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You Never Heard of a Mind as Perverted as Mine
Best. Tweet. EVER!
11/10/09 at 09:11 PM by WhoSaidThat?

Tags: himym, twitter
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Finally hopped on
10/15/09 at 03:59 PM by WhoSaidThat?
Well, a week ago, roughly.

get your lazy ass over to fox.com, catch up with the first 6-7 eps, and love this show with me. Or separately from me. Odds are, it's the latter. But fuck it, tune in.
Tags: glee, a fox show that doesn't suck, but is also a great show on its own merits
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Blah Blah Blah
09/13/09 at 08:50 PM by WhoSaidThat?
Blah blah blah Kanye's an awful person blah blah blah egomaniac blah blah blah gay fish blah blah blah doesn't care about white people blah blah still think MTV is credible blah blah blah blah blah


Whatever. Th-th-tha-tha that don't kill Ye...

EDIT: Don't get it twisted. I'm not in any way defending what he did. I am just sick of people constantly attacking arguably one of the easiest targets in current pop culture.
Tags: kanye west, rant
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Support the Fine Arts!
09/07/09 at 06:40 PM by WhoSaidThat?
...and shoot an ignorant white kid!

Tags: facepalm
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Tour of the ETERNITY!
07/18/09 at 09:56 AM by WhoSaidThat?

What's missing?
Tags: lol
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This is 100% Disgusting
06/25/09 at 05:17 PM by WhoSaidThat?
Perez Hilton, fuck you. You deserve far worse than what Will.I.Am delivered to you, you son of a cunt. Words don't describe your jackassery
Tags: rant, perez sucks,
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Never LOL'd harder in weeks!
06/11/09 at 09:04 AM by WhoSaidThat?

Now to get Jason to install an MC Hammer smiliey.
Tags: lol
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Dear Mark Schwahn...
03/23/09 at 07:21 PM by WhoSaidThat?
Tags: One True Hell
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Find Me a Band That Busts Their Asses Harder Than These Guys
03/21/09 at 11:07 AM by WhoSaidThat?
JD Perry LAST DAY OF TOUR! We started on January 29th, toured to/from Calfornia, AND did two weeks in Australia. I need a week-long nap!

9 minutes ago Comment Like Unlike

Not only are Valencia one of the best pop-punk bands out these days, but they work hard as hell, too. Aren't there cement sidewalks were guys like them put their footprints or write their names into for shit like this? God fucking damn. These dudes would be twenty times as rich/successful/popular as Nickelback has ever been in a perfect world.
Tags: valencia, rant
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Happy Belated Anniversary to Me!
03/13/09 at 06:00 PM by WhoSaidThat?
So two days ago. I have been a reigstered user of AbsolutePunk.net for an entire year. Like most one-year periods, it seriously feels like it just flew right by. I guess for the hell of it, I'll state the obvious.

This site is awesome

You may now return to your regularly scheduled jackassery!
Tags: anniversary
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Most Anticipated Release of 2009?
03/06/09 at 12:09 AM by WhoSaidThat?

Tags: guess who's back?
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Christina Wouldn't Wanna Meet Her
02/09/09 at 05:19 PM by WhoSaidThat?
...or would she.

Tags: pointless, irony
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Hot To Tell If You're GOTH or VAMP
01/26/09 at 02:33 AM by WhoSaidThat?
Fellow students, over the past week there has been a lot of confusion, so we have been asked for this assembly to clarify the differences between Goth Kids and Vampire Kids. Let us make it abundantly clear: If you hate life, truly hate the sun, and need to smoke and drink coffee. If, however, you like dressing black 'cause it's "fun", enjoy putting sparkles on your cheeks, and following the occult while avoiding things that are bad for your health, then you are most likely a douchebag,Vampire wannabe boner. Because anybody who thinks they are a vampire is freaking retarded.

Fuck all of you.

I don't care how late I am, this is a fucking hilarious quote. Anyone who burns down a Not Gothic store is worthy of being quoted.
Tags: south park, goth, vamp, ungroundable, lol
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I'm on twitter now.
01/19/09 at 11:54 PM by WhoSaidThat?
Feel free to follow me. My rather dumb username is heydudeiamseth

UPDATE: @TiredOfSeth
Tags: twitter
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Jesus Christ = Douchebag
12/23/08 at 03:24 PM by WhoSaidThat?

Starts at :29.
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