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Poe-tryGirl's Blog (Why not?)
I Wants to Be a Stalker.
12/07/09 at 03:18 PM by Poe-tryGirl
It's his fault for being so cute.

Tags: up!
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06/23/09 at 12:54 PM by Poe-tryGirl
YES, I GOT MY BRACES OFF! WHOOOO! I'm so happy! After two years, I'm free!

Tags: poe-trygirl, braces off, happiness
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10 Ways to Tell You're Latina
05/26/09 at 01:30 PM by Poe-tryGirl
These are funny and a tad stereotypical.

You know you are Latina:
  1. If you can't fight the urge to clap on a plane that has just landed!
  2. If your boyfriend plucks, waxes or in any other way grooms his eyebrows even more than you do, then you are most likely a Latina...dating a Latino!
  3. If even though you're fluent in English, you still refer to going grocery shopping as a compra.
  4. If you have ever committed the cardinal sin and fashion faux pas of wearing socks with sandals!
  5. If something immensely sad or something immensely adorable both elicit the exact same response of "Hay Bendito!".
  6. If your grandmother's chancletas seemed to have some mystical boomerang powers, you know, she threw it at you and somehow it was magically back in her hand before you could even look up from your hiding place, then you are definitely Latina!
  7. If Vick's VaporRub was pronounced Bibaporú and used by everyone in your family to cure anything from burns to acne to La Gripa to infertility.
  8. If you have ever sat down on a couch and then immediately fallen off because of the slippery smooth surface created by the plastic covering the entire living room set...Latina all the way baby!
  9. If you grew up with a mother and/or grandmother who made you eat a ton of their food to prove how much you loved them, and then called you gordita five minutes later while pinching your chichos!
  10. If you are completely fed up with being called, fiery, spicy, caliente or any other adjective that could also describe a chili pepper, you are absolutely, positively, undeniably Latina.
Tags: poe-trygirl, latina, funny stuff
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To the moon
11/29/08 at 06:15 PM by Poe-tryGirl
My friends went to the moon, and all I got was this stupid rock.
Tags: poe-trygirl, moon, friends, rock
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"The Land of Moscow..." by Aleksandr Pushkin
11/18/08 at 09:27 AM by Poe-tryGirl
The land of Moscow -- the land that is my native,
Where in the dawn of my best years,
I spared the hours of carelessness, attractive,
Free of unhappiness and fears.
And you had seen the foes of my great nation,
And you were burned and covered with blood!
And I did not give up my life in immolation,
My wrathful spirit just was wild!...

Where is the Moscow of hundred golden domes,
The dear beauty of the native land?
Where yore was the real peer to Rome,
The ruins, miserable, lied.
Oh, how, Moscow, for us, your sight, is awful!
The buildings of landlords and kings are fully swept,
All perished in a flame. The towers are mournful,
The villas of the rich are felled.

And where the luxury was thriving,
In shady parks and gardens, in the past,
Where myrtle was fragrant, limes were shining,
There now are just coals, ash, and dust.
At charming summer nights, when silent darkness roves,
The noisy gaiety would not appear there,
The lights are vanished over lakes and groves,
All dead and silent. All unfair.

Be calm, o, Russia's banner's holder,
Look at the stranger's quickly coming end,
On their proud necks and void of labor shoulders,
The Lord's vindictive arm is laid.
Behold: they promptly run, without look at road,
In Russian snows their blood like river's flood,
They run in dark of night, felled by famine and cold,
And swords of Russians, from behind.
Tags: poe-trygirl, poetry, pushkin, moscow, war, in the land of moscow
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"Flabbergasted" excerpt by Ray Blackston
11/11/08 at 04:55 PM by Poe-tryGirl
Yesterday I tried to explain to the children that life is full of ups and downs, and that some of the downs are actually ups, and some of the ups, downs.

They only wanted to know how far is down.

I said it depends.

Depends on what? They asked.

I told them it depends on if you view the downs as a green valley or an endless abyss.

After I explain what an abyss was, they said that was way too far down and that they hoped our village would never play soccer or eat jungle muffins in an abyss.

( I only got to this part of the book. The rest was ridiculous. Don't read it.)
Tags: poe-trygirl, books, flabbergasted, ups and downs, ray blackston
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11/09/08 at 06:00 PM by Poe-tryGirl
I love the thrill of the shuffle button.
Tags: poe-trygirl, shuffle button, music
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Awakening by Aleksandr Pushkin
10/30/08 at 09:37 AM by Poe-tryGirl
O dreams, my dreams,
Where is your sweetness?
Where are you,
Joy of nightly fleetness?
They’re gone away –
My fancies, gay,
And now alone
In darkness grown
I, sleepless, stay.

A mute night hovers
My bed above
In a flash lone
Turned cool and gone
Dreams of my love,
Like a tense crowd.
But still heart beats
The longings’ sound
And catches bits
Of dreams around.

Love, hear my plea,
Hark to my prayer:
Send back to me
Your visions, fair,
And by morn sky,
Again enchanted,
Let . . . Let me die
Still unawaken’d.
Tags: poe-trygirl, Russia, Pushkin, poetry, classics
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