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Welcome to the Soupbone
My Own Personal Aggro Crag
05/11/09 at 03:20 AM by Chris Fallon
21st Century Breakdown just might be the most challenging review I have yet to write. Getting people who dismiss the album as a stale counterpart to their previous accomplishment to see your perspective on how good it actually is will be an obstacle.

I've given this review a great deal of thought, and I am literally scribbling notes down on what I want to say. Hope it's enough to convince the detractors that Green Day might just be the smartest mainstream rock band next to Jimmy Eat World.

Should be posted Tuesday or Wednesday morning, but it's gonna be brutal, man. Getting a mass group of people who have a passionate yawn over this album to see your side (a positive side, at that) can be agonizing.

Coming from a guy who firmly stands his ground on review scores, this one might require me to get my thick skin on -- might be a bumpy ride! Hahaha
Tags: green day, 21st century breakdown, review thoughts
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Northern Lights.
05/07/09 at 04:05 AM by Chris Fallon
It's two o'clock and I was sleeping, but I'm not feeling great. I took some pills to help my thinking, but now I'm thinking worse. Well I hoping that I could see you, if that's not too absurd. Am I in love or am I dreaming?'Cause I'm not sensibly just taken by your words: for once, I found a cure.

I'm sick of staying up late, because you're not here and I'm not there. No, I'm not afraid to watch you change me. I'm not afraid to watch you change me anymore.

You need to know what you're into: I'll tell you I'm a goddamn piece of work. So I'll just sit here until you enter my arms. 'Cause that's the simpleness of where I lay my head. I'm a wreck when I'm all alone. I'm the boy who lost his home, and I'm sensibly just taken by your words: for once, I found a cure.

I'm sick of staying up late, because you're not here and I'm not there. No, I'm not afraid to watch you change me. I'm not afraid to watch you change me anymore.

I took the Key Bridge north to your parents' house again. I saw my share of lights from the sky outside the city. I bought you things I loved just to show you that I cared. I found a place to lay inside of the warmth. That's the way I spent these last few days of writing all these songs. I swear to God that I (used to) love you, 'cause I can't explain it.
Tags: lyrics, the dangerous summer, northern lights
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04/30/09 at 11:25 AM by Chris Fallon
Apparently, I'm a "turd."

71% isn't a bad score -- in theory, it's an average recommendation, really. And I even complimented him! I like the drums on this record, and I said that!

Still not as priceless as Plain White T's or Paramore fans, but close!
Tags: the audition, ryan o'connor, turd, random, silly
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You're All I Seeeeeeeeee....
04/30/09 at 12:46 AM by Chris Fallon
Perhaps I'll get shit for this, but who cares? I actually like "Sink With Me," the new Taking Back Sunday single everyone truly hates. Something about that drum beat and the way the verses swerve into the chorus really grab me, and I enjoy the song quite a bit. My hopes for New Again are pretty low and I'm sure it will hardly be anything worth celebrating... but at least I like the first single.

I heard an unmastered track from All Time Low's upcoming album. People are pretty excited for this (well, some people are), and the song I heard (produced by Butch Walker) was undeniably catchy... but my teeth ache after hearing it. Maybe once it's mastered it will sound better, but it's pretty ordinary and rather unimpressive. Sucks, too... Butch is usually a mastermind when it comes to producing pop music.

That's all for now.
Tags: taking back sunday, all time low, butch walker, new again, nothing personal
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First Impressions: Anti-Flag's "The People or the Gun"
04/21/09 at 01:58 AM by Chris Fallon
Like many fans, I was severely let down by last year's The Bright Lights of America. It felt as if the major label machine had finally stolen the wheels from Anti-Flag's well-oiled big rig. Uninspired, forgettable and very by-the-numbers, The Bright Lights of America just left the band as a shell of its old self.

Thankfully, 2009 brought a heaping of new horizons, because the band ditched RCA and signed with SideOneDummy, a label who has been working wonders with The Gaslight Anthem & Fake Problems, just to name a few. I will admit Anti-Flag has had their hits and misses in the past, and I've certainly enjoyed their rawer punk past and their new-millennium more-polished aggression. For Blood and Empire was a triumphant punk rock album for the major label circuit, and their new album, People or the Gun, is a blistering, angry, rip-roaring 30 minutes of a band successfully re-discovering the reasons for why they create music for the masses.

It's a combination of old and new, really. "We Are the One" reminds me of A New Kind of Army and "This is the First Night" is an acoustic-based alt-country inspired number (For Blood and Empire had a few songs like this). The first half is definitely stronger than the latter half, as it's far more pissed off (lots of cussing on this album), but it's not really the tone so much as it's the words. "On Independence Day" and "The Old Guard" are anthems for the lower/middle-class, and "When All the Lights Go Out" is a combo (kinda slow, kinda fast & melodic).

"You Are Fired (Take This Job and, Ah, Fuck It)" is probably the angriest song the band's ever written. It's a tirade against major labels, making it seem as if the last record was one they were tied down to, without much room to breathe. 23-seconds in, and Justin Sane has gone apeshit on his resentment for the industry. To be honest, the only song that doesn't impress me is "There is No War Without Warriors (How Do You Sleep?)" -- just lacks comprehension, kinda boring and never picks up speed.

Anyway, this isn't intended to be a review, just first thoughts. I really like the album -- For Blood and Empire and Underground Network are my favorites, and this one is more along the lines of For Blood and Terror State -- still quite polished, but obviously a labor of love (the band produced it themselves). This album should definitely reel the "lost fans" back in.
Tags: first impressions, anti-flag, anti flag, people or the gun, sideonedummy
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Reach For the Sun
04/09/09 at 06:08 PM by Chris Fallon
Would you be excited if The Graduate went to a bar mitzvah with The Starting Line, then decided to rock out at a picnic afterward?

If that notion tickles your fancy, then come May 5th, you will fall in love with this band.

The last pop-infused rock record to make me this happy was back in 2007, with Anhedonia. It does not happen often, so after several listens to this new album over the past two months, I've fallen head over heels in love with Reach For the Sun.

Best pop album of 2009? Getting pretty safe to slap a big fat "yes" on that one.
Tags: band recommendation, album recommendation, the dangerous summer, reach for the sun
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Chris' Rant Corner: The Stereotype of Weird, Older, Obsessed Jo-Bro Fans
02/24/09 at 01:30 AM by Chris Fallon
Sitting here working on some homework (have to write an essay on Apocalypse Now), and I have Jimmy Kimmel on in the background. Go figure, he has -- of all the guests in the world -- the goddamn Jonas Brothers on tonight.

Alright, let me rant for a second here, because I just find these little boys to be smug, unfunny and delusional when trying to act mature in front of national media.

Now I think it's great that young girls (and by young, I mean ages 7-14, max) have a new "band" to look up to and fawn all over, pin up in their room, etc. However, I become a tad concerned when you're 18 and are considered "the biggest Jo-Bro fan ever." I remember when I was a freshman, the asshole I shared a locker with was mad for Britney. It was humiliating each time I would open my locker up, as I tried to shield the images from the public. One day, this older girl notices and says to me, "You have a thing for Britney Spears, huh?" I told her they weren't mine and she continues, "It's cool -- I was admiring them, because that's pretty much what my room looks like, only my walls are covered with pics of Leo (DiCaprio)." Note that this is around 1999, two years after Titanic had been a huge succes. Not only did I feel like this chick had gotten too personal, I just found it kind of pathetic. Didn't she have college applications to fill out? What was she doing? Writing her essay about her fascination with Leonardo DiCaprio?

These girls have stereotypes written all over them: homely, overweight, awkward... honestly, you should be over that phase in your life of pinning pictures of them on your bedroom wall or locker door by the time you are 15. That's when you drop the obsession and have crushes -- not full-blown wax statues, paintings, bedspreads covered with some band that will fade in time just like the rest of the boy band crowds. I mean, come on, really -- are you going to ever claim the Jonas Brothers were creative masterminds? I doubt it. Go ahead and listen to your BSB and N'SYNC as a nostalgic trip to your youth, but calling them pop geniuses is not something anyone can do with a serious face. Focus on driving and boys at your own school, not Disney Channel creations who can't even play their own instruments (at least try to keep it a secret, dudes -- even Milli Vanilli did!).

The girl they had on Kimmel tonight tonight embarrassed herself by knowing more about the Jonas Brothers than they did (creeeee-per), admitted she can't make decisions for herself (after all, low self-esteem is the calling card for girls like this), and had a picture of her beefy self sitting next to a shrine of these smarmy little dicks.

Isn't it strange to think that one of those boys is of legal drinking age? That would freak me out to know my young daughter has the hots for the kind of dude I knew back in community college, 21 and cruising for vulnerable high school chicks.

Although, I'm pretty sure he's gay, so that's a relief to all fathers.
Tags: chris' rant corner
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Copying Jason.
02/20/09 at 01:00 AM by Chris Fallon
Aww yeah, got myself quoted on House of Heroes' ad for their new album. Think I'm gonna spend $10 on this to see if I'm on a sticker, too. That would be awesome.

This band makes incredible pop/rock music. Definitely worth checking out if you like your pop with a bit of progression and splash of alt-rock.
Tags: house of heroes, ego
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Junior Returns
02/19/09 at 04:53 AM by Chris Fallon
I love Barney Stinson, for real ... but I had to change the avatar in honor of one of my top five favorite MLB players to ever play the game. Ken Griffey Jr. not only changed the face of Seattle Mariners baseball, but he attributed to some of the best moments in baseball period.

I still own my Super Nintendo games, still have my autpgraphs in the closet (I actually met him at spring training in 1996) and even though his return to Seattle might not be productive, it feels good to know he will most likely retire with #24 on his back. The first Mariner in the Hall? Think so.

Obviously the nostalgia will wear thin once he's hitting below .250 and barely getting hits (he is 39, ya know), but his presence in the clubhouse as a veteran who has been with Seattle through it's best & worst, had a rough post-90's career and had to watch some of his opponents from his prime years go down for steroid abuse will be the kick in the pants the M's need. All the bullshit coming out over the weekend is proof that what Seattle needs now is leadership, a real icon to walk in there and tell these guys, "You ain't seen nothin' man. I've been through it all."

I'm honored he came back, and be a cynic all you want, but at the end of the day... this was a good move. It's all we had left -- and it puts a bit of sunshine into a very dim week of baseball news.
Tags: seattle mariners, baseball, sports, ken griffey jr
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"Bowie" Joe Armstrong, Perhaps?
02/19/09 at 02:12 AM by Chris Fallon
Green Day was one of the first bands to get me into rock head on. The Offspring's Smash was my gateway album, but Dookie was not far behind.

I have enjoyed every release since then, and I can honestly say they've never let me down. Seriously. People can hate on American Idiot all they want, but that album not only helped give punk a more mainstream appeal, it blended punk and classic rock with an operatic motif. Impressive stuff for sure.

With all that said, hearing the "very rough demo" title track for the new album, I like that they're going even further back into the classic rock inspiration bag. The new song has many elements of Queen, Bowie, The Who and even Springsteen. It's a rough production, however from the looks of it, the band is again branching out and expanding their scope.

Gotta say, I'm incredibly excited for what the summer has planned. Am I back in 2003? Green Day, blink-182, Third Eye Blind, NOFX? Goddamn, I am going to be enjoying my blazing Ellensburg days.
Tags: green day, 21st century breakdown, new song, thoughts
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Fuck this.
02/07/09 at 02:47 AM by Chris Fallon
Now I understand that Brand New song: "Good to know if I ever need attention, all I have to do is die."

Strange to think someone you would give your entire life for thinks yours is flimsy and disposable. Great feeling, realizing no one really cared about you, even if they said they did.

Awesome life I have going.
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The Next Best Thing About the Super Bowl?
02/02/09 at 06:24 PM by Chris Fallon
A koala wearing glasses, drinking coffee, getting punched in the face.

Tags: funny, super bowl, koala
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Best Part of the Super Bowl?
02/02/09 at 02:50 AM by Chris Fallon
Easily, it was this moment:

Crotch slam ftw!
Tags: super bowl, bruce springsteen, crotch slam
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"What the Fuck?!" Blanket!
02/01/09 at 03:44 AM by Chris Fallon
This video must have been sent directly from Heaven, gift-wrapped for me.

Tags: funny, video, snuggie, wtf
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Here's A Glass For The Colony
01/20/09 at 04:42 AM by Chris Fallon

Man, this is one angry record. Yet that is what I love about it. The complete disdain and intolerance for the industry is bubbling under each & every word Nic Newsham pushes out, sometimes with the ferocity of a young cheetah who really wants to eat that fucking monkey cub.

Littered with literary references, science-fiction motifs, Lost parallels and fiery breath, this album still has a tremendous amount of life to it, 2 1/2 years after its release.

"My Name is Ozymandias" and "Margaritas & Cock" are two brutal kicks in the balls, leaving you feeling that mammoth fury the band seems to have towards consumption of greed, fortune and fame.

"Ours lungs are strong as is our song.
Up in the mountains, where we can still believe.
From the heights, we'll wage this war for all the things we long for
So we can sing the way we like."
Tags: gatsbys american dream, recommendation
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