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The World Ended A Year Ago Today
12/21/13 at 11:07 AM by thisisasong182
Remember this time last year when the world ended? I bet no one remembers it better than all the Mayan culture "experts", "historians", and "researchers" who made a fortune off the misguided fear of the masses.

This included people who couldn't see the idiocy in buying and reading Mayan "Prophecy" books and then convincing themselves they need to spend their life savings in preparation for the apocalypse. Even if the apocalypse did happen, no one and nothing on Earth was meant to survive it, not even John Cusack.

These people didn't realize it then and maybe most of them never will, but their world had already ended as soon as they allowed themselves to fall for this scam hook, line, and sinker. Their fear of it convinced them it was in their best interest to prepare, but once it becomes obvious how incapable most people are of thinking critically for themselves, the more oblivious they've already become to the fact that for them, the end of the world has already happened, only it occurred in their own minds

It's a scientific fact that all life on Earth is going to end one day, but that day isn't likely to come for another six billion years. At that point the sun will begin to burn out until it collapses and explodes into a supernova, thus disintegrating Earth and who knows how many other planets along with it. Until then the world will continue to end every day on an individual level within the minds of people who are too brain washed to evolve and adopt a new paradigm and a shift in consciousness.

The Mayan "Prophecy" was definitely a successful scam for those who were able to capitalize on it, but it was a scam with a quick expiration date. One that was only just a few years away by the time it became a main stream media sensation. Without main stream media attention, there wouldn't have been enough mass awareness and discussion of the Mayans to turn their "doomsday calendar" into the money making scheme it became.

It makes sense that the main stream media always referred to the Mayan calendar as "Prophecy", considering how long the bible has also been regarded as "prophetic" by its millions of followers who live their entire lives believing it to be literal. It's an ancient "prophetic" book written in a few different versions. Like the Mayan prediction, the bible also managed to have a movie made based on it called "The 10 Commandments". That's basically all Pat Robertson and every other Televangelist hypocrite ever needed to make a life-long career out of scamming people, by preaching atonement because Jesus would one day be resurrected and walk the Earth again in present time. How could they be wrong? After all, it was "prophesied" in the bible.

The "Mayan Prophecy", over the course of maybe 3-5 years got countless books, documentaries, websites, a shitty Hollywood blockbuster film, and who knows what else. I just know it was perfectly fitting for the main stream media to consistently refer to the Mayan apocalypse as "prophecy" because their propagandist agenda continues to be one of the world's biggest yet widely accepted lies of all time.

Religion also preys (not prays ;) on the masses in a similar fashion to the main stream media by dumbing them down with false ancient prophecies and using their fear to scam money out of them. They make people afraid of questioning too much and thinking critically, and of deviating from what is being preached because they fear they will suffer eternal torment in hell.

There has already been other documented end-of the-world dates and "prophecies" from all types of different sources that had come and gone well before December of 2012, but the main stream media seemed to take a particular interest in the Mayans. Maybe because there was no risk factor in cashing in on an extinct group of people whose religion no longer existed, which meant they could present and exaggerate them however they saw fit.

It would be hard to fail when you consider the amount of influence the main stream media has over the masses. They quickly and easily began spreading their influence decades ago, and it continues to get more and more difficult to avoid as technology rapidly improves. There are constantly new ideas being offered to keep the masses asleep and blissfully unaware of how technology is being forced on and used against them. Specifically to target people whose parents never taught them the true value of questioning anything and everything in order to be more efficient and intuitive critical thinkers and problem solvers. If you question everything and think critically for yourself then you will naturally become more self-aware, which ultimately means you will evolve until your consciousness shifts. What you're left with is a much clearer understanding of what the real issues in our world are and why we are experiencing them. It's initially unsettling for a while but it won't take long for you to realize that the idea of going back to your false reality as a sheeple amongst the herd is much more frightening.
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