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Ben Liebsch's Journal
How to know if you're a hypocrite in two steps
02/02/09 at 07:51 PM by cue john denver
1. Do you have negative feelings about Lil Wayne releasing a rock album?

2. Do you listen to 3Oh3?

I'm not bashing either artist. Just making a statement.

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newly revived or taking my first breath truely alive?
01/25/09 at 09:12 AM by cue john denver
I spent so much time not being able to find something in myself. Sex, for me, was a search for this in someone else. Like skimming the pages of a lengthy novel. Love, in a similar fashion, could be equated to getting chapters deep and then discarding said book because i didn't like the way the story had gone. Either being afraid of the way the story made me feel, or realizing i never liked the genre to start with. It's a familiar metaphor, but it suits well.

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Why am i soft in the middle now?
01/20/09 at 06:54 PM by cue john denver
The people we have working around us have always told us to think about goals we have for the band. It's not often i share them, but i have a dream i would like to share today:

If we for some reason ever succeed enough to make a video of our choosing, i want to remake Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al" video. Instead of Paul Simon and Chevy Chase, however, it would be us and Zach Galifianakis. These are two treats i love to watch, enjoy:

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I feel like ODB
01/08/09 at 06:05 PM by cue john denver
on that special after he got out of jail and started rapping again. Specifically, there was a segment where he is trying to write some bars and he wrote some "wack shit" as he said, to which he thought out loud, "man, writing is fuckin' tough." My brain is just starting to think about things in a creative manner. There was a long time where i was all freaked out about the fact that people started paying attention to what i was saying when i sang, along with the worry of upsetting a few people. I think i am over that now though. I am probably once again lying to myself. We shall see how it goes from here. We are getting back to the business of being in a band next week. Everyone gets back to their offices. Let's book some tours, hire a manager, write a hit record, and not die at South By Southwest. Now, get out there and be somebody!!
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Resolute in my resolve to resolve my resolution
12/31/08 at 03:56 PM by cue john denver
I've decided to get a jump on everyone's New Years blogs, so i am writing one tonight. Clever, huh? I've thought alot about my life over the last year. I've been arrested, turned my life upside down, and made better friends this fall than i have with most people outside of this band. I'm not sure that's saying much because several former co-workers of mine aim to mess up this already gnarly face. Regardless, it's been one hell of a year. Normally i dont have alot of regrets. There is one particular thing i'm hoping to do in the 2009 calendar year. Can i share with you what it is?

It's always been a dream of mine to post more than an average of .06 times a day here on absolutepunk.net. I want to get down to the business of heckling guys (and i say guys because girls belong in bands like they belong anywhere outside of the kitchen or the maternity ward) that are out there, in the most basic sense, creating a soundtrack for someone's life. It's such a fucking hassle to scroll past their band name on itleaked.com while i'm on my way to not buy my favorite band's record. I barely have the energy after angrily reading articles about shitty bands' success to jerk off to pictures of girls i wouldn't have the balls to talk to if i ever met on the street. This is no laughing matter, i need to jerk off alot.

In all seriousness, i've done some hating this year. I've run my mouth about friends for fuck's sake. My internet resolution, as should be 75% of yours alls or you alls or yalls, is to stop. Stop getting so angry about bands you don't like succeeding or doing something your favorite band cant yet. Let's be honest, you're just a turncoat asshole that would just as quickly cast off said favorite band if they ever started getting to the point of the bands you so passionately loathe. There was a year or so there where Fallout Boy was EVERYBODY'S best kept secret. You'd stop going to their shows because "there were all these douchebag jocks" there and you couldnt get up front last time you saw them. You'd stop buying their records, if you havent already. Eventually, you would just be in the same place we are now. Sitting alone, pissing all over someone's success on a rent-to-own computer. You're already one of those squares that "doesnt get it". Nobody i've ever met has been listening to Refused or some other super cred band since they were eleven. If you did, congrats, but somewhere in that cd collection of yours whats mostly bullshit by your own standards today. Look, i'm 24. There was a certain point in my life where i owned Limp Bizkit, Staind, Korn, and i was thrilled about it. At this point i think i'm just ranting, but i want to fervantly apologize to every band i hated on this year, internally or externally. May this new year bring me a refreshed view on all things taste.


i have foreskin
Tags: new years resolution, you me and everyone we know, foreskin
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