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So Aaron Sprinkle walks into my office, and I say...
03/13/09 at 10:46 AM by blindrider529
"You're Aaron Sprinkle."

Kind of weird. Now I feel like I want to apologize for sounding so stupid. Apologizing for it is only going to make it more awkward.

I will just sit quietly as one of my heroes exits my turf.

Tags: aaron sprinkle, awkward, starstruck
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02/14/09 at 08:11 PM by blindrider529
Usually when there is a TWLOHA newspost there is always some jerkoff there to attack the organization and claim it wants money and doesn't help anyone.

I think that anyone who reads through some of the chat with the TWLOHA crew today and DOESN'T figure out that this DOES help people and these people DO care is either an idiot or incredibly stubborn (to put it nicely).
Tags: twloha
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L A S T N I G H T = Fantasy Becomes Reality!! I've been to great shows, but WOW
02/04/09 at 05:23 PM by blindrider529
Wow. I was at a FANTASTIC show last night. This was an absolute dream show for me. This was a show where you are not only walking out of the show in awe, thinking "Now THAT is music!" but as you exit the building you actually hear and see other people joyfully shouting out the same thing while skipping around like an excited child who just entered through the gates of Disneyland!

I went to see a group of musicians I adore in Fiction Family (Jon Foreman & Sean Watkins) and ended up getting not only Fiction Family songs, but I got solo Jon Foreman, Nickel Creek, Radiohead, an insane, very technical bluegrass interlude, Sara Watkins, Arcade Fire, and SO much more!

A BIG-TIME highlight for me was that Sean Watkins sister, Sara Watkins, played the entire show! In case you didn't know, her and Sean are 2/3rds of one of my all time favorite groups of musicians, Nickel Creek. The music they Nickel Creek AND each member plays individually is just stunning. I can't even describe how much of a treat it was to be able to see all of these people playing music together at such an inimate venue.

___________________________________ ___________________________--
While touring in support of their brand new self-titled album, Fiction Family have been playing a plethora of cover songs by artists such as Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Weezer, and others. Besides the ones below they have also been playing songs by Billie Holiday, Sara Watkins, Nickel Creek, Jon Foreman, & Sean Watkins.

Fiction Family performing:

Radiohead - Idioteque

Weezer - Pink Triangle

Bob Dylan - The Man In Me

Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running

The Cure - Friday I'm In Love
Tags: Fiction Family, Covers, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Weezer, The Cure, Aracde Fire, Cover
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Bush pardons OJ hahahahha video!
01/09/09 at 12:13 PM by blindrider529
OK. I'm sure at this point some people who have seen me post blogs with something along the lines of "what? Bush pardons OJ?!" know that I am trying to trick people into looking at something on my blog. It's dishonest and pretty silly, but this time it's different!

Of course Bush didn't really pardon OJ, but suddenly there is a popular Youtube video with the title "Bush Pardons OJ." It's a top viewed video today! I don't know...I thought it was really funny and quite the coincidence. I guess I'm not the only one who thought that title would be a clever way to get people to click on a link!

By the way, I will be creating stupid blog titles for as long as I have a blog on this website
Tags: OJ, coincidences, bush
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Open letter to JCook. Listen up punk.
01/08/09 at 08:53 PM by blindrider529
Hear me out. You need to listen to this. It's for your own good. Please just be willing to hear.

After that you can do whatever you want, man. I love you.
Tags: wtf
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Incredible recs! Check them out for good music.
12/13/08 at 07:45 PM by blindrider529
I decided to post my recs for the staff recommendations newspost in here for now since the actual news post won't be up until later!

Who likes acoustic songs? Who wants good stuff instead of crappy local bands?!
If you don’t like the following recs it’s because you are crazy! This isn't supposed to be a surpreme list of the best acoustic songs, but I think they are all very enjoyable songs.I encourage people to check out some of the artists that they may not have given a chance before. These are all acoustic except for the first one. It might just be the best one, though!

Sara Bareilles - Gravity (piano, not acoustic! BEAUTIFUL!)

Future of Foresty – If You Find her

Nickel Creek – Somebody More Like you

Good Old War – Tell Me

Coheed & Cambria – Wake Up

Rocco Deluca & the Burden – Bus Ride

The Classic Crime – Blindfolded

Nickel Creek – This Side

Colbie Caillat – Realize

Starfield – Captivate

John Mayer – Heart of Life

The Rocket Summer – I Just Don’t Think I’ll Get Over You (Colin Hay Cover)

___________________________________ __________________

Sara Bareilles - Gravity

Future of Foresty – If You Find her

Nickel Creek – Somebody More Like you

Good Old War – Tell Me

Coheed & Cambria – Wake Up

Rocco Deluca & the Burden – Bus Ride

The Classic Crime – Blindfolded

Nickel Creek – This Side

Colbie Caillat – Realize

Starfield – Captivate

John Mayer – Heart of Life

The Rocket Summer – I Just Don’t Think I’ll Get Over You (Colin Hay Cover)
Tags: acoustic, recommendations, stupid blog titles
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Finally. I'm inspired.
12/13/08 at 02:52 PM by blindrider529
Losing passion really sucks. In the last few years I seemed to have lost passion and interest in writing music. In the past it has been one of the absolute most rewarding and satisfying things in life. I kind of took a break and started focusing on things like developing my taste in music and learning how to play other instruments. I've bought (not downloaded) tons and tons and tons of albums with the idea that I will learn how to express myself musicially in the same way that a lot of people learn a new language. By that I mean that a lot of people learn how to speak a language and how to become more diverse in it by surrounding themselves with it. I've had a fantastic time learning all kinds of new things and finding all kinds of new musicians to listen to! I've really expanded myself as a musician and has really given me an appreciation for all types of music, but I think it's time to get back to writing music and getting that awesome feeling that you get when you are doing what you love.

That feeling has been gone and I've been left feeling extremely empty and fighting depression (fortunately I'm well-equipped to fight that war with many, many tools I've been given). I will never be satisfied in life if I am not playing music, though. It's a MASSIVE part of who I am. It's like Steve Irwin suddenly not feeling like hanging out with crocodiles. I'm just so drained right now and I notice that I don't even hardly listen to new albums I get. One exception to that is the new Fall Out Boy record! I can't put that thing down. Out of their last three albums this one by FAR reminds me the most of Take This To Your Grave. I don't think it's because it sounds like it, though. I just feel that a number of the songs have this really positive, youthful energy that I really got from Take This To Your Grave.

Anyway...I am going to start writing and recording music. I don't care about having a band or getting a record deal or any of that stuff. I just really, really love writing and playing my own music. It's such an amazing feeling. It's indescribable. Musicians know what I'm talking about!

When I start getting some stuff down I'll use my blog to post songs, youtube videos, whatever. YAY! Sounds like a blast to me.
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*Jeffree Star* on CNN hahhha wow
12/03/08 at 06:05 PM by blindrider529
Not really. Look how interested you were though! HOWEVER, THIS COULD BE TRUE! It's up to you to make sure that your favorite band is the one reported on BY YOU in a featured spot on CNN.com/iReport. It's kind of like a contest, except that after you create and submit a video about your favorite artist(s) of 2008, it gets viewed by tons of people even if you aren't selected.

If you read this news post, you know that CNN is giving you a chance to talk about your favorite band or album of 2008. Screw street teaming and using your avatar to promote a band! Get them on CNN.com!

It's kind of a cool way to get a band out to an audience that really may have not payed attention or heard of otherwise. AP.net members are passionate about their music, so get on this and tell people why you love your favorite band.

Click here to see the webpage with all of the information about all of this.
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Experimenting w/ Salvia for the first time
11/24/08 at 06:11 PM by blindrider529
Edit: ok. Did this with probably too low of an extract and it really didn't do a whole lot for me. It would probably work with a higher potency, but I already wasted too much money on this.


In case you didn't know...Salvia is completely legal and you can buy it in any smoke shop. You don't even have to be 18 to buy it. (Everywhere in the US except or a couple state who have laws banning it or restricting it to 18+)

We'll see how it goes. I haven't smoked weed or anything beyond cigarettes and Hookah since I was 18 so I have to buy a new, cheap pipe.

I hope I don't end up like this guy! Even though it is absolutely horrible, I can't help but crack up when I watch this.

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Stupid trend is stupid.
11/21/08 at 11:39 PM by blindrider529

(killed two birds with one stone!)
Tags: Internet trends
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Man in Jay Leno suit kills self...really
10/23/08 at 02:57 PM by blindrider529

Seriously! Who is the jackass at Fox who created this headline!

I don't know if I should give him or her a high five for the laughter it brings me or a punch in the gut for either being very insensitive, stupid, or careless with his or her headline creating.
Tags: fox, mind-numbing, comedy, horror, funny headlines, sick headlines
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Gatsby's American Dream: Why you need them.
09/27/08 at 02:06 PM by blindrider529
In case you didn't know...Gatsby's American Dream put out a fantastic album entitled "Volcano" that seriously just MURDERS your favorite band's BEST album by a landslide (don't know if that made sense...but you get the point, right?)! Check out your favorite bands' favorite band! Please follow the link and listen to all of the clips to find out why. I also highly, HIGHLY suggest checking out their previous LP, Ribbons & Sugar.

I mean...you can't go wrong with an AP.net staff member rating of 99% and user rating of 98%!

Very important Warning: Anyone who is late in the game and hasn't heard this album or this band yet may find themselves very, very shocked. They may be very upset that they didn't find out about this glorious treasure before and may no longer trust the people they listen to for good music. They may also just flat out panic as this rich, melodic wiener penetrates their virgin ears. The pleasure and ecstacy may very well prove incredibly overwhelming. I'm not kidding. Well...maybe a little. It really, really is that good, though.
Tags: gatsby's american dream, subway, obama, fall out boy, fish, cactus, volcano, Palin
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Universal BLOCKS Youtube Anberlin performance...good move?
08/25/08 at 10:33 AM by blindrider529
I called it the very first time I heard Cities. There was just NO way that Anberlin wouldn't get signed to a major after they put out that record. When I found out that I was right, I was stoked. Right now I'm not so sure.

Aside from some already crappy issues Universal is having with the release of Anberlin's new album, they are starting off on the wrong foot with promotion. Firstly, I haven't seen nearly as much promotion for Anberlin on Universal as they had on Tooth and Nail. Anberlin is a band that have always had a big and very radio-friendly sound while maintaining massive amounts of musical integrity. They deserve a lot more than what they've gotten so far.

But here is my actual beef...(the other stuff sucks, but this is what's getting me at the moment). I had the first video on youtube of Anberlin playing "Breaking" acoustic in Seattle. It was the first video of anything from New Surrender and it got thousands of views (along with several other videos of new Anberlin material). A huge part of the hype of Anberlin putting out new material was people watching the new videos of them performing songs and causing a stir on AP.net and elsewhere. That's wonderful. What does UMG do a few months later? They block my video to protect their copyright. WTF! W T F! People like myself who are posting videos like this are PROMOTING your bands to your target audience! Thousands of people are watching these videos and digging Anberlin! Why on earth would you want to end a great form of promotion for a new band on your label?

I just can't believe the utter stupidity. I understand that they have the rights to do with their copyrighted material whatever they want...but how stupid is this. Fans are out there posting videos and promoting YOUR bands to their peers and you are stupid enough to want to cut that off? Who is the moron that is in charge of this! You are getting FREE promotion from Anberlin fans to their peers. The people that are doing MORE than you to hype your artists are getting cut off.

PLEASE don't let Anberlin be another victim of this awful machine. It's happened to way too many of my favorite bands and it makes me sick.

ANBERLIN can make it despite the issues with UMG, but it's going to take a lot of fans having the heart to want to help and it's going to have to involve Anberlin doing a lot more on their own than they should have to with a major behind them.

Tags: anberlin, UMG, BS, youtube
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She's not gonna write you a love song...
07/30/08 at 11:58 AM by blindrider529
I don't know how people around here feel about Sara Bareilles...but I thought I would just let anyone who is reading this know that her album, Little Voice, is OFF THE FREAKING CHAIN (and I don't say stuff like that...).

Listen to clips from the album here.

This girl has SOUL, an awesome voice, and brilliant songwriting skills.

I VERY HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU GET INTO HER. I'm not saying she sounds like him at all...but to me she feels like the female John Mayer. I mean that in the sense that they are both incredibly talented & soulful songwriters who really rise to the top. I feel like she is at or is not far from being on the same level as him in terms of songwriting ability. A big difference is that she uses a piano and he uses a guitar. She, too, also has a brilliant song called "Gravity." A tour with those two would be AMAZING. Listen to the clip of Many the Miles if you want to see where I might feel a similarity in terms of soulful songwriting like John Mayer.

I'm telling you...don't be fooled into thinking she's just another pop singer by Love Song. She definately has some fantastic pop sensibility, but this girl is LEGIT.

I would certainly recommend her to fans of Greta's influence in The Hush Sound.
Tags: Sara Bareilles, Songwriter, Piano, Weed, John Mayer, LOVE, The Hush Sound
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New ways to find your favorite band
07/29/08 at 05:37 PM by blindrider529
I decided to write this short blog after I thought about the statements I made here.

I hear a lot of people complain about there not being any CDS worth buying coming out, and blaming the lack of CD sales on that. Well, I think the lack of CD sales is more comlicated than that...but more importantly I think I have a cure for the pain they feel as they anticipate their next favorite album.

There are a couple things you can do:

1) Open your mind to new genres or styles of music that you haven't previously been open to or perhaps haven't even been aware of.

2) Open your ears to music of the past. Find out what bands/musicians inspired your favorite bands/musicians.

Don't believe that the only good music that can be created is in the few genres you enjoy. There are plenty of incredible musicians putting out music that, for many reasons, simply hasn't reach your ears.

If you really have a passion for good music then I highly suggest you start listening to new stuff.

IF YOU WANT SOMETHING NEW THEN STOP SEARCHING PUREVOLUME. I would say Myspace, also, but there are actually many, many different genres on display there.

Check out something that isn't so indie scene oriened like Jamie Liddell, Rocco Deluca & the Burden, Nickel Creek, Imogen Heap, and on and on and on. I promise you that there is some really good music out there!
Tags: sales, black people, new music, sugar, taste, yummy
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