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The New Beginning
11/01/12 at 07:57 PM by mariposas
Envoi's new song, Ghosts, is amazing and says all the words I guess I couldn't.

On repeat and loving it.
It describes my current life at the moment. Haha, I love when songs do that. It almost helps puts things in perspective, in a way.

"How I tried to make you love me, but how could you love a ghost, love a ghost of what was meant to be.
You'll never know how much I love you."

I think people get stuck in the past too easily.
Yea. I'm almost positive.
I just think they think so much about what they had, it's enough to hold on...

I think I have, did and do think too much.
Oh Lawd, I'm a straight mess runnin' out this chicken coupe.

"Keeping all my hopes within me.
I never thought I'd be forced to tell a lie."

Anyways, this song is amazing. If Paramore is your flavour, gitsome adis:)

Tags: new, paramore, envoi, ghosts, new song
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Aggressiveness Shines Through!
10/21/12 at 09:27 PM by mariposas
I've actually never heard of this band until now, but I really like this Aussie band.

Honestly just surfing around on Youtube, trying to find a new band I could get into that was a mix between ADTR, PV & MMF. I think they're pretty good. This guy, Jeffery Wellfare, has a wide range for vocals, and I really like his sound. And Jye Menzies, which is a sick ol'name by the way, Blake Ellis and Kris Sheenan all play amazing guitars. I don't know who takes the solo, being that I don't know too much about guitar playing nor much about the band, but I'd say it'd be lead guitarist Jye is the one letting loose! Then I gotta give props to Tyler March on drums, because no band complete without their drummer!!

As a whole, really good.

But I like this song because I'm not as happy as I was on Friday. But!! Not all is lost! In fact, when I get a smidge
emotional, I end up finding music, thus discovering a new band for myself, as well (hopefully) for others! Pretty hard, but like I said I'm not as happy and it suites my aggressiveness at the moment.


p.s. - Haha, I didn't catch the first time I watch/listened to this that it says "And I don't know whether today will be the end, or a new beginning" Ahh, I was meant to find you, haha.

Tags: Capture the Crown, scream, aggressiveness
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I Am Not For You
10/19/12 at 12:20 PM by mariposas
In dreams our love has been redrawn
It shoots up over me then the image is gone
When I tried to follow you all the way home
You stopped to tell me you want to be alone
And there's nothing you can hide


And if I'm not for you then I will know
There's nothing I can do If I'm not for you
Well there's no sense in staying
You try and force these things
They end up breaking
How are you gonna live with me on your back?
Oh it's getting close, it's getting close to that
And there's nothing you can hide


And if I'm not for you then I will know
When I am talking to you
If doubt is breaking through your brow I will know
There's nothing I can do

I'm not for you

I'm in such a good mood today! I hope this isn't temporary, because this feeling is great is something I definitely needed. I don't want anything more to do with him as of this moment right here. Music is such an amazing cure, though having random people to talk to somehow managed to help too.

It's part of growing up, and it's just about time. One of those moments, and it's hard to listen to your head when your heart is so stubborn. In the end, I guess you just have to know how to listen to your gut.

I guess I truly knew the answer, but I never wanted to accept that leaving was my only option left.

You are not for me.

Tags: love, relationships, moving on, I'm not for you,
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Brighter Days
10/18/12 at 09:28 PM by mariposas
God, this album is so fucking perfect.

Evan Pharmakis knew what the fuck he was doing when he was making this. In all seriousness. Anyone who's into mellow, heartfelt rock like The Goo Goo Dolls will like this for sure. Love the amount of positivity enveloped into this album.

"Start reaching out for something more, for anything more. I thought we were friends in the truest sense, but things are never what they seem."

Everything. Right there. Nothing more, nothing less. I was all about heart, but I think I was so set on showing him that he was able to be loved that I fell apart. The sign that showed me that he wasn't able to love was the fact he couldn't pick me up.

This album is perfect for anyone who's trying to fix themselves and love themselves once again.

Do it. Just this song.
You won't regret it,


p.s -Murder Backwards & Set Adrift are amazing too.
Tags: Wind in Sails, Deep Down, friends, love, relationships, self-improving,
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My Recent Past
10/18/12 at 07:59 PM by mariposas
In the last couple years of my life, I've learned things, lived in different places and met various people. My encounters with most of the people I met have always been a blessing in some form or another. So to receive two phone calls from two very different people in two very different states within the same night makes me see how much I've changed. How much I've been over thinking and contemplating about something that inevitably does not exist.

I was such a strong, level headed, no-boy influenced young woman, and somewhere along the way I cut myself short. I'm not perfect by any means, but when not one, but two people call me to tell me the things they did, I just see the difference in what I've been chasing and what I deserve. I've been holding onto something that I wish I could have when there's are people who are actually caring and compassionate. Who genuinely miss me and call just to hear me talk to them, no matter how long or short our conversation is...

"The soul's rock hard, but the heart is trapped underneath. And the weight of it all it's enough just to crush the best out of you and me, but I swear that there's someone who cares, here just enough to set us free..."

You can really tell when someone cares... They'll do what they can, and they'll remember things you never remembered. They'll be too scared at the thought they could hurt or lose you.

There is no better feeling than to be beloved and missed with such feeling by someone. It truly is empowering, and I wish I could take it in, but it's impossible when the only person you have feelings for doesn't feel like this with you, but you know they're capable of such depth.

I can't change my heart, but I'll figure out how to change my mind.

Nice guys don't finish last, they just finish without a show.
Tags: love, hate, depth, moving on, sail away, growing up, growing pains, Go Radio
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10/18/12 at 07:38 PM by mariposas
I've been trying for a couple days now to figure out how the hell I'm supposed to make a blog.


I don't know how I did it, but I managed to work my way into a thread that had the word "Blog" in it under the help portion of the forums. There I learned that you need to have 15 posts in order to make sure that you're not spam, which is weird to be, but I guess this site gets a lot of that, unfortunately.

I've known about absolute punk for a while, but I found myself wanting to move my blog site from where it was to a place that I could be updated with music as I wrote about music, as well as my personal life.

Just too many people found that blog, and I feel safer with my own "musical" kind. Not to say I have any special talent with music, but I grandly appreciate it to the upmost extent. I've always said that music saves lives, and I think I still hold to that.

So I hope as I grow and learn more and more about this site, that I can gradually get better and progress in life, as well as in music.

Music is a love that is easy and safe. It speaks when no one else is audible.

Find yourself.
This is the new beginning.
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