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So this is what happens when I get bored...
01/07/10 at 12:12 PM by refgirl23
Two years. Two years since I had a chunk of my femur replaced. Two freaking years.

A year ago the X-ray looked clean. Everything looked fine.

A year since then and apparently the MRI doesn't look good. Or at least that's all I can translate from my phone call about it just saying "Make an appointment."

I never want to go through that again. 4 months of rehab. 1.5 of that while on crutches. Hobbling to class, because even the handicap spots don't make up for it all the time.

Not being able to bend my knee, having to bend my knee for it. Having to basically relearn to walk.

And I'm probably gonna have to do it all over again.

Freaking A.
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What makes guys think they can pull this crap on girls?
11/30/09 at 07:37 AM by refgirl23
I find out that the guy my friend has been dating for about the past two months is back together with his ex-girlfriend...and hasn't told my friend at all. He's still going along his merry way talking to her like they had been; I'm waiting to find out if he still tries to go on a "date" with her in all this. He's been talking about getting back together with this ex for about half the time they've been dating, and recently canceled a date with my friend due to "school work"..."School Work" was code for a hot tub date with the ex. When prompted by one of his friends that he needed to go tell my friend what was going on, his only response was "Well I don't know what I'm doing in my current relationship..."

What the hell.

Now he's hiding. I'm going to have to gank his number out of her phone unless my other friend can get it out of her fiance's. The only thing I can think his to tell him I know what's going on and he has to tell her within a certain time frame, otherwise the craps gonna hit the fan. And by craps going to hit the fan I mean writing "Thanks for the Crabs" on his car windows with window paint and then saran wrapping the car so the ex gets to see it. He needs to grow a pair, as at this point I'd have more respect for him just to have cut her out of his life without so much as a response as to why. I could pick up after that. It would work out in the end. But no, he has to pull this childish crap; if that's the case, it'll just get fed right back to him.
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11/08/09 at 09:29 PM by refgirl23
Sometimes I feel like I live in a slightly different world than everyone else.

I know I chose to do this to myself 3 Senior level science courses with labs, working two different jobs that normally average close to 10 hours per week for each...and it was all in the name of getting me where I need to go. I'm so burnt out at the moment, I'd prefer to sit and stare at the ceiling then going and doing the work I know I so clearly need to do to stay afloat.

This semester has been a long one, full of ups, downs, and what the hells. i found out I had a friend or two who considered me one of their best friends and I really didn't know I had done anything to deserve that title. I liked a guy who ended up liking one of my friends, and I told her she had to go for it if she thought she might like him...and its now becoming obvious to me as to why I wasn't supposed to be involved in that equation-- he's slowly appearing to be one of the superficial nice guys who are actually jackasses at the core. So I'm probably going to have to kick his ass...verbally of course.

I'm going to end up making a D in a course and accepting it, as the course is only offered once a year, and I wouldn't dare re-take it.
Lastly, I'm applying to go into a doctoral program next year.

Who in the world let me become this much of an adult? Enough of an adult that some of my dreams are nearly in my grasp...and yet, no one really understands, as they're not what your stereotypical 21 or 22 year old's dreams are. I've always been told that's the difference. That's why only so many people get me at this moment, I'm going to have to be surrounded by other me's to have someone who understands. The closest I have came to having someone is a friend of a friend who is miles away finishing his master's at Tech, so not like that does me any good.

The next level comes in 7 months. I'm surprisingly excited, but still somewhat nostalgic. This town will always be better than my birthplace. Because Auburn is home.
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What is it with music preference changes and the seasons?
05/04/09 at 07:30 AM by refgirl23
Seriously, I never have quite understood this, but I'm in the middle of it at the moment.

It has been 85+ every day here for a couple of weeks now, and I'm pulling out pop albums I got sick of quickly, or even pop albums I thought were jokes initially.

I'm talking Paramore's "RIOT", Hey Monday's "Hold on Tight", All Time Low's "So Wrong It's Right" and I'm abandoning the more punk-infused stuff of the winter (Anything by The Gaslight Anthem, The Loved Ones, or No Use for a Name).

It's weird. And I'm procrastinating. Oh well. Time to go back to studying for my final at noon.
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Veronica Mars
04/16/09 at 07:39 PM by refgirl23
I got myself started on season 3 again. I seriously am sad this show got canceled still to this day.

One of the best quips from season 3 was in one of the earlier episodes from that season.

"What's worse? Getting girls to undress in front of a two way mirror? Or making them dress like a 50s vacuum ad first?"
Tags: Veronica Mars
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Michael Crichton book to be released in November
04/07/09 at 05:46 AM by refgirl23
I'm bored, and going through the past couple of days of news on perezhilton, and stumble across a recent news bit about Michael Crichton. Apparently he had finished a book called "Pirate Latitudes" while writing next, and the plan is to release it in November.

Another book he was a third through, but the plot was outlined in such detail, they are looking for an author to co-write and eventually release it.

Here's a relevant link (aka, not Perez) http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-en...d-1664428.html
Tags: Books, Michael Crichton
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03/26/09 at 07:28 AM by refgirl23
Sometimes music just says it better.

The taste of your lips says we shouldn't have met like this
I can keep a secret if you can keep me guessing
The flavor of your lips is enough to keep me pressing
For more than just a moment of truth between the lies

-Coffee Shop Soundtrack, All Time Low

Stay up all night and sleep all day
We were smart kids with too much to say
And so so sure that they were missing out,
They're the ones who were missing out
We were elemental, tucked down to bare essentials.
How did we get so far?

-Burn this City by Cartel

With how much crap has happened the past few days, going out last night for one of my best friend's 21st definitely just taught me yet again that music can tell anyone's story.
Tags: All Time Low, Cartel, Lyrics
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Spring Break 2009, please get here soon!
03/11/09 at 10:08 AM by refgirl23
I need Spring Break to "spring" forward (ha! bad joke I know). Two tests tomorrow stand in the way of my freedom at 3 o'clock Friday afternoon. It would be earlier, but I've got to teach and help give a midterm in a 1-3 lab.

I need to go home and sit around and do nothing. I should be there by Saturday night, and I'm coming with school books, fluffy cotton-candy pieces of chick-lit, and my golf clubs. Oh how I've missed the golf. And I'm going to imagine that the ball just happens to be a certain dumb boy, who can't admit anything.

I'm currently very pleasantly surprised with the Anarbor EP. I wasn't really sure what to expect after hearing "Let the Games Begin" which is lyrically more filled with testosterone than All Time Low's "Shameless", but it's grown on me quite a bit. I'm just happy the EP will show up at Hasting's before I have to leave to go home.
Tags: Spring Break, Golf, Anarbor
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School v. Life
03/02/09 at 08:34 AM by refgirl23
Life comes crashing down on you at the moment you least need it to.

Major biochemistry test today.
Am I prepared? Not really.
Was the plan to be extremely prepared? Yes.

I decided against my better judgment to head out to a friends place for a little get together Friday night. It just got me a boatload of problems. The guy whose house it was decides in the middle of dancing with him to kiss me.

Needless to say I freaked, and left. He is one of my friends, and I really didn't see that coming.

Saturday night rolls around, and I've got to go to a birthday party for one of my good friends boyfriends birthday. This guy is going to be there. Within 5 minutes of being there, I find out he's apparently had a thing for me for awhile, and they just all conveniently kept their mouths shut.

Life just kept getting better.

I tried to talk to him about it, and just got the standard "Deny, Deny, Deny" with a load of b.s. He even tried to pass it off as "Oh, I was drunk, and just wanted to know what it would be like to kiss a tall person"--which is really funny because in comparison to him, I'm still short at just under 6ft.

I was on the phone for 2hrs with various people Saturday night, just confused and lost as all get out. The entire incident has left me stressed enough that my back went out Sunday night, so the last i studied of biochemistry, I was on muscle relaxers, as I am going to be when I take the test.

The only part that is making this weekend worth anything is that I get to go see Ludo tonight, with This Providence opening. I've been listening to This Providence since "Our World's Divorce" came out, and have really wanted to see them for years, its just never worked out. I'm thrilled.
Tags: guys, HELP, Ludo, This Providence
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Might as well...
12/29/08 at 10:34 PM by refgirl23
Top Ten- Any order, all on constant rotation
'59 Sound- The Gaslight Anthem
Build and Burn - The Loved Ones
New Surrender- Anberlin
Folie a Deux- FOB
The Silver Cord- The Classic Crime
We All Need a Reason to Believe- Valencia
Champion- The Audition
You're Awful, I Love You - Ludo
The End is Not the End- House of Heroes
Razia's Shadow- Forgive Durden

Best Album to belt out when no one's around
Waves and the Both of Us- Charlotte Sometimes

Worst Albums of the Year
1. Scream - Tokio Hotel
2. Can't Stop, Won't Stop - The Maine
3. Fast Times - The Academy Is...

Most Disappointing of the Year
1. Fast Times- TAI
2. Whisper War- The Cab
3. When the World Comes Down- AAR
Tags: AOTY
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As 2008 closes...
12/27/08 at 12:40 AM by refgirl23
Reflections on 2008- Both serious, and amusing
-I've lost 2 good friends to their immaturity and personality changes
-I've questioned whether I put too much faith and trust in people
-I've became extremely close to one person that I hung around for months, but never really knew.
-I've found out as dumb as he is, I have one great friend that will pick me up when I need it.
-The discovery that my mother has Congestive Heart Failure, and all of the sad and depressing things that go with that.
-I've had to become an adult, to take care of my brother and keep him from being as hard as he can be mom, since he does not know of the above mentioned fact.
-I've learned how to co-exist with a roommate as OCD and controlling as I am, and not kill her or have her kill me.
-Discovering the bands: The Gaslight Anthem, The Loved Ones, No Use for a Name, and Ludo, and at the same time, realizing I'm officially to old to go to certain shows.
-I've had surgery for, and fully recovered from a dead spot on my femur.
-Met Will Herring, and yet couldn't get a word out to say to him.
-Met William Beckett (truth), could talk, and then had to ponder my existence seeing as that was checked off my life list (jk)
-Been disappointed by a band I love with The Academy Is... and Fast Times at Barrington High.
-Been pleasantly surprised in an album this year: Folie a Deux
-Got a phone call at 12:01am on my birthday that went " Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, only 365 more days until you turn 21, Happy Birthday to you."
-Decided taking more math was a smart idea... yeah, who is the genuis? not this girl.
-I took Clinical Microbiology from the man who was on the team that discovered Legionella pneumophilla and with that was reassured, I definitely was in the right major. I loved that class, including playing with Neisseria gonnorheae.

That was just a few things that I'd been tossing around with the end of the year approaching. With 2 concerts already planned for the beginning of 2009, half a dozen internship applications to fill out, and a planned "We will follow the football team across the Southeast no matter how much they suck" fall semester, I'm expecting a heck of a 2009.
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Fast forward me please?
12/21/08 at 01:07 AM by refgirl23
Being home for the first time since this time last year for more than a week is always weird; after so long, I really don't know what to do with myself. I've finished the guitar portion of Guitar Hero 4, made my way over halfway through the bass portion, and started working on paperwork for an internship this summer.

And I've still got over 2 weeks left at home.

After being in college and away from home for two and a half years now, my life is down in Auburn. I have a lifelong friend or two still here, but everyone else I'm close to is down south. Makes life really boring over these weeks, particularly when I don't get my day to myself (which, due to massive amounts of snow, didn't happen).

My only goal over break, aside from sit and my brothers computer and upload every album in my car for him, well, I don't really have a goal. I've got internship papers I should do, and that's about it. Maybe I just really didn't come down off of school, and unproductivity confuses me.

Oh well. I'm more than ready for it to be January. Between my Virology class, seeing WTK/The Cab in February, seeing Ludo/This Providence the beginning of March, and The Higher and The Auditions albums being released at the end of March, I'm just ready to get on with it. Life slowed down this much confuses me.
Tags: life, school, spring
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Excitement for Next Semester
12/16/08 at 09:40 PM by refgirl23
I have never been happier to receive a C and a B in my life.

I managed a C in Immunology. I had not made higher than a 69 on a single test the entire semester, and pulled a 75 on the final. My grandma started to get down about it, but when she heard that, she was just as ecstatic as I was.

I pulled a B in Organic Chemistry II. Considering my D in Organic I, and C in a repeat of Organic II, this is a miracle. Nothing short of a full-fledged miraclce. Also, really makes sense when you take into account i made higher than a C on one test the entire semester, and my final was also a C.

The news of those two grades was only heightened when I found out Ludo/ This Providence/ Sing It Loud/ The Morning Light will be playing in Hell at the Masquerade. My favorite venue known to man (mostly due to its air-conditioning) and two bands I'd love to see with two I've seen.

The news of the WTK/ The Maine/ The Cab/ There for Tomorrow/ VersaEmerge Tour made me thrilled. A couple of us are going to that tour to phase-out of going to concerts where we will be the oldest ones in the room, aside from the parents. The fact that its at my favorite hole-in-the-wall in Montgomery is great...I honestly have to wonder if WTK, The Maine, and The Cab know what they're getting into (the other two acts have played at the place). The stage exits straight outside, most equipment ends up getting kept out in the area with the audience, it holds maaaybe 200 people (and I think that's WAY pushing it), there is no parking lot, buses are right on the side of the street. It is a really a bizarre place for them to play, even moreso than The Hush Sound, which was the last act I saw there.

I'm going to take all of this energy and actually go clean my room and pack. I'll be on the road for who knows how long tomorrow due to my doctors appointment and my cousin being in the hospital, so actually getting sleep tonight would be useful.
Tags: school, ludo, wtk
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Movies, Music, and More
12/04/08 at 03:06 PM by refgirl23
I meant to do this awhile ago, but I'm just now getting to it:

Twilight- Frankly, it sucked. I've read the entire series, but that movie was one case of bad acting after another. Best example: There was a scene in the movie where Kristen Stewart was supposed to be over-dramatic, and you couldn't tell any difference between that and her acting and the rest of the movie.

Australia: It was a classic movie. Highly enjoyable, the scenery was great. They did a lot of the far reaching shots you see in the second and third LOTR movies. Somehow, Tony-man Hugh Jackman got turned into a sex symbol (not that any female really minded). Nicole Kidman was born for a role in that era. Just leave at the 2hr mark, because, like the third LOTR movie, there are 2-3 "endings" in the movie (It is a 2hr 40 minute movie).

Thanks to my roommate, I now have listened to Circus by Britney Spears a few times. It doesn't completely suck. It's the type of stuff that'll get stuck in your head: which is fine provided you don't mind having a dance beat going all day (it is rather hard to actually function during an organic test when you've got the chorus to "Womanizer" going through your head).

All I have to say, is what the hell Auburn? WHAT THE HELL? No one person should have the power to get the coach fired like that, particularly when that IS NOT their job. Nothing has been said specifically, but we all know our Trustees were behind it, particularly Bobby Lowder. There is a reason he is hated by the rest of his family, and this is it. My only real hope is that the absolutely-no-real-basis-rumors might turn out to be true and Muschamp would be contacted about the job. That man can get some fire going; normally, its in some rather unconventional ways, thus him never being shown on television again. I seriously think that might be the only thing to redeem any crap the university has done recently.
Tags: football, Circus, Twilight, Australia
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Razia's Shadow
11/01/08 at 06:58 PM by refgirl23
I finally got my hands on a copy of it. I've only made it through once, and it's already blown me away.

There's so much going on when listening to it, multiple listens are required to start to comprehend.

I just turned it on, laid down, and started to listen. The first time going through it a few specific things caught my eye:

-The lyrics in "The Missing Piece" and "Life is Looking Up": just the way it came across, the earnestness it added to the story was amazing.
-The instrumentation through the entire song, particularly in "Meet the King". The band dork in me was thrilled.
-The way Shawn Harris sounds in "Doctor Doctor" kept me intrigued. Either I haven't listened to The Matches enough to pick up how he could sound like that, and any music prior to that song he might, or that really was something new.

I got a bit lost from "Toba the Tura" to "A Hundred-Year, Minute-Long Intermission" I'll have to pay a bit more attention to those songs, and the story as a whole the second full time around. The first bit of the story and the last bit of the story made sense, but connecting the two lost me. Maybe its because of where I got lost.
Tags: Razia's Shadow
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