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Inside Joe's Mind
We Came as Romans - To Plant a Seed
11/03/09 at 09:39 AM by fashionshowdown
The CD came out today 11/3/2009. It's on sale at Best Buy, Hot Topic and FYE. It's streaming on their myspace.

It's that freaking good that I want every single one of you to know!!! The message is simple, if we all plant seeds of love, they can grow and the world as a whole can become a world that embraces love, not destroys it.


Tags: we came as romans, wcar, recommendations, listening
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I'm engaged!
09/08/09 at 06:21 AM by fashionshowdown
On 8/9/09 I got engaged to the girl of my dreams. I can't say that i've ever been happier in my entire life.

The tour with We Came As Romans and The Word Alive and Belle Epoque was the most fun I've ever had at a show. 3 days in a row with the nicest guys in the world.

Currently addicted to:
SYG "this will be the death of us"
WCAR "dreams"
The Word Alive "Empire"
Miss May I "apologies are for the weak"

trying to graduate this semester, life is so crazy right now!
Tags: marriage, engagement, music, wcar, tour, the word alive, syg
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iPhone and Me, really? + music choice
08/04/09 at 08:33 AM by fashionshowdown
I gave in. Got rid of my Verizon Blackberry, got a 32GB iPhone 3GS. I am normally really hesistant of apple in general, just not something I was ever big on. But now I am totally converted. I won't be buying a macbook, but I do like this iPhone a lot. It's got so much functionality. I know I'm late to the game, but this thing rocks. Blows the blackberry out of the water in every way.

August Burns Red "Constellations" has finally grown on me. I think I really dig the direction they took. I will say, they still aren't that great at writing lyrics. A sample from the old album messengers is my best example "blinded by the inability to see." Being blind is the inability to see. But hey, they write solid Christian music with a message and I dig that.

All Time Low "Nothing Personal" - ok I didn't give it a lot of credit at first, but now I really like it. It is growing on me, we'll see if it can top their first EP and CD, although I don't think so, but I'm open to the idea!

I ended up not going to Warped Tour, best decision I've ever made. Definitely a waste of money, take that Kevin Lyman.

going to see We Came As Romans and The Word Alive on August 12-14, should be good times.

that is all for now.
Tags: iphone, august burns red, warped tour, we came as romans, all time low
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SYG again? #10 AOTY so far
07/31/09 at 05:53 AM by fashionshowdown
ok it's settled. Set Your Goals "This Will Be The Death of Us" will probably be my #2 for the year.

this is how I'm predicting it to go:

#1 We Came As Romans (full length yet to be released)
#2 Set Your Goals "This Will Be The Death of Us"
#3 The Devil Wears Prada "With Roots Above and Branches Below"
#4 A Day To Remember "homesick"
#5 Brand New "daisy"
#6 new SAy Anything CD
#7 I See Stars "3D"
#8 For The Fallen Dreams "relentless"
Tags: AOTY, top 10, syg, set your goals
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07/27/09 at 10:45 AM by fashionshowdown
Finally got the new Set Your Goals CD, even though the first one wasn't one of my favorites...I just felt they were due. I was AMAZED. This CD is absolutely incredible. Every review I've read can't do it justice because it's just a barrage of awesome destroying your eardrums like nobody's business.
Tags: set your goals, SYG
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All Time Low -initial reactions
07/13/09 at 08:06 AM by fashionshowdown
don't get me wrong, I think the new All Time Low CD is pretty good...but I'm not sure that I like it better than "So Wrong, It's Right."

I've listened to it the entire way through 4 times this morning, but I will give it additional spins before I determine my final verdict.

some CD's that YOU definitely MUST check out...
For Today "Portraits" --> it is brutal as all hell, and I can't get enough of it.

Fireworks "All I Have To offer Is My Own Confusion" --> awesome pop-punk that will have you singing along very quickly

Other news, don't think I'm that excited for warped. I'll go check out Attack Attack! , The Devil Wears Prada, and A Day To Remember, but that is probably it. Just realized my ticket was $44, so this will for sure be my last warped tour.

I saw Paramore/No Doubt on Saturday in Tinley Park, IL and it was pretty awesome. No Doubt put together an excellent show that kept me entertained start to finish. Their video backdrop was wicked and totally was worth the 45 minute set up time. It's amazing that Gwen Stefani can hit all of those notes live even while dancing up a storm. I was truly impressed.
Tags: paramore, fireworks, no doubt, for today, all time low, nothing personal, warped tour
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All Time Low - Nothing Personal
07/07/09 at 05:35 AM by fashionshowdown
Just got this CD and anxious to give it a listen. I refuse to listen to tracks early on myspace etc...so I'm waiting to see what I think of this "CD of the summer"

August Burns Red has a new CD next week that I'm stoked for as well...

Getting 2 new tattoos on July 16th, couldn't be any more anxious to get those, it's been a year I've been waiting.

Goin to check out whose on the Warped Tour Chicago date today, hoping that I can bring my Canon Rebel xTi in and take some high quality shots!
Tags: tattoos, all time low, nothing personal, august burns red, warped tour, canon
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Catholic vs. Christian Reform
06/29/09 at 12:55 PM by fashionshowdown
So this weekend I went to church at Christian Reform church in addition to going to my normal Catholic mass on Sunday. It was really cool to see how things were done there.

That being said, I'm a faithful person and happy with my Catholic faith. What I can't come to grips with is why so many hardcore Catholics get so angry at these newer churches? The message IS THE EXACT SAME THING the only thing that is different is how they deliver it. If people are getting the message and becoming more loving and closer to God, why should it matter how they get to that point?

just some thoughts!
Tags: religion, christian, catholic, church, weekend
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Analysis Of This Summer
06/25/09 at 10:49 AM by fashionshowdown
Friends - check. Family - check. Girl - check.

I'm spending time with those that matter most. I don't think I could possibly be any happier.

I'm also working on a cookbook, so maybe i'll surprise a few people out there!
Tags: summer
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Live. Love.
06/22/09 at 09:38 AM by fashionshowdown
in the last couple of months I've been to California, Colorado, Nebraska, Utah, Nevada, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Throughout these roughly 7,000 miles of driving (some alone, some with my 2 best friends) I've realized that you don't have to travel to the ends of the earth to find those that mean the most to me were always closest.

I've known two people that have committed suicide in the last two weeks and it is very disheartening. The point of me writing this is to make it known to everyone that you are loved. Regardless of who you are or how many friends you have, your race, your religion, your gender, your social status...you're loved. Never ever think that there isn't something out there to live for.

If you don't believe me, message me, call me, txt me, i'll find some way of proving to you that there are in fact things to live for. I just never want to have to see people take their own lives when they had so much potential to make a difference in other people's lives.

I'm getting two tattoos that I think will really help me live my life as a better more loving person. I'm getting the words 'love holds no record of wrongs' on my wrist as a reminder that no one is perfect, and love can forgive all...so love everyone you encounter as best as you can.

I think life is going exactly the way I want it to. I see my best friends every day and we do crazy things and always have the best of times. My family is super loving and supportive, and it awesome. I'm feeling just great about everything, and I'd love to hear about how all of you guys are doing as well.
Tags: life, live, love, traveling, driving, suicide, twloha
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06/15/09 at 12:29 PM by fashionshowdown
So if you've seen any of my million statuses in the last week you'll notice that they have all been lyrics by We Came As Romans. I don't think I've ever been more moved by a band. They play for the love of the music, their lyrics speak of love and brotherhood, and overall the band really makes the world a better place.

Well tonight we drove 300 total miles just to see this amazing band, and it was well worth it. First of all, they remembered all of us (shit they even remembered my first and last name!). During their last track "dreams" both singers Dave & Kyle brought their mics to Kyle, Nick, Luke, and I and let us sing the best damn parts of that song. During which they both gave us a look that just let me feel like I was a part of the band.

After the show we got a picture with the band, discussed party shirts, and they told us how crazy the 4 of us were, and that they have never seen people move just as much as the band does. It made all of us feel pretty cool, and I don't think a band has ever been that nice to me/us.

We made it our summer goal that at the end of their nationwide tour, we're going to follow them for 5 days. We talked to them about it and they're going to wear "party shirts" to every show along with us, and we will make sure to make each show even better than the last.

to say the least, this band is going places, and even if you don't think like how they deliver the message, you have to love the message they send, after all...it's simple, "BELOVED. LET US LOVE ONE ANOTHER"

This had to have been the best show experience of my life.
Tags: we came as romans, shows, concert, terra haute, indiana, michigan, music
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The Really Really Good Stuff
06/05/09 at 11:51 AM by fashionshowdown
Yesterday it was pointed out to me when I said this "You know, I don't really care about interrogation technics, what needs to be done, needs to be done. I'm not saying I'm anti-obama or pro-bush, I'm neutral. Just look at Jack Bauer, he terrorizes the terrorists to get the info." My friend "you realize that show is on FOX right?" Me "Oh snap, they got me!"

I was just given Burden Of A Day's CD "Blessed Be Our Ever After" I'm a big fan.

This weekend is PBR time along with some fishing, and maybe project badass (It's Always Sunny in Philly anyone...)

Not much else going on, wrote a review for We Came As Romans, again hope it gets posted!

Music as of late:
Attack Attack!
We Came As Romans
Burden of A Day
Four Year Strong
The Wonder Years

That's the really really good stuff (youtube "hardcore drive by" to understand reference)
Tags: Jack Bauer, Attack Attack, burden of a day, we came as romans, PBR
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Long Time no blog
06/04/09 at 11:50 AM by fashionshowdown
I wrote reviews for Silverstein's "A Shipwreck In The Sand" and Home Grown's "kings of pop" I'm really hoping they get approved. I feel that the Silverstein review is one of the coolest things I've ever written period.

I'm considering doing reviews for the following:
A Day To Remember "Homesick"
Attack Attack! "someday came suddenly"
I See Stars "3D"
Dance Gavin Dance "happiness" - as soon as I buy it.

also want to go old school but don't know what to include....any suggestions?!
Tags: reviews, blog, new cd's, silverstein, attack attack, dance gavin dance
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04/27/09 at 09:39 PM by fashionshowdown
Apparently someone at my university committed suicide today. This is the 4th person I've known (2 were actual acquintances) that have committed suicide just during this school year, and frankly it bothers me an incredible amount.

I feel that people in this world really fail to realize how much they have to live for. I was really depressed for a year after my girlfriend at the time slept with another guy. Outside of that I've managed to get my life on track and try to remain positive about life as a whole.

I think my life changed around a lot when I stopped trying to take my life into my own hands and let God show me the way. I'm not ashamed of my religion, nor will I ever try to force it on anyone. I think regardless on your feelings towards religion you should never think that there is nothing left to live for, there's always something to live for. If you know someone who is depressed, regardless of how well you know them, invite them out, do whatever you can to show that someone cares. The littlest bit can help so much.

I guess the point of this is that I feel I'm living my life + 4 others, who cares how much I knew these people, they left long before their time, so it's my goal to make sure I experience literally all this earth has to other in an effort to make up for what they missed. God rest their souls, hopefully they found what they were looking for when they got to heaven.
Tags: suicide, thoughts, 2009
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Silverstein/You Me & Everyone We Know
04/20/09 at 11:25 AM by fashionshowdown
Just bought this CD on Saturday, I must say it is an incredible CD. I feel that it's that leap forward in every direction for the band. Shane Told displays his knack for writing heartfelt relatable lyrics yet again. Amazing CD.

On the other hand, on my 2.5 hour drive back to school yesterday I listened to You, Me, and Everyone We Know for the first time in a couple months, that was exciting. That band is so talented and their music has the ability to just make me upbeat in seconds. Truly a band that deserves more loving than it gets. They are keeping music alive with their tunes.
Tags: silverstein, recommendations, you me everyone we know
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