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Top 10 Albums of 2012
01/01/13 at 08:26 PM by tmagrosky
10.) Every Time I Die- Ex Lives
Ex Lives is a loud thrashing album. One of those albums that just makes you want to break something. Keith Buckley is ferocious on vocals unleashing his trademark screams as well as some clean vocals. Every Time I Die remain the only metal band i'll listen too. The blend of hardcore and metal make this one of my favorite albums of the year

9.) Circa Survive-Violent Waves
Circa Survive's latest album is it's most experimental. the album mantains a very spacey vibe and is definatitely Circa's most mellow album. They contintue to push themselves as artists and have never sounded better. The standout track for me here is The Lottery, which features guest vocas from Geoff Rickley of Thursday

8.) All Time Low- Don't Panic
After the massive dissapointment that was the sugary pop Dirty Work. All Time Low return to form with Don't Panic. Alex Gaskarth has never sounded better and the album features some of his best lyrics. The singe somewhere in neverland is a favorite. The most standout part of the record for me is Rian Dawson's drumming, Rian really shines throughout the record.

7.) Mumford and Sons-Babel
Mumford and Sons broke out with Sigh No More and didnt reinvent the wheel with Babel, they continued with their distinct take on folk music by making a record that is simply addicting to listen to.

6.) Passion Pit-Gossamer
Passion Pit has the unique ability to take the most depressing lyrics and put them to some whimicsical upbeat music. The lead singer's mental health struggle really shines through in the lyrics. Make no mistake Gossamer is a very very dark album thematically, yet the sugary sounding music makes the album such a joy to listen to.

5.) Vacationer- Gone
Starting Line Vocalist (and noted stoner) Ken Vasoli expanded his musical horizons past pop punk and indie rock and experiments in trance and dream pop with his latest project. Ken has always had a very distinct voice in the pop punk scene. Gone is the most chill record of 2012. Its perfect for a summer day or as the band name implies a vaction. The album literally makes you feel like your hangin on a beach somewhere. Check out the songs trip and everyone knows.

4.) Frank Ocean- channel ORANGE
channel ORANGE is my favorite R&B album since Confessions. Frank Ocean silky smooth voice and heartfelt lyrics crafted an album that signaled frank has a chance to become one of the most important artists in the next decade.

3.) fun.-Some Nights
fun was everywhere this year. Nate Ruess cemented his legacy as one of the brightest minds in pop music with this record. Taking inspiration from Kanye West, the guys in fun showed us that addicting pop music doesnt have to be mindless lyrics set to a dance beat. although i still maintain their debut album is better, Some Nights contains the best pop song written in years, in the title track. there is no other band out there making pop music like fun does.

2.) Yellowcard- Southern Air
Southern Air is the best yellowcard album yet. Where there return album When You're Through Thinking Say Yes felt like yellowcard was playing it safe and sticking with their guns, Southern Air is Yellowcard cranked to 11. They've never sounded bigger, the guitars soar and LP kills it on the kit. Sean Mackin proves its possible to shred on a violin, seriously check out his solo in Always Summer. Ryan Key offers his most honest lyrics to date, especially in the heart breaking Ten. The album has the best album opener and closer in any album this year. Awakening and Southern Air are huuuuuge sounding tracks. This album is the prototypical blast in the car with the windows down album

1.) The Gaslight Anthem- Handwritten
Simply put, Handwritten is how a rock and roll album should sound. It's a throwback rock and roll sound that belongs in the middle of a springsteen and tom petty playlist. Brian Fallon continues to pen my favorite lyrics. In the title track, which happens to be the best song on the album, fallon sings my favorite lyrics of the year “Here in the dark I cherish the moonlight / I’m in love with the way you’re in love with the night / And it travels from heart, to limb, to pen.” Musically, this album is a guitar playing clinic. there are rifts a plenty thoughout this upbeat album. This album sounds amazing on vinyl, fitting as the gaslight anthem are a throwback to rock and roll of yesterday. Handwritten is an album our generation will look back on as one of the most important rock and roll albums of the 2000's

All in all, what a year for music

Happy New Year!
Tags: Best of 2012
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12/11/12 at 06:58 PM by tmagrosky
So do you still have that one band that whenever they are about to release anything you obsess over it? since i was a young kid watching the All the Small Things video on TRL, that band for me has been blink 182. The Untiltled Record is my favorite ablum and got me though a lot of shit at the time i got it. i really enjoyed neighborhoods, but i think it was more having my favorite band back in business more than anything. But now were here a little more than a year since neighborhoods came out and blink is about to release a new ep Dogs Eating Dogs.

yesterday, "Boxing Day" was premiered. It was something completely unexpected from the guys in blink. Tom and Mark sharing the vocal dutys over an acoustic guitar and travis on electric drums. Frankly, i think they've never sounded better. Mark sounds great as always travis provides the awesome drums that he does and the best part of the song is that Tom sounds great. He's not really doing the annoying singing voice he does in neighborhoods and AVA, he sounds like Blink-182 Tom Delonge. I could not be more excited for this EP i anticipate great things. This is why i love music so much, for this anticipation and being rewarded with great music. Go enjoy Boxing Day and a reinvigorated Blink 182

-Happy Holidays, You Bastards
Tags: blink 182
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Winter Break
12/11/12 at 06:45 PM by tmagrosky
so finals are over and i' m heading back home to new jersey in the morning. I love being home, i love the new jersey music scene and all the amazing bands that have come out of my great state. I love going to shows and i have two big shows coming up that i couldnt be more excited for. I'm seeing Kanye West and The Starting Line play say it like you mean it front to back. I'm literally seeing my favorite rapper and the album that meant the most to me growing up be played in consecutive days.

Hope everyone has a great winter break filled with great music

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the rise of fun.
12/05/12 at 11:03 PM by tmagrosky
The grammy nominations were released today and the boys and fun. were handsomely for there stellar year by being nominated for a couple grammys. i believe it was something like 6 nominations. For most of the music we all listen to on this site, a grammy nomination is a pipe dream for the aritsts. To see a band of such amazing and hard working musicians get this honor (regardless of your feelings about the grammys) is awesome.
I've been a fan of fun from the start. The Format was huge for me during High School, as was Steel Train. When the format broke up i was gutted. But you stay with the members of the bands, you want to see what their doing. You really start to admire them and want to see them really make it. So too be able to see Nate, Jack and Andrew will raise a sense of pride in our "scene". These are our guys, they werent these mainstrem cookie cutter pop music. They've been around for a decade cutting their teeth trying to make it as muscians and here they are heading to the grammys. I've had the privelage of seeing them perform only once. It was in support of Aim and Ignite, and they opened for Motion City Soundtrack. I was floored. i've never seen a band come on a stage where alot of people were unsure who they were and then by the end of the set, the crowd just being in awe. Truely powerful stuff. So congrats to fun. and hope they get even bigger. If your one of my friends reading this and only have listened to some nights GO LISTEN TO AIM AND IGNITE RIGHT NOW.

Tags: grammys, fun, the format
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procrastination blog post #1
12/03/12 at 04:42 PM by tmagrosky
I'm currently in Starbucks trying to get my research project presentation done. For everyone that doesn't know i'm a currently a senior in college majoring in biochemistry. I'm supposed to make a presentation on this research project i've been working on the whole semester and it just keeps becoming more and more work the more i look at it. The only thing keeping me sane right now is the music i'm listening to. Usually i stick to a particular artist when im trying to get work done, but today i simply put my itunes on shuffle and let it play. For the most part, the music is just background noise and i dont pay real attention to it. But every once in a while a song i havent heard in a while comes and the music becomes my focus instead of my work. Right now it's Love Affair by Copeland. Couldn't even tell you the last time i heard a copeland song. So i guess the purpose for this blog post is two fold, what is some music you have been listening to that you hadn't for awhile and what are some good study tunes

Good luck studying
Tags: Procrastination, Study Music, Copeland
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It's That Time of Year
12/01/12 at 10:01 AM by tmagrosky
With today being december first, i declare it finally time to listen to holiday music. So today i've put together my favorite holiday songs with a twist, you won't see any Mariah Carey on this list (albeit her christmas album rules). This playlist is strictly from bands in the scene that i love listening to. I love listening to original christmas songs as well as band's takes on some classics. This playlist has a lot to offer and will be the the soundtrack to the next month for me. check it out and if you have something to add drop it in the comments.


Happy Holidays!
Tags: Christmas Music
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Whoa i love this band
11/30/12 at 03:21 PM by tmagrosky
Ever take a chance on a band, give their record a spin and suddenly there your new favorite band. I've been lucky to have this happen to me a few times, but the best example was Transit. Last year, in october, there was a release day where all these albums from artists like New Found Glory, and Jack's Mannequin all came out on the same day. There was another band that also released an album that day and the folks here at AP kept talking them up. So i spent some money on itunes and downloaded there album. That band was Boston Pop-Punkers Transit. Transit released Listen and Forgive last year and i was hooked at first listen. From the opening little riff of you can't miss it to the very end of Over Your Head, this album became an instant favorite of mine.
For me, what sold me on this album was the lyrics. They just resonated with me and being a kid in his twenties dealing with college and relationships. Remember back in the day when everyone would post meaningful lyrics as away messages, Well this album has so many lines that just hit so hard. My personal favorite line in the whole album comes from the Patrick Stump assisted All of Your Heart:
You made me into a monster/So I made you into art/And I gave it to the world/To rip and tear apart.

I'm not totally sure if he's singing about a failed relationship or about cynics and negative fans, but that line packs a punch.

Joe sings with such passion on the record, and the guys sound so tight as a band. If your a fan of the pop-punk genre and are looking for a new band to love, look no further than transit. Transit without a doubt is the first band i recommend to anyone looking for some new tunes. I recently got the pleasure to see these guys open for Taking Back Sunday and Bayside. To be honest, i was just as excited to see them as i was to off my all time favorite bands. I guess that goes to show you how an album can just clique with someone. So in the end, open up your ears to new bands and new music, you're new favorite band could be a record spin away.


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let's see how this goes
11/30/12 at 11:44 AM by tmagrosky
Today, i find myself bogged down in work for school. Finals week is almost here and i'm swamped with research papers and presentations. Yet, i sit here in front of my computer inspired to start a blog. Why? The answer is i have no fucking clue why. I just felt the need to jot down some thoughts and share it with the internet. Hopefully people read it but if not at least i have some place to share my thoughts. I dont find myself to be a good writer in any sense, so bear with me.
Absolutepunk is my favorite website. It's where i go to get all my music news. I've been a long time lurker of the threads here and i really enjoy reading the passionate discussions that go on. That's something i desperately missed the last few years being at school. No one here shares my taste in music. I find my love for bands that play actual instruments gets drowned out by the monotonous beats and bass drops of the EDM movement that has taken over my school. So today, i've decided to become a more active member of the community on this site, engage in discussions over the music we all are so passionate about in this scene and make some friends.
When it comes to discussing music, i'll be the first to admit i dont play a single instrument, i've never taken a music class and cannot even begin to talk about the technical side of things. However, my lack of musical understanding doesn't mean i can't appreciate that something sounds good. Music evokes emotion, and not being able to recognize a chord progression doesn't mean the music can't feel something. that's the best thing about discussions you have with your friends or that people have on this site, they don't care, we are all united in that music elicits a feeling good or bad.

I just sent in my three dollars to change my username on the site, so look for me now as tmagrosky

Shit i have class now,

Peace and Love
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