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Five and Alive: Heartstring Songs
02/19/10 at 11:00 PM by EmoErk
Got this from the ap.net crew, the 5 songs that just pull at your heartstrings. I love the idea, music is my life and these types of songs are my favorite! So here it goes, speical thanks again to the staff for the idea.

1. Therefore I Am- It's No Wonder Why

This song is basically brand new, so why would i put it on top of my list? Bescause of a few reasons, first because ive never heard a song written so well that it makes you feel like you are right there and experiencing and feeling the pain/anger/sorrow of the person in this story. So many times ive hoped this song is just a song and not something that really happened but its hard for me to believe you could write a song this good and passionate without it being real. It is such a sad sad sad song and everyitme i play it i just get chills. I could go on for days about this song, ive been addicted to lyrics for about 12 years and have NEVER came across a song that just makes you feel like your right there. The first part of the song is so detailed that you feel like your in the funeral home looking at this mans body.. just unreal. If you havent heard this song PLEASE give it a listen, but fair warning it is very sad and will choke you up.

*Best Line* "Is it sad to say the things that i remember the most are your blacked out phone calls? How you gave up your life your kids and your wife all for needles and pills you needed you much, its alright its ok we're better off this way"

2. Reggie and the Full Effect- Playing Dead

James used Reggie to put out alot of really funny and upbeat songs but he was also good at writing songs that just yanked at your heart strings, alot of them he disguised well with up beat rythems but "Playing Dead" is an all out sad song. This song is the realization that a relationship is ending due to the issues of the significant other. The song is honest in telling the person that it is over and pulls at your heart by telling the person that he hopes she gets help and that her life turns out for the best in the end.

*Best Line* "No one knows you better than you know yourself, everyone around you says you just need help. Everyone will judge us by the words we say, everythings easy if we just play dead"

3. Third Eye Blind- Deep Inside of You

Third Eye Blind are known for some wacky lyrics, and sometimes its hard to understand exactly what they are trying to get across but to me "Deep Inside of You" is alot like the song i put at number 2. This song is a relazation that a relationship is coming to an end, in this case its crushing because your torn between being in love with someone but you cant run and hide from the fact that you cannot stay in the relationship. I was in a relationship just like this song portraits and i think it tugs at my heartstrings because of the way i can relate to it.

*Best Line* "I dont wanna call you, but then i wanna call you. I dont wanna crush you but then i fell like crushing you and its true i took for granted you were with me. I breathe by your looks and you look right threw me, we were broke and didnt know it*

4. Something Corporate- I Wont Make You

Here is a song about after a breakup and wanting to be back with someone. Re-playing every memory, feeling, and all the emotions you felt with a person. If you been in love and been burned then you know the feeling and this needs no further explination.

*Best Line* "Scream my name just one more time"

5. The Rocket Summer- Goodbye Waves and Driveways

The reason this song makes my list is because i had this exact thing happen to me, broke up with a girl in my driveway in the exact same way, the first time i heard this song it was almost as if Bryce was watching as it happened. Also this song is very well written and has so uch detail in it from the way that it shows the anger, frustration and pain of breaking up and even adds the thoughts of "is this really over forever" into the song. I have to admit im not even a big fan of this band really, this song is the only one i could really get into... well i guess "Shes my Baby" is pretty good too. But once again i just love all the detail put into this song and how no emotion or piece of the break up is missed. He also sells the emotion so so well by scraming it at the end, i thinking screaming is one of the most pure forms of emotion that exisits.

*Best Line* "I said i love you and do you love me? And nothing will make this leave, so remember me"
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i need your bands songs for my review blog!
01/05/10 at 09:09 PM by EmoErk
hey, im doing a music blog just for fun, but i would love to review songs from unsigned bands. Hell if you like it you could use it to promote yourself. once again im no professional but i love music and love digging into it deep. so please write me on here with where to go, i like using album art or a picture to put on the blog, show me where to go and what to review!!!!

i will write you when im done with the review.

my music background- i ran a booking and promotion agency and have worked with many unsigned and underground bands. i have toured twice with signed and unsigned bands as a manager and merch man. i am now a therapist.. haha
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My Albums of the year
12/20/09 at 09:55 PM by EmoErk
1. The Dangerous Summer- Reach For the Sun
2. Therefore I Am- The Sound of Human Lives
3. Manchester Orchestra- Mean Everything to Nothing
4. Brand New-Daisy
5. Moneen- The world i Want to Leave Behind
6.This Providence- Who Are You Now
7. The Chariot- Wars and Rumors of Wars
8. Boys Like Girls- Love Drunk (biggest suprise of the year.. i swore it was gonna blow)
9. The Academy Is- Lost in Pacific Time EP
10. Breaking Benjamin- Dear Agony (yes i know... my 2003 roots pulling at me)

Amazing bands is discovered in 2009

1. Bring me the horizion
2. Dear and the headlights
3. Living with lions (thanks ap.net canadian music update)

Biggest letdown of 2009

-Say Anything- (the new cd is all max bemis and no band backing it)
Tags: albums of the year
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question about brokencyde
04/17/09 at 11:33 PM by EmoErk
how will their lighting dmx guy do anything on the warped tour in daylight???

i dont get it.. and millionares.. i just checked out both of these um.. (bands??) tonight and millionares is girls? "i just got paid lets get laid??" IM SOOOO CONFUSED. this isnt music. and thoes brokencyde kids are the most digusting looking kids ive ever looked at.. the homeless guys down the street look alot more clean than them
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My top music of 2007
12/13/07 at 03:36 AM by EmoErk
this is JUST MY OPINION. thats all.. so please dont rip on me

ok so i am a music freak.. it is a well known thing about me. so here is the best of 2007

Top 10 Best Albums Of 2007!!
1. Hot Rod Circuit- The Underground is a Dying Breed
2. Farewell- Isnt This Supposed to be Fun?
3. Brighten- King Vs. Queen
4.Mayday Parade- A Lesson in Romantics
5. Jimmy Eat World- Chase This Light
6.. June- Make it Blur
7. Hidden In Plain View- Resolution
8.All Time Low- So Wrong its Right
9. The Higher- On Fire
10. Four Year Strong- Rise or Die Trying

Top 10 songs of 2007!!
1. Farewell- War
2. Jimmy Eat World- Dizzy
3. Against Me!- Thrash Unreal
4. Hot Rod Circuit- Stateside
5. Armor For Sleep- My Saving Grace
6. The Higher- Dare
7. June- Tempter
8. Mayday Parade- Take this to Heart
9. Brighten- Cops and Robbers
10. The Spill Canvas- All Over You

Biggest Let Down/ Worst CD of 2007
The Academy Is- Santi
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Rocking with cancer
09/24/06 at 02:55 AM by EmoErk
i have to give alot of credit to thoes who have kept going and doing what they felt they were made to do even though they had cancer.. i dont think any of us will ever forget the tragic story of the drummer of bleed the dream Scott Gottlieb . he battled cancer very courageously and the band didnt give up on him, as he was going through treatment they kept touring but had a jar to collect money for his treatment at every show, i remember putting 5 dollars in it at the warped tour, this was when i couldnt believe someone so young got cancer.. he then went to record their next cd and got ill after that and passed away..

we all also know how Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate/Jacks Mannequin) battled cancer and over came it and is selling records like mad once again. its a tough thing for me to live with it let alone carry on but i do, i am still in college and i do alot with music locally and with bands on labels. i dont want to focus this on me, i want to focus this entry on the fact that music is soooo powerful that it helps thoes with a life threatening problem overcome and look to better days. music can do this by fueling our veins with hope and courage.. i have met many band members that have done this with me, Jimmy Richards of Brighten has been there with me every step of the way and i have never even met him, and i could never thank him enough.. to talk to someone that is doing what i always dreamed of doing and to help them and to have them help me is unreal. Josh Johnson of Goodbyetomorrow has also helped me alot, they both make sure i keep my head up, and when im in treatmetn their music drives me to stay healthy and not worry about the sickness that comes along with getting better.

It doesnt have to be cancer, it can be anything from a bad day to the loss of a loved one.. music brings us all together and it is there when we are all alone..

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breaking down emo, and men spilling emotion
09/23/06 at 11:27 AM by EmoErk
alright, so ive been trying to write every few days on different topics, id like to state that everything i write is personal opinion, your all welcome to comment and state your opinion, i in no way work for ap.net, although i respect everyone that works for this site and it is by far my favorite website, better than any myspace or facebook.

ok so i watch alot of behind the scene videos and read alot of interviews and dissect music alot. and the new trend seems to be that alot of bands dont like to be called emo.. and i think that there is nothing wrong with that. im going on 22, ive been a fan of the scene for about 8 years now and i remember when dashboard dropped there first full length and it was acceptable to be emo and they got respect for being men and expressing that they hurt just as much as girls and they were breaking this "chizzled in rock" code that guys had to be tough and not show emotion. i like to compare this to another issue in which talking about not so manly things can work. see back 10 years ago people didnt talk about breast cancer much.. and women were dying from it because they didnt know much and didnt wanna talk about their breasts, then some women decided that it needed to be talked about like it or not, now you see pink ribbons everywhere and breast thousands of breast cancer groups, the rate of death from breast cancer has dropped dramatically.. now i have a rare case of testiculer cancer.. im fighting it as hard as i can and ive lost my testicles, i talk to groups and classrooms and to packed auditoriums about testicluer cancer.. GUY DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT THEIR TESTICLES, ITS NOT MANLY, ITS NOT SOMETHING GUYS DO.. instead there are guys out there that get huge lumps on their testicles and think its normal because they dont know anything about testicluer cancer... so im being the emotional "emo" one and talking about something that "men" arent supposed to talk about.. its just not manly, and im sorry that im trying to save lives so that other men dont have to have there testicles pulled up and out of their stomachs in a 5 hour and very painful major surgery (been there twice) and then it spreads north.. i didnt have big lumps though

so look at how it mends together, women never thought that a guy would write about how he cried over losing a girlfriend.. but then it happened.. and now there are alot of guys that write songs about it and everyone now thinks its once again not manly.. ive seen shirts that say "dont cry emo kid" ummm... ok.. im sure the big manly man wearing that has cried many of times and probably over a girl, and if the guys wearing these shirts do fall in love and get dumped and dont cry then they have some sort of mental disorder..

now you could argue that they could write about different things... but some bands just shouldnt do that.. good charlotte made it big off of writing about girls and now they write about their bling and being rich and dating anorexic girls (duff) and being in the v.i.p at clubs.... and it SUCKS.. i think my next post may be on how some bands need to just quit.. they would be my example subject.. they arent even in it for the music anymore.. and hell, benji wears more makeup than hillary

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When the second LP KILLS a band..
09/21/06 at 04:16 AM by EmoErk
ok, so ive been starting to use my journal to write on alot of different subjects in the independent music genre. this morning im going to write about the mystery that is the breakup of a band after the release of their 2nd full length

now there has always been the "sophmore slump" that simply means that a band that had a very popular first full length cd. but that does not always meen the end of a band, alot of bands have proved that the slump was just a jinx and came back to throw down a 3rd, 4th, cd etc
but then you will get some bands that will put out their second lp and not only will the cd do horribly but they break up a short time after the release. it really makes people wonder.. sure they will put out thier press release stating "we just want to do different things" or "we have musical differences" well obviously.. your second cd sucked.. something must have gone wrong.

there is on band that tops the list for this and is a perfect example

the band released their first LP in 2002 on drive thru records... the cd took a little while then blew up. it was around for at least 6 months before everyone was listening to it and then they had music videos on fuse and mtv2 and they gained alot of popularity. i have to admit, every song on the first cd "what it is to burn" is just brilliant.. i love that cd.. popas was probaly my favorite part of the band (alex popas, drums) his fast double bass beats would just lure me (perfection through silence) in and before i knew it i was just mesmerized by his drumming (and im not even a drummer) then the voice of their lead singer nate barclow was just amazing, the way he could sing and scream was amazing, they even had 2 songs on the cd that were just different (grey matter, project mayhem) when they finally released the cd title track they were all over conan, jimmy kimmel etc. the band was then put in the position to make a second cd and the pressures of making it better than the first hung over their heads. 3 years without hearing much about the cd and everyone was wondeirng what was going on. the band was said to be recording but then nothing would come out and release dates would be pushed back, i remember randy their lead guitar player even joking that it would be released in 2010. then finally in 2005 "Say Hello to Sunshine" made its way out of the darkness and into the store nearest to you... and to say the least.. flopped.. first of all alex popas ended up leaving the band about 6 months prior to the release and a new drummer camce in, to me that was a huge blow and i didnt think that the new drummer was gonna be able to be as good or better and he wasnt.. to me the cd lacked alot of the amazing drum beats, it also lacked everything else.. it sounded like they tryed to make every song sound like "grey matter" or "project mayhem" the result was just alot of lous noise and screetching guitars and nate barclows voice sounded a bit the same.. screetchy.. it seemed like right after the cd flopped.. so did the band.. stating alot of the same reasons as every other band states to as why they broke up.. this was the first time that i was happy that a band that i liked broke up.. i didnt need to hear anything more from them... that was enough disapointment.. it seems like the name of the cd should have been "do we sound like glasjaw now?"

i could go on talking about a few other bands that fell to the same fate.. fenix tx..something corporate (well.. andrew said he wanted to go on his own and the band all wanted a different sound.. so he got another band "jacks mannequin" and it sounds the same but alot worse.. if that makes any sense) but i will just leave the best example of them all up there for right now.

watch out for more bands dropping their second lp and what happens to them, senses fail steps up to the plate on october 10th

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bands ive come to love and hate in 06
09/19/06 at 11:56 PM by EmoErk
ok.. not the end of the year yet.. but there are some bands that ive found this year that have blown me away, and some that released another record and it just.. lets say turned me off.. music is my life, and i listen to almost everyband on this site.. but just remember that these are my opinions

these 3 boys came into my life when i was starting chemo and raditaion to battle my cancer. i now talk to their drummer Jimmy Richards almost everyday. the nicest guys ive ever met and they are very supportive. there music is amazing too, im very lucky to have been given a job with them (i work for free :) their music is just as amazing as they are, when the new cd drops in early 07.. you will all be amazed

Boys Like Girls
2 of the members mother passed away from cancer, also very nice guys to talk to. amazing music.. ive had hardtimes with my cancer and relationships and "me, you, and my medication" explains it all. buy this record everyone!

All Time Low
wow... they have just blown me awat in the past couple moths, very very addictiv stuff with great breakdowns and chatcy chorus's, young guys with a great musical future, they just released a new ep, i recommend everyone to give it a listen.

The Black Maria
they have a dark side to them, they are somewhat like HIM but better... and the music is composed so well, their new cd is purley amazing and it is a bit better than their first full length and i like the first lp. so the sophmore slump is untrue for these guys.

Senses Fail
wow.. i see some of the posts on myspace that people leave them and they get nooo respect. so yea they kicked dave out but heath (ex midtown) adds to the music better i feel. i dont know why everyone hates thier first lp "Let it enfold you" its one of my favorites to date. the new cd from everything ive heard will top that record.. so yea they are a bit different from their ep but they are also like 5 years older and the sound to it is alot better now.

David Melillo
wow is this kid damn talented.. his lyrical ability is just unreal, remeinds me of chris carabba of old. i hope this kid sticks to his acoustic alot, i got turned of to dashborad when the elctric came in to all the songs in 03.

This Providence
another punk pop band with amazing lyrics with an amazing song library. there new cd is a good disc and runs head to head with the first one

From First to Last....
they get my "this is how to butcher your career" award.. wow, their new cd Heroine makes me think that they were all doing the drug when they made the cd.. and wes borland from blink played the bass on the record.. wow.. thats how you butcher your career.. the new cd songs like music thrown in a blender with some horribly screamed words in the backgound, no substance to the songs.. they are also the worst live band in my books.

Matchbook Romance
im a big fan but their new cd is only good to fall asleep to, wayyyy to mellow. it upset me that their seocnd effort is so horrible comapaired to the first..

Travis Barker
he is rich but id give him money if he could stay with just one band and one band only for like 3a year.. plus 44 sounds like it will be good, but what about this new rao deal he has going with paul wall?? horrible..

The Sleeping
a eocking new sound to the ears and a fuckng awesome debut lp. very good band with an amazing everything.. drums, guitar and singer

The Classic Crime
wow.. headlights is an amazing song. very good band with a very bright future

Victory Records
worst record lable out their with the most talent... the bands get treated like shit. yes ive talked to 2 od them.. and they both agree.. but are sticking with Victory for the chance to play.

Recieving End Of Sirens
3 guitar players, 3 singers, a rocin bass player, a rocking drummer.. and the 3 voices inter twining is just unreal.. good shit..

ok well thats enough for write now

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boys like girls.. FAKE!!??
09/15/06 at 04:16 PM by EmoErk
ok so.. i love the band boys like girls, and im obsessed with thier cd, just cant stop listening to it.. and i have a friend thats name will remain hidden.. but he is in the music industry, he is popular and a house hold name and i woke up today to a text message from him saying " boys like girls is a fake band, just a good looking singer with 3 other random guys around him"

after hearing that it made me wonder why i had never heard of them untill like 2 months ago.. and why they dont have an ep.. just the cd that was recently released. im very against the fact that some bands are made like the backstreet boys were... from first to last is a prime example of this.. sonny was living in new york and a talent agency found him and sent him to get with the group, they all live in different parts of the u.s and communicate by computers when not touring.. this info i got is all said by them on the 2005 epitah tour dvd.

sad how bands that have been best friends and playing together for years dont get signed cause fake bands get put together. shitty.. dont ever say that record labels dont do anything for money,, if they put together a fake band that they think will get them alot of cash.. they are doing anything
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documenting my fight with cancer
07/17/06 at 12:09 AM by EmoErk
ok, my name is brandon, i was diagnosed one of the rarest kinds of cancer ever. in less than a month i leave to go back to the mayo clinic in minnesota to see where it spread and for more treatment, i am going to post everyday on my feelings and thoughts going into it, and then i will have my compputer there with me and update on that, so this is like a reality tv show but in a serious matter.


thank you, feel free to check out what its like in the head of a 21 year old facing chances of death and fighting for all he has
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06/24/06 at 11:33 PM by EmoErk
this band has helped me through my cancer more than some of my friends. the first offical fan club for them has been started on myspace, they will answer any questions and run contests for people in the group, if you have myspace please join.


thank you all

love B
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back from chemo
05/15/06 at 12:09 AM by EmoErk
well, im back from the mayo clinic in minnesota, it was rough, but im home for now, i go back in 2 months for some more treatment. i saw so many people with problems worse than i had.. its tough. its hard to see kids so much younger than my 21 years, bald and using walkers. mayo clinic is the worlds top hospital, people from all around the globe go there for a last chance at living. a spot was found on one of my lungs, it looks like the tumor they found in my testicles, so im a bit worried but its to small to treat right now, so i have to wait it out.. which has made me a wreck already.. but i just gotta wait.. chemo sucked.. but hell its only to get better, thank you to all that have helped me out by writing me or praying for me or by just keeping me in your thoughts, if you know someone that has cancer please be there for them every step of the way, i have found who my true friends are through all of this. and i have found comlete strangers like you all on ap.net who have helped me out, thank you all

love always

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please read, pray, keep them in your thoughts
05/03/06 at 10:09 PM by EmoErk
i complain about my situation and battle with cancer as you can read in previous posts. but im lucky im alive. friday night a 2nd floor apartment in my town caught fire due to an electrical spark. inside the apartment was a childhood hockey teammate of mine(ben), his girlfriend (kristy), her friend (angel) and ben and kristys infant son. ben woke up and brought the child outside and ran back in to save his wife and friend. he died at the top of the stairs from carbon monoxide poisoning and kristy and angel died in bed. there ages were 23, 19 and 17. they were all good people who were loved and adored. ben and kristys son is alive and well and without his mother and father now. i know not everyone has religious belifs, if you do please say a prayer. if you dont please keep them in your thoughts. the funeral home had a line down the sidewalk of people their to give support. the local fire staions just layed off many men due to budget cuts, things may have been different if they hadnt.. but i guess we cant do much about that now. thank you for reading this. please dont take life for granted. i start chemo on monday, and testing to see if it has spread. check testicles if your a guy, breasts if your a girl, or check your partners for them lol. bless you all

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cancer makes me moody
04/25/06 at 08:58 PM by EmoErk
ok, cancer defently makes me moody, im like in a pissy mood, and i dont want to go to treatment in like 12 days or whenever it is. so like im just gonna spew about every little thing that is pissing me off right now, it may give you all some laughs.

*the red wings are getting killed by the oilers, the oilers suck dick, they are the 8th seed and they are beating the 1 seed, it pisses me off.

*drive thru records used to be the best label ever, now they suck horribly and im sick of hearing about that david mellilo douche bag, his music sucks and people that get a band and name it after themselves are self centered douche bags. its like "hey asshole program the instruments into a computer and play it if you dont want any other people on stage with you, otherwise count them as your band and have a band name, not your name", kinda like jamison parker, i like them but its like ok ass clowns drop the whole "only jamison and parker in pictures" thing and include the rest of your band or just play acoustic.

*the ataris must have got into a bad batch of acid cause they are way fucked up now, but at least the music sounds good, it never did before.

*like 3 times a year joan jet and the blackhearts come to this casino up here by canada and play a concert and like 15 people watch, and now theyre on the warped tour as like the headliner, lol wow.. the "tour that never dies" is either dying or really strapped for cash by hiring that 60 year old rat. i bet you next year they sign like the spin doctors to headline.. wouldnt suprise me

*ive heard rumors of sum 41 playing on the warped tour.... isnt derrick and avrils wedding and like 2 week french honey moon this summer?? and doesnt she want like 40 kids within years time?? how in the hell can you pull off a tour with all that going on... p.s avril is fucking crazy, she went from "hardcore teenage i can kick your ass" bitch to the "i wanna be the best mommy ever" mom person... weird...

*and to end it all, here is my grand finish. the number one thing that pisses me off the most is the faggy trumpit players in ska bands that when they arent blowing theyre little horns they strum it like its a guitar, HEY ASSHOLE, DROP THE 5TH GRADERS TOY AND GET A GUITAR AND LESSONS IF YOU WANT TO BE COOL. wow...... id like to drop kick some of thoes people..
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