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The start and the stop
Stay Awake
03/20/08 at 08:31 PM by bouttogetfancy
Hi all, decided to write something because I'm at work with not much to do and can't think of what to do because my brain functioning is pretty weak at the moment.

I just got done with finals so it's officially spring break..kind of. I still work on Saturday too but hey it's all good. In my molecular biology final about 70 people, including myself ended up starting half an hour after everyone else due to lack of tests. That was a bunch of bullshit but we all ended up taking it still and we'll see how it gets sorted out tomorrow.

I think I'm heading up the record store tomorrow so maybe I'll make a list of what to pick up after this shitty blog of tiredness. Probably a hard copy of mending by the new frontiers.

Well I intended to write more but it didn't last.

The new lydia album is pretty great too, oh and I need to remember to order the hard copy of colour revolt.
Tags: sleepeh, barely functioning, finals, oreos, lydia
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Say Anything/Manchester Orchestra show review
03/15/08 at 06:05 PM by bouttogetfancy
I went up to LA on thursday to go visit my friend because we had made plans to go to this tour because I'm a huge manchester fan and he loves say anything. This is my first time going to an LA venue and I have to say the Avalon is really nice. Fuck soma (minus sidestage), and hob in san diego. Seriously, I wish our mid size venues were a bit nicer. We get there around 5:50 or so and we get third or so from the barricade.

Weatherbox opened and they gave a solid performance, this was my first time seeing them even though they're sd boys. I've been meaning to get their cd too but I hadn't found in the record store when I remembered to look. I finally bought it and overall very pleased with the purchase.

Biffy Clyro was up next and it was also a good performance. It was more upbeat and loud. Not a lot to say, they were good but not something I was blown away by.

Manchester Orchestra, ah MO..what can I say? This is my third time seeing them and it was a powerful performance as always. This is my first time hearing Colly Strings live and Andy's little intro/singing before going it to it was really beautiful. They kicked off the show with Wolves at night like they usually do then onto now that you're home, alice and interiors, i can barely breathe, new song/andy singing by himself, colly strings and then where have you been?. Where have you been? is one of my favorite songs of theirs and Andy changed up the God, My god where have you been part and added in fresh lyrics and that was also breathtaking. Just the emotion that he musters up to perform that part is amazing. In their documentary he talks about how difficult it is for him to go through that each time but he really pulls of that song really well. I was spoiled, because the first time I saw it performed jesse lacey (OMGZ) came out and sang in that song and it was one of my all time favorite concert experiences. Having andy and jesse each on one side of the microphone and yelling will be ingrained in my memories for a long time. Okay, back to the avalon show. They never disappoint live and I can't wait for the SD show. I got an awesome shirt that has an elephant fetus on it, it's not gross it just has a happy elephant in a circle with an umbilical cord. Oh yeah, moshing during manchester orchestra is pathetic.

Say anything was a lot better than I expected them to be since I'm not really a fan but I stayed because as I mentioned my friend is. They were very charismatic and energetic. I especially liked their twinkly lights as their backdrop. My camera is amazing and my friend recorded a nice 30 second clip of them. I wish I had a bigger memory card, but I'm too cheap to get one. My feet were dying at this point and when they came out for their encore I really needed to sit but somehow I made it.

We left and braved hollywood blvd and sunset to get to the bus stop. This is my first time going around that area and there were some interesting people out and about. My only tourist moment was taking pics of the Elvis and Beatles stars on the walk of fame. That was really awesome. I also now understand why everyone in LA wears american apparel, it's everywhere. The night ended with some late night In n out and braving stupid hills before we passed out from exhaustion.

Ok, time to study for finals, or eat. fun times ahead this week.
Tags: manchester orchestra, weatherbox, show, LA
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Mattresses Underwater
03/08/08 at 08:23 PM by bouttogetfancy
There are places
Some of us can't face yet
And even though we see it
We just swear God's sleeping
So we say,

"Ash to ash, dust to dust,
We're all gonna die so we have to
trust in something"
But it's probably nothing
There's gotta be something

Now we mean it in our homes where we're sleeping
We call it mattresses underwater but the gutters are seeping
So we say,

"Ask and ask and we'll return
The same favors till its our own turn"
We got ash in our pockets and dust in the urn,
Another forty years for you
And yours to learn

Love was made like a ship at bay, never to see waves
We'll probably all crash anyway

When we see it we don't believe it
We've got our faces made for smiling, but we are weeping
We got ash in our pockets and dust in the urn
Another forty years for you and yours to learn
You say, "all you ever talk about is dying and it's getting so old"

And we say, "love was made
Like a book or a page just ripped out but we never read anyway"
And you say "love was made like a ship at bay never to see waves"
We should probably get used to it, but we don't

Now I see it...

She's got her hands in her pockets and she's walking around
She's got a face made for smiling but she's making a frown

She says, "all you ever talk about is letting us down
If you ever see me dying, just put me in the ground"

I've been relating to these lyrics more and more each day. I've been here for almost three years but I'm so sick of not feeling like I fit in. It's more complicated than a boo hoo no one likes me because it's more along the lines of do I really want to make the effort to hang out with people that I semi relate to. I have two of my best friends here but sometimes I feel they're too busy with whatever they're doing but it's really all my fault. I don't know, I'll suck it up and get through this quarter and hope for better things in April.
Tags: colour revolt, mattresses underwater, beautiful, truth
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My wireless needs to stop resetting
03/02/08 at 02:52 PM by bouttogetfancy
This winter was less than eventful but this spring is shaping up to be quite good music wise. It's sunnier and warmer each and ever day. Don't get me wrong, I love overcast but as long as cold winds or just cold in general doesn't accompany it then I'm fine. Okay, no more weather talk, so far here is what I'm looking forward to the most:

Murder By Death - Red Tooth and Claw" - out this Tuesday, I'm waiting on my pre-order. I've heard nothing but good things so far and the have yet to disappoint me. Reading that Adam's voice has gotten lower on this record has got me curious. They also have a new drummer but I don't think that would affect much.

Murder By Death at the House of Blues even though under 21 folks have to stay on the balcony..wtf? I've only gotten to see them live once but it was great minus the this providence fans turning their backs on them and talking during the set.

The Devil Wears Prada and Protest the Hero at Soma, I don't listen to Protest the Hero that much but they are highly recommended to me by a friend who's taste in music I trust. Say whatever you want about TDWP but they are fun and highly energetic live, how could you not love that?

End of March - tattoo!

April 1st will be an amazing day and that is because Colour Revolt's full length " Beg, Plunder and Curse" is coming out and I'm hoping there's a pre order for it. Naked and Red gets me really excited to hear it in it's entirety. I keep playing "Mattresses Underwater" over and over and falling even more in love with this band.

Well I'll continue this later because it's getting too long and I need to rest my pretty little head.
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