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schaft0620's Blog
should the USA bailout the auto industry?
12/04/08 at 08:02 PM by schaft0620
No ... they should not. Evolve of get left behind! Did the government bailout small business when Wallmart took over? In 1980 you could buy a small compact car for 5k now that same car is 20k. GM offers the same exact car with 5 different names and 5 different front emblems wow I just saved them millions right there. Then they have the balls to show up to congress asking for money in fucking privet jets ? christ! I love American cars I will always (hopefully) own American cars. Ford, GM and Christler all make cars that are nice to own for the first 5 years and then the 5 years after that its a fucking nightmare. All 3 are 5 years behind Honda, Toyota, Subru. Insted of advancing and getting ahead of the curve they just take the import idea and stick an American flag on it. GM hasnt made a relievent buick car in about 10 years all Saturns suck ass (except for the sky but whats the differents between a sky and a solstice) . The only one of the 3 that says they can keep their doors open for another year is Ford. The Fusion, Focus, Mustang, f150 are all great cars that can easly sit in every Americans driveway. GMs "great" cars are the hummer, the corvette, suburban/ escolade, and the g8 (I think thats the name of the Ponatic with the 6.0) Who the fuck has money to buy theses cars now? What the fuck are they going to do with 50 billion dollars to put these non-practical cars in Americas driveways? They better take every dam dollar they get and invest 100% in to the chevy volt that is the last hope for GM. There is a projected 2 million jobs at stake. Well every last one of thoes 2 million people better get their shit together from the mailroom to the boardroom they better get their heads outa their asses and fix this shit
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Abortion: I liked my post so much im going to blog it
11/22/08 at 02:04 PM by schaft0620
Abortion is a topic that men should not get involved with. The top women doctors and politicians in this word should all come together and decide what should be the right curse of action for the people. Men will never know what it like to have a life inside of them women make the mistakes they deal with the burden who the fuck cares what some 60 year old NRA card carrying member says about this. When is a life a life anyways? When it exits the womb? when the semen leaves the penis? Any one person who decides this is clearly playing god.
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Everything you swore would never change is different now
04/21/08 at 02:46 PM by schaft0620

" The thing about it is nobody's wrong, dashboard is the good stuff. Anything that is being done and being done with heart, its the good stuff ya know. its never going to be easy for somebody who heard it and had it a different way, and except it a coming from a different way. its like the same thing with history though, you have every generation of people being like the that was the golden days or back in the day it was better. but thats not true people are doing drugs exactly the same they were in the 70's and 80's. Nothings escalated nothings lessened everything is just constantly moving, everything is constantly moving forward. Anybody that sits back and thinks oh yea that was the good days in punk rock probably 20 years ago 20 years before they think they had it right was when it was right I dont know when it was right im 25 years old I hate hearing 25 year olds talk about music and talk about the good old days of punk rock, just be grateful that you had been introduce when you had been you dont have to own the time period of when good music was it doesnt have to be yours you can share it with everybody its for everyone"

- Anthony Green

PS I love rock music its is a part of my life all love all rock music this is about loving bands like circa survive, the Beatles, brand new, Rage Against the machine, led zeppelin, the who, anti flag

this is about not labeling music, or not disregarding new music but also respecting the people that were there before you but know that there gone and may never come back
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