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SomedayTheFire's Blog
Arrange - Plantation
07/02/11 at 09:40 AM by SomedayTheFire
This fucking album makes me feel like crap cause Malcom is so fucking good at making music.
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Fireworks - Gospel
04/30/11 at 04:36 AM by SomedayTheFire
That new Firewords record is fucking lightyears ahead of their old stuff. So good.
Tags: Fireworks, music
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Teenage Dream >>> Only Every Time
08/19/10 at 11:17 AM by SomedayTheFire
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Am I Ignorant?
09/25/09 at 08:36 AM by SomedayTheFire
I seriously fail to see how people like Ignorance, and I'm dumbfounded that people could call it the only memorable song on 'brand new eyes' it is by far the worst.
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Side Projects?
08/20/09 at 06:02 AM by SomedayTheFire
How many side projects must a singer have to fuel his chubby? wtf? seriously. Take Craig Owens for example, I mean I like Chiodos and CinSun but fucking Isles and Glaciers? his solo stuff? seriously? He could put Isles and Glaciers into Chiodos and have some guest singers i.e. Jonny and Vic, he could also put his solo stuff into CinSun. Are all of these "side projects" needed?
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08/14/09 at 04:09 AM by SomedayTheFire
Holy fuck, the new As Tall as Lions album is awesome.
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Can't Wait
08/07/09 at 04:20 AM by SomedayTheFire
good quality + no voiceovers = gold.
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Blink 182
06/10/09 at 10:34 AM by SomedayTheFire
Am I the only one still pumped for blink 182? Like seriously everyone shitting on them it's unreal. Yes Tom isn't the greatest singer in the world, but he works in context of the band. Hell, I was at their last show before the break in Dublin Tom sounds the exact same now as he did back then. Some people will just rip them apart for the sake of it.
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04/26/09 at 10:32 AM by SomedayTheFire
So I've written this on and off for about two weeks, it's a mish mash of thoughts and idea's I have had. I like it,

I'm tied to everything that makes me human
I'm breaking beneath the weight I placed upon my shoulders
Taking steps towards breaking the rules
holding you as i lay here breathing myself to sleep
holding on to what makes me feel, allowing myself to well, to break
A story I have talked my way out of is lulling itself to rest tonight

On this grass, we lay, awake, alone
I'm crying, inside I'm dying I know it too well
I'm breaking, I'm falling beneath this world placed upon myself
You know it, We can't see past the lives we placed upon the shelves
and take back every word I screamed to at night
and take back every life I took, presents for you.
The sun, it knows my secrets. The moons, it keeps me sane.

Tonight the moon cries itself to sleep
above the waves dance with me
and the broken waltz across the land

and as sun arises, I wake up to see the moon alive again
and I'll wake to give myself a rest
as the sun takes the moon and waves die down
I will sit here just waiting, just waiting
Slowly breathing in and out just waiting
for the waves to waltz with me.
God,for once I feel so alive.
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03/03/09 at 10:38 AM by SomedayTheFire
So I'm sitting here browsing the interwebz when I come across a link saying kevdevbrothersblood, naturally as a KevDev fan I clicked the link to realise the album had leaked, of course I downloaded it, who wouldn't and now I'm sitting here reading his blog listening to the title track and this leak has only reinforced my thoughts that I will HAVE to import this album to Ireland if it isn't released here. The best record of '09 so far hands down. It sucks that it leaked but it has only made me want a physical copy of this more.
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02/15/09 at 12:51 PM by SomedayTheFire
Itís 2 am in the goddamn morning
And I canít get you out of my head
The thoughts of his lips of your cheeks
Haunting me tonight,
And Iím sitting cold and alone
Without the touch of your skin on mine
All I want is to make things right
But my broken dreams lay
Battered and bruised on the floor
With your clothes and his.

And for every valentine Iíve sent
I wish you cared a little more
And for every holiday youíve missed
I wish I cared a little less

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In honour of valentine's day
02/14/09 at 06:55 PM by SomedayTheFire
A little poem/song thing I wrote in about 5 minutes haha

And the last words I heard from your mouth
Were I canít wait to see you here
And the last breath you wasted on me
Was up against my cheek
And I didnít care who you were
Oh I could back to the time
when I thought I knew myself
I donít know what I want
I just need this time to think
About the way I treat myself
And lower everything I do for you
And ask me what its like
to know everything about anything
Iíll tell you straight out that
I donít know what to do anymore
Oh I think I know Iím lost without you
Oh I know I think Iím lost
But what can I do
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02/08/09 at 05:42 AM by SomedayTheFire
God damn this is a great weekend for me for music.
I have found a lot of great bands plus rekindled past loves.

The Dangerous Summer

Plus rekindled love for:
blink 182
New Found Glory
Manchester Orchestra
The Injured List

This has possibly been the best weekend ever.
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blink 182 and Valentine's Day
02/07/09 at 05:47 PM by SomedayTheFire
Well it looks like blink is coming back doesn't it
This reminds me of a freezing cold day of December 16 2004 where I attended my first ever concert in The Point Depot. The band that fateful night was the ever graceful blink 182 in what was to be their final live performance as a band. What a night.

Valentine's Day is in one week and I'm just out of a long relationship and it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. In actuality I will be babysitting haha. I must be such a loser babysitting on Valentine's Day but I don't care haha I'll enjoy it
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the war
02/01/09 at 03:55 PM by SomedayTheFire
the sun in the sky. I'm sitting here
wondering if you can see the same sun
as me.
the trenches that i sit in so cold
and alone, i cant take this anymore.
and I sit here holding you picture
wondering if you still know
who i am.
I look into his broken eyes and
see my reflection of what I've
become here.
and i dont know what it would be like
if i could go back home right now
and see you.

I don't like this just need to post it somewhere to keep it safe haha.
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