove into the blackness of war
the slaughter deep in my veins exploded into reality and my vision went red...
the war of the beasts continues on
and the weeping of the goddess pours through and through ever so bittersweet...
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generations past
08/13/10 at 04:48 PM by fallen glory
a snap of the fingers brings the sky to a shattering non existence the pieces rain down
upon my back like millions of daggers and i cant help but look up with a smile
and wander,how long have i waited for this moment....
it seems like eons since i felt my heart made of darkness and dust
this world wasnt enough to bare my mind upon its soil
the multitude of days spent wishing and looking through the eyes of a damned soul
its ok......its not your fault....
a shard of sky lands before me..i take it in my hand smiling upon it like long lost lovers
the flesh of a multitude of generations and blood runs through my veins......this cursed family cant be allowed to continue......the shard is ready and the time for purification is at hand
i lay down watching the world crash down in shambles around me and i cant seem to find any shred of reason to let the blood flow through another generation it isnt worth it to watch them struggle with the same demons that i do it just does not make sense,so for now ill let the sky rain down over me
but when push comes to shove and the time comes my requisition will be turned in and my resignations sent out
the time of waiting for a bit longer begins..
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it is how it is im afraid
08/13/10 at 04:47 PM by fallen glory
my dear when you look in the mirror when you wake up how can you bring yourself to want to go on you fucking destroyed me,turned me into a monster,this young boy you loved so much used to have a heart of gold till you crept in you fucking plague,you spread like cancer corroding my soul eating through it like a god damn sulphiric acid you are everything i hate in me you were everything i loved and you slew my heart like one does to a beast,and i swear ive never seen anything so cold or so dark as i do when i look in the mirror at night,i am a laceration among hearts,and you are the darkness that spawned me...how do you sleep at night knowing you fucking killed who i used to be? take your blade and drive it through your throat,im tired of the pain,i want judgement,i want you to show people what you really are,a fucking parasite,leaching off of others golden will,its because of you that i wear this dark twisted smile splattered across my fucking face,i hope i plague your fucking dreams at night and that when you awake to the sound of your own screams at the abomination you have created,i hope you remember......

I,am the laceration among hearts that you engineered for heartbreak
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08/13/10 at 04:45 PM by fallen glory
sleep,its when our reality shatters and fades away into the sky,its when you ARE the creator,its when you escape and how you disappear...can you hear it? the quiet screaming of the angels as the descend upon you? do you feel the veil come down upon thy eyes?
its nearly time child rest your head upon thy velvet enclave,its nearly here
the veil descends upon you
cant you feel it my little darling? your slipping just like me,join me in this coma...in which the hail of dreams shall never cease to be......take my hand and stay awhile......we fade together with the twilights demise.....tonight,we slip further and further away......
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trigger so tight
08/13/10 at 04:44 PM by fallen glory
the hammer is pulled back the darkness clouded with evil nothings,trigger is one centimeter away...tonight is the night i play death,tonights the night you watch the one you loved give away his final breath...finger pulls the trigger deep in the darkness,your too late...i hope your happy reads the note with your name on it stained red..this wicked useless heart beats no more bitch...
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this dull blade
08/13/10 at 04:42 PM by fallen glory
this dull blade
in the night i wake the dark,my everlasting companion.
we mutilate ourselves with the gleams of light.
my blade brought slashing through veins and capillaries,
the the night lacerated by the light of the sun.
we sleep forever in a coma of emptiness.
your face no longer a factor,my heart,no longer a objection in you court room of hateful games.
severing the skin with prosecutions we ran our course cutting the vein even though this blade is much too dull
looking at the sky i long for the embrace i so lost to my self....
here in lies the truth of the war of beasts in my heartfelt resignation.
far be it from me to pick myself up and my way through the night i know so well...
walking these city streets in a vague attempt to live,we live,we love,we fall victim to the very life we were given...
bring me back to life....just a taste....
im lost in my endeavors to find a meaning within the lines of sleep within this coma,thought out so well was my life by a god who brought me here to watch me tumble...
im only lasting so long before the blade carves a single word into my flesh......its what ill always be...WHO i will always be......and where i will remain....

its the........night

and this dull blade...sharpened by pain and hate and sorrow.....and heartbreak......

will be the last beauty i see before the dawn appears to lacerate me into ribbons....
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