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Welcome to the Soupbone
Feel The Fury!
06/06/08 at 08:57 PM by Chris Fallon
Chris Fallon is back for summer. Oh yes ... it's true.

Expect the masses to be drawn to AbsolutePunk because of this handsome brute's pure, unadulterated sex appeal.

And because Jason Tate rules the world ( boss!) and this whole Buzznet dealio that has made the site so much faster! Holy shit, I love it - speed rules.

Now that the worst week of the quarter is finished, my summer is open for AP-related business.

Just thought you all should know. And I know you want to. The site feels a little amiss whenever I stay away for more than a day. It's just the nature of the world.
Tags: return, sexiness, ap related
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Busy Bee, Buzz Buzz Buzz!
06/04/08 at 11:04 PM by Chris Fallon
Past two days have been torture. Simply too much homework (it's finals week at my school), so I've been somewhat M.I.A. from the site due to all the things I need to get completed.

I'm currently finishing up some work on a presentation due tomorrow afternoon on The Bridge on the River Kwai. The great thing about being a film major is that ending each quarter with a movie presentation is actually somewhat fun - plus, I'm pretty good at public speaking so talking to a classroom full of students is a piece of cake.

Thankfully, after tomorrow, I have two weeks of vacation before starting summer classes. I'm only taking two and one will be a screen writing class (kind of my secret passion), but seeing that a majority of people I'm friends with here will be in and out of Ellensburg, I should have enough time to work here on the site and make more of a name for myself.

I feel somewhat claustrophobic in my life right now - there is a lot going on, mostly a compilation of little things that add up. I just want to take a break but until Sunday ... I really don't have time. Graduation is on Saturday, which means it is going to be a rough fucking work day.

I'm going to try and remain positive. Life's too short to get caught up in the small shit.
Tags: finals, chaos, rant
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Who's Got A Smoke For The Caper?
06/02/08 at 12:44 PM by Chris Fallon
Decided to put my Butch Walker avatar to rest for a while. I'm sure by the time my birthday rolls around, I'll feel more inclined to throw it back up.

For now, I'll be having this brighter avatar and another musical hero lighting up below my name.

Joey Cape. If you don't know what the man's done, by all means, read this to educate yourself. He's awesome.

Beautiful day here in Eastern Washington. Hovering around 80 degrees, and I have to head to the library to finish up finals. How awesome!
Tags: avatar, joey cape, sunshine
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Cue Emo Tantrum (No Blacking The Eyes or Slitting The Wrists)
06/02/08 at 03:04 AM by Chris Fallon
My cat eventually made her way back home. Relieved to say the least, considering I live along a busy road. She doesn't really go out for long periods of time, and seeing that I've experienced cats disappearing and never coming back... I get worried easily.

I guess I supremely underestimate her survival skills as a member of the feline family. Thanks to all those that worried with me - at least she's back and okay... and still eating like a pig.

But Murphy's Law came into play tonight - on a night full of prepping finals coursework for Tuesday, nonetheless.

For my communications class this quarter, I've been keeping a blog as part of my class activities. My professor basically grades us on three things, the blog being the biggest part of those graded items. I had some catching up to do, but I checked it Friday and all systems were go.

Checked it tonight aaaaand... well, all my entries got deleted somehow. Gone. Randomly disappeared and I don't know how the fuck it happened.

To quote a song by Travis without sounding too whiny and emo... why does it always rain on me?

It will all be over Thursday. Just have to keep reminding myself of that.
Tags: finals, pissed, rant
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06/01/08 at 07:03 PM by Chris Fallon
My cat has been gone for 24 hours now. She usually doesn't stay out for this long without coming back to eat.

Needless to say, I am perplexed and concerned. How am I expected to get homework done with this on my mind?

Damn felines.
Tags: missing, cat, sad
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These Are The Nights We Were Born For
05/30/08 at 11:15 PM by Chris Fallon
Nights like these are my favorite: clear, not too cold, just the right amount of people/traffic on the main drag I live alongside.

Without the university here, Ellensburg would be nowhere anyone would want to live. Living directly across from the school, on one the town's main streets does help. Sit out on my porch for an hour or two on any night and you'll see plenty of entertaining occurrences.

Summer starts next week (too ... much ... to do), and despite the fact I have summer classes and work, I'm looking forward to spending my summer here. I haven't been home to the Westside since February, so I hope to travel over back home more often (Butch Walker show, July 7th).

Despite the stress right now ... I'm happy. Summer will only amplify that feeling, which is worth all the trouble.
Tags: summer, random, happy
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How To Spot An Idiot
05/28/08 at 11:26 PM by Chris Fallon
So, I'm watching the news, right?

Here's the story: a lady reports some lost family heirlooms that she accidentally gave away. How, you ask? Easy - she had been hiding them in a fake soup can.

That she put in her cupboard with real soup cans.

That she donated to the Salvation Army Food Drive.

Now, she's upset she lost these irreplaceable heirlooms and wants them back because she is an idiot.

Why? Why are only stupid people breeding?
Tags: idiot
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When You're Facing A Loaded Gun, What's The Difference?
05/28/08 at 12:29 AM by Chris Fallon
I love The Departed. Such an intense movie, even after several viewings. After seeing part of Titatic the other day and then this film, it's odd knowing how much of a badass DiCaprio has become on-screen. Not only can the dude act, he takes beatings and gives them like nobody's business in Scorsese's masterpiece.

I'm presenting this movie for my final project in a film theory class so I've been doing a lot of reading on it and every time I watch it, I want to go kick the shit out of someone. Now that I think of it ... the guy who lives above me is kind of irritating...


Ben and Jerry's Americone Dream (Stephan Colbert's ice cream) = one of the greatest things to ever be created.

Make sure to pick up Street Dogs' State of Grace when it comes out in July. Another great addition to their solid back-catalog.
Tags: departed, random, street dogs
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Red Name, People - CHECK IT!
05/26/08 at 11:08 PM by Chris Fallon
I'm now a staff member here. I didn't even do much to receive the accolade, but here I am and I gotta say - pretty damn excited about it.

My job is basically editing/approving user reviews seeing that the site gets so many submitted each day. Adrian works incredibly hard to get them all done, but alas, one man is not enough. Hence the reason I am now here.

My plan is to get more of my own reviews up on here and as times goes on, I hope to become more of a fixture on the site. It's been a website that has introduced to me a great amount of music over the years and also, some truly awesome people. All we can go from here is upwards - and I am stoked for the ride.

See ya around, AP Faithful.
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