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whywar's Blog

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whywar's Blog
my first blog.
06/28/12 at 10:54 PM by whywar
Well as I sit here I wonder why I even started to write this here blog entry. I mean no one will read it and if they do they will more than likely tear apart my awful grammar and spelling. hell If I could write well I would sit down and start on the collection of short stories I have had rummaging my mind for a few years now. but unlike every other writer I'm to hard on myself to even try. Even as I sit here now I'm re reading this little bit of writing wondering if I should move forward. Well lets attempt.

While Driving around the hills of my home town trying to pick up the only other radio Station that plays alternative music hoping to hear some smashing pumpkins, I finally got enough of a connection to where I heard a bad ass song by the band the Japandroids (which I had no idea it was them or what the song was called until i logged on to this site and asked for your help, which I received.) In doing so it turned me on to a new band. And the goosebumps I recieved took me back to a time when I was 16 and was starting to fall in love with tons of bands getting that same feeling. A feeling which I thought I would experience for the rest of my musical life. Back in these times I was so moved by bands like A3 and brandnew, Neutral milk and jawbreaker that I started playing music my self. Man those times made me love music. But as I got older that Feeling left me. From 21 til 23 I never felt it again. I stopped writing my own music because i couldn't afford garage band or pro tools to record my own music. I am not at all well enough off. And then at 24 I heard Tool for the first time.

You see I never would give metal a chance. Pure punk. Even though most the bands I listened to where not such. But when I heard Lateralus for the first time I got the goosebumps and the choked up feeling. I dove into that band. Every album, poster, T shirt had to be mine. And because of them, more so Maynard James Keenan singing on "Passenger" I fell for the Deftones. In which those goosebumps came back. And I went out and got a white pony tat. Then I heard the Mother Fucking Cancer Bats. saw them play in Columbus met the band and fell for them. this was right when mayors and bears came out.

But still I did not write or play.
Then I fell in love and found that The Feeling could transcend music.
We got engaged and had a baby. My son Has me forever feeling these goosebumps. And because of him I picked up the guitar or bass or keyboard to play him to sleep. and as he stared at me playing I knew I had to get better so he could be amazing.

In short I started playing again.

So now I sit and write all day. but cant find a drummer in my shitty town or the surrounding towns.

But tonight I experienced the Felling again. The japandroids rock but more importantly they give me hope.

I hate the Idea of club music taking over. But forever it will be like this. whether it is club, dub, crunk, puss pop, or record label punks. it has always been so. what makes the underground the underground is this. your favorite websites might post about all these shit acts. and hell some of them might be guilty pleasures. but it is us. The loyal listener who strives to find the gold in all this shit. The people who are willing to stay up all night and go through hours of junk for one good listen. and Now I have found it again. that there are still people out there who transcend these awful pop bridges fishing underneath for the golden coy fish. and for you I am thankful. Point being.

If you know of any good bands throw them my way. let me know what you think. If it is dubstep or pop glam tell me about them. If you feel strongly for them and you think they are amazing tell me. Never again will I pigeon hole any one band or singer. I grew up closed minded. Mowhawks and chain wallets. But you know what Id rather listen to hours of shit to find the one amazing band that gives that feeling then listen to what I have since I was 16 or even 23. and hopefully this blog helps open up others. I know whats its like to sit in the dark of the underground wishing the movielife would re unite. or taking back sunday would release a Tell all your friends 2. but you cant live as such. and my friend in musical arms help me. take me by my metaphorical hand and walk me through the beautiful field of music. Maybe we can discuss how the "Story so far" is actually a pretty decent band or how I love "Bars of gold" Even though I pray everyday that "bear vs shark" would reunite. Or how" planes mistaken for stars" broke up before I could see them live and I held that against Hawks and doves. All in all in doesn't matter how much I hate things. Things change. but one thing remains true. Even if I grow out of touch it doesn't mean that the underground will ever let me down. I just have to dig deeper.

And If you think I'm a dweeb so be it. If you want to hate then go for it. but hopefully I opened some hateful eyes. We can be pissed at whats hip. But we cant say there is not good music being made. That would make us extremely ignorant. And what sux to me might be someone else s White Pony.
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