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So this is what happens when I get bored...
Anyone else just way too excited for the fall and its music?
07/15/08 at 05:23 PM by refgirl23
I'm stoked for the next few months in music and tours. I'm so excited my friends are repeatedly giving me weird looks-- not like they don't do that anyways, I am the microbiology major of the group. But I'm just beyond excited.

Anyone else?
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Too much physics to the head...
06/10/08 at 10:19 PM by refgirl23
Results in a random note, normally involving music, which my friends tend to scoff at when it ends up on facebook, so here it goes...

I have a love/hate relationship with music Matt Squire produces. He can produce music within a same the same genre very well, or over produce it. FTSK is done well. The Cab was over done. The Maine sounds like its on its way to over done. His thing for overdoing background vocals makes me want to climb walls.

But then all of FTSK is great. The only song that I'm not sure how I feel about it is Believe Me I'm Lying. Doesn't sound overproduced to me.

Makes me scared of what the This Providence album will come out like...They don't completely fit in the same mold as the other 3, but if they're forced over there, I'm not going to be too happy.

I'm useless at life and school this week. At least I'm rarely useless in random pop music knowledge.
Tags: FTSK, Cab, The Maine, This Providence
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It's a small small world... musically that is.
05/18/08 at 06:57 PM by refgirl23
I was in charge of babysitting my friends boyfriend today while she was at instrumental rehearsal (random yes, I know, babysitting an 18yr old boy).

I'm listening to Whisper War in the car and he starts to recognize the song, and asks me who it is. When I tell him it's The Cab, he responds with "Yeah, I played a couple of songs with them, more specifically, their drummer."

My only thought is wtf? this is a random band who hasn't had a cd out for a month...

He goes on to explain that apparently they'd had a show in Memphis where he was friends with the people who ran the place, and he'd played there a couple of times (he's a guitarist). They had a series of concerts that he and his friends had always gone to, and at The Cab's show the people who ran the place had him get on stage and play two songs (a Stevie Wonder and a blues something another...) and Alex Johnson was playing the drums for those songs.

I kind of just continued to stare at him. I keep thinking he has to have SOMETHING wrong in this, but that could just be my mind refusing to acknowledge that the world could be that small. Either way, I think it deserves further investigation since he did recognize the band when listening to the song Risky Business.
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The Pop Phenomenon
05/18/08 at 12:10 AM by refgirl23
With this site being my new means of procastination, I've wondered around my fair share just reading threads and one common repetitive discussion comes up, which is The Pop Phenomenon. And by pop, I'm definitely not talking the overly electronica infused...I've seen The Secret Handshake when they were opening for The Hush Sound...and I'm not really sure at all what that falls into.

And its not even quite a discussion, its more an argument.

I think the point that needs to be made is, you aren't supposed to take the music seriously...It's just fun. It might not be fun to you, but it is fun to someone else.

Yes, these bands seem to be mass produced by the..well I'm not even going to use dozens, because its WAY more than that. BUT you can distinguish between those who can sing and those who can't, those who can write and those who can't, and those who make you go "They just listened to a whole lot of *insert more popular pop band here* because that's nearly a carbon copy."

More over, so many bands nowadays aren't necessarily straight up pop...Okay, so The Cab, definitely straight up pop, but you can take band's like Valencia, who have the straight up pop song with "The Space Between" but can give you something that musically isn't a straight up pop song with "Que Sera Sera".

Okay. I think that's the end of the rant. The fact that you ARE NOT supposed to take pop music seriously just seems to be missed repeatedly whenever the discussion happens.
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