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AlexOnFire11's Blog
09/13/09 at 10:07 PM by AlexOnFire11
i have moved :) check me out:

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i believe...
07/10/08 at 12:48 AM by AlexOnFire11
--cold weather is better than hot.
-smoking is overrated.
--in the end [no matter what the circumstances], love will conquer all.
-chewing gum should always be sugarless.
--it's amazing when i look in my mailbox and there's actually something there.
-you should find that one song that takes you to a place you've never thought possible & when you do? Hold on to it; take it in small doses.
--you should dream big.
-anyone/everyone should take a risk at some point in their lives. life itself is a risk; grab at it.
--in second chances
-wishing on stars; shooting or not.
--in having much fun as humanly possible in any given situation.
-in never looking back. ever.
--in staying up late at night, just to talk about absolutely nothing.
-scary movies are a full blown adrenaline rush. the fact that you KNOW they're not real just makes it that much more so.
--in the freeing of the Jena 6.
-in following through.
--sticking things out & giving things a chance are the ONLY way you'll ever figure out where you fit in.
-running away never solves anything. Face it. Head on. Stop pussying out.
--the only people you need in your life are the ones that need you in theirs.
-the hardest part about life is that fact that you WILL fall on your face over and over and over again. But if you can keep picking yourself back up knowing that you'll be ok & that you DON'T need to change who you are for someone else..you'll be fine.
--in working hard for what you want.
-in taking too many pictures.
--that when i'm old, those too many pictures? They'll be the trigger for my best memories.
-in peace.
--in laughing until you cry.
-in friendship.
--double dipping is the thing that made me fall in love Mr. Phillip Manyweather =] That, his love for hot Vodka in the summertime, shaken passion icedtea lemonades from Starbucks, & making fun of silly mother fuckers.
-you'll go through life meeting some of the most interesting people. How much effort you put into getting to actually KNOW them, is all on you.
--in late summer nights around the tables of Starbuck's patio.
-Lawton was made to teach people how to grow up, take harsh criticism, & develop thick skin. Nothing more. Nothing less.
--beer pong is the best sport. ever.
-family comes first & foremost.
--heartbreak is inevitable. it's how you handle it & how you learn/grow from it.
-no one will know who they really are until they've loved, lost, & loved again.
--in forgiveness.
-in letting the problem be known. Keeping it tucked away just makes you a B I T C H. That & no one can change if you never tell them how.
--in letting go of the past in order to hold on to the future.
-highschool was highschool. let it go. get on with your life. until you can do that, you're nothing more than the "super seniors" we all once laughed at.
--in karma.
-taco bell > taco mayo/bueno.
--in truth.
-our generation is fucked. big time.
--in diversity.
-in politics.
--that the so called, "sanctity" of marriage goes in all directions.
-in equal rights for A L L.
--jokes are what make the world go round. if you can't laugh once in a while, you're fucked. royally.
-myspace is the devil. tom, you suck.
--in tattoos & piercings for all.
-if art doesn't make us better, then what on earth is it for?
--in making love, not war.
-To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.
--some people are just flat out malicious. if that's how they want to live their life, let them. like i said...i believe in karma.
-sarcasm is essential.
--We are always getting ready to live, but never living.
-We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
--everyone needs to cry once in a while.
-telling the truth can go both ways; sometimes you need to tell it, sometimes it better to just not mention it.
--sometimes you just a good scream.
-if enough people want to, the world can & will change.
--in confidence.
-you should never take anything for granted.
--in never playing the "waiting game". you're too good for that. i'm too good for that. fuck..we're ALL too good for that.
-in being the LEADER; never the follower. of anything.
in revealing yourself to the world.

believe in
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07/10/08 at 12:37 AM by AlexOnFire11
they say the mind wanders when left with no productive thoughts.
oh how i've been wandering..

this past month has been nothing short of fucking crazy. i've had my little "flings" here and there. I've gotten over it. I've lost my once thought


Gotten over it. I've gained some once lost friends; pondered how i could have ever let
them leave my side. it's funny how there are those people that, at a certain point & time seem worth letting go but you later realize that all the shit you went through with them, was worth it. it's what made your friendship so much stronger.
it was times like those, when you grew up.
From crazy, random afternoon rendezvous that could have led up to so much more; to
driving around that shithole of a town, screaming at the top of your lungs the words to the songs that defined your life at that very moment. Top down, sunglasses, music blaring--neighbors staring. [fuck them, dude.]

these moments defined our lives. they showed us the aspects that we all seem to forget as we live our day to day lives; chaotic & fast paced as they may have been. i live for moments like that.
it's crazy to look back and realized how much things have changed right before our eyes. Bob Marley once said, "In this bright future, you can't forget your past.." i, surely, don't intend to.
i'm ready for something new, though. Ready to stop playing games; ready to love again. I know that i'm at the point where leading the single life & just having that so called "fun" is not what i want to be doing.

i always think i've found the person that i'm ready to fall truly, madly, & deeply in love with; turns out i've found just the opposite. but there's always that one person. the one that i can't keep my mind off; the one who means the most to me; the one who never lost a place in my heart. oh the bittersweet regret.. they say it's better to have loved & lost, then to have never loved at all. when does it stop being a matter of whether or not you're loving just to lose & start being about loving just to love. just for the hell of it. when do those people that we constantly think of and constantly long for become that ones that we're so happy to have in our lives because we've realized we cannot & will not live without them? Lovers or friends--makes no difference; both hold equal value.

"Patience is a virtue."

This is the same virtue that we all tend to believe to be so damn inconvenient.
i guess the whole point is that that same virtue is what makes us grow up & see the world for what it really is; the beauty, the splendor, the glorious days & minutes we seem to take so for granted.
So i'll be patient. I'll wait it out. Focus on the wonderful things life has thrown at me. Be thankful for those who have rejoined my chaotic, yet, utterly wonderful life. Say goodbye to the ones who weren't willing to stick it out through the good & the bad.
[[even though they said they always would..]]
Love every day like it's my last.
Laugh harder because i'd rather take my last breaths laughing than crying.
& just live.
because in the end, we're all

only chasing safety...
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you would kill for this; just a little bit. [2.1.08]
07/10/08 at 12:21 AM by AlexOnFire11
"There are moments when, when I know it ends,
And the world revolves around us."

My life feels like a movie sometimes.
Edit that out.
Take two.

Yeah Right.

I wish I had the power to control the shit that happens.
I know people come in and out for a reason, I know that we learn from these people and these mistakes that we make. But I feel like I keep constantly making the same ones.
Oh motivation,

"Where are you now?"

I need the motivation to not care.
About any of it.
I need the motivation to not worry.
About any of it.
I need the motivation to keep my chin up.
About all of it.

I, obviously, can't turn to some of the people I once thought I could. I've realized who to trust.
Who to ditch.
Who to lean on when I need to lean the most.
I'll turn to these people.
I'll turn to my faith.
I'll turn to my family.
But I wont turn to you ever again.

I made a vow not to go back to the way things were.
Not to go back to how I used to be;
Everyday is a constant struggle to save myself from myself.
But i think, so far, I'm doing a pretty damn good job.
SURE, I have the times [ie: the oh so recently] where my judgement is off.
But, I'm human. I'll make these mistakes more than once.
So really?

♥I'm good.
♥I"m content.
♥I'll live.
♥I've now got that motivation I once thought I struggled so crazily for.

Here's to kicking ass & taking names...
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this won't mean anything tonight
03/04/08 at 02:59 PM by AlexOnFire11
All tied in one
Honesty waits here forever
I've been undone
Glory and us come together...

we never said we, as human beings were perfect.
we never said we, as human beings, would always do the right thing.
we never said WE, AS HUMAN BEINGS, would have all the answers, never make the mistakes, or always know what to say.

it was just an underlying fact that we, as human beings, would fight with every inch of our being and try...just simply try.

So, yep.
We're going to make those mistakes, be those imperfect people God said we'd be, not have all the answers to many questions we'll be asked, and, dammit, I'm seriously convinced we will N E V E R know the right thing to say.
Because this is how we learn.
We make mistakes.
We fuck things up.
We do stupid things for people we're convinced have our best intentions at hand.
And, guess what, ladies & gents? It may never ever ever ever seem like it at the time, but in the end: we know it's all worth it.
And why is that? Why do we feel like no matter the outcome; good or bad, all of our stupid mistakes & silly misconceptions are worth it?
It's because deep down, we know we


We can look at one another at the end of a long day & know that we all did our best. We all tried. We all accomplished something; be it big or small. And we all tried.
Tomorrow I promise to take the lessons I learned of today, and store them; not dwell.
Dwelling gets you now where but blaming someone for something you think they did. To only later find out that it takes 2 to have a serious Tango. Two to draw the line. And two to fix things.
We lost the trust we once had in people, only to immediately regret what we'd said & try to immediately regain that trust we thought we'd ultimately lost.
In the course of doing all of this, we learn to quit while we're ahead. Taking only what it is we've gained from a short period of time--we do this instead of forcing what we know we cannot attain.
We realize the risks we take, while they may be worth it, are sometimes silly & immature ones at best.
We learn to live.
for him.
for her.
for ourselves..

Maybe we're not supposed to be happy.
Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy.
Maybe being grateful means recognizing what you have for what it is. Appreciating small victories. Admiring the struggle it takes simply to be human.
Maybe we're thankful for the familiar things we know.
And maybe we're thankful for the things we'll never know. At the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing is reason enough to celebrate.

& by the end of the day, we know that tomorrow is inevitable. Tomorrow is expected. Tomorrow is just another chance to learn from what we've discovered today.
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