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Rich Duncan's Blog
Upcoming Reviews
08/12/11 at 12:39 PM by Rich Duncan
Finally getting back into the swing of reviewing and I have some coming up. Some that are new and some that have been out for a little while. Here is what I have coming up:

Braid - Closer To Closed
Boston Spaceships - Let It Beard
Knesset - Coming of Age
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Lenses Alien

I have yet to give Cymbals Eat Guitars a listen and Boston Spaceships is sprawling, but the others should be ready to go soon!

I am also working on a really cool project with my good friend Juan from Spain who plays in the incredible Festa d'Estate. Stayed tuned!
Tags: reviews, upcoming projects
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The Big Day Is Here
07/09/11 at 06:40 AM by Rich Duncan
Wow, I just realized I have not written anything in here for a looong time. Finally out of school and working as a journalist. After two years of being engaged, today is also my wedding day. It is pretty surreal for the day to finally be here, but I am super excited and can't wait for later today. It is amazing to think about how much has happened the past few years, all of it good, and where I am now.

I am hoping to get more involved in music writing again now that school is finished up and I have some more free time. I miss Absolutepunk and all the great people I met while I was staff here, hopefully one day I can make it back to staff in some capacity. I see Jason is ready to launch the new site and I have no doubt that it will be amazing. I have been a member of this site for about 7 years now I believe and the updates that have been posted make me think this will be the best version of the site yet and it will be something special.

I doubt anyone reads this anymore, but if you happen to read this, thanks for checking out all my reviews throughout the years and all the kind words. It means a lot to have people appreciate your work and helps me to keep going.

I better get going and get ready for the big day, but I thought it would be fitting to make a new entry on a site that has been a part of my life for so long and really got me interested in writing about music.
Tags: nostalgia, wedding, absolutepunk
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Writers Block Is My Mortal Enemy
05/28/10 at 08:32 AM by Rich Duncan
It seems like for months I have been stuck with a severe case of writers block. I used to write reviews with abandon, reviewing at least 3 albums a week and lately it seems like I can barely get through one. I don't know what caused this case of writers block, but it seems like everytime I start to write a review or pretty much anything for that matter, within a few paragraphs I feel like I everything that comes out is flimsy and end up deleting the whole thing. I think the main way out of this funk is to write almost nonstop. Whether it be blog entries, reviews, emails or whatever, I think if I focus on writing more and don't really give myself any time to doubt myself I will be back on track.

To anyone out there reading this who does any sort of writing, once you find yourself on a roll and material seems to flow effortlessly from your fingertips, never stop writing. Once you do, that is when writers block begans to creep in.

On a lighter note, the new Band of Horses album is fantastic. Sure the lyrics might not be the greatest ever written, but Infinite Arms has found a permanent place in my listening rotation. It has the perfect amount of upbeat tracks the band built their popularity on to break up the possible monotony that comes with the bands more relaxed sound.
Tags: writers block sucks, Band of Horses
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Summer, Playlist, and AP
05/25/10 at 04:53 PM by Rich Duncan
After what seemed like an endless semester, I have been enjoying summer vacation for about two weeks now. I am so glad to be finished and finally relax. I realized I haven't written in this blog in awhile and rather than ramble about a million things, I figured I would ease myself back into blogging by sharing a playlist I made. Now most playlists I make have some sort of flow and I usually over analyze the tracklist, but in the spirit of summer I just sort of threw together a bunch of songs that always put me in a good mood/I enjoy singing along to. Here are the songs:

1. Anthem In " Down"
2. The Hold Steady "Your Little Hoodrat Friend"
3. Built to Spill "The Plan"
4. Band of Horses "The Great Salt Lake"
5. Constantines "On To You"
6. Broken Social Scene "World Sick"
7. Decibully "We Belong On Rooftops"
8. Lucero "That Much Further West"
9. Deerhunter "Nothing Ever Happened"
10. The Dismemberment Plan "Following Through"
11. The Honorary Title "Bridge and Tunnel"
12. Klaxons "It's Not Over Yet"
13. The Long Winters "Pushover"
14. Mezzanine Owls "We Don't"
15.The Party Of Helicopters "Never Ending Cycle"
16. New Ruins "Book Lung"
17. Pretty Girls Make Graves "Speakers Push The Air"
18. The Weakerthans "Civil Twilight"
19. Wintersleep "Oblivion"
20. The XYZ Affair "All My Friends"

I also just realized this is my first blog post since I left staff a few months ago. I really miss working at AP and wish I could make it back on staff.

If anyone reads this blog post, did you make a playlist for this summer? If so, share your tracklisting in a comment, I am always looking for new stuff to check out!
Tags: playlist, summer
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Back To School
09/01/09 at 06:05 AM by Rich Duncan
After a great summer it is back to school in perpetually cold Oswego. Although things tend to warm up in the afternoon, every morning seems to start with 40 something temperatures. Being back in school is somewhat fun though I could do without the 7am fire drills. I am actually excited about my classes this semester, with the only exception being my math class. I have two journalism classes that should be fun and I am taking a creative nonfiction class, which seems like it will be a challenging yet exciting class.

On the music side of things, I am currently working on a few reviews for some releases that I think are pretty good and I am slowly but surely finishing up songs for my own musical project. The first release for my record label is also in the process of being put on iTunes and eMusic, so I am pretty excited about that as well. Hope everyone else who returned/is returning to school is having a good start to the school year!
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Some New Reviews
06/21/09 at 11:19 AM by Rich Duncan
Posted some new reviews the other day for Shuteye Unison and Golden City. I have not posted a review in awhile, so it felt good to get back in the swing of things. I have some other albums I cannot wait to write about and I hope people enjoy these bands as much as I do.

In other exciting news, Certain People I Know (the new band from Bob Nanna and Damon Atkinson of Braid) have posted four songs for free download and they sound great. You can get those here.

That is all I have for now, and I hope everyone that reads this enjoys the CPIK songs!
Tags: certain people i know, reviews
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One Last Wish - 1986
03/25/09 at 07:33 AM by Rich Duncan
I just started listening to 1986 by One Last Wish and words cannot describe how much I love that album. One Last Wish was Guy Picciotto, Brendan Canty, Michael Hampton, and Edward Janney and if anyone reading this is a fan of any of their bands and has not yet heard One Last Wish, I highly recommend checking out this band. Actually, I recommend that ANYONE reading this blog entry to check out the songs and listen to "Three Unkind Silences", it is absolutely amazing.
Tags: one last wish
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Arrows - Modern Art & Politics
02/19/09 at 02:06 PM by Rich Duncan
I still can not get over how amazing Arrows' Modern Art & Politics is. The album was released in October through the excellent Hobbledehoy Record Co in Australia and was my "Album Of The Year" for 2008. This album has been in constant rotation ever since I received it from Tom and although the album has been out for quite some time now, look for my official review relatively soon. For fans of Mineral, The Casket Lottery, and The Appleseed Cast.

Tags: arrows
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You Have Good Taste
10/15/08 at 01:16 PM by Rich Duncan

I know I will probably get made fun of for having a music video set to the Gilmore Girls in my blog, but that is a risk I am willing to take since it is the only way I could post this song here haha. The song is entitled "You Have Good Taste" and is taken from Scream Hello's debut full length effort, Everything Is Always Still Happening and yes, it is based on Gilmore Girls. I have been listening to this song nonstop for almost a week now and I don't see that trend ending any time soon. This is one of New Jersey's best up and coming bands and if you like your pop music with a little more edge than most of the stuff out there, I highly recommend this track.
Tags: scream hello
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Is This It?
09/23/08 at 09:31 AM by Rich Duncan
Ryan Adams "This Is It"

Words cannot express how much I am in love with this song right now. Unfortunately the embedding has been disabled for the video, so everyone please click the link and give it a listen.
Tags: ryan adams
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The Ice Of Boston Is Muddy
09/02/08 at 11:58 AM by Rich Duncan
I just cannot seem to get enough of "The Ice Of Boston" by The Dismemberment Plan. Hell, I cannot get enough of ANY song by The Dismemberment Plan. Truly a creative band in every sense of the word, it is a shame they broke up. I am mainly writing this entry because I simply cannot bring myself to work on my homework. While I love college and the classes I am taking, trying to get myself to sit down and focus on required readings is one of the hardest things imaginable. Not only because there are about a million other things I would be doing, but also because the weather is still so great outside and my school is literally right on Lake Ontario. However, I know come winter when the snow reaches far over my head and the winds reach ridiculous speeds I will have no problem sitting down to do some reading haha.

Anyway, I am thinking of doing something a little different with future blog entries. I want to write about some overlooked albums from the past (the first one will most likely be Harvey Danger's King James Version) and then also taking a look at some more "mainstream" albums or albums by one hit wonders that actually hold some merit (New Radicals' Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too, don't judge haha). That is just an idea though, but I am definitely going to try and at least write something about King James Version. I may have some other ideas of what to do with this blog because I really want to utilize it more rather than just letting it sit there with a few random updates once or twice a month. Also, I have some reviews coming up for Gifts From Enola, Ray LaMontagne, and possibly TV On The Radio so be on the lookout for those.
Tags: the dismemberment plan
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"maybe someday you'll learn that 'coffee is for closers'"
08/23/08 at 12:08 PM by Rich Duncan
That line is taken from the song "Indian Summer" by the vastly under appreciated band Sunday's Best. Such a good song and is pretty fitting for what is now the ending of summer. I cannot believe I move into my new dorm at my new school tomorrow. Still can't get enough of the new Ra Ra Riot album The Rhumb Line either, it has been pretty much playing nonstop in my stereo even after I finished my review. I hope everyone else that is moving in this week has a safe trip back!
Tags: end of summer, sunday's best, indian summer
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Upcoming Reviews And Label Update
08/18/08 at 01:49 PM by Rich Duncan
It has been a really long time since I last wrote in my blog, but I have a ton of awesome reviews in store for this week. Some of the albums I will be reviewing will be Gifts From Enola's Loyal Eyes Betrayed The Mind, hometown favorite Ra Ra Riot's The Rhumb Line, and Cheap Girls' 90's inspired powerpop album Find Me A Drink Home. Also, the future will see a review of Akimbo, the new These Arms Are Snakes album (which I have been really into lately), and Lavodrama.

Also, big things are happening with my label Look Again Media, which Scott Irivine helps me out with. One of our newer signings, Gray Young, is currently wrapping up their debut full-length titled Firmament. If you click on the previous link, you can hear a song from the record titled "Provenance". I have also heard another song with vocals called "Convoy" and I am really excited to see how the record turns out. The album should be out this fall. We are also currently working out an interesting idea to release an EP from Peterman, a collaboration between two-thirds of the spanish indie rock band Festa D'Estate and German singer-songwriter Matthias Roos. Another project in the works is a full-length album from the New Brunswick based Rapid Cities, which I am super excited about releasing after being blown away by their 2006 demo which you can hear on their myspace. Alot of work and planning has gone into getting this label off the ground and I am so excited to finally have a lineup of great releases I believe in to share with other people.

That is all for now, but with a very busy last few months of 2008 left ahead, I am sure there will be many more updates to come
Tags: reviews, look again media, these arms are snakes, ra ra riot
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ATTN: Fans of Kidcrash/(somewhat) free music
07/09/08 at 04:11 PM by Rich Duncan
The extremely awesome band Kidcrash has created a download page in which you can download all of their released material for free, but they ask for a $5 donation in order to help them with future recording and touring costs and I strongly suggest every one donate at least that amount. You can find the page here.

The bands most recent full length effort, Jokes, is an outstanding record and I recommend everyone reading this blog entry who has not already done so to download it.
Tags: kidcrash
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06/06/08 at 09:04 PM by Rich Duncan
I have not written in my blog in awhile but I found something tonight that warranted an update. After almost four years of waiting, I have finally been treated to new Autolux material. I do not know how I missed it, but apperantly they released a new single on iTunes in early May entitled "Audience No.2" and it pretty much lives up to any expectations I may have had about what their new material would sound like. I love Future Perfect, so I am excited to hear the rest of their new record whenever it is released. Definitely my most anticipated record of 2008. You can buy the single from iTunes or get it straight from the band on their website.

in between the thinking and the saying
threw away what i can't believe
tell me how you lose this feeling
all moods have been dealt and played
tell me how you lose this feeling
all hands have been cut and waved

i have always been your vegetable
and you my Swedenborg
i would drop myself through black holes
to end up at your door
there's no one else to get hung about
and there's nothing else makes you twist

you set yourself up
the lightening bolt hit
you watched yourself change
and no one's left to blame

the helicopter's spotlight shaking
hungry orson on the make
the less you put yourself in
the less you feel so fake
suddenly i'm alright
and it 's time for you to go

you set yourself up
the lightening bolt hit
you let yourself change
now everyone's to blame

and the gulf sign split the screen up
and the gulf sign split the screen up
and the gulf sign split the screen up
Tags: autolux
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